BtB 2014_11 - Quest for the Soma.

Level by BtB2014

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

6 Secrets.

Get on the quad and ride it over the ridge ahead, turn right and go all the way to the end. Step off and climb into the last windowsill for Flares, and when you look at the tree on the right of it are some Mushrooms. Get back on the bike and go to those gates you saw opening up before and park it.

The Hall of the Arch.

On the first step are also some Flares on the right. Get up the steps and left around the corner, over the low fence is a Medipack. Then go to the opening in the left wall (S) to get to the Hall of Waterfalls.

The Hall of Waterfalls.

From the entrance ledge jump left into the water and swim along that side to get some more Flares. Get back onto the entrance ledge. Hop over the ledges with the pillars avoiding contact with the spike traps and jump into the alcove ledge of the far wall (S). Turn left facing E and back flip onto the slanted floor, jump and grab the ladder to go up and just jump onto the first floor ledges with columns. Walk along the right hand side and you’ll step on a trigger tile (marked ledge) that will raise a timed platform a bit further to the left. Run over the tile; jump over to the left side and run onto the platform to jump to grab an opening in the W wall.

Go all the way to the back and at the fence turn around, walk up the stream and grab up the waterfall. A Bat attacks here. Walk up and jump over to the top ledges in the Hall of Waterfalls. Use the lever and spot a gate opening up under the Buddha in front of you. First go to the Buddha behind you, jump there and get more Flares. Drop down to the ledges below and get to the gate you opened (N).

The Hall of the Arch - first floor.

Jump to the platform on the arch and then turn left and jump to the balcony. Turn the pulley wheel to drop a rope from the ceiling and raise a block in front of the Hall of Waterfalls. Jump back to the Arch, turn left and get to the rope, swing and jump to the ledge ahead.

Fire Pool, first visit, Open Gate in the Pool.

Go through the opening and take a right to the next room. First go down onto a block under the opening in the grated floor and face S, jump and grab the jump lever under the grate, immediately jump when you hit the slope and grab the ladder. Up a bit and back flip with a twist to grab the ladder on the block. Go up and walk to the other side to grab up to the grated floor. In front of you is a Medipack and to the left is the barrier you opened with the jump lever. Inside is the Hidden Storage Key (for a Secret later).

Drop back down to the block and now you have to get to that slanted block (N), so stand jump to grab the monkey climb under the grated floor, watch out and go around the gray part where the pedestal is above. The camera will change when you get close, line up and drop, jump the sloped blocks to get to the flat one. Jump left to the higher one and then turn right to jump into the opening in the N wall.

Shoot a snake coming from the right and go climb the dark pillar in the middle from the back.

Do a curved run to jump to the right, to one at the ladder and climb up. Blades start to move; step close to the right hand one and run jump diagonally through to get behind them. (If you go to the outside-facing opening and look right there's also a flat slope that let you go right around them) Turn right and walk out into the opening to the room below (W), hop down onto the top of the wall below. Go to the other end and jump left into the room. Throw the lever to open a gate to the Hall of the Arch and a gate in the cave below the Arch. Jump back out to the wall and safety drop to the ground. Without the Secret: Go through the opening S to the Fire pool and jump the ledges straight S to get back to the Hall of the Arch.

Detour for the Storage Secret: Go back up that ladder to the Moving Blades, through the Blades and left into the window to the canyon. Looking out the window you can see a gate on the opposite rock ledges. Look out to the right and spot a roof (not the one under this window though, but the next). Run jump out around the corner to get to that roof. From the roof a run jump to the left side (N) of the big rock pillar in the canyon and grab the edge as you slide off, Just shimmy all the way left around till you can pull up at the gate and open it with the Hidden Storage Key. Go shoot all the barrels to get Secret #1, Magnum, the Magnum, MP5 ammo and a Medipack, as well as the Surya’s Secret Stone Fan. To get back you’ll have to drop from the ledge, re-enter the Hall of the Arch.

The gate under the Arch, the Gong Hammer.

Swim down into the opening in the bottom under the Arch and turn to the E where the open gate is, follow through, take a right and climb out into a very dark room. To the left on a ledge are Flares, watch out for all the Spike traps and go into the opening in the opposite wall. A gate will open up ahead, go over the long bridges to find the Gong Hammer and Indra’s Message (read it). Doors open, water is moved from one room to another.

Boulder Trap to get out.

