BtB 2015-14- Beyond the Labyrinth.


Level by Mman


Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Saves Folder (my thanks go to scottie for his help)


10 Expert Secrets; getting 5 gives you Access to a special reward, getting all of the first 9, gives access to “Something”. Tasks related to Secrets are in dark blue, most of them are real challenges. You can see how to get them in this video provided by Semfry.


Knossos 2015, Entering the Labyrinth…


The Misplaced Labyrinth Key.


Go straight to the next room, right at the crossing and get Flares from a box. Left of the closed staircase is another box with Orange Juice (small medipack) this time. We need a Key here first, so take the opening W, and stand on that mound of dirt, jump left to grab the wall and pull up near a ladder we saw in the opening flyby (S wall). Jump and grab the ladder and climb off to the right, make your way to the other end of this room (E), by jumping over a reddish wall and shoot a box to get the Misplaced Labyrinth Key.


To safely get back, return to the other side and get down to the ground floor. Go to the top of the stairs and use your Key there, get down the stairs to a dark room. Pull the two rings from the lion faces and the gate opens.

Next room take a right to enter the passage N, follow straight through to the end and around the corner grab the Flares. Return to the start and take the opening on the left (S), around the first corner go left then right. Look left in the next corner, a mound of rubble.


For starters an easy Secret for starters; You can side flip up there, go W to the bright passage (green plaque on the wall) and up the climb wall, pull up on the right or left side of the ladder and start jumping right or left depending on which side you were. Shoot vases for Ambrosia (Medipack), Uzi clips (W) and Shotgun ammo (N).

From the pile of white sand S of the ladder hole, take a run-jump E and grab the white pillar. Here I take a different approach than the video. Walk to the N end of this pillar and turn left, jump and grab the edge and shimmy around left and pull up. Then a running jump to the balcony left (S), where you can claim Secret #1, an Expert Ariadne Figurine (the first of 5). Drop down, climb back down the ladder and hop onto the mound, turn left and slide down, go left to a deep pit (Secrets video 0:00).

Without the Secret: From the mound go N and left wherever you can to end up at a deep pit.


Down the Pit.


Do safety drops from two ledges and find Flares NW, now go all the way down to the roof of a buried structure. Drop down into the water and climb out SW, next to you is a receptacle. To the left on the pillar is a Timed lever opening a gate in the E end, but also one across the pool, we’ll get to that one later (spot the green plaque N). First run fast to the E, mind all the gaps and spikes, inside behind the statue is Ariadne’s Jewel.

Go back to the Timed lever and use that Jewel next to the door W.


Hard Secret; Use the Timed lever again, sprint all the way left around the room through a gate, as soon as you step on the yellow tile, doors will open to the right, inside is Secret #2, an Expert Ariadne Figurine (2/5). Get out, left through the gate and get back to the Timed lever (video starts 1:29). Swim across the pool; get out at the lever.


Jump into the open door W to get to the Caves, to the right are Flares, to the left behind that rock pillar Uzi clips. Then head W and open the double doors to come to Zeus’ Cave.


Zeus’ Cave, Water Section, the Cog.


Go to that Zeus statue and take the Ambrosia left of it. Go N into that opening in the building there. Get down into either one of the Dolphin pools and climb down the gap in the wall between the pools and just drop down into the pool way down (get a screen of a Cog and a Shotgun).


For a Secret later; Swim to the NE corner and climb out on the rock pillar in the pool, look SW and spot a jump lever on a wall. Hop S to the next pillar, stand left on the lower end and take one side step right and do a curved run jump to get to the jump lever opening up a gate (well get to that later, video 1:57).


Swim to the N wall, left side and climb op on the ledge just next to that red flowering plant on the wall. Do a curved run jump to grab the rock pillar S, turn right a bit to stand jump onto the sloped ledge SW and jump to the corner ledge. Hop up left onto the platform and time the spikes to jump to the next one and to the last, jump grab up left and then to the block behind you. Up to the floor and Lara will look at something… Follow the (safe) blue path on the ceiling to the other side and run along the wall, turning right around the column to jump and grab a pole there (right). Turn around and back flip to a ledge under the red flowers. Stand back, hop and grab that sloped block N and to the right. Hang left and pull up, slide and jump hard left into the alcove, slide down and pick up Shotgun ammo.


