BtB 2015-03- Amalthea Island.

Level by Jose

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Saves Folder.

After the flyby, pick up the Very Ancient Scroll under your feet and read it: 

“Pegasus can help you to get the Torch you need. Give him a Golden Apple you will find in a tree. To access his stable, you must first visit the submerged temple of Athena, who must always look at the waters.”

Quest for the Waterskins and Scales Room Keys.

Then go down the stairs on the left (W), pick up Flares, Ambrosia (Medipack) and a Shotgun.

Go back up the stairs to the building, turn left and drop down to the grassy ledge along the outside of this terrace, on a pedestal in that area are 4x Uzi clips and the Uzis, a nasty Scorpion shows up. In the far SE corner is a sign on the wall, walk to it and see a gate open up (Timed, for a Secret later). Go N and drop down to a path along the sea, there are two doors W, both need keys and hints are given only once when you get close to the door. First go all the way W to the market place, there’s a crate just around the corner you can shoot to get another Shotgun, Ambrosia and Shotgun ammo.

Go back, go E to the white pillars and find 6x Uzi clips and 2x Shotgun ammo between the pillars, two harpies attack. Go to the pillar SE, hop on the higher path next to it and do a curved run jump to grab the seaside pillar (N) OR jump up and grab the pillar (SE) shimmy around right and jump back with a twist (down arrow + end). Jump to the next (W) and turn left to jump onto the red ledge S, grab up to the pillar left (you can also collect 4x Uzi clips on this ledge first). Jump and grab the ledge N and shimmy all the way left (in between grab the Ambrosia). Hoist up and grab up the next red pillar. Shimmy left around the corner and ledge jump up (Alt) to the top. Push the statue on the right (E) once and grab the Waterskins Room Key. If you want more pick up, look straight ahead and see 2x Shotgun ammo, go get that. Run jump into the sea and get back up to the beach.

Go right (W), up the grey rocks and go to the far left corner, turn around and climb down the vines to get the Scales Room Key. Maybe turn a bit so you can see what you are doing there. Climb back up the vines; go left to that pedestal where the Uzis were and drop from the seaside to the path with the doors. Open the left one (E) first with the Waterskins Room Key, pick up both Waterskins.

The Minotaur Head.

Step into the small pool and fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, that’s what we need (hint is on the floor, looking into the room from the entrance you can see a big 2 in black textures).

Go out, left to the scales room and open it. Left around the corner is the scale, put the 2 litres in the vase and a gate opens left (SW). Go in and get the Minotaur Head.

Secrets: The gate right is the one opened with the trigger under the tile with the sign we showed you. So head back up onto the grey rocks above (from E side) and stand close to the square under the sign. Face the pedestal NW, hop back on the trigger and jump forward, as fast as possible to the NW and just run off the rocks to get down near the door (wooden beam there), get into the scales room and into the gate right. Pick up Secret #1, Pandora’s Box. 

Use the Minotaur Head, Eye of Fire #1.

Go out to the sea, you can see a small island. Go back to the corner of the sea, there’s a path of bubbles all the way to the island and that’s the safe route through the strong current. So go left and almost at the corner of the sea get into the water, keep close to the bottom and go straight N, you have to follow the bubble to the top of that little mound making 90 degree turns, so turn sharp right on top of the mound, then swim left a bit and from the plants in the end you can swim up to wade out on top of the island. Place the Minotaur Head (face NE) and a block goes down to the right. Swim there and pick up the Eye of Fire #1. Swim up and get out.

A Golden Apple.

Turn left and run along the beach to the rocks E; walk a bit into the water and jump around the rock to the E. Go right and climb the cliff to where you’ll find two palm trees and a pink flowering tree. There’s also a single apple tree and that one has the Golden Apple. Face NW to pick it from the tree.

Church Key, the Holy Plaque.

Go to the right (S) and down from the rocks to a square, there are 3x Uzi clips and 2x Shotgun ammo close to the rocks N. Go to a pool, in the pool are keys and a lever. The lever is a trap, but the keys can be picked up only if you jump over the corner of the pool where the keys are in order to activate the “one time only” spikes, get in and grab the Church Key. Use those on the blue door S of the pool.