Roll and run back over the bridge to the next hall and just run off the left side into the water below to get rid of the Wraiths. Swim to the far left corner (NW), grab the mushrooms and get out of the water to grab the Magnum ammo there. Turn around, hop into the water and swim left to where you can wade out to a passage in the rocks. Follow through up a ladder and never mind those spikes yet, just run to the right over them (SE) while a block closes the entrance. Go up the slope and around the next corner, the second you stand on that trigger tile, run down and go right around the corners to a safe spot between the spike floor. Wait till they are triggered and you hear a door opening. Now go up the boulder passage again and through the gate to the room where the live spikes are.

Detour for the Indra Secret: Go into the same passage W, over the bridges to the large room where you got Indra’s Message, climb the new blocks to the right and jump to grab the floor with the Statues, get Secret #2, the MP5 and Magnum ammo from behind the statues. Back down and over the bridge to the next room, into the water right and wade up to the opening. Go up the ladder and through the boulder passage to the room with the live spikes OR follow through over the bridge and end up in the room with the live spikes.

Straight to the water hole and swim back to the Hall of the Arch.

The Courtyard of the Indra Orbs.

Go through the Face Doors you opened and reach the Courtyard of the Indra Orbs, to the right are gates where we need two orbs, to the right of the gates is an opening to a Lava Room.

For some pick up, on the left in the grass area are some Mushrooms, shoot the snake that appeared. Keep the wall on your left passing some steps and get the Magnum ammo. Go straight to the end and get some Flares. Turn to the right and spot a jump lever NW, jump up to use it and a block comes up around the corner (this is for later).

For now go to the Lava room.

Fire Challenge, the First Half of Surya’s Sun.

Jump to grab the sloped block in front, hang left and pull up over, slide far and jump with a bit of a left curve to grab the corner of the block with the flames. Shimmy right to the next corner and pull up/turn right when the flame is down. Hop onto the left side of the next block and slide far to jump and grab the block at the ladder.

Go up and with your head just through the opening, backflip as the grated floor is deadly. Time the burner and jump to the next ledge, then over to the one left and look the back of the room, there’s a timed burner in the back. Run jump onto the sloped ledge straight ahead (W) and slide jump two times to get to a safe ledge at a lever. Watch the flyby taking you back to the Fire Pool with an opened trapdoor. 

Hop over the low balustrade and jump back to the ladder, go down to the block and jump with a wide curve into that opening on the right (Ctrl at the end of the jump).

Do run jumps over the deadly lower parts of the floor and run jump out onto the big block in the Fire Pool. Jump straight to the raised block in the Fire Pool (E) and then to the safe spot over the open trapdoor. Jump in the water and a bit down is a side tunnel, pull the Timed chain there and swim down through the open trapdoor to get Surya’s Sun Half. To open the trapdoor again you need to pull a chain in the open gate in the wall (S). Swim back up and get air.

Detour for Surya’s Secret: Go back down in the water to pull a chain behind the open gate N and roll, swim to the gate on the right and get Secret #3, a Magnum. Swim back up to the pool.

Climb out on the block next to the trapdoor and run jump with a twist to the slanted floor on the right of the sloped pillar with the ladder and grab it. Go up and do the slide jumps again. Make your way back to the left (S) to get to the Hall of the Arch. Go to the right through the Face doors and up the steps on the left.

The Tower Hall.

Dive down into the water below, swim to the left wall (E) and climb up on one of the ledges next to the pillar, grab up to an opening above and go through to the place behind that wall. Go swim to the right and climb out into the cave in the S wall, follow through and climb up into the opening to the Twin Waterfall Room.

Twin Waterfall Room, the Trapdoor Key.

Just hop down into the water, turn left and climb out on the right hand waterfall. Go up a bit and then to the right through the gap and then left to the corner in the back to find Magnum ammo. Go back to the waterfall and walk up the stream, go left and down to find Flares. Look up on the wall there and use the jump lever to open trapdoors. Hop into the pool and swim under the structure, keep high as there are spikes below. Go up through the trapdoors and climb out to get the Trapdoor Key. Shoot your opponent and look for an opening in the right hand wall (E). Swim through the fenced off tunnel to the room next to the Tower Hall, get out on the ledge and grab up to the opening to the Tower Hall.

Tower Hall, Lower the Water level.

Dive in, swim to the right and get out at the open lattice gate. Go in to use the lever, which will change the water level of the Tower Hall and directing this water to the Cistern where we are headed now.

To the Cistern.

Go back out to the ledge and head right along the ledge. At the end up the slope and turn left to jump down to the arched ledge below. Follow the ledge and get some Flares, look up towards the SA wall and jump over where the double doors are. Grab up there, open them and make your way through to the entrance of the Cistern area, hop down onto the lower entrance ledge.

