BtB 2014_18 - Marahatanahaduhashitva.

“Search through Cambodia for the Arrow of Love”.

Level by BtB2014

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

4 Secrets.

The strange names of the pick-up items are sometimes clues.

Things related to the Secret quest are in dark blue

“Meet with the Research Team in the Cave.”

Go straight and slide down, follow through and to the right around the corner, jump into an alcove E and use the lever on the back of the pillar to open the barrier ahead. Slide down and on the right through the opening and follow the river and shoot the croc if you like, no real need for that. Just go up to the right to a stone floor. Climb up to an alcove right (over the door) and grab a Gong Hammer from the tree. Turn left and spot a stone pillar, stand back in the lowest part of the alcove and run jump with a curve around the ceiling stone to get onto that pillar. Go up to the floor on the right and hop to the Gong on a ledge left, use the Hammer on the Gong and the minefield explodes, triggered by a scared lizard. Go through (N) and shoot the tigers in the cave where the research team is “no more”.

Search the Research Team.

Search the skeletal remains for a key called Everyone’s dead – was it really the tigers?, a Medipack and the Uzis. On a pedestal up the slopes in the N is another Medipack.

Drop the Ball.

Turn around (E) and follow to the end to jump to a platform and then to a ledge. To the left is the gate you can open with the “Everyone’s dead – was it really the tigers” Key. Inside and left are Flares, turn around and step out into the lime stone caves (There’s a monkey climb above, but I couldn’t get anywhere with it). Just face SW and run jump to the slopes, jump again with a bit of a left curve and end up on the flat part of the slope (cavejumps.jpg). Then jump up to the wall and from there jump to the NW (easier). Jump to the path leading to the lever and when you throw this remote control lever, the ball drops through the floor. Drop down left of the lever; shoot the crates, the barrier goes down. Get Uzi ammo, Flares, a Medipack and more Uzis, go back to the cave through the open barrier.

Deep down into the Earth.

Go to the back of pit (N) and drop to the higher ledge in that deep pit and look for a good spot to run off and drop into the pool below, close to the middle. Enter the wide cave W, get in the pool and pick up more Uzis before you swim up to pull a chain, roll and swim up and go to the right (S) through the opened gate into a new area. Go into the hut and shoot a barrel on the right for Mushrooms, then pick up the “This should open that gate in the tank!” from the block and the ground will shake.

Swim back through the rubble to the cave with the chain (N), which is pretty hard to do and go to the right to the pit. Get out of the water (tricky but I managed in the right hand corner) and look right on the rocks for a receptacle. Place the “This should open that gate in the tank!” there.

Underground Settlement.

You’ll see a wall opening up just like that; go in there and at the end to the left to the Elephant stairs. Go down and at the underground settlement go left or right and turn around, find a triangular crawlspace under the entrance ledge, get in and grab the Flares. Climb out of the gap there and take a left to that grey stone structure looking a bit like a fortress. Climb up using the roof of the tomb next to it and drop into the middle, use the pulley wheel and a statue explodes. Turn right and grab up to get back out. Go to the other side of the settlement and left to jump to the bridge. Take a right to where that statue was and to a wall lever (Timed). First turn right and jump into that alcove down there for more Mushrooms. Jump back, use the lever and Big doors open up.

Drop another Ball.

Run back to the crossing of the bridge and right to find the open doors. Get in there and straight to those lattice gates, left there and hop onto the slope in the back. Look left through the gap and shoot that ball there to release it (pistols). Go back and take a right twice to come to where the ball went and get the “It reads ‘From the City of Khmerriment’’ Key near the glass window. Go back to those lattice gates and right this time, up into the window where the statue with the bright light is and use that Key on the left.

Hall of the Offerings.

Now the lattice gate opened up, so head on through and in the next Hall is a block where you need some Offerings. Turn to the left and go down the long wide staircase (NW), around the first corner and up un the ledge E are Mushrooms (NE). Go down the rest of the stairs to the Hall of the Bridged Tomb; notice the Crowbar door.

