BtB 2015-05- Little Santorini.

Level by Shakira Croft

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Saves Folder.

4 secrets, tasks related to secrets are in dark blue

Get off the jetty and what is that sound…? Go right a bit (N) and shoot that wooden box near the market stall to set the cat free and please don’t kill the cat. Turn around, go to the market stall behind the guy and pick up some Orange Juice (small medipack). Turn back and go up the stairs on the left

The Holy Image Plaque.

On the village square go left, and left again to get more Orange Juice from the small cabinet next to the lady (shoot the pesky goat). Turn around and go straight up the stairs W (under the arch).

Open the first glass door (to the right) and get the Holy Image Plaque straight ahead, on the table is a Shotgun. Go out and to the right, behind the next glass door on the left, get Flares.

Detour for a Secret: Stand with your back to the daybed there and jump up to use the jump lever, a window opens up (N) in the room where you got the Shotgun.

So, return to that room and left through the window onto the terrace, hop S onto the ledge there and use a lever to retract a block in the sea. Safety drop down and go down to the harbour (E), take a right and go all the way to the end of the dock (S). Hop into the sea and look for the opening in the wall (NW). Follow in to get Secret #1, a Cog (we need this to get another Secret).

Go back to the fountain square in the village.

The Gardens, a Large Amphora and Ancient Scroll.

Go left (S) this time and take the other stairs (to the left of the first) and get to a terrace. Use the lever on the right; a gate opens on the village square. Down the stairs to the village square and take a left at the fountain (W). Through the passage and the gate you opened and reach the Gardens.

Stay to the right and follow through, pick up the Large Amphora and on the left of it a Very Ancient Scroll:

Pegasus, horse of the Gods, need four litres of water and an apple in order to be ridden. But beware, mortal, neither more no less or you will suffer the wrath of the Gods.

Notice the scale before you leave.

Wine Cellar, Small Amphora and Church Key.

Get out and go straight ahead (S) and open a small blue door on the left under the bougainvillea, shoot a couple of raven. Go down the stairs and in the cellar behind the barrels in the NE corner is a box, shoot it for the Small Amphora. Lara also looks at some barrels. Shoot the right hand barrel and wine will flow into the passage below. Turn right and into that small passage N to open the trapdoor. Dive into the wine and roll, swim through the crawlspace and get the Church Key at the end. Swim back and climb out, go up the stairs and out the door.

Use the Skins, open the Stables.

Take a right and get into the small fountain right, fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine the large again to get that water into the small skin and refill the large, combine the large again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin.

Go back into that place with the scale (N) and put the 4 litres into the bowl, a gate to the Stables opens in the Gardens, but first we need an Apple.

The Church, commit a sin to open a trapdoor.

Go out, left through the passage and at the fountain on village square a left (N).

Straight ahead into a passage and around the corner use the Church Key. Go in and don’t go shooting your pistols in church, nothing in the vases anyway. Use the Holy Image Plaque on the left of the gate (W). Get in and loop around to the left. Climb up the pillar there and shimmy right and jump up to the next crack and shimmy left. Hoist up and walk to the middle. Shoot the bell (E) with your pistols (had no choice, sorry) and leave the church.

Open the Big Doors.

At the village square, go up the stairs (S) to the upper terrace and jump into the open trapdoor.

For a Secret: Face S and run into the open trapdoor with Ctrl, slide and grab the edge, drop/grab a crawlspace and go in for Secret #2, another Cog needed for a next Secret. Crawl back and drop down.

Swim through (N) and take a left at the second alcove and use the underwater lever there to open the gate N (the gate E is where you got the first cog, it will not open, just a view of the ocean side Cog). Then keep swimming N and up a slope. Jump down in the pool and get out at the right hand side (NE). Go to the pillar on the left (W) near the pool and find the crack, shimmy left around corners and then jump up to a small opening above and crawl in.

At the end lower yourself and use the jump lever. Get back out of the water and go to the left side of the Temple. There’s a slope left, stand at the corner of the grey floor and back flip onto the slope to jump and grab the roof (bit tricky). Pull up and crawl to the other side to use a lever there. Safety drop down, shoot the lion and go through the now open door.


Into the water and through the opening, follow through to the end and at an underwater door is a breathing hole. Now swim further keep to the right and use the underwater lever and swim back, passing that door at the air pocket, but another one a bit further on the right is open. Use the lever you’ll find at the end and swim back to the other door at the air pocket (maybe first get some air left) and go in. Swim to the left and open the underwater gate, swim in and up and get out.

Symbols Puzzle, the Ornate Bronze Key.

Up the steps E and use the lever on the left. A skeleton wakes up behind you, shoot him into the pool (or ignore him) and enter the room E. Inside use the buttons from left to right all 3 and the gate on the right (S) opens (diamond/circle/triangle). In case you use a wrong combination, the gate N opens and you’ll have to go through the punishment room, moving blocks to get to a lever opening the gate back up and get back to the buttons to try again.

Go in and turn around, look up over the entrance to spot a code; triangle, diamond, circle. Go back to the buttons and use that code, back into the same room S where the gate to the right opened, go in for the next code; triangle, circle, diamond. Use the lever right and get back to the buttons to push that code. Again the S room but left this time to get the next code; circle, triangle, diamond and use the lever to get back to the buttons. After using that code go out to the pool and the gate left (S) opened.

