BtB 2015-9-Labyrinth of the Minotaur.


Level by IvanTRFan


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


3 secrets, tasks related to secrets are in darkblue.


Saves Folder.


Pick up the Caution Notes; info about what you cannot do in this level.


Turn left and go to the fence at the side of the house, hop into that small garden and go to the backside of the house, in the NE corner in the tall grass are Flares. Hop over the fence there and head NE for some Magnum ammo in the field. Go back towards that garden and go right, up the path to the field above, to the left are more Flares.

Go to that gate in the N wall and go up the cracks (start on the right of the gate), all the way to the top first, the church bell will sound.

To the left in the far corner (SW) is Orange Juice (small medipack), then go around to the back and find Ambrosia (Medipack), Magnum ammo, Shotgun ammo and more Orange Juice near the wall of the church. At the E side of the church are stairs, go down and once down, go first to the left for more Orange Juice, Ambrosia and Flares.


The Cutting Edge.


Back into the corridor (W) passing a closed gate, go down all the way and open the shortcut gate to the beach area. Go back up the passage a bit and find the gate left has opened too. In there is a cutting blade moving to and fro. There’s a pit under it you’ll have to use to get through this trap, stand on that different tile near the gate, face the wall and side flip into the pit when you expect the blade to move back, might take some tries though. Stand back facing N and stand jump out of the pit holding the forward key (savegame.0).

More cutters around the corner, these are a bit easier to tackle. A run jump along the left wall at the right time does the trick.


The Horse Puzzle.


The next room is guarded by a Gladiator, in the corners are Ambrosia and Shotgun ammo.

Facing the direction the horses are facing (W), move the left horse all the way to the other end and pull the right hand horse back one square (tiles in the lava stream), the gates opened N and S.


Scales Puzzles.


Two almost identical rooms, S has two Gladiators and Flares, N has two Gladiators and Ambrosia. Each has a scale and a pool in the back room. The only difference is a hole in the floor N and a horse S.


Push the Horse, the Small Vase


The horse has to go somewhere on the middle of the floor (tile in the room below, the path you have to take are shown by big black diamonds on the floor below).

-Move it in one go 4 pushes S, if you stop in between you die…

-Then move it W 1 push

-move N 3 pushes

-move W 3 pushes

-move S 2 pushes

-move E 2 pushes and

-move N 1 push

The gate W opens up, go get Ambrosia, 2x Uzi clips, the Uzis and the Small Vase.


Lever/Flame Puzzle, Large Vase.


Go to the N room, to a hole in the grated floor (SE), face W and drop down (or hop in backwards, jump to the block with the lever. It will start flames on some of the pedestals and you have to get them all burning. Make a note of which lever does what and you’ll get to the right combination. The grated ceiling is a monkey climb so you can move from one to the other. Revealed: From where you start, use lever 2-5-7. Do Not go over or onto that coloured tile on the block W, because it will turn all flames off.


If done correctly a pillar goes up under the horse. But the horse isn’t up yet because of the LE bug, to solve that, grab the ceiling and go towards the pillar with the horse till you see it above the floor. Then turn and head for the pillar that went up over the spikes SE. Use that pillar with the spikes in it (SE) to jump and grab back out of this lower section. Go to the horse and push it once to the E (tile in the room below) and the gate behind you opens. Go in for the Large Vase, Shotgun with Shotgun ammo and Flares.


The Scales.


On the wall above the doors in this room are triangle symbols; the triangle has 3 sides…

But it is easier to go to the S side scale room first.

Go to the S side scale room, the symbol here is one with 4 sides, go to the pool in the back.


Fill the large vase, combine the 2 vases and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small vase and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large vase and 3 litres in the small.

Put the 4 litres in the scale in the S room and one set of bars move from the gate in the central room.


Secret: Go to the N scale room, the scale needs 3 litres, but if you put in a wrong amount (let’s say 5), the gate E will open, inside a Gladiator will show up. In the passage he came from (N) are Uzi clips. Go S and look for an opening up right, get in for Secret #1, Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips, Flares, Ambrosia and an Olympic Laurel. Jump over to the lever, the gate will open, but also the gate in the central room will open up, so no more need for the scale if you got the secret.


Without the Secret, the 3 litres go into the scale in the N room and you’ll see the second set of bars slide aside. Don’t forget to look behind the gate in the W wall, in here you find the Shotgun.


