BtB 2015-13- Sanctuary of Chaos.


Level by Joel


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


Saves Folder.



4 secrets, tasks related to the Secret are in dark blue.


Lara under water, turn left swim forward a bit and get Ambrosia (Medipack) near the red coral, turn around and swim back and a bit left to wade up to some Shotgun ammo near a sea star. Out of the water, left and at the W end of the beach are Flares.


Secret: from that W side swim straight along the rocks and right around the corner into a tunnel for Secret #1, an Olympic Laurel. Swim back to the beach.


In the rocks are two openings, one W large were the Flares were and one smaller closer to the ship. Take the small opening first.


Symbols Puzzle.


You’ll get to a lagoon, in the bottom a bit to the right is an opening, swim down and left into a tunnel with a Timed underwater lever, roll and swim left through the gate. Up in the dark and already spot your first enemy. Pull out and shoot the scorpion. Behind the gate E you can see 4 symbols, left circle/triangle and right diamond/circle. There are two pushable ornaments in the room, one S and one N. I moved the N one to the other side, to the circle, so it is standing on the crossing of circle/triangle (triangle is hidden behind the sand). The S one goes 2x W and once N onto the crossing of diamond/circle and the gate opens near the water hole, go in and use the button to raise a platform in the lagoon.


Secret: Jump up the sand dune in the NE corner of the pushables room and climb in for Secret #2, an Olympic Laurel.


Swim back to the lagoon and go to the cascade N for some Flares, then to the one in the W and hop into the tiny opening, up the ladder and jump left around the corner to the crack, shimmy right around to a ledge and hoist up. Jump N, grab the rock ridge right of the rose bush and shimmy right to the cascade, pull up and back flip with a twist steering left to land on the platform you raised.


The Tool Handle Run.


Hop into the passage, another cave with another scorpion… To the right is Magnum ammo. Notice the rope and the lowered pillar. Go into the passage W, look up and spot the different tile on the ceiling, there are two more over the spike traps in the middle of the room, hop there, turn left and hop into the corner. Save at the Timed lever. Light a Flare, pull and turn left, one or two side steps left and side flip landing on that safe tile, hop into the exit and run out, left onto the raised pillar and run jump to grab the rope, swing to the balcony E (savegame.0) where you’ll find the Tool Handle and Arrows to the left. Get down and go out to the lagoon, one cascade we didn’t cover yet…


Minotaur Head.


E cascade, go through the fall and scale up the cracks in the rock, shimmy left from the last and get into the small opening, turn around and jump over to the other side, follow through to a cave with a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo, light a flare to spot that. Crawl through E, grab the wall E and climb left around and down, back flip with twist to grab an alcove with a button that will open a trapdoor above. Back up the ladder and over to the monkey climb at the top, follow to the other corner, drop and grab the pillar. Go left around and up through the trapdoor, drop off left. Jump to the open door. Stay close to walls as Swords can fall, there are also two Centaurs present. NE in a vase is Shotgun ammo, another vase NW has Flares. Find a jump lever on the W side of the SW pillar opening a trapdoor. But first go to that sarcophagus and open it to get the Minotaur Head (face N).

The jump lever opened the trapdoor NE, drop down and do two quick side flips through the first trap, roll through the next and pick up Ambrosia after the spikes. More spikes and grab up left then right. You’ll end up in the pit with the entrance to the room you just visited. Climb down the ladder, drop and grab the edge, shimmy left and pull up. Go back through a small triangle opening to the cascade and drop down.


The Minotaur Head Tool.


Go out SW to the beach and take a right to that large opening in the rocks. Combine Tool Handle and Minotaur Head into the Minotaur Head Tool and place it on the stand. Enter the cave and a Gladiator attacks, in the cave you’ll find Shotgun ammo left and a table right. Put the table near where the ammo was so you can reach the ladder there, climb up go stand W against a sloped block. Light a flare, pull up and save on top.


Really Dark Caves.


Slide a bit and jump, then jump again and you should grab that little patch of green plants to hang there and let the ball pass (savegame.1). Turn around and drop, grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy right to a break tile and save again hanging there. If you want to take a flare first, shimmy left around two corners and hoist up. On the left (S) is the break ledge.


