BtB 2015-11- Remnants of a Nemesis.


Level by Ludo Haruspex


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


3 secrets, the multiple tasks related to getting the secrets are in dark blue.


From the pool where you land, go left a bit and close to those vases is a low block you can jump on. But first enter an opening in the building W to shoot a crate and get some Orange Juice (small medipack). Go back out; jump on that low block to the right now (S) and from the block grab that pillar in the middle of the cave. Run jump and grab that crack (N); go left and into the crawlspace, follow around and climb out and make a ledge jump up to the floor above.

Follow through up a slope and come to a large Temple complex.


The Temple, 2 Lyres.


Go right and then left around the corner of the Temple to find Flares between two columns. To the right (N) you can see statues in alcoves on a red ledge. We need two Lyres there.


A Push Puzzle for a Torch.


Go back and left down those white blocks (NE), a broken bridge. From the lower one NE you can jump into an alcove left of the one with the broken column (NE), grab the crack and go left around to jump up to the alcove above and get Shotgun ammo. Go back down and to the ground floor of the pit.


Go to the N wall and find a crack, jump to grab it (around the right corner), back flip (down key) off onto the dark wall and shimmy along the edge to the other end. Climb up into the opening in the wall there, up left and crawl through to drop into a room with some tables. In the two alcoves left and right are Flares and Orange Juice.


Pull that table SW out twice to the N and once to the E so it sits between the two holes in the floor. Pull the table NE out once, then to the left (W and around the hole in the floor) so it ends up between the table you just moved and the pillar with the table in it. Climb the tables and pull the one it the pillar out onto the table. Climb the highest table, facing N back flip onto a wooden slope S and shoot the bell up N, get into that gate and grab a Torch. Turn around and throw it through one of the gaps in the floor to the room below. Just in case and maybe also saves you to backtrack here, grab the other Torch and throw it down the gap too. You only need one, but….


Ignite the Torch.


Go down one of the gaps to the lower room. Pick up the Torches and throw them into one of the gaps in the wall, either left or right, the Torches will end up in a lower room where we can get it later.


Go down the steps S and right and climb over that wall. You’ll find yourself back in the pit at the temple. The pools in the pits look deadly, but they aren’t. So just drop down in the first one you see and climb out N. Go around the corner and into a passage to retrieve one of the Torches and go back to the pools.

A couple of tasks to perform with the Torch here, so let’s start SE, drop the Torch near the entrance to that catacomb, go in and in the back you’ll encounter a lion.

In the middle of that place is an unlit wall torch, look behind the pillar right of it (W) for a jump lever, use that to ignite that wall torch. Go get your Torch and ignite it. (In the SE corner is a trapdoor)


Go out, and in the room with the pools, ignite the two wall torches, one E and one W, a gate opens up (in the room where we dropped the Torch down before).


Some other things first; an Old Sword.


Go to the W side pool, just run off the floor into the pool and walk into the opening W. (Secret hunters: Lara should take the Torch down there, in the back, on a ledge right you can ignite a wall torch opening up a trapdoor, drop the Torch there). Climb up to a room above (E), shoot some vases for an Old Sword (crowbar) and Shotgun ammo under a crate. Get back down and while we’re down here, wade into the opposite passage too, climb up into a similar room and get Shotgun ammo and Ambrosia (Medipack). Drop down and go back to climb out of the pool.


Go into the SE corner catacomb again and to the back where you found a lion before. On one of the pillars is a ladder up.


Secret hunters: If you performed the previous task igniting the wall torch in the water, go left to the trapdoor you opened and climb down. Get Secret #1, shoot the crates for Shotgun ammo and 2x Kaboom Arrows and the flame on the pedestal will get an interval. Grab the Ornate Bronze Key; hop back immediately. Climb back up and go straight a bit to another ladder right.


Climb the ladder, a vase to the right has Shotgun ammo and then open the crowbar door to get a way up to the pit at the Temple.


A Minotaur Eye.


Remember the gate we opened by igniting the two wall torches? Go into the opening NW, that’s where you came from before after getting the Torch. Climb over the block and go left up the steps to the gate you opened. Slide down into the large room, a lion will appear and when you are shooting that, a Gladiator will show up too. Shoot both and pick up the Minotaur Eye dropped by the Gladiator. In a pit NE are Flares, the other corner pit has a crawlspace, get in there and follow to the Minotaur Head, put that Eye in it and see a pillar go up in the room above.


Cliff hanger, Lower the Spikes.


So get back up there, up on the pillar and jump to grab the crack in the big pillar, go right around a corner, back flip onto a slope and jump with Ctrl to grab the higher crack. Go right around two corners and back flip with a twist grabbing a crawlspace. Follow through, roll through that blade trap (duck and sprint) and in the back shoot a Gladiator. Shoot the wooden box to get the Shotgun, then throw the lever to retract spikes in the room with the pillar. Go out the other passage W, to the blade trap.

