BtB 2015-12- A Big Fat Greek Adventure.



Level by TrueRaider


Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Saves Folder.


3 secrets; tasks related to Secrets are in dark blue.


The Tavern, open the Wine Cellar.


Go behind the counter and get the Flares.

Take the opening next to the counter to leave though a passage (SW). Open the wooden door; get in the water and start swimming till you come to a small harbour. On the bottom left are Flares.


In the SW corner of this harbour is an opening, swim in for Secret #1, a Bronze Seahorse, back out again towards the jetty.


Swim under that building E (with the circles on the wall) and use the underwater lever. The door back in the Tavern opens.


The Wine Cellar, a Pythagorean Puzzle Piece I.


Swim back S, up to the right, through the wooden door to the Tavern and down the stairs, shoot all 5 barrels so the wine will flow and the trapdoor opens. In you go and find a Pythagorean Puzzle Piece I. Get out of the wine and up the stairs and leave the Tavern again.


The Harbour, spot Bell 1.


Swim to the harbour and climb out on the jetty. Get Shotgun ammo in the far corner passage (NW), back out and loop around to the left into a storage room and get Ambrosia (medipack) from under a crate near the entrance. Get out and back into the water, swim into the canal on the left (E), climb up on the first jetty right and get Orange Juice, swim further E and there where the bubbles rise up you can find some Shotgun ammo. Get onto the jetty there and jump to the left (NE). Go up the stairs, look up, notice the Bell there (we have to shoot those later) proceed up the stairs and find Orange Juice at the top. Go back down.


Market Square.


Swim back to the harbour, get out and climb the stairs N, notice the Mask receptacles and go left, around the next corner, down some steps through a dark alley and arrive on a market square.

Go to the right and at the end up some stairs, shoot the crate for Magnum ammo and take note of the Pythagorean Puzzle receptacle. Turn around and open the double door (S) creating a shortcut. Go through and right to go back to the market square.


Pythagorean Puzzle Piece II.


In the E wall is a wooden door, kick it and in here you have to place a Cog later. Back out and go up the stairs NE and loop around to the left. In the end, at the break in the balustrade jump over to the crack in the wall, shimmy left and jump up, shimmy further left and hoist up at the end. Use the monkey swing to get to a balcony. Open the door and inside jump to the windowsill and get another Pythagorean Puzzle Piece II. Combine the two and get the Pythagorean Puzzle.


Use the Pythagorean Puzzle, Timed Run for Perseus’ Sword.


Better use the monkey swing and the cracks to get to the street. Go into the passage SE and up the stairs and place the Pythagorean Puzzle in its receptacle.

Climb the pillar and keep going higher till you are outside on a terrace.

On the other side is a TIMED lever. Pull it, roll and run jump a bit to the left so you can jump onto the platform (N) at the left corner, do a right curved run jump up onto the roof, keep going straight and jump to grab the next platform E. Take a curved running jump right to the next one, again a curved one a bit right to the last and hop onto a balcony above the Timed lever (savegame.0).

Get Perseus’ Sword and notice a Bell up NE.


The Sad Mask.


Hop over the balustrade to the terrace below.


For a Secret: Do part of the Timed run again, but after jumping from the roof to the platform E, grab up E to a ledge and get Secret #2, a Silver Seahorse, hop down to the roof and safety drop to the street.  


Go down the ladder to the street. Leave through that small passage N  around the corner, down two flights of stairs and to the left to the market place, go through the dark alley SW, up the stairs and go left around the corner down to the harbour. Jump over the balustrade into the water and swim left E, hoist up on the jetty and jump to the left, left of the stairs is a door you can open with the Sword.


Climb up in the far right corner and then climb even higher and follow a dark passage to a blue door you can open.

Go to the right and jump to the balcony and to the next, then one around the corner. Jump over the balustrade to a pointy rock ledge and grab the crack. Shimmy to the right and crawl in to a cave. Go straight (W) and hop up, take a right and kick the door in.


Go to the last block and open the hatch above to climb in N, go through the passage and open the glass door.

On the balcony spot an opening E and jump over the balustrade to get in there. Go through and climb up the vines there and climb off on the left. Jump over to the cross window in the church wall and pry off the Sad Mask.


The Boathouse Key.


Safety drop to the street, go left (E) up the stairs and follow through, on the square there go to that brightly lit lamp in the opposite passage (SE). Follow around and up the stairs (notice Bell #3 up W) and go to the far left corner (SW) of this square. Hang from the edge and let go, grab and crawl in. The big vase hides the Boathouse Key and one other some Ambrosia.


Safety drop down and go down the stairs. Take the other staircase down to the harbour and loop around to the left to use the Boathouse Key there (N). Go through the gate and in the water near the gate is a Cog. Get out and up the stairs, take a right or a left to go to the market place and into the house (E wall). Put the Cog in its place and watch the fly by, the windmill starts up and the Church opens up.


The Church, Magnum and Laser Sight.


Go out, loop around the right up the stairs and go left and jump up. Enter the Church, and immediately take a left and climb up the entrance. One more time up and take a slight curved running jump to the left towards the green columns. There is an opening in the back there, go in and follow through. At the end take one step back then stand jump and grab the monkey climb and transverse to the other side.  

Follow through and at the end, behind a green column is a jump lever.