Hall of the Bridged Tomb, the Jungle Sword.

Go left or right, dive into the pool and swim to the back (S) into a structure, pull the chain there and a bridge goes up. Roll, swim back and right, climb out somewhere and jump to the roof of the sunken tomb in the E pool, grab up to the bridge to throw a lever on the outer wall, the W side bridge goes up. Go there, but the bridge’s too high. Look S and spot a statue with a red gem, revealed after a block lowered. Shoot the Gem and more bridges appear, and now you can access the central tomb on the ground floor from the E side to get the Jungle Sword after the Shiva holding it exploded.

The Wine Blender Key.

Go back to the entrance of the room, down into the lower part and open the door with the Sword and go in to get the Harama-vatakutaprutahuta (Wine Blender Key) from the statue, go out and to the S end of the room to use that key near the barriers. Jump in and follow up to another Huge Hall.

Flood the Hall, the Stone-Age Khmerlot (reason of happy faces).

Hang from the edge and safety drop into the pool below, turn left (W) and get out in the alcove with the lever, boulders will be released. Turn and jump over to the central ledges then to the right to the water supply room (S) where a block has been raised, climb that from the front and up the ladder too. Up there is a lever blocked by a stone two-faced tiger. Go to the river cave E and jump up to the right into an alcove, use the pulley wheel to raise the water level, go back to the lever where the statue is now gone. Use the lever to reveal the whereabouts of the Stone-Age Khmerlot (reason of happy faces). Go get that from the middle of the Hall and swim out N to the Hall of the Bridged Tomb, roll once in that passage and use the chain below to open the gate.

Use the Khmerlot.

Go through the gate (you already used that chain you see) and climb out N in the Hall of the Bridged Tomb, go up the wide staircases back to the room where you can use the Khmerlot as an offering (face N at the block).

The Cave of the Angry Bird.

Now take the sloped corridors SW and follow down to the lower bridge at the Settlement. Head across and enter the new area, before you are at the corner, jump up to a lever on a ledge to the right and proceed as a gate opened (N). Go there and safety drop down, turn around and go straight and then to the left up the ramp, take a right into a place with a Quad bike in a pool (NW), don’t even try…

A Torch and the Kmercedes Garage Key for a Quad.

Just before you enter the cave with the Quad, go left and back flip onto the slope (W), jump to end up on the floor above. Go straight and right around the corner in the next house are Torches, as well as some Mushrooms. Take one Torch and ignite it on the burning stack. Leave the Torch for a bit, and backflip onto the slope E, jump to get one floor up. Go out to the roof, turn around and grab up to the top of the house where you can find the Kmercedes Garage Key.

Go back down to the Torch and go back the way you came (W) down the slope, head E and go to that statue. Behind it shoot the grate and jump in with the Torch. Go stand in front of the little fence facing the two statues and ignite the floor. A wall goes down, that’s up W, jump out (leave the Torch) and go there and inside you can use the Kmercedes Garage Key to open a gate under the houses.

Go in there and pull the chain, immediately hop back and get out. Now you can go get the Quad (N) as the pool drained. Take it out, you have to run down that scaffold in the middle of the place, but immediately try to take cover by riding the quad into the place you got it from or you will be killed by the explosions.

The Koh Talisman.

Leave the Quad for a bit and go back up to the roof of the house where you got the Torch (opposite the statue, do a backflip), from the corner of the roof you can jump onto that platform with the Buddha’s and get the Koh Talisman. Jump back to the street between the houses (N) and go get the Quad. Ride it up the slopes E and left through the old wall, to the right over a grate.

For a nice Secret: Stop at the next ramp up. Leave the Quad and jump up into an open barrier W of that ramp. Stand right at a slope and turn left, stand jump and grab the plants left. Go shimmy left and climb up the plants to the roof, get hanging by the hands and shimmy a bit left to the middle of the last block of that roof part. Pull up and back flip roll grab the rope. Swing to jump to the bridge in front (or first to the other rope which gives you a better angle for landing on the bridge). Grab 2x Uzi ammo and Secret #1, the Saturn Rocket Model. The gate opens up; go in and get Mushrooms to the right, even further into this cave are Flares and the Magnum with ammo. A wraith appears and also disappears. Go back, shoot two bats and step on the bridge, down to the platform with the Buddha’s, get down to the ground and back up to where the Quad is (W wall).