The Cistern.

From this outlook, look right to see a yellow glow alcove. 
This is where you want to go. Jump straight ahead, from concrete beam to concrete beam past swinging logs all the way around, pick up some Magnum ammo SE, keep going and there are Flares to pick up SW after the slope jumps. When you are in the NW corner of the Cistern, climb up into the opening there in the N wall.  


Roll out the Buddha Bridge.

Go up to a spike trap, run in left and jump up the slope when the spikes are down. Save and go up further along the right hand wall. When you hear the boulder, side flip left onto the path the boulder came from. Turn to the right (N wall) and get into the opening to a lever. Throw the lever to raise a block under the gold Buddha ledge below. Get down to the Buddha ledge and turn to the left (W) to go into the opening to a fenced off area with a lever. The lever will bring out a bridge near the Buddha’s, and raise a block to give access to the bridge. Go back up the steps and run jump through the gap between the knife balls (or use a crawlspace roll).

Use the Trapdoor Key, raise the Water Level in the Hall of Waterfalls.

Out on the Buddha ledge, climb back up to the right to find the raised block next to the lever, climb up twice and go straight (E) over the block and ledges to the central bridge in the Tower Hall. Go left to the central pillar with the ladder and spot an old wall N (later). On the pillar with the ladder is also a keyhole where you can make use of the Trapdoor Key. The trapdoor on top of the ladder opens up, so go up there and turn around to find the lever. A flyby shows the raised water level.

Over the Buddha Bridge, the Second Half of Surya’s Sun.

Go back down and to where you came from (S) (notice the door for later) to the right and jump back over the ledges to the Buddha Bridge. Cross the bridge to the other side and go drop down left at the Buddha’s. Into the opening W and get Chandra's Moon Half, combine it with the Sun Half to get the Challenger’s Proof of Balance.

Change the Water Level back.

Go back out, slide down to the Buddha’s and go to the left end of the ledge (E), jump left onto the ledge against the wall and go in the door to the Drain lever once more. Throw the lever back to transfer water back from the Cistern to the Tower Hall.

Go out and into the water of the Tower Hall, swim straight across and a bit right to get into open door, pull up left and go down to the Cistern again.

The Cistern Drained, Naga Puzzle, the Drainage Key.

Jump straight to the beam S and then to the one right. Look down to see a broken pillar that you can safety (stand) jump down to.
Then drop again from the pillar sliding to the ground floor.

There are a Medipack SE, Flares SW, then go right (N) and hug the wall then you’ll also find a Naga statue, push it onto the tile in the alcove S and you’ll hear a blue ray, turn around and find the Drainage Key.

Tower Hall, use the Drainage Key.

Go to the far opposite corner (NE), near the shallow and brightly lit coral pit and climb the blocks and the ladder then slide back into the Tower Hall.

Detour for the Twin Waterfall Secret: Swim right and get out on the ledge next to the pillar in the middle of the wall E, climb up through the opening in the wall and safety drop down the other side to the bottom of the now drained cave. Go into the fenced off tunnel on the right (N) and follow around to a drop off. Check the health and safety drop down, follow through and climb up at the next trapdoor. This is the room where you got the trapdoor key down into the opening SW to the spike tunnel. Climb down the ladder and use the pulley wheel on the right hand wall (facing the spikes). A gate opens up, climb back up and go straight through the room into the gate to get Secret #4, Magnum ammo, Magnum, Medipack and the Chandra’s Secret Bell. Go back out and straight down the ladder to the spike traps, time the spikes to do a run jump followed by a stand jump to the other side.

Go straight up the steps to the Twin waterfall Room and onto the block. Turn around and jump to grab the waterfall ledge (N). Go left behind the pillar and up the ladder to the roof. Through the opening to the caves and through to the drained cave, get down to the floor and up the rocks and blocks near the bright coral to go through to the Tower Hall.

Swim to the gold lattice gate (N wall) and use the Drain lever once more. Go back out and get onto the ledge under the gold lattice gate. Do the trick back hop and Ctrl or dive down, climb out in the right hand corner and crawl through the cracked pillar onto the ledge with the keyhole for the Drainage Key.

When you use it, the gates open up below, Dive down and swim in, get up to the lever that will completely empty the Tower Hall of water.

Tower Hall Drained.

Safety drop onto one of the blocks below and get out to the Tower Hall, make your way back up via the broken pillars in the middle of the room. Jump to the W side arched ledge at the wall and go left to get to the double doors to enter the now fully flooded Cistern.

