BtB 2014_9 - An Unexpected Adventure Phimai.

Level by BtB2014

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

5 Secrets

Some Initial Secrets.

Find a good spot to shoot the two crocs in the pool below. Then dive in and retrieve a Medipack from a block. Climb out N, go into the gallery, to the right E is a hatch in ceiling and left are receptacles next to a Buddha statue.

Go to the hatch and jump up to open it, face E and if you line up correctly you can just grab the edge of the ladder. Go up to the roof and straight to a hole (E) where you can climb down another ladder. Turn around and to the right is a Medipack in the wall. Then get the MP5 ammo and Secret #1, a Wooden Cog Switch. Get back up the ladder and down to the gallery. Go down the steps to the N and notice the Face doors. To the right around that building is a ladder, go up into the alcove and roll, run jump out a bit to the left and grab the opening. Go in, collect some Flares left, only then go get Secret #2, a Symbol Puzzle. Wraiths appear, run back, drop or jump to the ladder and get back to the pool at the start to get rid of those.

Open the Gate.

Back N to the gallery, down to the Face doors and left around this time, a ladder to the right, go up to where the ladder ends and back flip with a roll to an opening, go in and use the lever to open a lattice gate. Drop down to the ground, turn left and then go to the right up the steps (W) into the building where that gate opened. To the left before the gate is some MP5 ammo. Through the gate you will come to another courtyard.

The Ornate Lion Key.

Straight through the bush you will find an opening in the opposite wall, climb in and push the block in twice so you can move it to the left and get into the opening behind it. Jump to the ledge to the right and get into the opening to use the lever. More ledges appear in the room and also a rope, go to the far end of the room and collect the Ornate Lion Key. Get back to the ledge using the rope and jump to grab into a new alcove in the right hand corner where Secret #3 is waiting, a Serpent Gem. Go through straight and out of the room with the push block to the courtyard.

Go left to the pool and get 3x MP5 ammo from the bottom, get out and enter the wide passage W. Shoot the three emerging tigers and follow through again, to the right is a grate you can shoot. Crawl in and hang into the pit, shimmy right to the keyhole and use the key to open that barrier behind you. Jump over there and follow through to the end where another barrier opens up. Make your way through the swinging monkeys and to the right hand far corner where you’ll find a crawlspace.

The MP5, lower a Block.

Go left into the back corner of the small courtyard (SE) and use the jump lever there to open a gate in the W wall. Go there and stand close to the spike logs, duck and roll through (sprint key) when they open up (you need a bit of luck too). Get the MP5 and see a block go down at the swinging monkeys.

Get back there and use the lever, a gate opens up in the passage NE, so back through the monkeys and left to where the gate opened. In the small yard are some barrels you can shoot for fun, but you need to climb a ladder SE and go through the small cave down into the sloped room with boulders.

Boulder Challenge, the Naga Key.

Run down N after the first boulder and cross over to the next path when that one passed. Go up to the end and right down after the E side boulder. Up left into the opening in the E wall and get the Naga Key. Go back up the slope (N) and left into the passage (NW). Follow through and you are back in the small yard, get to the ground and open the gates W (keyhole left).

Elephant Hall, flood the Pools.

Go all the way to the other end and right onto a balcony over the dry pool. Look left in the wall to spot an opening and jump there, turn around and run jump out to grab the monkey climb. Go straight and into the opening across the room, down into the next room. Use the lever on the shrine and skeletons appear in the Elephant Hall.

Go back there and drop into the pool below get out onto the middle balcony (no need to shoot the skeletons yet) and run straight into the other pool (S), roll and find a chain you can pull. This will open a door in the N pool so get back there and swim in (near the big tree W).

Swim to the right and wade out, nasty critters appear so don’t wait. Go right around a rock and find a big face statue, go down into the mouth and find a push block to the right. Push it all the way in and find Secret #4, a Yin Yang Symbol. Go back a bit and right to use the pulley wheel opening a gate near the big face statue, so get out of the face, into the trench ahead and left through the opened gate.

Burner Blocks, the Incense Sticks.

Save at the lever at the pool with the burner blocks, pull, turn to the pool and hop back, running jumps from block to block and maybe you have to step back on the last to jump up to the floor ahead. Go get the Incense Sticks and see a gate open up at the other end of the pool.

The Khmer Key.

Wait till the crocs are close and jump over them, swim to the entrance ledge and climb out. Turn left and jump to the open gate E, open the hatch in the end. Climb up and follow to the Khmer Key. That’s for the Elephant Hall, so backtrack and jump over to the entrance ledge at the pool. Left up the passage, right out of the trench, to the S and left around the face statue to get back to the water and get out to the walkway with the skeletons. Either shoot them into the pool or ignore them and use the Key left of the gate W.

Spike Wall.

Save before going in and run left to get up the ladder and into the crawlspace, roll forward before the spike wall gets there.