Hop back up the higher end and face the Blade traps, stand well back, start a run jump to the Blade ledge the moment it starts to come to that end so it will be moving away when you land and immediately do a running jump to grab the next Blade ledge. You can see that small grey pillar in front of you, hand on the right hand corner and pull up on the moment the Blade is about to come over here, so you are pulling up while the Blade is there. Run jump and grab the pillar (savegame.0). Turn right and jump to the next and climb up left. Turn left, jump into that alcove (N) and back flip onto the sloped block right to jump and grab the monkey swing. Go to the opening in the wall and drop grab the edge of the slope. Hang left and pull up over, slide far and then jump hard left over the spike trap (Up right is the gate opened by the jump lever, to be reached when we flooded this place).


Jump left to the ledge with the claw traps, hop over the first and run jump over the next two. Jump left to the roof and up to the op for the Uzis and a Cog. Go down in front (E) and hang from the roof to drop down into that pool way down below. Swim to the middle and down into a large hole, follow through to the room where the Cog can be used. A flyby will show the whole place flooded, roll and swim down a bit, back through the passage to the Huge cave.

For a Secret later: Swim up into the NW corner, the alcove with the spikes and up left into that open gate to use then underwater lever opening up a trapdoor in a tunnel we’ll get to later (you can also go up for air first).

Swim up and go up through to the ceiling and then in one of the openings to the Dolphin pools.

Get out of the water and go out S to the cave.


The Building, the Heart of the Labyrinth Gem.


Go forward and then left to pick up some Flares, then head SE to a pool with a shark, hop in and get out again (N) to shoot the shark.


For the well prepared Secret; Dive in, swim left into a tunnel opposite the building and go up to get Secret #3, an Expert Ariadne Figurine and Uzi clips. Get out and to the shark pool (video 1:57-2.30).


Swim into the most right hand opening in the building and use the underwater lever, turn left and swim through to the end, up through the opening in the hanging rock. Go to the next room and find the Timed lever right around the corner, use it, roll and run jump onto the low pillar in the corner, roll to run jump onto the high pillar and jump to the opening N. Slide down and two lions appear, shoot them and go through to the next room. Be quick about it and pull that table once to the W, quickly get on the right hand corner, turn around and stand jump to grab the opening up W, two skeletons come pester you if you are too slow and then it will become harder to jump to the opening.


Spikes and Slopes.


Stand jump and grab the first slope straight ahead. (Secret hunters scroll down first) Slide/jump a couple of times to go over a slope into the next part of the room. The floor is safe there, save at the Timed lever.


Another Hard Secret; Hanging on the first slope, hang left and pull up over, slide far and jump, just before you hit the next block, turn a bit right so Lara will back flip off to the next block, then jump with a hard left curve to nip the top of the block and land left of it. The spikes go down so you can run to the other side of the room and get to get Secret #4, an Expert Ariadne Figurine. Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Back to the corner where the secret sounded and grab up to the sloped block, slide and jump to get in the same room as the others (video 2:40).


At the moment the spikes on the block right of the lever are going to pop up, use the lever, hop back twice turning to the block a bit and hop onto the block, a running jump to grab the left corner of that raised pillar (savegame.1). Get up on that corner, turn right a bit and in good faith back flip to a spike slope and jump again to grab the opening. Go down the other side and get the Shotgun and the Heart of the Labyrinth Gem. Get out of the gate; go right to the Zeus statue. Now we have to get to the upper lever of the building.


Above the Dolphin pools, Button Puzzle.


Remember that opening with the white blocks you saw when you used the Cog before? Head back N and inside to the Dolphin pools, go up the white blocks shown in the “flood flyby” before (NW or NE) and upstairs go to the SW corner where you’ll find a ladder. On this floor are 4 alcoves


,,,with buttons, spike traps underneath. Start with the one NW, left of the blue doors (3 figures) then the one NE on the right of the blue doors (2 figures), next is SW and last SE and the gate opens S. Go through to a terrace overlooking Zeus’ Cave ….


Go down right to a lower floor, a Gorilla will show up, so deal with that.

Go left to the far end and stand on the left and jump over to grab the rock E, pull up over and slide to jump and grab the next rock pillar. Run jump straight (E) onto the rocks there and shoot a couple of lions. Jump S to that ledge along the E wall and from there take a right (W) to that yellow hill in the cave.

From the end to that ledge on the column near Zeus and a smaller pillar goes up left in case you need to get up here again. Jump straight to the next and then a bit right to the rock outcrop. Go left to the wall, jump to the next ledge and go around that rock pillar. Grab up to a ledge above (on the right  W) to jump over to the building. Go to the left to that Minotaur head and place the Eye of the Guardian, the gate opens. But first go to the corner to find Shotgun ammo there.