Pull up, run with a bit of a right curve to a break ledge in the dark distance, at the end of the jump curve left, jump to the rock left and grab the edge, shimmy right to the next break ledge. Pull up and run jump around the left corner to the next ledge try curve right before landing so you can immediately side flip (or stand jump) right to a ledge with a door.



Climb the ledge to the right of that door and walk to the end, look out and up and spot some vegetation on the ceiling, first check the health. Then hop back and run jump to grab that monkey climb. Go around right and find the jump lever on the front of that wall, you’ll drop onto a platform, losing health.


Get back up to the now open door (left around the corner of the platform), pick up Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips, follow through up right. Hop into the back (NW) of a high cave and pick up Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. Climbable walls everywhere, but what I did was stand in the back against the W wall, facing N and back flip onto a ledge in the sloped rock. Side step right once and jump to grab the ladder on the block in front, go up, put the left shoulder to the wall and pull up, now back flip to a ledge on top of the rock. Jump and grab the ladder on the next block, left around to the other side, back flip onto a slope and jump to grab a block in the other corner, let Lara get her feet up first and go left around and up through the opening in the ceiling, you might have to wiggle (change position) a bit to get Lara to climb up (savegame.3). Crawl through and come to a room with a Very Ancient Scroll, examine it:


Welcome to the Sanctuary of Chaos, Mortal. We knew that this day would come. The Chamber of Chaos is protected by four Artifacts. Collect them and we will give you a chance to save your reality and overpower Chaos. We wish you good luck! –Greek Gods and Goddesses.


The Chamber of Chaos, Perseus’ Sword.


Right of the pedestal are Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips and the Uzis (Left is a wooden door to a Secret room).

Push open the double doors N, and get a flyby of the large hall. Go first left on that balcony get the Ambrosia. Under the balcony is a raised pillar, when you pull the Timed lever; a pillar will go up under the opposite balcony and another one to the left on ground floor. So pull, get down on the pillar and jump to the one N, jump and grab up to the balcony. Get out the pistols and shoot the vase while you run straight to the end and jump over to the next balcony, down to the left is the second raised pillar, run jump there and then jump and grab up to the balcony with the pedestal (S), plenty of time. Take Perseus’ Sword and drop down. (In case you need to get back up to the Timed lever, behind the pillar under the lever is a piece of elevated floor so you can grab up, bit tricky, but one side step left from the highest point did it for me).

Shoot the lion, go towards that Chaos Portal W and pick up Ambrosia from the floor, turn around and go to open the crowbar door (E). Follow down to the Water Temple.


Water temple, Laser Sight, the Lyre.


Shoot a Gladiator when you approach the Temple doors and notice the two wall torches we have to ignite. Right of the Temple you’ll find three Symbol levers, we have no clue yet, so leave those for later. When you run from those to the opening where you entered you get a camera view of the Laser Sight on a ledge, just grab up there and get it. Drop down and left of the Temple (NE) you’ll find the Lyre in a hole, climb back out.


A Torch.


Walk in the direction of the water and from the opening in the balustrade jump and grab the rock on the right. Shimmy all the way left around to a ledge with the Torches. First jump over to the ledge W for Orange Juice and get back and pick up a Torch, drop it near the lever, about one hop back. Pull the Timed lever, hop back to grab the Torch and run jump over to the ledge where the Orange Juice was, turn left and run jump onto the pillar a running jump left will get you back on solid ground (savegame.4).

Take the torch with you and jump over the ledges in the water into the cave W, a jump right onto a sloped block and a jump will get you to where you can carefully ignite it. Face the slanted block near the fire and jump over the top, slide and jump and then follow the ledges back to the Temple. Ignite the wall torches. Leave the torch.


Inside shoot two lions and find a yellow tile behind the S pillars and a trapdoor next to it, in the NW corner is a raising pillar with a fish tile next to it. We need to do something else first.


The Symbol Codes, a Hade’s Eye.


Dive into the water, roll and look in the E wall for a gate, inside you can see symbols, up/down= circle-diamond-triangle.