Go to that gate in the central room and get through the spikes, more spikes around the corner. A run jump to grab the first break tile, pull up and run forward as far as you can. Stand jump to grab the next, you can save hanging. Go on like this till you get to a run jump to a far tile and that one will crumble on approach, just slide down and prepare to fight two lions. Collect some Flares and spot a crawlspace in the E wall, get in. Shoot the lion, pick up Shotgun ammo in one corner and Ambrosia in the other then open the trapdoor in the floor.


Get in and crawl through to a trench with lava, climb out backwards. Shimmy left and see Lara go around a corner, save and drop. Slide a bit and back flip with a twist and grab the opposite crack, go left around, drop and back flip, jump and grab the next crack. Go left and at the end climb in. Crawl to a room with a Gladiator, pick up Ambrosia and kick in some walls W, get Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo in the next room and go through the gate N.


An Old Sword.


A couple of levers and gates are in that corridor where the Minotaur was roaming around before.

The cells are empty, we came through them before, because the trapdoor is there to the lava pit. So go E and down a slope, shoot the Gladiators and two lions while keeping an eye on those pits. One of the Gladiators drops an Old Sword.


Secret: Go to the hole in the floor in the NW corner, face S and hop back in grabbing the edge, drop down the crack to a crawlspace and get in for Secret #2, Shotgun ammo, Flares and an Olympic Laurel. Crawl out and ledge jump up.


Use the Sword on the crowbar lever for the gate E (this will also open a gate in a crawlspace in the big wall at the beach for a Secret) go in, climb up the very long pole and back flip off. Go up the steps and turn around to jump and grab the trapdoor and open it. Climb up to the beach area.


The Church Key.


Go down to the house, into the large garden and climb up the plants on the wall to the roof. Hang from the other side, drop and grab the windowsill and go open the crowbar door. Grab Orange Juice, Flares and shoot a crate to get the Church Key. Get out, go back up to the big wall. Go into that shortcut gate you opened (left) and follow up to the Church again (You cannot reach the cracks anymore from the grassy area below).


Secret: Go SE to the opening in the fence and down 4 cracks in the big wall, then to the right and up twice to the crawlspace, get in for Secret #3, Ambrosia, Flares, Shotgun ammo and an Olympic Laurel. Get out and down to the ground and back through the shortcut gate to the Church.


To Church, Trapdoor Puzzle.


Go to the front and use the Church key next to the door. In the church are a bunch of levers over trapdoors and symbols on the wall, only use the 3 levers that have the same symbol above the lever and on the opposite pillar (a wrong code means death). So facing the door left of it we have two circles. In the far left corner (NW) we find two diamonds and two triangles. A pole comes down from the ceiling, go up and back flip to the rafters.

Here we have to find 5 jump levers on the pillars, NW-SW-NE, on the outer pillars and the NW and SE ones of the inner pillars, the 4 trapdoors in the church floor open up, get down and just hop down to land in a lake.


Looking for the Minotaur.


On the W shore of the lake are Magnum ammo and Ambrosia. Go around to the gates, spot two jump levers on the wall, go up to the short column right, jump and grab the one next to it, shimmy right around the corner and ledge jump up into an opening in the ceiling, shimmy right around and drop to use the lever. Go to a sloped alcove in the wall (NE), back flip in and jump to grab the column, left around one corner and back flip onto the next, from there jump and grab the lever and the gate opens up. Get the Ambrosia and use the lever to open the doors to the Labyrinth. Even the spyglass cannot penetrate that darkness.


Buggy Cracks.


Better save a lot during the next part, but only on the ropes...

The cracks are buggy and the note on the scroll is about this room.

Jump to the rope, turn right and spot a second rope, aim well right of it and tap the swing key once, wait till Lara gets her feet back up the rope and swing again, she will go real high, grab the second rope and turn right to spot a gap in a pillar, swing there and grab the edge as you slide off. Drop and grab, go right and keep going right, when Lara stops at a corner and hesitates to go further, release Ctrl for a short moment, hitting it immediately again, now try again to get around the corner. Go on till you are out of cracks to go right (at the last pillar), drop grab twice and go left around. Drop to the floor and check your health.


Serpent Run, to the Labyrinth.


Follow the bridge and run as soon as a Dozen Serpents appear, navigate your way over the ledges and around pits, sprint into the opening left with the pole. Get Ambrosia and Uzi clips. Climb the pole, back flip with twist to grab the white ledge, jump left along the outside and go back in, take one step back from the edge and jump out right to get to that jump lever opening the Skull doors. When you run towards some Uzi clips, dramatic music starts and three Cerberus’ show up. Shoot them and pick up that ammo. Go to the doors in the end and open them with the lever.


The Labyrinth.