Cistern Flooded.

Again from the entrance look right (NW corner) to see a well-lit entrance below the yellow ledge we’ve been to before, that is now accessible because of the higher water level.

Detour for the Cistern Secret: First swim straight to the S wall and you’ll see a gate, just before the second pillar from the gate look to the right and spot a chain in an alcove on a pillar, go there and save at the chain as it is timed. Pull, turning right swim diagonally to the gate and get in along the right hand side of the opening. Grab Secret #5, an MP5 and that’s all. Swim out and to the far left corner (NW).

Spike Ceiling Challenge, Trap Key and the First Indra’s Orb.

Swim into the well-lit tunnel NW, up left and pull out, grab the Flares, save and run left around to the back. Push a block into the N wall, step back and grab Trap Key part 2. Turn right, run to the lever and pull it, turning right run into the open gate and grab Trap Key part 1. Combine them to get the Trap Key and run right around the corner to the receptacle and quickly use it. Run out through the opened barrier before the ceiling spikes are down and get the First Indra’s Orb.

The barrier left opens up, go out and hop over two spike traps, left into the alcove to wait out the spike wall, then go left to the back and go back to the entrance. Swim into the Cistern and you’ll see where to go, pull up on the slanted ledge above, right hand side and back flip with a twist and left curve to get to the opening on the N wall.

Follow through the now inactive trap passage and drop down the Buddha ledge to the ground floor of the Tower Hall, Go to the other Buddha ledge (N), use the block to jump up there and go right. From the end jump left onto the ledge with the lattice door and go further onto the block ahead, grab up left (N) to the opening to the Courtyard of the Orbs.

For the Quad, Hall of Waterfalls, Blocking the Water Main.

Go out right to the Hall of the Arch, to the right and climb the block in front of the Hall of Waterfalls from the side near the wall. Turn around and jump up onto the ledge, go through the gate and swim to the back and left to an opening to the outside. Follow the stream up into the room and shoot a Monkey Warrior. On the steps you can find Flares. Up in the left corner is a push block, pull that onto the grate where the water comes from and the basin in the canyon will go dry.


Go out, then to the right into the basin and go left with a running jump onto the block so you can jump out to the right (N) and slide down to get the Quad. Ride it up into that basin and down the other side to new grounds. There's a Mushroom somewhere on the right hand side here, near a tree. Turn right and ride up the rocks with some speed, turning a bit right jump to the second rock and from the right hand corner of that one to a stone path leading up into the building. Follow the path to the right around the room; you pass a timed trigger tile that opens the door you have to drive through. Go around the corner and another one then make some speed at the end and a sharp U-turn left, jump to the next floor and with speed over a gap into the open door to the bridge in the Tower Hall.

Go straight passing the ladder pillar and go through that old wall along the left side up a slope. Keep up speed, follow the path and jump over to the ledge where the receptacle for the Challenger’s Proof of Balance is located. Use it and go through the open gates left, shoot the two Monkey Warriors and grab the Second Indra’s Orb from the plinth and from the other MP5.

Use the Orbs.

Get out, grab the Quad and ride it carefully into the hole next to the Proof of Balance receptacle, down the raised blocks to the floor of the Courtyard of the Orbs. Go E and then to the left to the receptacles for the orbs and place them.

Detour for the Quad Secret: Take the Quad and go up the ramp into the building left of the orbs and get Secret #6, MP5 ammo and an MP5 from under the barrels, as well as the Indra’s Secret Wheel. A gate opens to give you easy access after you slide back down the ramp. But you don’t need the bike anymore.

Final Battle.

Head into the gates opened by the Orbs and collect 2x MP5 ammo, Medipack, Magnum and Magnum Ammo before using the pulley wheel on the right hand wall. Using this switch is the point where you are closed off from backtracking for secrets. The gate left of you opens and Shiva’s come alive, go in and turn left at the end, hop onto the slope, back flip and jump again with a grab to go up, no turning back as soon as you passed the barrier. Hop over the ridge and fight three Shiva’s and two Monkey Warriors. The Warriors drop 2 Warrior Murals. I also found some MP5 ammo.

The Soma.

In the S wall are two blocks in the corners, pull them out and climb up to place the Warrior Murals and blocks go up in the other side of the room. Climb up to the floor above, go find the Gong in the back and use the Hammer. The trapdoors in the middle of all floor levels open up. Simply drop down and Lara ends up in a spooky place, look for the Soma (lily) and take it with you.

G&D-July 4-2014