BtB 2015-02- Tragodia.  

Level by Talos

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

1 secret. 

Athens, AnafioTika

The Bluestone Key.

Run into the dark passage over a crumbling tile and throw the lever to open some scary looking doors below, climb down the ladder where the tile broke and shoot a vase E for the Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

Through the open doors and to the right around the corner is a vase with Ambrosia (Medipack) and the Bluestone Key. Left around the corner of the entrance are Flares under a vase. By now a trapdoor in the floor opened (N) opposite the entrance, left of it is a vase with Kaboom Arrows.

A Minotaur Eye.

Drop down into the opening in the floor and crawl/roll (duck and sprint key) through the dart traps. Watch out for spikes left around the corner. Shoot a vase in the distance, to change the behaviour of the spikes so you can get through. Once through slide down into trouble and start shooting the Centaurs from close up (Shotgun, faster). Pick up a Minotaur Eye one of the Centaurs leaves behind 

SE are Kaboom arrows, Shotgun ammo and NE more Shotgun ammo, in the sarcophagus at the other side also Shotgun ammo, Flares and Ambrosia.

Use the Bluestone Key in the middle of the N wall and go down the open trapdoor. Slide down into a room with a bunch of closed doors, turn around and climb the ladder on the right of where you came down. Shoot the 2 skeletons down the hole in the floor and go get 2x Shotgun ammo from the vases.

Hall with the Doors.

3 levers on the wall, they all trigger multiple doors in the room below, only use the one right and the one in the middle and all doors should be open (up-down-down). Go down the ladder.

N wall-right hand door- Hop down and jump forward to the jump lever to open the gate to the Lyre. Get out.

N wall-left hand door- Push the object once to get the Tool Handle, go out and take a left.

E wall- left hand door - Minotaur Hall; use the Minotaur Eye you got from one of the Centaurs before on the Head to open the gate, run around collecting 3 x Ambrosia and 2x Shotgun ammo in a couple of corners while dodging the Minotaur and his pet. Try to be in the air when the hammer hits the floor to take less damage. Shoot him with the Shotgun from close range and he will go down eventually. Pick up the Minotaur Head. Shoot some Amphora’s for Kaboom arrows at the NE pillar, notice the receptacle on that pillar and the closed gate behind it. Go into the open gate SE and pick up the Lyre (gate opened with jump lever in room with all the doors). Go out for now (S) and back to the room with the doors.

E wall- right hand door – The Office. Pick up a Very Ancient Scroll left.


In the Minotaur’s Pit you’ll use two sides of the same coin. A Sad and a Happy show the way…

Shoot all the vases and collect 2x Flares and 2x Shotgun ammo.

On the S wall is a ladder (shortcut back to the beginning of the level in case you forgot the Minotaur Eye). Go up the ladder, turn around and jump into the alcove, shoot the box to get the Secret, the Olympic Laurel. Get down and out to the room with the doors

W wall- only door- Go through and shoot a harpy, climb up the pole, turn left and back flip off, down a ladder, combine the Tool Handle with the Minotaur Head to get Minotaur Head Tool. Use that on the stand to open the wooden door.

The Torch, Perseus’ Sword and the Bow.

If you wait a bit a Harpy will show up. Once inside hop left into the pool, use the Timed underwater lever to open a door N. Go up and left a bit to climb up at the potted plant and hop up N, sprint straight N through that door. In the fountain here are the Uzis with some Uzi clips and Kaboom arrows. In the corner (NW) are Torches, pick one up and notice the spike passage left (S). Go back to the corridor and to the pool, take a right and shoot a Gladiator, then ignite your Torch there. Turn around, ignite the wall torch next to the ladder (S) to open the hatch above and drop the Torch to go up there. On the pedestal is Perseus’ Sword (crowbar) and in the sarcophagus is the Bow.

Snake Goddess.

Get back down; use the Torch to ignite the wall torch across the corridor (NW) from the ladder. Inside pick up the Snake Goddess.

The Holy Key, the Sad Mask.

Back to the corridor, leave the Torch there and take a right, go to the statue on the right, place the Lyre there. Shoot the vase next to the door for Flares.

Enter and get through and over the traps, go up the pole and there’s nothing in the vases in the room above.

Head down S, (notice the closed gate left) and come to a hole in the floor, top up the health and just hang down on the ladder, a flyby will play. In the room below are skeletons and Wraiths. When you stay on the crate at the ladder, you can immediately climb back up when the flyby ends, run back N and right into the gate that now opened, get into the water to get rid of the Wraiths. Climb out, stand in the higher corner and grab the ceiling, go over the pool to the balcony with the vases, shoot them and get a Holy Key and Kaboom arrows. Now you can go back to that ladder and to the skeletons you can take out with the bow. Go to the other end of the room, hidden in between plant near the gate is the keyhole for the Holy Key. Go into the open gate and pry the Sad Mask from the wall.

Use the Goddess, disable the spikes, the Happy Mask.

Climb back up the ladder and go to the pole to slide down to the passage with the traps, get through to the corridor and take the Torch with you to the room where you got it before (N end of corridor).

Left around the corner you can use the Snake Goddess to raise a pillar in the spike passage. Hop onto that pillar with the Torch and turn right to ignite the wall torch. Jump to the next pillar and now throw the Torch a bit right to a vase you can see there. Grab the ceiling and go over the spikes to that gate you see, drop and go back a bit for the Torch and ignite the wall torch in that alcove. Leave the Torch and climb the pillar, jump back N (or use the monkey swing) and hop down left to the gate that opened up. 

All the Uzi clips in that passage will just be enough to kill the lion and the Gladiator who will drop the Ornate Bronze Key. Go around the place to collect some 2x Uzi clips, 2x Kaboom arrows and Orange juice (N). Watch out for Swords…. Then go to the far S and use the Ornate Bronze Key to open the gate, go in to pick up the Happy Mask.

Now we have to return to the Minotaur Room, go through the open gate E, over the pillars and monkey swing over the spikes to the Torch room, out to the corridor and at the pool with the underwater lever go left, up the ladder (E) down the pole to the room with the doors.

Into the opposite left door, and to the far right hand corner of the Minotaur room, combine the two Masks to get the Happy/Sad Mask and place it in the receptacle. Go through the door to leave…

G&D Sept 2015.