Hard Secret: From the Shotgun ammo pickup and looking down E you can spot a small ledge against the E rock wall and behind it is a passage. Do a couple of banana jumps around the pillars to the S end; pick up Flares on the way. At the end look left and spot that sloped block in the opposite corner, stand lined up for the left side of it, hop back and jump straight up one time (this moves Lara forward a tiny bit, but just gives you an advantage). Now run jump landing on the left side of the sloped block and just nip over the top to the ledge behind. Go left and jump over and run along the wall to slide onto a triangular ledge. From here a curved run jump to the middle of the next block sliding onto the flat triangle behind it. Just around the next corner you can see the ledge you have to get to. A curved run jump around the corner gets you to an opening in the wall, follow in and shoot the two scorpions, collect Shotgun ammo SE, Uzi clips and Secret #5, an Expert Ariadne Figurine from the floor. (video 2:57-4:12). Get out, hop down N to that ledge we’ve visited before. Make your way back up to the building and go to the gate you opened at the Minotaur Head.


Upper Floor, Going Down.


Follow the ramps and just slide down, turn left and go up to the ground floor. Go all the way around those walls to the deep pit SW. To the N is a floor lever that will open a gate, a shortcut back to the Zeus Cave.

Go to the pit, slide down and further down, landing safely in a pool. Climb out, head W along the right hand side and find Flares. Proceed and go left through to the side room with ledges.


Two Jump Levers open the Gate.


Grab up to the right (N) side, you have to get to the highest block. Time the burners to back flip and jump back with a curve to get higher up every time. From the high block, grab up N and pick up Ambrosia. Turn around and hang out to drop and grab the jump lever. A pillar goes up under Lara’s feet and doors open behind her (N). Go there and find a similar setup, only this time with spikes. Face S, left or right, whatever side you prefer and grab up to the lower block hang against the higher one, when you hear the spikes pop, pull up and back flip, keep jumping towards the highest block and the interval in the spike pops should allow you to jump and grab that high block (savegame.2). Grab up S and hang out to do that jump lever there.


Secret hunters: Get back up to that ledge in the wall, the jumps are now easier as the spikes are gone. Look left around the corner and spot a ledge around the corner of the wall and blocks going E into the other hall with the columns. Do a banana jump left around to that ledge. Turn S and do another hard curved jump left around the corner onto the grey block in the hall with the columns. Now jump from block to block and from the platform right down to that column across the hall. Jump into the secret room and get Secret #6, an Expert Ariadne Figurine and Thunderbolt ammo. To get out without harm, do a run jump out to the right into the pool. Go W to the other hall.

(video 4:22-5:15 )


Tower Hall.


Go through the now open gate W to a large Hall with a kind of Tower in the middle, shoot the two Gorillas and have a look around (NE is a gate to a Secret), N and S Skull Doors, W a way up and in the middle a stand for a Minotaur Head Tool.


The way up, Open the Skull Doors N.


Go all the way to the back (W) and back flip on the slanted block in the tower there and jump to the higher one, climb up to the floor.


Secret hunters: Here are 5 receptacles for the Ariadne Figurines, place 5 of them and the gates behind Lara opens up. Go in for your reward, the Eye of Chaos, the Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt ammo. Does not count as a Secret though.


Go to the N wall and grab up on the left side, slide a bit and jump up left onto the grey block. Follow around and jump down to the “N terrace”.

Jump over to the “Sword terrace” E, here you have to carefully trigger 4 swords to lower the pillar and reach the button behind it and open the N side Skull doors. Because the drop down there is rather high, we’ll leave them for later. Jump back W to the “N terrace”.



From there go left over to the Central tower, go around the corner then jump W through the centre of the tower and left to the ledge SW, go left around from where you can jump to the “S terrace”. Jump W onto the ladder pillar and grab Ambrosia (could be done later too). Jump back and throw the floor lever there to drop the trapdoor on the ladder pillar so you’ll have a shortcut up to this level later.


Jump to the E, the “Fire terrace”, pick up the Uzi clips NE then time the burner in the reach-in switch and duck underneath, stand up when it is off and use the switch, duck again and crawl right to use the now available button there. Skull doors open up on ground floor S side. Jump back to the S terrace and then to the ladder pillar SW to get down safely.


Skull Doors S, Fire Challenge.


All jumps to the blocks look too far… (Shortcut till the builder changes it… just hang from the W side of the ledge and climb left and up the ladder, at the trapdoor go to the right and up to the balcony above, the trapdoor drops).