Behind the sober altar is the Holy Plaque. Side flip, don’t dilly dally… Get out of the Church to shoot the two Gladiators if they show up and in the alley to the right of the Church you can find Ambrosia. In the NE corner behind the pool is a ladder, climb down (OR safety drop down) and use the Plaque on the door. Go in and left, pick up the Bow and a bit further the Laser Sight.

Target Shoot, the Lyre.

In the other end of this room (N) is a fence with vases behind it; the ones on the black floor parts are off limits, as they will burn the floor, the “green” ones are the ones to shoot. Go to the S wall and see duplicates, shoot the “green ones” through the gap in the wall. You can see a big white and a big orange vase; don’t shoot those two, but only the smaller ones left and right of the big vases. Go outside, to the right and pick up the Flares before they get even wetter, take a right to the door that opened there and inside grab Shotgun ammo and the Lyre from the pedestals.

Beach House, Symbol Puzzle, Eye of Fire #2.

Go out and take a right, place that Lyre in the hands of the statue, the door next to it opens up. On the far left wall is a symbol, make a note (triangle). From the small closets you can get Ambrosia and Flares.

Move the table into the far right corner (NW) and get on to open the hatch in the ceiling. Climb up and better watch out where you walk as Swords fall down from the ceiling. (In this room all the swords are invisible except one; if you look up where that one is, you'll see a different texture in the ceiling; that's the hint to know where the swords will fall from the ceiling (same texture in the central floor tiles). Make a note of the Symbol, a diamond, shoot the 2 Amphora’s in the corner and a hatch opens in the ceiling near the door (NE).

Climb the ladder to the room above and back flip, there are two closed gates and big buttons on the wall. Another hint is in the far corner, a circle.

To get the pickup in the right hand gate, I looked at the gate, from bottom to top, triangle/circle/diamond. So I used the buttons right to left (Black-White-Red) and one gate opened with Ambrosia and 2x Shotgun ammo (every “wrong” code will open that gate). To close the gate and reset the buttons, run onto the trapdoor behind it and fall into the room below, go back up and now use code you saw on the walls, Triangle/Diamond/Circle (Black-Red-White) for the left gate and get the Terrace Key. (Note: you cannot get the goodies after you picked up the Key).

Open the door E with the Terrace Key and go right around to the front to get the Eye of Fire #2. A wraith shows up, just jump over the balustrade into the sea and wait till the Wraith dies.

The Submerged Temple of Athena.

Go swim along the shore to the W.

Secrets: Somewhere near the far end you can see something up right on a grey spike ledge. Pull up on only that ledge with Secret #2, a Honeypot.

Hop back into the sea and swim (W) to the corner, climb out on the right. You are at the Horses stable. Go around the corner and head N towards the stairs. On the left you can see a blinking light in between the two big columns, go through and fall into a hole and into water, you are in the Submerged Temple.

First some Air….

Swim forward a bit and get a flyby of an underwater ceiling lever, swim down to the nearest corner of that structure on the bottom on the left and around the corner is that lever. A pillar goes down in the upper far corner (SW), on top of the grey rocks. Swim in and up to get air.

Lower the water level.

Swim out and swim straight to bottom (right are some Flares) and straight (N) and at the white wall of a building open the second smaller gate (Lara might refuse, in that case wiggle her a bit), throw the lever inside to lower the level of the water, swim up and get out of the water. Remember this sentence of the scroll? “Athena, who must always look at the waters”

Go look for statues that don’t face the water. Not only do you find a pick up in front of them but you have to push them so they do face the water as well (trade places so to speak).

- SW corner; third left from the corner (Magnum ammo in front of the statue) and the fifth right (Magnum in front of the statue).

-NE corner; second right (Laser Sight) and fifth left (Magnum ammo). A flyby will show you an open gate (and again some vases). Go W, into the water and find that open gate and use the underwater lever to open a hatch in the roof of the stables.

Now swim up and climb out of the water. Take the middle section and stand at the S side and look NW and shoot the amphora’s you see next to the building at the other side of that ramp. Then cross to the N side and turn around and shoot the Amphora’s next to the building all the way at the bottom (SW). A pillar in front of an opening on the rocks NE lowers. Dive in, first swim down and around the NW structure to get Ambrosia and then swim up to the NE, climb onto the ledge and hop into the hole in the rocks and find the exit. Go straight towards the blinking light.