No real need for the Quad anymore, so just follow through and go up right at a crooked slope. From the grey tile right grab up to the ridge above and shimmy left to the corridor. Follow through several rooms to where a bridge will collapse in front of you. Drop down and shoot 2 snakes, Look up left (N wall) for an alcove with a red light, grab up in there and use the lever to release a boulder. A platform drops, get down and follow the valley and first dive into a pool left, grab Uzis and ammo.

Climb out and go straight up that suspended platform and turn around to jump to the ladder SE, you might have to juggle a bit to get climbing. Go up but don’t pull up. Back flip and jump back with a roll, then jump again and land on a safe spot.

The Bazooka and Minharatapaka (Mineblowing).

Go to the W and left and again left at a keyhole, right around the corner is a corridor, a bit further is a Buddha receptacle, So go into the corridor to the right and you are in the area behind the Hall of the Offerings, in the end is an opening right and there are soldiers, so jump up there and shoot them quick. Pick up the Bazooka (no ammo funny!) with Uzi ammo, the Minharatapaka (Mineblowing) and the Bombahintadata (Mineshowing)! Combined you get the Szaradaharatabomba (Deleted Mine Puzzle)

Shoot the Gong to shoot a Bell, the Khannabis Offering.

Go back inside and left, following back to where you came up to this area, hop over the gap to the opening right and go to an outside area where you can see the next Offering left around the corner behind a barrier. Go onto the square (S) and immediately look left (SE), to spot a soldier and a gong. Use pistols and turn so you shoot the gong and the soldier, a boulder will drop when you hit the gong. Go left onto a wooden jetty and jump over to the one across the pool (E), roll at the wall and grab the monkey climb above. Go over to the jump lever and raise a block on the square. Go back to the other jetty, straight passing a small pool and a bit left to a lower section.

Partially hidden behind the hill left is another alcove, stand against the slope left (S), take two sidesteps left from the wall and hop back, take another step back and run jump through the gap into the alcove to get Mushrooms.

Dive into the pool in front, swim left to that beam with skulls and get Flares, to the right you will find a Medipack, more Uzis, Magnum ammo. And that’s all the stuff of interest, the rest you can just leave there or pick up if you want.

Swim back around the corner, climb out at the jetty and jump next to that raised block, located between the gong and the central tomb. Hop up onto the slanted block with the same color and then onto the raised block, run jump over to the ledge where the gong is (SE – no CTRL) and grab 2x MP5 ammo and another MP5. Get back on the raised block, jump onto the top of the tomb and shoot the Bell up NW with the MP5, aim by looking up so you’ll shoot high. The double doors below the Bell open up.

The Elephant’s Key.

Go into the doors and up to where you look outside. Up left (you can just see his legs) is a soldier, hop left around the corner, then up to where the soldier is and shoot him and his friend too. Both leave an MP5. Go up to the top and throw the lever there to open the barrier to the Offering. In the far away corner NW you can find some Mushrooms.


Get down and to the right of where you came into this area (N), go to the right and jump into the alcove left with the Khannabis Offering (watch out for what, go figure). The Elephant of the flyby was stuck in the pool, go shoot it wherever it is and grab the Elephant’s Key (I always knew they were smart). Go back out N and at the hole in the floor go left and around the corner to the keyhole we saw before, open the gate right of it and slide down, grab the Magnum from the skeleton and shoot another noisemaker to get the Buddha (and their skills in art get better each day). Around the corner is a lever, throw that to open a gate behind you. Run jump and curve to the right to get into that gate and go back up to the corridor. Go straight, right and follow through to that Buddha receptacle. Open the gate to the Hall of the Offerings and place the Khannabis (face W at the block). Well… all ingredients for a party are in place…

A Taohydashovadzida (this crap will hide spikes) appears, climb onto a corner of the block, step a bit closer and grab it. A trapdoor opens near the Settlement.