The way you should really do this; Run jump from the SW corner onto the lower tip of the slanted block, jump and jump again to grab a crawlspace in the central structure, go straight through and slide out, 3 jumps and grab the slope. Shimmy left and pull up, hop over the left side of the slope and grab the next slope as much as possible to the right so you can immediately shimmy right and away from the burner.


Pull up over the right hand side, jump onto a white blue tile that will disable the spike tile left and jump there. Jump to the structure and shoot a Cerberus, collect some Shotgun ammo and go to the W side, from the left higher ledge jump onto the sloped block and jump again to grab the ladder.

Go up but don’t pull up, let Lara hang by her hands, go a bit more right at the very right hand corner and pull up, back flip and jump again to get to the roof. Stand N and turn around, do a back flip so you can grab the N side of the roof and shimmy left to another spot where you can stand. Run jump to the grey blocks (NE). Harpies appear, shoot them and pick up some Uzi clips. Jump to grab the right hand corner of the roof E, shimmy right around and pull up. Run over the roof and slide jump to the floor N, the trapdoor left drops opening a shortcut back up here in case you need it.


Going Up, Dance of Flames and Falls Object I.


Go straight through the opening and up the left ladder.

(To the E you can see a Secret Plaque, for later when we are one level up.)

Jump via the pillars N to the central tower, turn left and jump the grey block to the pointy ledge straight ahead (W), go left to the block and then stand jump to grab the ledge with the nasty moving blocks. Just shimmy left around to the middle of the back slide (E) where you can pull up on a safe tile. Stand jump SE with a right curve onto that yellow trapdoor in the opening, climb up inside.


Get down on the pillar under the entrance and stand left facing S, stand jump straight into the structure, slide and jump to grab the crack. Go left and drop on a yellow tile. Jump out right to the grey one and follow to where you can jump into the next structure (no Ctrl). Jump grab the crack left and go right, back jump with a twist to grab the crack behind you and go left timing the burner. Go twice around the corner and back jump into an orange arch. Jump up SE for some Uzi clips. Jump into the opening N and get the Dance of Flames and Falls Object, there’s also Shotgun ammo. (Secret hunters scroll down) You can leave E and jump to the left over the grey blocks to the exit up N.

Preparation for a Secret: Jump back out of the opening S to the orange arch. Stand NW and look left around the corner for a ledge you can jump to (Or just walk up to the orange W wall and grab up to the crack and shimmy around right). Grab up left to the crack and go right around, pull up and follow this ledge around a corner. Look up S and stand jump to grab that jump lever raising a platform in the Main room. Turn around and grab back up to the ledge and go left around, shimmy left along the crack till you can drop in the orange arch. Jump N and go out E to jump left over the blocks to the exit (N).

Once on the wooden platform, run jump around right around the ladder pillar to the platform you raised and onwards to get Secret #7, an Expert Ariadne Figurine. Jump back to that platform and with Ctrl to the white pillar landing in the gap below (video 5:59-7:00).


Hang from the side and drop down onto the “S terrace”, jump to the ladder pillar W to go down to ground floor. Head over to the N Skull doors you opened before (on the “Sword terrace” NE).


N Side Skull Doors, Swords/Spikes Challenge.


In this hall you can run over the spike traps because they have a delayed trigger, just don’t stop on any of them, dropping the swords will trigger gates to open.

Run jump left onto that spike ledge and just run right to the back (N) against the fence, a sword will drop and a gate opens right (E), jump there, run left over the ledge and jump over again, to the right onto the white/blue tile that will give you a “hint screen”. You have to trigger the 3 swords and avoid going over a spike tile twice, so face W, run a bit left over the edge of the sword tile to the tile right (W) and then left along the fence to the gate and hop right onto another white/blue tile, the gate is to the W.


So, first turn right to jump to the tile right on the dead end of the ledge and back flip back.  Run W to the tile in the middle of the spikes, curve left to the corner one and sharp right to the one in front of that gate W. Jump to the gate and go up a ladder, back flip to the ledge and step out to the upper section of the hall.


Popping Spikes.


The spikes here are active. Jump and grab the ledge ahead and hop left onto the spike trap, a running jump E onto the slope and slide down while the spikes go down, immediately run to safety.


Secret hunters; go left (NE) and jump over to the ledge in front of the spike traps around the pillar. You have to run around the pillar and jump to grab the sloped block S before they go up again, shimmy left and pull up, slide and jump left to get Secret #8, an Expert Ariadne Figurine. Jump back N to the ledge next to the slope and from there to the W to grab the sloped ledge.

(video 7:00-7:31). Hang right and pull up, slide far and jump to grab the ledge you came from before.