Pegasus the Horse. 

You are back at the building, go down the stairs left and come across two Minotaur Heads, place the Eyes of Fire there and a flame appears on the pedestal where the Shotgun was on top of the stairs. That is to ignite the Torch later. Turn S, go to that fish statue and hop onto the roof with the open hatch. Climb down (face W) and flip off the ladder (bad trap below the ladder). Go give Pegasus the Apple and ride through the fence. Back up in the SW corner facing E and now you have to get up those sloped rocks with the spike traps. Diagonally up left from the first tile near the water, then down to the right and follow the path through the spike traps ending on the beach with the long chairs (Savegame.0).

The Torch.

Go around the corner to the docks and ride onto the pier. Leave the horse there for a bit and now we have to raise two Timed platforms. Under the piers there are two UW levers on the inside of the two pillars with the statues, to raise the two platforms above so you can ride the horse over them. Best dive into the water to get the position of the levers, get out and shoot the sharks.
The platforms are timed, but you can trigger the first, go out of the water and ride the horse to the middle ledge and later go into the water again and pull the other UW timed lever to cross with the horse to the final wooden pier. But it can be done in one go too; first pull the UW lever to your left (facing N) and quickly the other one on the opposite pillar; get out and mount the horse to get to the far end of the dock.

Make a careful turn right and give spurs to jump of the top of the ramp, pulling the reins as soon as you are on the rock (savegame.1). Grab a Torch and jump back onto the pier, once off the pier, make your way to the right through the shallow water. From the corner rock jump around left to the area with the white pillars and go up the rocks W (you also can follow through straight ahead (W) to a market, go left and climb the stairs, but you have to battle some Lions). Go up S to the highest point and stand against the wall. Jump up and hit the #1 key to drop the Torch on the grassy ledge. Climb up and get it, take it to that burning pedestal on the W stairs (if it doesn’t burn you need to use the Eyes of Fire on the Minotaur heads at the bottom of the stairs). Ignite the Torch carefully, go up to the big building and drop it in a safe place.

The Pythagorean Puzzle Pieces.

Go left of the building (N side), and just around the corner is a broken column, you can grab up to it from the higher floor next to it, jump and grab the jump lever on the wall to open the door in front of the building (W).

Inside get the Ambrosia from the middle of the floor then shoot the two Skull Beasts. In the far right and left corner is 2x Shotgun ammo.

Move a table to the couple standing NE (because they don’t have one); a pillar goes up in the SW corner.

Go get your Torch, hop on the pillar that appeared and then hop onto the ledge. Ignite the wall torch and a rope appears in the room. Throw the Torch down (you don’t need it anymore) and run jump a bit around the swinging blades to grab the balcony N, the sarcophagus seems empty. Go left and use the rope to swing to the N balcony. The first sarcophagus has a Pythagorean Puzzle Piece in it; the second one is empty.

Go to the W end of the balcony and crawl under that grate, hang from the floor and ledge jump up to a wooden platform for another Pythagorean Puzzle Piece. Combine both parts into the Pythagorean Puzzle. Safety drop down to the floor and go outside, to the other end of the building (E) and place that Puzzle piece left of the door.

Secrets: Turn around and jump to the flat part of the church roof, walk to the sea side and shimmy left along the roof to the part where you can climb up to Secret #3, the Olympic Laurel. Get back to the building by sliding off the roof W and jump over the alley.

Amalthea’s Horn.

Save before going in, run in and two Minotaur’s appear, best is to get up the steps with the statue, as the hammering can hurt you (one got stuck in the gate outside so that one was easy to kill from a block nearby).

Then go to the wall on the right and grab a crack in that N wall, follow the cracks to the left all the way (you have to drop down to one and that won’t work when there’s an enemy below) and get to a ledge with a Medusa button. Spikes de-activate under the pedestal on the terrace. Get down and go up the steps to claim Amalthea’s Horn.

Leave the room and the level ends.

G&D  Aug-2015.