Secret hunters; turn around before going through the trap and look up to spot a jump lever, it will open a trapdoor in the room with the pillar.


Roll through the blade and run jump to grab the high crack in the pillar again, go right around one corner and grab up to the top.


For the Secret; drop down to the floor and climb down the open trapdoor for Secret #2, Shotgun ammo and Ambrosia. Again a Key on a pedestal, grab it, it is the Golden Key. Climb back up and make your way up to the top of the pillar in the room.


The S side is the way out of this room later, so go N for now. Jump over to the lowered spike ledge and get into the room fast, a corkscrew will come down in front of the golden door and we have to get in and out of that. Left and right of the entrance are two jump levers you can open the door with. Get in and pick up the First Lyre. Go out through the corkscrew quick.

Get out, jump straight to the pillar and on the ledge right is Orange Juice. Jump over into the opposite side spike passage, drop down in the end, turn around and you’re back at the gate under the Torch room. Go down the steps (S), right and to the pit at the Temple.


The Temple, Search for Lyre Two.


Go to the left, to that broken bridge (SE) under the white terraces you came down from before and climb back up to the Temple using the crack on the left pillar. Go straight to the wall (S) and right into the alley left of the Temple. In the back you can grab a crack in the wall of the Temple, go left and jump up to the crack above, go right and climb through the hole in the wall. Go down the cracks and when you approach the gate to the Temple yard, it will open up to exit later. Near the crowbar door in the back are two Stone ornaments.


Open that crowbar door in the back wall and move the brightly lit ornament (S one) into the room and only onto the green tile. Go into the gate that opened and use the crowbar lever to lower two pillars. Back in the room, take one of the passages (N/S) to the dark room below.


Not much to do here other than just open that trapdoor in the middle of the floor and climb down. Turn to the left and go left into the corner (NW) to find a jump lever there, that lever will lower a pillar in the room above. So climb back up and go straight to where the pillar went down and shoot the two vases for the Lyre and Kaboom arrows.


Use the Lyres.


Go into one of the passages NE or SE and climb the blocks back up to the ground floor. Just run to the gate of the Temple and it should open.

Outside go left to the pit and now you have several options to get to that red ledge with the statues (N).


-Drop down the pit, climb the crack in the N wall, this time go left around and back flip to a pillar, grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left, ledge jump up to an alcove and jump to grab the red ledge (easiest).

-Jump into the alcove W (with the columns), a banana jump to the next and from there to the red ledge.

-From the low corner of the white terraces (NE) where we went up to an alcove NE for Shotgun ammo before, jump over to the red ledge.

Once on the red ledge place the two Lyres in the statues in the alcoves, you see a ball dropping in a cave entrance (behind Lara)



Down the Cave, Drop the Ball.


Just run off the W end of the ledge and land on a pillar below, drop to the floor, there might be some lions now. Go to the wall right of the crowbar door S and grab the crack on the right, then jump up to the cave entrance. Jump to the slope in the back wall and drop to the crack, go left and back jump (down arrow) onto a green ledge, hop down onto the block left then down to the floor. Turn right and find a button in a pit (W), another ball falls down in the cave where you just came from. Find your way back up the ledges and cracks to the cave entrance and get up the crack to the broken bridge SE.


The Lower Temple Area, a Battle.


Go back into the Temple, to the back room and through one of the passages down to the dark room, down the open trapdoor and to the cave where a hole in the floor opened up now. Safety drop down, get Ambrosia from a corner. Then use the jump lever on top of that hatch N, you’ll drop through. But you’ll land safe into a pool. Climb out (notice the trapdoor in the pool).

Use the crowbar lever on the stairs S to bring some light in here and two skeletons appear, shoot those into the pool. Follow the corridor S and push the doors on the left open.


Head up the stairs and save before you enter the big hall, two skeletons and two Centaurs attack, I lured the Centaurs back down the stairs one by one and shot them there. The skeletons go down the pit in the big hall after some persuasion…Works best near a corner. In a dark cave NW is some Shotgun ammo if you need it.


In the N wall of the hall are alcoves with tables of which only one can be used (left).

Pull the table out and push it once to the right, climb up and grab the crack in the wall, jump up and get onto the black ledge.

For the Secret with the two keys: crawl inside the wall and stand up in the back, turn and use the jump lever to lower two pillars at the pool so you can use the “Secret” Keys there later. Get back out.

