BtB2014_7- The Princess and the Foreigner.

Level by BtB2014

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Lara just got out of the SUV, take a step forward to a pedestal with the Uzis and Uzi ammo and a flyby starts showing you around this huge palace area. Better put on your running shoes…

Jumping the Pit, the Ornate Lion Key.

Go get the Uzis and 3 x Uzi ammo and head S, to a fenced off area in the corner passing a Medipack behind a fence. Opposite on the wall (E) hidden in a plant is a jump lever. This de-activates the trap and so now you can get Secret #1, a Medipack.

Go to the pit SE. Stand on the tile W of the deep pit and flames appear over the pit, they change position every now and then. Two tigers also will attack. Go to the right, near the wall and face the first flame (underneath an invisible ledge). Run jump when it is about to appear and try to land on the right hand side of the ledge. Immediately save after each successful jump. Turn left and run jump to the spot where the next flame is about to appear, landing a bit left. Go on like this till you are on the last from where you can do a stand jump grab to the pedestal with the Ornate Lion Key. You’ll be transported back to safety.

(Players can be guided here with the sounds of the rolling ball to know when the flames are about to appear/disappear).

We better go use that Key first so we can get some transportation around here. Go back N towards the SUV and to the NE corner building.

The Quad Room Key.

Open the building with the Ornate Lion Key and shoot a Tiger with two heads. In the entrance are some Flares, in the NE corner pillar in the room is a push block, move it under a bit different looking tile on the ceiling in the NW corner and a trapdoor opens where the block used to be. Get in there and use the jump lever on the N side. Climb up and the Quad Room Key is now accessible in the cage in the middle. Grab that and get out.

The Quad.

Go to the right and between the two next buildings (W) is a Keyhole. Go towards the gate that opened and Lara will look to the left, so take note what you see in there. The position of the statues around the 2 Quads, are the clue for the statues in the other room. So three of them only have to be moved one square, the last one a bit more. Go place them and the Quad room opens up.

Quad ride, the South Bridge Key.

Take a Quad, go out of the alley and left or right, run over two soldiers so they won’t bother you again (one will leave a Medipack). Then go all the way W and left around to the other side of the palace (S), to that dirt patch next to that huge statue and approach it facing W and a bit to the right. Ride the bike slowly into the pit under the breakable floor. Go down the ramp timing the flames and all the way down a barrier will lower (only with the Quad).

Take the South Bridge Key from the statue. Turn around and go up the ramp, you can leave the Quad here. At the U-bend in the ramp, look down in the water and spot a Medipack, climb or drop down and get Secret #2, a Medipack from the only safe spot in the pool. Climb back up the wall and go all the way up and out of the pit. Go to the nearby Bridge over the canal.

South Bridge, 2 Buddha Offerings, (lower the W Bridge).

At the South bridge; use the Key. Cross the bridge (you cannot take the Quad), go right and come to a Minefield. Next to it is a Buddha Offering on a pedestal and next to that a lever on the block, use the lever and get a screen of a bridge (W) (1/4). Go to the other side, get the Second Buddha Offering and do the lever, another screen of the bridge (W) (2/4).  Go back over the bridge.

Go back around the Temple to the Quad room (N side) to get another Quad. Take the quad out and go right to a Minefield in the back, turn left there and go all the way to the end (SW corner). Leave the Quad there.

Climbing the Pit: Revolver, Mine Detonator Body.

Be careful as there’s a concealed pit under that leave cover behind the poles and some crocs might appear (kill them with the Quad). Stand near the fence in the far away (SE) corner and face E, hop back into the pit grabbing the edge and drop to a slope, grab the edge. Pull up, back flip roll and grab the pole to swing into an alcove. Run jump out to the left (N) and grab the crack in the wall, go all the way right to that crawlspace and get Secret #3, Bazooka ammo and a Medipack.

Safety drop into the pit, collect Revolver, Flares, the Mine Detonator Body and Revolver ammo.

In the middle of the pit is a jump pad, looking up SE where you can spot that sloped ledge. Stand behind the pad, hop on the pad and hold the forward key to land on the ledge. Grab the edge, pull up and back flip with roll to grab the pole and to swing into the alcove in the corner again. And from the alcove jump to grab the crack in the S wall, shimmy left to get out of the pit.

Destroy the Campsite, Mine Position Data.

From the pit go N to a camp site, left of the tent are three barrels, shoot the first and get a Medipack, shoot the second and a bloke with a Machete appears, get him close to the tent so he will destroy it (you might have to find the best position, or ride the Quad into the tent and let him hit you then). You can now get the Mine Position Data where the tent was.

The Mine Field, the North Bridge Key.

Go N to the next fenced off area and go to the right of it where you can enter, Lara looks at the tile, stand on it and combine Detonator Body and the Data so you can use the Detonator to blow the mines. Cross the field and get the North Bridge Key. Go to the buildings (E) and use the key for the Bridge.

North Bridge, 2 Buddha Offerings.

Do the same here as you did on the other side of the Palace and after getting the 2 Buddha offerings and using the two levers (3/4 and 4/4), the W bridge comes down.

W Bridge.

Go there, cross the bridge and pull the chain to lower the E bridge. Two wraiths appear, go back over the bridge to those white things and they will kill themselves. Get back on the Quad

The E Bridge, use the Offerings.