Get out of the water, go up to the Symbol levers SE and use them as the code suggested, right/left/middle. Now you can swim into the gate and get Hade’s Eye all the way left. Make a note of the other Symbol clues, fish tile- diamond/triangle, yellow tile- triangle/circle. There’s Magnum ammo between the pillars.


More Yarn.


Swim out, go back to the Symbol levers and use the “yellow” code (yellow tile in the Temple). So the levers should be UP/DOWN/DOWN.


Back into the Temple and find the opened trapdoor open in the right side (S). Climb down into a lava room. Do a run jump left over that sloped block and grab a pole in the back. Go down and turn facing the entrance. Look right and spot another pole with a burner, backflip (no twist) onto the corner slope and slide to jump to the pole when the burner is off. Up right in the wall, next to the burner is an alcove, you have to get in there. So turn your back to the alcove, wait under the burner and go up when it goes off, about 4 grabs up you should be able to back flip into the alcove. Remember that the interval on the burner is short after a reload, so when you reload, wait out none burning section before making another attempt. In the alcove is a More Yarn.


Run jump back to the pole W, turn your back to the entrance and pretty high on the pole. Back flip (no twist) when the burner below is off (you can see the glow in the wall) and grab the rock as you slide off, shimmy to the entrance (savegame.5) and climb back up.


Length of Yarn.


Go out to the lake and dive in, on the left side of the pillar under the ledge in the middle is a Timed underwater lever. It will raise a pillar behind you, close to the entrance. Pull, roll and swim to the entrance, pull up on the corner of the block left of the raised pillar, turn right and hop back to run jump and grab the corner of the pillar, pull up and turn left to grab up to the rock. Shimmy left and pull up on the flat ledge near the wall (savegame.6). Turn around and jump to grab the ladder on the block. Go up, turn around and jump to slide off the block a bit right of the flat ledge, grab the edge and shimmy right around all the way to the end where you can pull up. Stand jump and grab the monkey climb and follow to the other end, against the wall.


Drop and grab the edge, go right around a couple of corners till you can pull up on the ledge (N). Stand on the higher part and grab up N, shimmy right, just around the corner and pull up, back flip with twist and grab the ledge with the Length of Yarn. Dive down and get out at the Temple.


Go up to the Symbol levers and use the next code; fish tile- diamond/triangle, so from left to right you should have DOWN/DOWN/UP.


The First Snake Goddess.


Back into the Temple and left to the raised pillar, climb the red pillar and jump over the pillars to the opposite SE corner, grab the crack in the wall and scale up to the opening; follow through to a tile in front of spike traps. Combine the Length of Yarn with More Yarn into a Ball of Yarn and place it onto that tile to deactivate the spikes, go through, pick up the Ball (you never know) and open the trapdoor, be careful when dropping down, it’s quite high! Pick op Pandora’s Box, the Snake Goddess I and the Magnum. Use the button left of the gate and get out… A Gladiator doesn’t want you to leave.


Secret hunters, take the burning Torch with you.

Go out and take a left (S), back up to the start and up the stairs S to the Chamber of Chaos, to the Chaos Portal (you can place the first Snake Goddess there if you like).


Scales Puzzles, Clues.


Take a right into the hall N (leave the Torch in a safe spot) shoot a Gladiator and use the Lyre on the statue left. Go through the big door N, when you wade into the water, a Gorilla will show up and no easy escape there, go right as soon as possible and grab up to the terrace before he reaches you, shoot him from there. In the vase are some Uzi clips.


Visit the side rooms behind the statue N, the right hand room has Ambrosia right around the corner and TWO fish statues at a pool. The left hand room has 2x Uzi clips right around the corner and FOUR fish statues at the pool.


The Vases (Waterskins).


Go out and to the SE terrace, from the corner near the entrance (SW) you can jump and grab a ladder, go up and back flip to the roof. Go N and jump right around the corner to the alcove with that wooden platform, from the platform to the ledge and grab the Small Vase. Turn around and look up S and see over the entrance door the Large Vase. Jump back to the roof SE, then jump SW into the small alcove over the entrance, another run jump out left to the roof of the W terrace.