Follow the route over the black ledges to the fireplace E, drop down one crack, shimmy to the other side and jump back up, shimmy around the corner then back flip to the ledge and jump over to the S. Pull the ring on that lion head. Jump around the corner to the ledge with the Ambrosia (W) and then left around the corner to a ledge with another ring to pull, the door opens. Drop from the ledge to the ground floor, two more skeletons showed up and I was all out of ammo before I could shoot them down the pit. But luckily I had both keys and went for the secret fast.


A “just in time” detour for the Secret: Go out NE, to the room with the pool and use the Keys on the locks next to the spike passage N, spikes de-activate. Go in and use the lever to open that trapdoor in the pool, swim down there and get Secret #3, the Bow, 5x times Kaboom arrows, Ambrosia. Swim back up, climb out S and go back through the corridor to the large room with the deep pit, deal with those skeletons.


Go in S, left or right of that door that need a receptacle through the door you opened in the back.


Getting to the top of the Square.


Go down the pit in the back of the next room, and just drop into the pool in the Square below. In the SW corner is Shotgun ammo, swim back just around the corner and get on the ledge (W side). Jump and grab the crack in the green pillar next to the ledge and go around the outside corner to pull up in a crawlspace, out the other end. Hop into the water there and use the underwater lever, a gate opens and pillars lower so you can just swim out of there. Climb out at the other side (E) and enter the gate, get through the crawlspace and swim through to a large pool (screenshot of a gate under the glass floor in the bottom of this pool).


A Clue.


Get some air and swim down into the opening below the one you just came from swim down and through to that underwater gate you just saw. You can open with Ctrl, go through to a room with black and green ledges on the floor. Make a note of the position of the colourful tile next to the green ones and swim back before your air runs out.


Vase Push, flood the Square.


Climb out of the pool, take a right to the S section of the room and get on the ledge on the left. Move the table (left corner) to the S against the higher part of the ledge. Pull/push the other table on top of the lower one and drop down. From the higher part of the floor, grab up to the upper table and then ledge jump up to the green ledge above (no need pushing the tables in the other side of the room, same route but that side has no pick up).

Grab Shotgun ammo and go left, jump over to the ledge NE, shoot the skeleton down and pull the ring from the lion head. Drop down and enter the gate left, pull out that vase and now remember that colourful tile in that room below (Pull W 4 times then pull/push it over to the S side and W 2 more times). Placing the vase in that same position opens the second gate behind you. Get in there and use the crowbar lever, the other large square floods. Swim back through that upper tunnel W and in the flooded square you can now use an underwater ceiling lever under the green plateau straight ahead (W) and a small pillar goes up in the top of the plateau (right above your head).


The Pythagorean Puzzle Pieces.


Swim up, climb out and go up the small pillar to climb to a monkey swing. Follow around the corner to a white ledge and drop, climb the long ladder and back flip into a passage near the top. On the ledge in the next room are two tombs, open them to get the 2 Pythagorean Puzzle Pieces. Combine them to get the Pythagorean Puzzle. Go to the NE corner and safety drop down, side flip to the slope and shimmy along the edge over the pit. Go through N to that large room with the deep pit, shoot the 2 Gladiators. Place the Pythagorean Puzzle in the receptacle S and see blocks appear in the deep pit.


Behind you on the floor is a small reward, Ambrosia. Go to the pit, E side and down the deep end, drop to the first block where more Ambrosia awaits, you’ll need it too. Drop to a block below and from the jump onto one of the slopes, sliding into a sinister place. To the S is Shotgun ammo, E through the opening more Shotgun ammo and Kaboom arrows. When you get back into the large cave, two Centaurs attack.


The Serpent, Python’s All Seeing Eye.


Go through the opening N, through to a large room with Lava below. Stand on the edge of the floor and look down for a Golden Pool, do a run jump/swan dive to land in that pool, a run jump won’t take you that far. Go get the Ambrosia from the bottom (W) and go up S, you have to time the bolts the serpent fires and move in between those as much as possible (If you move fast, you are in there before she even opens fire). You have to jump over to the S side floor, go left or right and follow through to a hall where Lara look up to the stairs. Go up and grab Python’s Allseeing Eye. A door opens. Make your way back, jump over to the floor around the golden pool and jump to a pillar right or left of the Serpent and then jump to the back of the room (N). There’s that door you opened. Go to one of the sides and slide down, a skeleton wakes up, just jump over to the dark central structure, roll and shoot when that thing is in mid-air. Keep going in this direction (S), jump over again and two skeletons are waiting for you. Avoid the traps and continue.


Making your Escape.


Get to the next room and use the crowbar lever. A Green teleport wall appears in front, jump in and end up back in the room with the columns where you opened the trapdoor before. Leave SE or NE, and climb the blocks up to the Temple. Go straight (E) to that gate that opened there, follow through to greener pastures…


G&D – Sept 2015.