In the waterfall cave go right and crawl into the corner for some MP5 ammo, then get out and drop down the waterfall. Follow through and climb out into a room with a lattice gate. Take care of the snake, go left over some stone balustrades and up the ladder into a passage. Use the pulley wheel and climb back down, the gate opened. Go up the stairs and watch out for darts, to the right in the fore last alcove are Mushrooms.. Go to the next room.

Hall with the 4 Levers.

Use the NW and SE levers to open the trapdoor up in the SW corner. Before leaving the room, shoot a red gem from the mouth of the Naga statue left as you enter. This will open a door near the trapdoor. Enter the room, crouch and crawl to pick up a Medipack. Go to the trapdoor, climb down the ladder and follow to a lava pool with blocks and ledges.

Lava Pool, Jumps to a Lever.

Jump onto the sloped block left, then jump two more times to get onto the safe central ledge. Face NE and run jump around right to a ledge at a wall torch E (You could have also used the slopes to jump to and fro to get there). Follow the flat ledges around to the SW and then jump with a curve through the roots on the ceiling to get to the ledge NW where you’ll find a jump lever raising a block on the previous ledge. Hop to the slope E and jump to the central ledge, make your way around to the raised block and jump on it. Jump to get into the opening W and follow through to the Courtyard with the Waterfalls.

Courtyard with the Waterfalls, the Jungle sword.

Under the right hand (W) waterfall is an underwater door you can open. Go in and shoot a statue to get the Jungle sword. Get back to the courtyard.

The Golden Buddha.

To the right of the E side waterfall is a crawlspace, get in and use a crowbar lever to open a gate in the courtyard. So go back and take a left, to the right hand side of the S waterfall where the gate opened. Use the lever and a Shiva comes to life. Go shoot it and the block in the middle of the Courtyard lowers. Pick up the Golden Buddha and two double headed tigers attack, shoot those.

Go into an open gate NE and open the crowbar door, follow through and run over a crumbling bridge’ jump to the pole and swing over the slanted block, just slide down into the water and swim through and up just before you reach the end.

Timed Platforms.

Right of the water hole is a lever, it will raise two timed trapdoors in the treacherous pool E so you can jump to a corner ledge with a chain. Spot the next route (to the SW) and pull, run onto the solid platform, curve left and jump to the trapdoor, run onto the next and a running jump to the solid platform in the far corner.

Grab the crack in the wall and go left to where you can pull up. Into the water and swim through the tunnel. Get out in a mirror room and go left, look for a hidden opening in the floor in front of those crates (NE), just drop in. Get through the swinging monkeys and use the Sword on the lever to lower block in the mirror room. Go back up and pick the Mushrooms at the mirror, then look in the mirror and where that block lowered you can see a crawlspace. Get in and follow to a yard with a pool, the monkeys deserve some lead, as they are quite unfriendly.

Back to the Start.

In the right hand corner from the entrance is a flat ledge, get on it and jump to grab up to the walkway above, jump over a platform (behind that tree) to the next balcony (or use the block with the crack in the corner) and use the lever there to open a gate in the far end of the yard. Drop from the walkway and go through the gate to end up where you started this adventure. Go left to the building and left to the receptacles for the Incense Sticks and the Golden Buddha. The face doors open up so head N and enter the Temple.

The Temple, the Khmessage.

Go down the stairs and pick up the Khmessage:

Welcome in this Temple. Those who wander are not always lost. Insert your precious items you have discovered, and reveal the hidden path.  

Open the double doors and inside are the receptacles for the 4 Secret Items you might have collected. If not… pick up the Wheel of the Law Artefact and go through the trapdoor under the roots in the corner of the room (NW). Follow through to end the adventure.

But in case you have all 4 Secret Items, place them in the receptacles on the blocks and a wall goes down E, go through that opening to get Secret #5 a quest for the final Secret Item

The Ancient Shaft Key.

Hop up into an archway left (N) and go up a ladder, back flip off and step out to jump onto the slope, grab the edge and shimmy left to pull up. Climb up once more and down to a platform with roots on the other side. Look right around the corner and spot another slope. Go into the arched alcove and run out with a left curve, then switch to a right curve to land on that slope and grab the edge. Back jump (down arrow) into an arch and inside is a skeleton. Pull it away from the Ancient Shaft Key. Jump back out to that platform and go up left where you came from. Over the top and hang from the edge. Shimmy right to a spot without spikes and drop down.

A Green Orb for the Reliquary Tower Artefact.

Hop up into an arch S and use the Key there, the Bell will sound (been trying everything to shoot that thing). A Green Orb will drop from the Bell, get it and use it on the pedestal in the other end of the room (face E). The statue moves and the Reliquary Tower Artefact appears on the floor as the Final Secret Item.

The Escape.

Go back to the room with the 4 receptacles, pick up the Wheel of the Law Artefact and go down in the open trapdoor in the corner under those roots (NW). Follow through to end this adventure.

G&D- July 6-2014