Jump and grab the sloped ledge SE left of the spikes and shimmy right to the flat part. Jump to the platform S and get into the opening, up the ladder to the Main room N side.


Main room N side, Dance of Flames and Falls Object II.


Jump over to get the Shotgun ammo left and then go to the W, jump to the grey block and grab up on the left, go left around two corners and back jump to the gap in the next pillar. Pull up and turn to jump to the grey block at the Central tower (E). Get up on the ledge and when you step on the tiles with the cross a platform will go up to the left in the distance (“Sword Terrace). But only for a short time, so stand back, sprint over the tile and jump while the platform is still going up and grab up to the floor immediately (savegame.3). Pull up and run left or shimmy left first (popping up spikes) and then pull up.


Get on the block, keep jumping W and grab some Ambrosia, two harpies show up. Still going W and grab Uzi clips from the coloured tile in the end. Now face SE and jump into that diamond shaped opening, keep jumping till you can slide forward and jump to the floor with the spikes, a Gladiator shows up and this is quite a nasty place to take care of him (savegame.4). Climb the new pillar, turn around and grab up, step onto the higher floor left and jump over to grab the Central Tower, go down inside to get the Dance of Blades and Pillars Object, combine the two parts to get the Dancing Floor Key. (Secret hunters, scroll down)

Go down the ladder to the second trapdoor, left onto the ledge and jump to the W, left around the corner to the “S terrace” and right to the ladder pillar to get safely down to the ground floor.


Timed Secret Run: From getting the Dancing Floor Key, jump back to that white ledge, go right and over that grey block to find a Timed lever. Check out the video for the two possible routes without too much health loss. I took an even shorter route: While the gate is shown hop back onto the bottom of the slope behind you and jump over the lever block, run off turning left and just run off the floor so you’ll land on the raised pillar, turn right and run off, curving right run to jump to the ledge on the Central tower (with that trapdoor jump), roll while you land and run jump NW to the grey block right of the pillar with the crack. Go to the left far corner and turn left to stand jump inside the structure (with the 5 secret receptacles), run to the far end of the hole in the floor and right into the hole to land on the slope. Just slide down, run out E and to the gate in the NE corner under the “Sword terrace”. Inside is Secret #9, an Expert Ariadne Figurine (video 7:36-9:12, my route being shorter that option two in the video)


Some Instructions and a Ball of Yarn.


Go to the hole under the Central tower and use the Dancing Floor Key to open the trapdoors. Get down and pick up Flares and Shotgun ammo down there before you go through the opening W, pick up Ariadne’s Instructions and a Ball of Yarn.


Examine the Instructions:

You have proven yourself. Now let the Clew (ball of yarn) guide you, slay the Minotaur.

Claim your hero’s award, the finest Olympian Honey and leave this illusion, or perhaps you will find something more?


Go into the opened door W and close to the spike tiles use the Ball of Yarn to disable them. Go through and pick up the ball, go left, right around the corner and about straight to that blue light. Shoot the vase left for Ambrosia and go in W, the left side. Left and right at the spike trap, left again and right to the opening where you can use the Clew again. Pick it up and go left/right to another bright room. Straight into the right hand side S, keep going right around the corners and use the Clew again at the next spike trap. Follow through to a gate and a ring switch to the right. Slide down into the room with a Minotaur, shoot it and get the Dimensional Piece.


Use it to open the metal door and go in, hop into the water and the current will take you up, turn around and to a fountain (E) and get out. Climb up to the top of the Pyramid and get your reward, the Honey Pot. The doors open N…


Last secret: On the S side of the pyramid is a lever, raising a pillar on the other side of the pyramid, from the pillar jump with a curve to grab the ladder on the corner of the structure and go up to the floor. Inside you can

open the gate with the Eye of Chaos, place your last 4 Ariadne Figurines and open the door.

In case you want to go back to look for Secrets, use the lever on the pillar opposite the gate and step on the teleporters, taking you back to areas in the game. There will also be a “return teleporter” in each section.


Go through the wooden door, run to the plateau and get ready to rumble as soon as you want to pick up that artefact. A truckload of enemies big and even bigger. Keep on the move and don’t let them corner you (savegame.5).

Grab Pandora’s Box and look around for the Dimensional Key dropped by one of these cuties. The key is to get back out and now Secret #10 sounds.


Get back down to the floor at the pyramid and out the open doors, up the slope and through the dimensional screen, to get back to where you started the level, drop down in a safe spot and run to the blue door where it all started (S).


G&D – Oct 2015.