Stand near the tub with a plant NE and grab up to the rock edge above, shimmy right and pull up. Now jump all around the hole to get to the Large Vase. Jump W to the corner, side flip onto the rock right and grab the edge to safety drop down to the roof.

Turn to the right (N) and use the alcove left to jump to the ledge (N) with the Bow and some Arrows (Kaboom type too), this last jump is a pixel perfect jump.


Mirror Room Key.


Drop down, and go fill your vases with 4 liters. You can do that anywhere, not necessarily in the rooms with the fish statues.

Fill the large Vase, combine the 2 Vases and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small Vase and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large Vase.


Close to the gate E is a big vase, pull it twice and move it left onto that different looking tile to open the gate. Go in and up the stairs, two Gorillas there, so back up down the stairs while shooting them, these two hate the water. Go into the room and to the right where you’ll find the scales, in front of each one you will get a camera view of the two or the four statues. So put the 4 liters in the left scale and a pillar goes up left of you. In the other corner (SW) is a table, pull it out so you can climb up to the wooden platforms above. Jump to that wooden platform W, then to the raised pillar W, pull up, turn left and hop or side flip over that slanted wall onto the flat part behind it. Jump up to grab the monkey climb, follow up to the top and then right to the other end of the hall, drop onto the pillar to get the Mirror Room Key. Drop down.


The Second Snake Goddess.


Back to the water, fill the large vase, empty the small, combine the two and have 2 litres in the large Vase. Put that in the right hand scale. A gate opens in the Water Square. Go straight ahead there and look for a Keyhole in the Mirror room (on the back of the second pillar right); that opens an underwater gate. There’s a trapdoor SE in the normal room, and an opening in the wall NW of the mirror room, get into the opening opposite the keyhole and push the button to open the trapdoor. Get in the trapdoor, swim through the traps and get Amaltea’s Horn and another Snake Goddess II. Swim back and return to the Chamber of Chaos (S). This time there will be a water Gorilla when you want to leave.


Trip to Hades, Snake Goddess III.


Go to the Chaos Portal and go to the right (W) at the end a Harpy appears.


Detour for a Secret: Stand in the left side of the room (S) and look up N, shoot the bell. A trapdoor opens above, climb the pole to the ledge and jump over to the side with the bell, go left to the end and jump to grab the corner rock, go left around and back flip to the flat rock. Jump and grab the corner one S and look up NE, a tree with a beehive. Shoot that (Magnum) and get a screen of a door. Run off the E side, slide and jump to the floor, go straight all the way to the end of the Sanctuary (E). Just before the door is a pillar on the right (SE), grab up to the pillar from the side (only Ctrl) and jump up to the balcony behind you (the one with the timed lever). Go through the double doors and straight into the open wooden door to get Secret #3, an Olympic Laurel at the foot of the sand hill. Go back to that lava pit W.


Use Hade’s Eye left and see a gate open up in Hell. Stand at the right hand side (N) and face E, hop backwards from the triangle ledge and land on a sloped block, jump and grab the climb wall. Right around and back flip with twist to grab the next, go on like this till you can climb right into the passage you saw when you placed the Eye. Push the button to raise a pillar for the way back up later.


So proceed down the passage and find out what all that stumping was all about, a huge Mutant up in Hell. Shoot him from down here, the tasks are hard enough as they are without him stumping around.


To Break the Core.


Possibly there’s a better way through this part, but this is how we did it:

Run jump onto the right hand side of that sloped block you see down left, jump the blocks to the one going right and land on a ledge. Turn right and jump to grab that structure with the columns, shimmy left to the next corner and pull up on the corner, turn around and hop back to run jump with a right curve onto that sloped block behind the pillar SW. Immediately jump hard left to a ledge. Turn left and grab up to the ridge above, shimmy right and pull up, jump up (stand jumps) SW to get to the first Crowbar Lever (1) and a big hammer starts pounding a pillar. Hop down to the ledge again and jump to the wooden platform and then up to the next. Grab up to the top of the pillar and quickly take out two harpies. Hop to the Core and get Ambrosia.

