BtB 2015-01- The Lost Tomb of Pandora.

Level by Sabatu

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

3 secrets; tasks related to Secrets are in dark blue.

The Lake.

Follow the valley to a gorge, dive down, swim straight to the far left corner (SW) and climb up on the ledge before the shark gets you, shoot it if you get the chance.

Go inside, hop up and turn around in the end, jump and grab up to the ledge above.

Turn left and jump over the left (lower) side of that ridge to land on a ledge where you’ll find Secret #1, the Shotgun and Ambrosia (Medipack). Stand jump back over the slope with a left curve.

Go grab up E, slide and jump to grab the opposite crack, shimmy right and pull up around the corner. Run into the pool and shoot that gorilla from there. Head into the passage E, jump and grab the other side of the spike trap and end up on a terrace with a floor lever, throw that to open a trapdoor you can’t see. Grab the Ambrosia in the left corner and Uzi ammo in the other one and hop over the fence into the lake. Turn around and swim in between the pillars and find Shotgun ammo hidden in the tall seaweed. Swim back out and to the left is a passage you can swim in and get some Flares (the only ones in the level, so use them wisely). Swim NW and climb out in the corner, jump past the bush and climb up right to where the trapdoor opened giving access to the terrace. A gate that needs a key; go to the E side, stand to the left and hop down.  From there do a run jump to a ledge NE (the one with the boulders). Hop over the boulders to get the Bluestone Key there.

Jump back the way you came or take the route through the lake. Open the gate with the Bluestone Key and enter. Slide down and land in a pool. Climb out and Lara looks at a Keyhole, to the right of that is another Shotgun. Open the gate in the other side of the room with the lever next to it.

Open the Trapdoor.

Inside is Shotgun ammo in the water and in the left corner is a statue, move that to the other corner where you can see a big black diamond symbol on the floor (SW). A pillar goes up in the corner right, climb up to the floor above and find two more things to push onto black diamonds. Get the Shotgun ammo between the pushable vases. Looks like nothing happened, let’s check back in the poolroom E, yep, the trapdoor in the pool opened.

Spike Hall, Old Rusty Key.

Swim through to the dolphin pool (and notice the trapdoor in the bottom), climb out and jump to the opening E, follow through to the hall with the spikes. Swords drop here every now and then, so watch out. In the spikes floor is a pillar and the spike ledges behind that pillar seem inactive. So time the run jump around the pillar to that safe spot and run onto the floor immediately as another sword comes down. Behind the pillar W in this section is a jump lever to open the trapdoor in the dolphin pool.

Climb up the ledges in the back of the hall and jump back over the top to get to a floor lever (pillars raise in the dolphin pool). Go back through the passage S to the dolphin pool.

Dive down into the open trapdoor to get Secret #2, Uzis and Uzi clips. Swim up and climb out

Climb the pillars and grab up to a passage up there (W), to get to the Old Rusty Key. Climb back down, into the water and go W through the tunnel to the pool with the trapdoor. Use the Rusty Key E to open the gate.

Go in and a big gorilla will come for you then go up the slope to a large cave.

The Lyre Doors.

Just run down onto the block in the water below and shoot that shark. Dive into the water and swim to the steps W and go up, look left of the Lyre doors for Shotgun ammo and to the right for Orange Juice (small medipack).

Dive back into the water, as we cannot do anything here right now. Swim into the opposite side (E) and pull up on the right at the corner, Face E and jump up to the block there. Walk a bit further and grab up E into a dark hole. Loop around to a lever opening up a gate in the top of the cave. Get back down to the water, swim to the large pool and left at the corner, climb onto a small ledge (SE). Jump and grab the block SW, turn right and jump to grab the one W. Turn around and grab up to the broken bridge.

Steel Balls and Spikes, the Lyre.

Jump over to the N side and enter the gate you opened. Shoot that Gladiator while hopping around in this passage, go into the next room and trigger the ball by stepping on the ramps and hopping back. Or climb up to the upper ledge after triggering the first ball and jump over to the other end. Left is an opening to a dangerous room.

Look up with the spyglass and light (Ctrl) to spot different textures on the ceiling above some of the balls, those are the safe tiles. From the raised entrance tile, stand back three steps, hop over the next to the second tile (safe) and do a running jump a bit right to the tile in the second row from the left against the wall. Turn right and hop onto the raised one, immediately run off to the one behind it (E) before the ball hits you. Two more hops S and you’re safe. Pull up and use the lever opening the gates above the room with the ramps. Jump SW and enter.

In the next room is a Timed lever opening two gates in the passage S, there’s a break floor inside. First pick up another Uzi right of the gate and some Uzi clips in the other corner. Then throw the lever, jump over it and just sprint to the end of the passage. You’ll drop down onto the roof above the Lyre doors. Grab Ambrosia SW and the Lyre from the top. Safety drop down on the steps and use the Lyre on the statue right. Go in and climb the ladder to the room above.

Hade’s Eyes.

A Lion is roaming around; shoot it. Avoid the two different floor tiles W and E until you killed the lion. The go stand on both tiles and the gates E and W open up, two Centaurs come out of other gates, a couple of Shotgun rounds each, close up will do the job.

W: Hade’s Eye I: Go in carefully and stand left to get through the blade, then stand right to get through the second and so on… Save before entering the next room, corkscrews coming down and 4 levers to pull in the alcoves left and right and a Hade’s Eye appears on the tile in the middle, get that and get out, back through the blades to the central room. Shoot the Gladiator that showed up.

E: Hade’s Eye II: Follow in and watch the flyby, jump up and grab the ledge with the Eye… just kidding! Run jump to that ledge right, run onto the far corner before the flame starts again. Jump and grab the crack and go left to drop onto the next ledge. Run jump SW onto the rock right of that pillar (aim for the lowest point), from there jump the fire ledge NW, then a bit right to the one N, jump right into that cave (NE). Crawl through left and when you can stand up; grab up left instead of sliding down. Jump the ledges and when you get to the one SW, grab the edge and go right around to drop down to Secret #3, Orange Juice and Uzi clips. Grab back up stand in a corner and run jump over to the ledge with the Hade’s Eye. Drop down to the entrance and go back to the central room. Nobody home this time; go place both Hade’s Eyes at the gate N.

Slide down the slope with full health and the Shotgun out, start jumping around shooting a Giant Minotaur which will drop the Ornate Bronze Key (in this room are several pickups, Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips, Orange Juice and Ambrosia. Use the Ornate Bronze Key NW to open the door left of Neptune.

Next room shoot the far right hand (NW) vase on the ledge to get the Torch. Ignite it at the wall torches and ignite the two wall torches at the door W. Go up the ledge in the SE corner and find a jump lever left in the plants, now push both vases all the way to the other end and the door will open. Go through to get Pandora’s Box, head up the sloped passage and the level ends.

G&D - Sept. 2015.