Run jump SW onto the block next to the entrance, get down and go into the crypt N. Left and right are two Coffins, one with the Magnum and on the pedestal Magnum ammo and the other one has the Laser Sight.


The 7 Golden Bells, the Happy Mask.


On the pedestal in the end get the Bell Puzzle Scroll and read it:

It has now come to the time, for 7 Golden Bells to chime.

Only when you complete this task, will the crypt reveal the other Mask.


The only thing now to do is to find these 7 bells. You can do this in a different order:


Go out of the crypt and the church and loop around to the right over the black path. At the end jump look up W behind that tree and spot Bell #1, shoot it. Jump W over the balustrade to the terrace W and stand SW. Look up SE to spot Bell #2 there, shoot it too.

Jump back and loop left around the church to the stairs NE. Loop right around down to the Market place and all the way up E is Bell #3, then go into the far right corner (bright light passage) and follow that through, up the steps there and up W is Bell #4.

Down the steps S and stairs to the waterfront, go all the way to the other end (W), passing the wooden doors with the receptacle. At the end go left to the opening in the fence and jump to the rock ledge, look E and spot Bell #5 between the roof tops.


Dive into the water and swim into the canal straight E, climb out on that last jetty left. Go up the stairs a bit and shoot Bell #6 there. Turn around and go out, and right through the crowbar door. Follow this room up to the penthouse. From the S side window look SE and shoot Bell #7. Watch the flyby, go to the balcony NW and drop down to the street, go into the arched passage N, through the grey shortcut door and left down the steps to the Market Square. Loop right around up the stairs to the Church; get in and down to the Crypt to get the Happy Mask.


The Theatre.


Get out to the market square and back to the waterfront (along the route you just took, or thought the dark alley). Combine the Happy and Sad Mask and place the Happy/Sad Masks on the receptacle between the wooden doors on the left and enter. Pick up the Shotgun on a pedestal in the lobby, go left or right and come to the theatre.

Go left up to the chairs and jump to grab the W side balcony to get some Shotgun ammo. Get down and go down to up the steps to the stage and into the white light and get transported to a temple of sorts.


Realm of the Gods.


Turn around and up the steps, take a right and through the door (W) to another big hall. Go to the other end.


3 Lever Push Puzzle for a Snake Goddess.


-At the 3 levers, from left to right: down, down and up.

-Get on the block of the levers and jump to the pillars on the left, go in and down and push the Ornament out.

-Go back up and use the levers again: down, up and up. Jump up the pillar and push the vase on that yellow tile on the left (you can shimmy around it).

-Back to the levers: up, up and down.

-Now jump to the right and go in, down and push the ornament out. -Back up and back to the levers, up, down, down.

-Jump back up and push the vase on that tile on the right.


Watch the fly by, get to the ground floor and in between the rubble pick up a Ruby and the Snake Goddess.

When you want to leave a wraith appears, left or right are deeper pools so get rid of it, in the S pool and left is also some Thunderbolt ammo. Get out and then leave SE.


Halls of Challenges, a Minotaur Head Tool.


Go straight into the next door (E), follow to the left and now you are in front of a room full of spikes. To the left are collapsible tiles you have to jump until you are on the other side (savegame.1).

Go up the slope and jump over to the central block. Save facing E or W before grabbing another Ruby and the Lyre. All hell breaks loose, so jump to the side walks as you need to push the three lion heads, roll and run jump back to the middle grabbing the pole, don’t land on the block as there is a knife trap now (savegame.2) You can now climb up and leave this nasty place.


Shoot the Centaur and jump down onto a ledge. Here are more breakable platforms to jump. Jump to the first and a running jump left to grab the next. Shimmy right and save, pull up and curve left with a running jump to the ledge.

At the corridor knives, duck and use the sprint key to roll through. Use the reach-in hole and you see where you can leave this place.

First go down on the platform under the ledge to jump to the central pillar then jump to the right to the ledge there. From there jump left to the ledge with the pillars, Go left to the end and safety drop down, into the exit. A door opens and when you jump up and go into the room, a Minotaur attacks, kill it. He drops a Bluestone Key, you have to use at the other door (W).


Next room is a trap galore. Jump through the moving cutter, stand at the gap between the right and middle cutters and roll through (duck and sprint).


Use the Ruby’s, the Thunderbolt.


Once out go right to where the statues are, use the two Ruby’s on the central block and see a platform sliding out. Climb up on the block where you placed the Ruby’s and when you pick up Zeus’ Thunderbolt some harpy’s attack.

Then climb op the trellis and shimmy to the right around the corner. Back jump on a platform, and turn towards the room. Now it is pillar jumping time. Jump all the way around to the other side and then to that ledge you see NW.

Slide down and fight another Minotaur and a Boss of Monsters after that.


After they are dead you’ll get a screen of a Key. Look around for that Old Rusty Key, one of them dropped. Use the Old Rusty Key on one of the pillars.

Climb the block on the other pillar and go to the top and grab the Minotaur Head and the Tool Handle. Combine them to a Minotaur Head Tool and step into the flying slippers. You’ll get back to the theatre.


Secret: Go back up to where the chairs are and this time jump and grab up to the E side balcony for Secret #3, a Gold Seahorse. Get back to the stage.


Place the Minotaur Head Tool on the left and the Lyre on the right. Then place the Snake Goddess in the middle and watch the flyby.


G&D Oct. 2015.