Hop to the pillar NE, DON’T use the lever yet but run jump to that grey ledge N, hop up right into the dark alcove, grab up right. Here comes a hard jump, from this ledge around the pillar E to grab a block in the corner (savegame.7).


Hop down to that platform S, grab up left, up the pole and back flip off and go into the passage. Watch out for burners and a Harpy and throw the floor lever (2) for another Hammer. Go straight through, avoiding the burner and come to the Core room, jump to grab the rope ahead. Straight in front, behind that hammer is a lava ledge, swing a bit and jump to it. Jump to the next rope and turn left a bit, swing to that lava ledge on the hanging pillar. Then jump into that rock alcove E. A trick move to get down to the lever below, stand one step from the edge, hop back over the edge and hit Ctrl when you are just below the edge and land at the floor lever (3). Hammer 3 starts up.


Run jump to that sloped lava block SW, jump/jump and grab the ladder, go up and back flip with twist to grab the ladder up to a button to get out a new rope (W). Grab the rope but don’t go down too far and swing to the nearby grey ledge (easily to overshoot that). Follow jumping to the corner ledge and a pixel perfect jump into the alcove with floor lever (4) to start another Hammer. Couldn’t see a way anywhere else from here (not back too), so just a tricky drop down to the alcove below, stand left and safety drop to the slopes and you’ll end up on that flat corner. Up the wooden platforms again to the still safe pillar and jump to the pillar with the crowbar lever NE (DO NOT use it yet), follow the earlier route again:


Run jump to that grey ledge N, hop up right into the dark alcove, grab up right. Here comes a hard jump, from this ledge around the pillar E to grab a block in the corner. Hop down to that platform S, grab up left, up the pole and back flip off and go into the passage. Watch out for the burners and follow to the Core room, jump to grab the rope again.


Swing straight to that dark ledge again and from there jump W to the ledge between the pillars. Jump to the break ledge W, leave it intact by shimmying around to the grey ledge. Hop into the alcove and then jump to grab the break ledge N, shimmy around again and wait for a Harpy. Get to the Crowbar Lever (5) for another Hammer. Now you can use the break ledges you spared to get back to the lava ledge in the middle of the room, jump and grab the one straight E. Turn left to the rope and swing to the passage N, follow down (fire passage), down the pole and onto the wooden platform below. Run jump onto the pillar with the last Crowbar lever (6). Stand facing SW at the lever and use it, immediately let Lara run against the lever and jump to the Core get away from that last Hammer (savegame.8).


Safety drop down in a corner into the Core, grab the Ancient Jewels and the Snake Goddess III. Back flip out of the opening N and grab the edge, shimmy left to the corner. Turn around facing N and stand back a bit, hop onto the sloped block and jump right to the ledge. Stand left and grab up, shimmy right and get out. Push the button in the passage if you didn’t yet before (raise pillar in the lava pit) and grab the climb wall right, go left around, back flip with twist to grab the next pillar and go left around one corner, up to the top and back flip with twist to grab the pillar. Grab up to the rocks and a back flip with twist to grab the floor above. Go to the Chaos Portal. Place the three Snake Goddesses and get ready to take the last side.


S: Minotaur and the Old Rusty Key.


Before you go into the S hall and wake up a Minotaur (ammo wise), go back into the W hall and left is that pole, (to open the trapdoor if you didn’t yet, shoot the Bell up N). Go up to the ledge above; jump over to grab the low part of the N ledge and head to the right. Into the opening and jump over to the balconies N, go straight to pick up the Old Rusty Key from the pedestal. Go back and pick up Magnum ammo left, go over the wooden bridge a bit further to the other side for Flares, drop down from the wooden bridge.


Go to the S hall with the big columns and take on that Minotaur. Go back into the W hall, up the pole and this time stay on this side, go to the E and on the right into a passage, through the trap and a Key hole right, use the Old Rusty key there to bring out ropes in the S hall. Turn left, jump out to the column right and grab the Pythagorean Puzzle Piece I. There are 3 ropes; I didn’t see the reason for the one left and the platforms there. Just do a stand jump to grab the rope SE, turn right to swing to the next rope and turn left. Line up for the jump lever and swing to get to it. The door S opens up.