Go in and at the spike pit, turn around, hang/drop and grab to get into a passage. Use the TIMED lever, hop back three times, grab the edge and jump up (only Alt). Then do a run jump through the gate on the left. Inside to the right is a vase with Shotgun ammo. Use the button there to change position of spikes at the pickup of the Ornate Bronze Key and get back to the pit. Take a running jump over the pit and run jump at the corner of one of the slopes on the sides where the spikes are to run jump onto the platform in the back. Behind the statue is another button to change position of spikes again, push it and go back to the front, the spikes in the middle are gone, be careful of the other spikes though (just run off, if you hop backwards with Ctrl you will be killed). Pick up the Ornate Bronze Key and climb up, hop back immediately as the statue of Atlas is going to let go of his boulder, but a wraith showed up too. So don’t wait any longer, get out and jump back over the pit and go to the exit (N). The gate is closed but a trapdoor opened. Face S and jump up to the ladder, up a bit and back flip off. Open the gate with the lever and jump down in the pool. Get out, look up N (way up) and spot your next code; diamond/triangle/circle. Go into the room E with the buttons, now push in your new code.

Mirror Room, the Golden Key.

Go out and now into the door on the right and down the steps and save. Lara looks to the right, this is a mirror and look with the spyglass to see which tiles you can jump to without getting spiked. The one in front of the entrance is safe.

Run jump left to the one against the pillar, then into the alcove between the pillars and then from the second pillar a hop S, turn left and walk onto the next tile. Hop left into the third alcove and on that left tile you can grab Thunderbolt ammo. From the next pillar hop a bit SE and from there a curved run jump into the opening (the last alcove seems safe too).

Once in, save and get the Golden Key from the pedestal and a wraith shows up too. Jump the same way back (a sword will fall next to the pillar). Into the passage climb up twice and use the lever to get out. Jump back into the pool (savegame.0). When you climb out of the pool again, go to the door W and use the Keys to open it. Inside you’ll get a fast flyby.

Open the White Door.

Secret hunters.. First go place the two Cogs in the back corners and get a flyby of Magic Shoes and a door you can reach with them (later).

Notice that receptacle in front of the big statue. Go to the NE corner of this hall, climb into a window and jump to grab the top of the broken column. Jump right to grab the next and then the plants on the next column. Go right around the corner, up and climb onto the ledge. Shimmy all the way to the left (E) and use button #1 there (if you want more of a challenge, jump around the columns). Shimmy back, and just keep on shimmying to the other (W) end. Run jump and grab the plants on the pillar SW and climb all the way up and shimmy around to button #2 and use it.

Secret hunters detour… turn around and step into the Magic Shoes (only if you used the Cogs), hit Ctrl and hold that till Lara hangs on a ledge. Pull up and grab the Burial Chamber Key and Ambrosia there. Go where you climbed up here, face E; take one step away from the edge and hop back from the floor, hit Ctrl as soon as you cleared the edge and land on the floor below (or just run down with Ctrl from facing SW or NW). Open that door (E) with the Burial Chamber Key. Go in to get Secret #3, the Lyre from the sarcophagus. Shoot the vase behind that coffin to get Shotgun ammo. Go out, jump into the pool and make your way into the W hall and up the ledges to button #2 again.

From the S end of the ledge you’ll have to take a leap of faith down to that ledge with the columns. Check the health and run jump with a right curve and maybe Ctrl in the end to land on the ledge. Again a long shimmy, there’s Ambrosia somewhere on this ledge, to the other end where you’ll find button #3. Now the white door behind the big statue will be open. To get down safely, shimmy all the way back and run jump down into the water behind the statue. Go into the white door and in the next hall are two statues.

Secret hunters.. Place the Lyre you found in the left hand statue and turn around to spot a Teleporter. Step in and run straight to Secret #4, the Zeus’ Thunderbolt and 2x ammo for it. Go straight to the next room, grab Ambrosia left and use the Teleporter to get back.

Apple of the Gods.

Slide down W, go left where Lara is looking and pick the Apple of the Gods from the tree (face E). Go W to a hall with a pool.

Minotaurs, a Ball of Yarn.

Dive into the pool, swim into a low tunnel W, up and use the ceiling lever to open the white doors at the pool, so swim back and get in the right hand one first (S). A pillar goes up behind you. In the next hall a Minotaur has to be killed to get a Bluestone Key (the Thunderbolt super ammo can kill Lara too if you’re too close, so watch out!). Open the gate SE with that Key, and inside is a Ball of Yarn. Back in the room another Minotaur is on the loose, shoot him to get his Old Rusty Key. Use that in the exit passage to lower the pillar and go back to the hall with the pool, straight across to the open white door, but don’t go inside yet.

Twelve Gold Tablets, Pandora’s Box. 

Place the Ball of Yarn on the yellow tile in the entrance and it will disable the spike traps. Go in and get a Torch. Back out and straight across into the Minotaur hall to ignite your Torch there. Back to the hall with the pool and ignite 4 wall torches to raise a pillar in the pool so you can use the lever there. You can leave the Torch here. The gate W opens, go in there and pick up the Twelve Gold Tablets. Leave E where the slope changed into blocks and get back up to the hall with the big statue. Place the Tablets in front of the statue and turn around, step into the blue rays and grab Pandora’s Box.

You’ll be transported back to the village; go keft and left of the entrance to the scales are the Stables you opened before by doing the scales puzzle. Give the Apple to Pegasus, go out and right to a steep sloped street S where you can now go up with Pegasus’ help

The end…

G&D –Sept 12-2015