Go over the E bridge to place the Buddha Offerings at the statues and the big door opens. Go to the right and shoot the grates in the window to get The Bell clue. Look at it and find the clue where to place that pushable Bell (5N 1E 2S). Move the bell there and a block goes up N and a door opens W (The position is 3xN in front of the entrance to the bridge). Go N first to use the pulley wheel and a barrier goes down S, go there, shoot the grates from the window on the left and grab Flares first. Then use the lever on the block to get a wall Torch (1/3) burning.

The Courtyard, the Jungle Sword.

Now enter the courtyard through the door W, go shoot two Stone Monkey warriors and go right around the fountain pool, find some mushrooms and in the back corner between the floating plants you can see something floating (NW corner of the pool). Dive in and grab the Jungle Sword. Climb out and go to the opening N.

N, Blades and Spike logs.

Jump in to the right (out of the way of the moving blades) and turn left, hop NW through the middle of the blades and pass through the swinging monkeys to get to the lever that will ignite another wall Torch (2/3). Back and get through the blades to the other side of the room where the spikes are. Run onto the spikes as soon as they’re up and jump over the rest. Throw the lever to activate the exit door and go back to the entrance door that will open. Out in the courtyard go around to the opening S. Near the pool side are also some Mushrooms.

S, Barrier Puzzle.

Straight in front is a tile, stand on it and see the barriers left and right go down. Turn right and spot the stone patterns that are different from the rest. Jump only on those to get to the lever.

W: from the Tile hop twice E, then turn a bit right to hop diagonally to the one against the other wall walk a bit forward and one more hop to get behind the barrier and throw the lever to activate the exit door.

E: Go back to the tile and do the same at the other side (no clue on the floor there but it the same pattern

 as you just did) to get another Torch (3/3) going. Go out of the room to the courtyard.

W Side, Spikewall and Torches.

Go into the opening W, run to the right and throw only the levers opposite the burning torches, so #2, #3 and #5, turn left and run to side flip into the opened gate. Wait for the wall to pass and use the sword on the lever to activate a raising block in the courtyard.

And More Challenges Upstairs.

Go out of the room, and find a new block on the corner of the pool, jump to the S side balcony. Go right around to the far NW corner and climb up through the middle arch left (W). Jump down into the room and collect Secret #4, the Uzi’s and 8x Uzi ammo.

The Yang Piece.

Go out this room and straight into the opposite room with the boulders hanging. Just run to the closed door (it will open) and grab the Yang Piece, turn around and Lara will look up to a tile over the closed door. Run to the door, duck against it and just wait till the door opens and roll out, it will take a bit though. (When the spike above Lara stops, she can stand up with no harm). Go to the right around to the S side where a Torch now burns. Run around the corner keep going right through a door (W).

The Yin Piece.

Here you’ll have to find and trigger the 5 tiles that make sound and de-activate the spike trap that way (it’s no problem if you touch other tiles). First tile is around the corner to the first right (1), go to the third tile (2) on that side, run against the column in the corner touching the edge of the tile (3). Run diagonally to the second one (from the entrance) on the other side (4), turn and run agaınst the column in the left corner (SW) and the spikes de-activate. Go get the Yin Piece and combine the parts into the Yin Yang Symbol.

Use the Symbol, the Serpent Gem.

Out of the room and straight to the door to use the Symbol there, shoot the two soldiers without going into the room and stand on the marked entrance tile to dim the red light and make the room safe. Go get a Medipack left by a soldier and the Serpent Gem in the back.

Use the Serpent Gem, the Symbol Puzzle.

Go out and to the right (E) side of the balcony and open the door on the right with the Gem, shoot the barrel and then the Snake and grab the Symbol Puzzle. Look for a statue somewhat smaller than the others (NE), face E and pull it out of the corner and push it into the room. Get in the corner for Secret #5, 3x Revolver ammo.

Block and Torch puzzle.

Get out and to the opposite door, open it with the Puzzle Piece, Clear the blocks out of the NE corner to find a Torch, hop on the blocks to ignite it and then ignite the 4 wall scones in this room. This will lower a block. Go there and use the pulley wheel to activate another torch in the courtyard. Leave the torch and go to the N side of the balcony and right hand door.

Obstruction Floor, the Golden Buddha.

Look closely at those little objects on the floor and go in the direction they are pointing (you have no other choice) and you’ll get to the Golden Buddha. Go out of the room and straight, to place the Buddha next to the door.

Yikes, Spikes and a lot of Goodies.

Save at the entrance! Look up right around the corner to spot the jump lever way up, go left and stand back at the wall to jump to the pole to swing to the next and to a break ledge, run curving right and jump to the next, right again and jump the ledges to the lever, a gate opens up. Jump over the spikes into the gate, grab a Bazooka,  Bazooka ammo and a Medipack. Left is 3x Revolver ammo. Hop back into the room; shoot that wooden contraption (W) with the Bazooka. Go get the Bow and the Sight, you’ll see what you have to do with it.

Go out and make your way down to the ground floor, go out E to where you left the Quad, look up on the palace over the bridge and shoot the Bell. Go around the Palace to the other 3 Bridges and shoot the bells there. Cross the N and S bridges and go left and right to two Shiva statues, shoot them (or avoid them). Grab the 2 Wooden Cog Switches, so you will end up with 4 Wooden Cog Switches.

Use the Switches, the Escape.

Go W to where the tent was and use the 4 Switches next to the door in the wall, go in, open the doors and take the Quad out…

G&D, August 16-2014.