Lower Part of the City of Khmerriment, the Ker Amulet.

Leave W, take a right and get onto the ladder to the right, through the trapdoor and to the wall ahead to use the Taohydashovadzida, some spikes go down as promised. Go down the trapdoor and to the Hall of Offerings.

For a Secret: Turn around after using the Taohydashovadzida and hop onto the ledge behind the grey block and grab a Torch. Take it down with you through the other open trapdoor SW. Go to the central corridor here and ignite the Torch on one of the torches near the steps. Go back into the Hall of Offerings and left to the corridor NW, to the left is an elephant statue, use the torch on it and see a gate open up. Back to the Hall of Offerings and into the passage SW where you’ll find the open gate straight ahead. You are on the top floor of the Hall where you got the Khmerlot. Use the lever to get a bridge out, from the corner of the bridge to a ledge on the right (not a jump pad) and then to a jump lever on the wall (S). Turn around and look up N, that’s the gate you saw. Swim out N as before to the Hall of the Bridged Tomb.

Climb out N in the Hall of the Bridged Tomb, go up the sloped staircases back to the Hall of the Offerings. To the big gate S and when you get close you will be magically shot through the ceiling. This is the top of the Hall where you got the Khmerlot, pick up 2 x Uzi ammo, Magnum, MP5 ammo and finally Secret #2, an Ancient Quad Bike Wheel from the statue in the middle. Leave N, and check the health before dropping down through the hole into the Hall of Offerings.

Lower Section, Ker Amulet: Koh Ker Helevator Fix.

Go all the way down the SW passage to the lower bridge at the Settlement. Turn left at the third pillar left and see that one has no spikes. Hop down onto that slanted part of the pillar after you checked your health.

Go into the W section and left to push a statue once to the middle of that square and go back to the middle of the hall where the gates opened E. To the right is some MP5 ammo, turn around and straight (N) and up to the upper floor where a bloke with a Machete will welcome you. To the left at the crate with the laptop is another Magnum, run to the other side and stand close to the rubble in front of the lever, the bloke might fall down, but he will come back up here (check the corridor) and he has to hit the rubble to destroy it. Throw the lever to release a Boulder, which will hit the statue below and the Ker Amulet appears. Run down there and combine both pieces into the Koh Ker Helevator Fix (mortals keep away).

Getting Out.

Back in the Hall (W) some soldiers appeared, try shoot them from the room you’re in with the Magnum. Slide down and be careful, that jeep is dangerous too. You can pick up 2 MP5 guns and a Bazooka rocket (this one you need for the next Secret).

Pyramid of Death.

Run to the jeep and get in quick, hijacking it. Watch what happens and go out to the square with the Pyramid (W). Go to that tent on the right and pick up Flares, a Medipack and more Uzis. Pull that skeleton from the Prasat Thom Research and examine it. Next to that skeleton are more Flares, then go right around the Pyramid and shoot a crate in the back for Magnum ammo.

For a Secret: Go back to the front of the Pyramid (best place) and only if you have Bazooka and ammo you can get the secret, shoot the wooden scaffolds behind that jeep and use the Sword on the crowbar lever. The gate you are looking at opens up and inside left is a wooden slope, back flip onto the opposite lower slope, jump back hard left to the wooden slope and jump from slope to slope to get onto the monkey climb. Follow to the ledge with a bunch of Uzis and Secret #3, the Liquid State Drive (LSD). Get out through the opened gate.

Go up to the top of the Pyramid and stand at the hole, face E, run in with Ctrl landing in front of the receptacle for the Koh Ker Helevator Fix.

Below the Pyramid.

Lara ends up halfway down on a broken elevator…

Go to the E side of the elevator, face W, check your health then stand a step from the edge and hop backwards off and hit Ctrl just below the edge onto a slanted block below, just slide down landing near a receptacle for a puzzle piece.