A quick flyby shows you around a bit, the labyrinth is a bit bigger that what was shown…

There are some Ambrosia, Magnum ammo and Uzi clip pickups scattered around, I went without those… had enough as it is…

Take a left (the Minotaur shows up) then take a right at the corner, straight to the end and left. Left/right around the corners and at the crossing right/left (N), straight till you hit a wall and go right. Left right around the corners, up a slope and then go right and you’ll see a passage up right in the corner. Get in and use lever 1/4.

Go out and left, straight to the end, left around the corner and then right around to find the passage with lever 2/4.

Back out and left/left and then right to the end, where lever 1 was, take a left to the end and right around corner up in the right hand wall is the passage with lever 3/4.

Go out and left a bit, immediately right N and almost to the end, take a right and then up left is the last passage with lever 4/4.

Back out and right around the corner is the door that opened, go through to a large pit. If you just jump in, the level will end, but there is more to do…


Just left around the corner is Ambrosia, right around the corner from the entrance is a crack in a pillar, climb in there, turn left and stand jump to grab the next crack, you’ll have to use the alcove with the white cross E too, go around the room like this and judge what kind of jump you need to do to reach the next crack. Finally you’ll end up at and opening W, jump in there and get Magnum ammo at the end. Climb up right, turn around and jump to the crack, all the way left and pull up. Turn around and jump to operate the jump lever. The light in the room changes, meaning you can use weapons again. ONLY in this room, so go to that “portal” E, draw pistols and shoot the white cross while jumping up, a gate opens in the room with the pit. Put the guns away, throw the lever left of the portal and get out.


The Cross Puzzle.


Jump down and go left (N), slide down and to the right is Ambrosia. There are crosses you have to shoot from small “weapons” rooms where you can use the pistols (To add to the confusion, there are also some crosses that don’t do anything). The screen turns black here and there, I think that’s because these rooms are located in the lower right hand corner of the Editor map, nothing to worry about.

There might be a little detour in my route, but it was the easiest way to describe this:


-Go in NE, keep going right around corners where possible to come to the first “weapons room”. Look W through the window and shoot that First cross through the window (maybe you have to jump up) until the room shakes, meaning you triggered something.


-Go back and right around corners, pick up some Uzi clips and come to a weapons room where the window I think there’s no need to shoot here because I couldn’t get the room to shake, but there is Ambrosia.


-Go out, keep going right (where possible) and come to a small weapons room, couldn’t get the room to shake here.

-Back and right everywhere and in the passage to the W is the next weapons room to the right (N) with Uzi clips and Magnum ammo, the room shakes as you shoot the cross.


-Back out, keep going right and come to the next weapons room, no pickups. Shoot the cross and the room shakes.


-Get out, keep going right where possible and come through the room where you came in before (the slope S). Go right (W), keep going right again to come to the last weapons room, there are Uzi clips. Through the window you can see a gate to the right, shoot the cross, the room will shake and the gate will open up.


-Go back, keep going right where possible and come to that gate, a bit right of the gate is Ambrosia (savegame.1).


Corkscrews, the Minotaur Flipping rooms.


Go through the gate up the stepped passage and in the next room you have to be fast, corkscrews come down from the ceiling and you have to use the 4 floor levers to get out through the gate S.

Best start immediately with the lever on the right or left and work your way to the exit, in the passage grab the Magnum and the next gate opens. SAVE your game here!


Remember the Caution Notes, don’t use the Shotgun on the Minotaur here.


Slide down into Flipping rooms where the Minotaur roams around. There are several pickups (2x Ambrosia, Uzi clips and Magnum ammo), if you want or need those you could go for them first. As you will notice, the rooms will change from Weapons (green) to NO weapons (red) every time. You can only shoot the Minotaur while in a green room. Use the Magnum, Uzis or Pistols.

The weapons could render useless after getting to a No weapons room with weapons drawn.

This is quite tough; I stayed in one room, tried to jump up as much as possible (back against a wall or in a corner) and only took out the gun when the room went green.

When it turns red, the gun won’t work. Just keep jumping and hit the space bar as soon as the room turns green again, you’ll get in a few rounds every time. When he’s dead, grab the Mystic Eye and use that left of the Skull doors, go through and pick up Pandora’s Box, the gate opens. Go in and jump over the flatter spots in the boulder slope to the top, dodging boulders as they come down. Some sides have multiple boulders. Finally go up the slope and through a door, up the next stairs and the screen freezes, just wait it out, you can see water coming through a crack, the wall will burst and the place floods. Swim up the stairs, through the cave and up into the light to end the level…


G&D- Oct. 2015