BtB 2014_13- Sumeru Illusion.

Level by BtB2014

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

2 Secrets

Things related to Secrets are in dark blue

Courtyard 1, a Serpent Gem.

Lara slides into a pit, go down to the bottom and shoot a snake (SE) to get the Serpent Gem (for a Secret) it will leave behind. Climb out of the pit S and go left along the wall to where you can jump up (NE) to the walkway around the structure. Follow around and get Flares, at the W side jump over the pit to the floor and go right. Straight into an opening and to a window ahead with a pulley wheel, a gate opens up. Back out of the window and left (E) though the crawlspace, left to the next courtyard.

Courtyard 2.

Go left into the roofed area with the blocks and to the right over the blocks into the far left corner (NW), slide down into another pit. On a block to the right are Mushrooms, jump to next the block (E) and turn around, jump to grab the corner block with the tree on it. Turn right and jump to a crack in the wall leading to a crawlspace (N).

Courtyard 3, Khmer Key-Mine Field.

Slide into a trench and go to the structure, climb up to the stairs and go in, quickly take care of the soldier which will drop the Khmer Key (The gate opened by him leads back to Courtyard 2). Turn around and go back to Courtyard 3, shoot a snake to the right and use the Key in the lock there (E). Find a good spot to jump into the open gate left of the lock (mine field below) and stop in that opening as rubble will fall.

Courtyard 4.

Stay on high ground, go to the second building. Walk left over the ledge to the end and turn around, look over the hill left of the building and spot a red gem in a statue, remember that.

Now get inside, jump left through the gap and from the higher floor through the next gap to get to Courtyard 5.

Courtyard 5, Caves and Gold Buddha I.

Run right, shoot the soldier and get MP5 ammo, turn around and go straight (E) to a pit.



run over the walkway around the buildings to the far roofed area and get some more MP5 ammo (SE). Drop into the pit next to the building from this side and find an opening E, find Flares and get out, climb over to the right and find the opening under the building where you’ll hear a sound. Go through and drop into a room with traps. Go over to the gate left (E) and look up for a jump lever in the ceiling.

The flames at the lever stop, so slide down there and use the lever to stop that swinging log above, preferably far from the Buddha. Turn around and jump left or right to the path and go up to the high floor at the side of the room (N or S), hop to the spike trap up when they are up and a running jump with a curve to the Buddha and get the Gold Buddha I. Make your way over to that gate in the other side of the room.

Detour for a Secret: Do not jump up to the gate yet, but run from the lower ledge next to it (with last moment Ctrl) to land under the block with the gate. A barrier lowered there, shoot the statue and the pool turns safe, dive in and swim to get Secret #1, the Reliquary Tower Artefact (W). Swim back, climb the ladder to the lever ledge and get up to the open gate E.

Up the ladder and run to the soldier to shoot him, get the MP5 he will drop. Go through (W) to a large Temple.

The Temple, find the Gold Buddha’s.

Straight ahead in the Temple you can see a Buddha statue and around it are 4 blocks in the floor we have to lower. From where you came to the Temple, go left where you can see the first receptacle for the Buddha you have. Place the Buddha and a lever appears on the receptacle block, use it and see one of the blocks go down at the Buddha Statue.

The Quad, Underground Temple, Buddha II.

Turn around and go through E where a flyby of underground tunnels takes over, take a right, go straight to where you can drop down into that area (S). There are three crates, shoot the right and left ones for MP5 ammo and a Medipack, the one in the middle releases a snake. Go down the tunnel W and shoot the soldier (MP5 ammo). Take the Quad and go through the open Face doors left (W), run over three soldiers and pick up Uzis, MP5- and Uzi ammo. Leave the Quad there and go up W, at a deep pit to the back and in the corner are Arrows (NW). Go N and onto a block where a flyby shows the next Buddha.

The Bow, the Ornate Lion and Gaja-simha Key.

Hop out backwards, grab the edge and shimmy left to get to a walkway around the corner. Go around run to the end jumping over a gap and get the Bow. Run left and jump left into the pool way below. Swim right to one of the ledges W and get out. Go left through the Buddha room and out left, around that structure with the keyhole in the back and up a ladder to the roof. Hop to the receptacle with the Ornate Lion Key. Hop back to the corner and jump to the next roof (E), go right around and pick up Flares. Go to the next corner (NE) and use the poles to get to the next roof. Around again and jump to the roof with another pedestal and the Gaja-simha Key. Hop into the pool and get out W again. Go to the structures N and S to use the 2 Keys in the keyholes in the back, disabling the spikes at the Buddha (the Buddha room NW has Flares). Get over to the central structure and grab Gold Buddha II. Barriers lower in the pool, jump in and go into the tunnel E to use the chain. Make your way back to the W, climb out on the W floor and go behind the structure there to get rid of the water resistant wraiths. Get over to the central structure, go to the E side and find the opened gate.

Getting out, the Khmer Key.

Save before going in, go down left onto the steps and hop down to shoot the incoming two faced Tiger. On the floor are 3 MP5 ammo pickups and pull a skeleton away from Uzi ammo and the Lasersight. Back onto the steps, jump to the crack in the wall and go around to a ledge (with Arrows) from which you can reach another crack, go right around and back jump with a twist to grab the ladder. Right around and up to back flip to a ledge and lava pit, grab the ladders go left and up to a monkey climb and make your way to the far left corner (nearby right hand corner on your monitor) around the grey blocks before the spike wall gets you.