A Lasersight.

Turn right when on the middle of the floor, head through an arch and find a red pool, the Pool of Love, with a statue in front of it. Go to the left wall and loop around left to find the Lasersight near a skeleton.

For a Secret: Shoot Gems to raise a Block.

Return to where the elevator is (between the lion statues), look up to that elevator and spot two distinct round textures left and right and in them are two red Gems you have to shoot, return to the square with the gem receptacle again (W) and to the wall on the right this time, a block went up there. Climb up, and grab up to the ledge to throw a lever lowering a block that will reveal a Torch for later.

The city builders left their work in panic”.

Left of the statue at the Pool of Love you can see a ledge with a keyhole (S), grab up there. Go left around the corner and jump to the ledge ahead. Then jump left around the pillar to the ledge with the skeleton and a statue of a Monkey Warrior, shoot that and grab another Bazooka (with no ammo!).

Turn SW and grab up to the ledge up S, turn right and climb the block, jump over to the pedestal with “The city builders left their work in panic” Key. Walk forward and run a bit left onto the slope, just after the edge hit Ctrl to land back on the ledge with the keyhole and use the Key.

Mera’s Love.

Drop down, turn right and go to that ladder SW, up and through the barrier that opened. At the slide jump and grab the platform and jump forward to the ladder, up and left, up and right over to the wall and drop on the ledge on top. Look around the corner and spot a lion statue with a Gem. Fire a Bazooka rocket into that room from standing on a ledge outside and go in to pick up Mera’s Love which fell to the floor (there’s Bazooka ammo inside the room in case you need one).

Slide backwards down the dark wall (S) and grab the ladder, drop again and just slide to the floor. Go to that statue in front of the Pool of Love and use Mera’s Love to activate a Huge Heart.

Into the Heart, Pectoral of Pain (Heartache).

Go to the heart, climb in and run to the back to grab the Heartache from standing on the low floor facing N. Get back through the cause of the pain (moving blades) and down to the Hall.

It reads ‘from the City of Khmerror’.

Go back to the E and beyond the Lion statues this time, a Stone Monkey Warrior will come alive, shoot him and get the It reads ‘from the City of Khmerror’. From the lion statues to the S wall and left into the structure, under a skeleton is an MP5 with ammo, go through the structure to the E and left into the hall to where you can use the Key at the green pool.

Free Nung (the Guide).

As you go in, a screen will show Nung, locked up.

Go towards Nung in the end of the passage and things will develop, a two-faced tiger will attack. Shoot it and go into the cage it came from (never saw the dressed up skeleton again) and pull that chain in the back to free Nung. Follow her to some doors in the Hall and opens them for you. Go in and use the pulley wheel, a statue will pour water and also the Kambu’s Magic (Lilies). Grab that and go out straight into the green pool, in the water in the right (NE) corner is a small object, use the Lily there and the Face lights up E.

Into the Brain, Pectoral of Pain (Headache).

Now we have to get into that “Face”. Go back W towards the Lion statues and left at that single column (right) on a block is a building with a blue top on the roof, go in and left onto the higher ledge, grab up left (E) into the arch. Walk right and spot a triangle ledge SE. Stand jump to it and do a running jump to grab the ledge under the next arch. Jump grab the slanted block left in front, hang right and pull up over, slide and jump to grab the ledge under the next arch.

Hop right around the corner onto the triangle ledge and grab up right (W) to the slanted wall. Shimmy right one square and pull up to back flip to a ledge. Jump W onto the slanted ledge under the ladder of the “yellow tower”.  In case you don’t go for the secret, skip the next blue part.

For the Secret: Jump to grab the ladder to climb to the top of the tower. Stand back at the ladder and right, then turn left to face SW, you can spot a pole just behind that yellow steep point. Run jump around that to grab the pole and swing a couple of times, then jump to get into the alcove with the Torch. You can shoot the monkey if he bothers you. Duck to grab the Torch and turn around, face the wall a bit and throw the Torch, not out but a bit further so you can stand up and pick it up. Just run out and a bit left onto a block on the roof. Walk to the E side, save and throw the Torch to the ground, look where it goes so you know where it is. Get back to the ledge on the tower near that ladder.