The Wine Cellar, Fourth Snake Goddess.


For the Secret, take the Torch with you and throw it down to the ground floor if possible.

Go down the broken stairs, halfway down, jump and grab that pillar in the middle and crawl in to get another Pythagorean Puzzle Piece II. Crawl out from the lower end and back flip to the block behind you, drop to the floor. In the NW corner is a Timed lever, it will raise a pillar in the room W, go there first to shoot a Scorpion. When you shoot the vase there when the Scorpion is near it, an explosion takes place and kills the Critter. To the right (N) is Orange Juice, to the left (S) is a drained pool. Right of the pool are Flares, in the back Shotgun ammo and 2x Uzi clips. To the left of the pool is a receptacle for the Pythagorean Puzzle, combine the two pieces and use them. The pool floods so dive in and use the underwater lever. Turn right and swim down into the opened gate to get the Engraved Disc.


Can’t go any further in, so get back out of the pool, go to a receptacle on the W wall left of the wine barrels. Place the Disc and a pillar goes up behind you. Get on it and jump over the wooden platforms to the one with the Ornate Bronze Key. Get down and the keyhole is right there (E).


Push Puzzle.


Go in and shoot another Minotaur.

For the Secret, get the Torch in here; ignite a wall torch behind a pillar S, a trapdoor opens on the upper level. There is no need for the Torch again so leave it here.


You’ll have to do a push puzzle up on the upper of this room, so this is the time for that Timed lever we saw in the staircase (go left (N) and at the end right, then take the second right). The pillar that will go up is next to the barrel straight and left from the entrance. Pull, sprint into the cellar, sharp left, left again through the gate and hop on the pillar, turn around and jump to grab the ladder block (savegame.9). Go left around and back flip with twist to grab the edge of the upper floor. Go to the 3 levers in the SW corner.


For the Secret, jump to the SE corner, get down where you opened that trapdoor and get Secret #5, an Olympic Laurel. Go back to the levers.


Each lever operates pillars and you have to move that ornament to the tile on the pillar NE.


- From left to right: Use lever 3 and move the ornament to the pillar E.

- Use lever 1, push the ornament to the corner ledge (E wall).

- Use lever 1 again and move the ornament to the tile (N).


Drop down, go into the gate left (NE) and spot a big vase behind that gap in the wall, stand way back, outside near that barrel and shoot the vase with the Magnum (out of ammo? You can also shoot it with pistols, straight through the wall). The vase will explode opening up the wall, get in there for Twelve Gold Tablets and the Snake Goddess IV. Get back out (S and to the right, straight (W) and right again and at the end right again), to the broken staircase and up the block right, up the stairs and out to the Chaos Portal where you can now use the last Goddess, watch the show and hop onto the portal, slowly step into the center and stop (before you run off).


The Chaos Never Ends, Medusa.


You’ll end up in a magic world. Jump SE to that block and get Uzi clips, on the ledge behind it is Orange Juice. Two harpies attack. Jump back to the start and then left to the SW for Shotgun ammo. Jump SW again for Uzi clips, climb up and jump to the right (W) to the block with the furniture for Magnum ammo. Stand right of the table jump to the N, climb up right and turn around to grab up again. Jump S so the ledge with the statue, go around to get the Magnum ammo. Jump to the SW, shoot the Amphora’s and climb up, turn around and grab up to the ledge with the burner. Jump from the burner to the far ledge NW and get Ambrosia. Jump back and up to the higher ledge left with the button (E). Use the button there to flood the place. Swim up SW into a weird tunnel and end up in yet another weird world.


Quickly shoot the harpies and then shoot that huge Mutant from where you are. Jump E over the dark platforms to the next island and shoot a Centaur, again over dark platforms and left around the windmill for a lever raising a platform you can reach from the first island. At least it’s not Timed, so make your way back to the first island, shooting more harpies and jump N for the crowbar lever. Now we go back again all the way to the windmill and left to a pillar with a jump lever. Medusa dies and you have to go back again to the middle island from where you can jump to the Medusa island. Step into the Magic shoes and ride them to the end where Lara drops back into the sea.


G&D - Oct. 2015.