Shoot the Stone Monkey Warrior and grab the Khmer Key he will drop. Use that key in the lock left where the wall lowered. A gate opens up in the S wall, use the jump pad in the floor to get into that opening (stand on the higher floor, one step back from the edge, hop forward onto the pad and hold the forward key. Use Ctrl to grab the edge at the last moment, or maybe you even land inside at first try like me). Grab Bazooka ammo and turn around, from there jump to grab the ladder and get out of the pit. Go to the Quad (E).

The Quad, Coffin Puzzle, Buddha III.

Go back to that cave where the crates were and right around corners up a slope to the outside and you can take the quad around the left side of the pit, because you still have a long way to go. Follow the tunnels and when outside again park the quad.

Jump onto the floor with the statues and go to the back, left and pull a Coffin onto the nearby dark tile. Go back E a bit and down a hole with a lowered raising block below.

Pull the nearby Coffin onto the block and use the lever behind you to lower the block in the back and raise the one nearby. Turn around, use the opposite lever to lower the nearby block and pull the Coffin on it. Go to the back and move the Coffin onto the tile in the back (SW). Climb up to the floor above, move the coffin in the back (NW) onto the nearby raising block (there are Arrows nearby) and pull the one SE onto the tile next to it.

Go back down and use both levers again, go place the two Coffins on their tiles. Doors opened in the deeper section of the pool, swim through to get Gold Buddha III.

Get back to the Quad, run over 3 tigers and go back to where you entered the cave. Leave the Quad behind and climb up to the Temple, go find the Buddha Statue in the central room.

Nung the Guide, Gold Buddha IV, the Jungle Sword.

Head S to where Nung will appear, follow her and see spikes disable (through the spikes and to the right is Uzi ammo), a bridge will come out and then she will disappear into a crack in the wall, the spike blocks to the right activate so you can jump through and roll through the spike logs. Up on the ledge ahead Gold Buddha IV will appear (the gate there is for later). Go down from the ledge, to the right and around the corner left is the Jungle Sword. Go back around the corner.

Use the Buddha’s.

The gate (E) is opened by the guide, get there and jump over to the bridge, go left and right to follow back up to the Temple.

Detour for a Secret: Take a right into the outer corridor with the Buddha receptacles, to get back to where you used the first Buddha (SE), go left (N) into the passage and then at the receptacle there straight out the open door. Left onto the walkway around the building and find the crowbar lever you can operate with the Sword. A block will lower in the roofed section left of you, go through the opening to Courtyard 4 and right around the corner staying on higher ground. At the opening in the building you went in before (right), look up SE and shoot that red Gem there to lower a barrier. Go back through the lowered block, go left and at the end run down left onto a block in a pit. Jump to the mound in front of the opening (E) and grab up into the opening where the barrier lowered to get the Second Serpent Gem and Bazooka ammo. Go back out of this pit and to the corridor with the Buddha receptacles. In the N side passage you will see a gate in the N wall, use the two Gems you have there to open it and go in for Secret #2, the Bodhi tree Artefact. Pull that Bell in the back out of the alcove to get the Bazooka. Back into the passage.

Go left to the receptacle and use the second Buddha, use the lever and go around to place the remaining two Buddha’s too, throwing the levers to lower blocks in the central room with the Buddha statue.

Torch Puzzle, the Ancient Shaft Key.

Go to the central Buddha room, down in the SE hole and push a block, turn right to use the pulley. Use the crack left to jump back up to the floor. Go into the SW hole, push a block, turn left to use the pulley wheel and trapdoors opened. Go down the trapdoor to a slide, go down backwards and end up on a crate with MP5 ammo, two Shiva’s came alive. In case you need more ammo, there’s more MP5 ammo on a crate S and also N. On the floor W are 2x MP5 ammo pickups. Go shoot the Shiva’s to stop their noise. You can use the Bazooka but be careful with the Super ammo though.

Get back on the crates N, to the ladder left and shimmy left around the corner to an alcove. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing over to the other side to get a Torch or two. Throw it down and go back the way you came not to lose any health. Take a Torch up the crates and block S and through the gate to where the last Buddha was found, jump down and take a left to the bridge, left in the corner is a wall torch where you can ignite yours. Go back to the Shiva room, left and ignite the two torches next to the gate (W).

Inside wait for the right moment to hop onto the ledge and get the Ancient Shaft Key, immediately hop back and go onto the crate N use the ladder again and shimmy around the corner, then  jump to the newly raised block. Hop onto the next block and jump through the swinging spike logs. Use the Shaft Key and go through the gate.

Underground Temple, Upper Level.

This is the Temple you’ve visited before, look down… Go jump left to the walkway round the central dark tower, jump left to the next part and then stand jump to the corner ledge with the spikes when they are just up, side flip left to the walkway with a crowbar lever and use the Sword on it. The spikes go down, hop back to the corner where the spikes were and grab up to a crack (any side you like btw), shimmy to the outside and grab up to the top to get the Wheel of the Law Artefact, the adventure ends there…

G&D, July 28-2014.