Turn right onto the higher block and jump to a block E and left a bit. Now a run jump to the ledge right of the slope E (no Ctrl) and hop with a curve onto the ledge right with the skeleton not needing the Magnum anymore. Face N, side step once from the right hand corner and hop back to run jump over the slope and with a right curve into the eye of the Face. Keep jumping the slopes to the right till you hit the eye socket.

Get into the Brain and climb the rear lobe to get the Headache, a Shiva appears, I just ran past it and safety dropped down to the ground floor. Combine the two parts and get “And now turn this against its evil creators”. Go to the elevator (W and up a small slope on the right N) and place this thing into the receptacle to open a gate.

The Foundation Vault Unlocker.

Turn around and go straight to the floor with the colored windows, to the right and down the path into the open gate, shoot a snake and grab a Medipack left. Go into the multicolor room and to the right to use the lever in the end. Turn around and go fight the Monkey Warriors, when they’re gone a key will appear in the mouth of the Naga statue (N). Grab the Foundation Vault Unlocker. A block goes down in the top of the Hall.

Up Again, The Great Kuku Spell (Lifted).

Go up the ramp to the ground floor and turn around, go straight through the opening W, a bit further up the ledge left and jump up to the ledge with the keyhole we visited before. Turn around and follow the route to the circular ledge with the skeleton (E). Grab up to the ledge S and left up the block. Run jump E with a bit of a right curve to end up on the ledge where that block went down.

Hop over the steep part and pry the Great Kuku Spell off the wall, a screen of a new hallway below. Make your way back down to the ground floor as you came here or find your own safe route.

For the Secret: Go find your Torch, it is in the building right of the green pool E. Go to Nung who has probably ignited a coral bush by now. Ignite your Torch there and take it with you.

Find Naga.

Go out to the Hall, left and left into the new opening S opposite the elevator and inside to the right where you can ignite a coral bush on the right. A door opens behind the two Shiva statues S. Drop the Torch, stand on the middle of the central bridge and shoot the two Shiva statues with the Bazooka. Go in and grab the two Medipacks plus Secret #4, the Wat Khmerger (clones temples around Cambodia). Go out.

Go to the other (right) side of this hall (E) and use the Foundation Vault Unlocker there, a trapdoor opens up in the pit below. Step a bit right of the keyhole and hang from the ledge, drop onto the only safe slope leading down into the open trapdoor and drop into the corridor below. Through the window W you can see Arrows on a pedestal. Go the other way and stand left at the boulder, slide down and jump left off the slope to get a head start on the spike wall. Run in left and slide down, get through the traps and arrive on Square of the Naga.

The Square of the Naga.

Go get the Arrows and Naga wakes up, run back and left onto the higher corner floor and into the hole where a block lowered. Throw the lever (#1), get out and go to the NW corner, hop into the V shaped opening right of it and keep jumping, roll if needed to face the lever and slide down far to jump up onto the ledge, up on a small balcony is another lever. Use lever #2 to lower a block somewhere and let Nung come to this area. Hop down to the S, run along the wall and into the alcove right where Nung will crawl out of a crevice. When she doesn’t do anything else than standing at the wall and look at you, run to the other side of the square and go back again. She will climb up to a receptacle and place a Kuku Spell. Watch the cut scene and Lara end up on the ledge with the receptacle, go down and slide down into the a pit that looks like it is filled with water.

Jump over the slope in the middle of the yellow pillars and drop into a cave, follow through at a waterfall turn right or left and use the slopes to jump up and end up in water, swim through dodging falling rubble and swim right into a small tunnel. You’ll end up in the Pool of Love, climb out at the statue and go left to where Nung is waiting on an elevator.

Watch the show and end the adventure with Naga coming back to life.

G&D- July 22-2014.