BtB 2014_4- Fire Path.

Level by BtB2014

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Actions related to Secrets are in dark blue.

2 secrets

Slide and before the corner, hop on the block in front for MP ammo. Slide down some more to end up near the lagoon. Go to the lever on the jetty and throw it to open a gate in view (straight ahead).

The Khmer Key.

Dive into the water, swim to the right (E) and look left for a tunnel, go up into a small cave with a pedestal, near the skeleton is MP5 ammo. Pull the statue onto the marked tile and the trapdoor closes so you can use the lever over the trapdoor. Fire emerges from the pedestal and the Khmer Key appears. Climb out and get the Khmer Key and swim back to the lagoon and go right, pick up a Medipack near the corner on the bottom, Then go up straight to climb the ladder to the open gate. Use the Key there and follow through sliding down and crawling through the grates after shooting them.

The Camp Site, Lasersight and Jungle Sword.

Shoot the crate next to the opening you came from and get a Lasersight. Next to it are some mushrooms. Look up in the wall and shoot the grate, get in and back flip on the slope in the end, jump to get into the upper passage. Pick up the Flares and run onto the spike tile to get the Jungle Sword, quickly hop back before the spikes activate and get back down to the camp site. Behind the SUV on the other side of the field is a crate with a Medipack.

A Torch.

Pass underneath the tower and go left to the field in the N, a flyby kicks in. Hop onto a block in the left corner to use the lever there, a screen of a block is what you get. Use the Sword on the lever on the other block. The block under the tower goes up, climb up into the tower and get Arrows in one window and Torches in another window. Throw one or two Torches down and go down too.

Go to the pool with a Torch, jump to the shallow water left of the big tree and run jump to the other side. Drop the Torch, shoot a Tiger and shoot a crate to get a fire going. Ignite the Torch there and get back to the tower, jumping over the shallow part (or wade/swim). Ignite the two wall torches on the N side to get some invisible ledges solid (up near the levers N). Leave the Torch.

The Bow. 

Look up E and spot a small balcony, jump up the grassy slope under it and then to the right of the balcony. Hop on it and grab Flares, thatís also a hint for the invisible ledges here. They are hard to see from this angle so better jump down and use the block to get into the tower. From the window N you can see them better. Jump down to the first one, then the one a bit on the left. Then jump through the tree to the right a bit, turn left and jump to the last and then to the jump lever.

A block goes up in the pool, get there, shoot the grate from the wall and get into the crawlspace. Use the ceiling to get over the spike trap and past the burner and get the Bow at the end. Return to the pool and shoot the underwater crates from the block (in case you cannot climb on the block, leave the pool to the grass next to it and then try again).

Now you can open the underwater door in the wall under that crawlspace and swim in and pull the chain. A gate opens up, get out and go left to the tower, climb into the tower, look out the E side window and shoot the Bell where that gate opened. Go down and over the pool to the door that opened in the building at the campfire.

Just before the pit you can grab up right or left ınto a higher passage, taking one side will close the other side. To the right (S-red) is the ammo section, 2x MP5 ammo and Arrows. To the left (N-green) is the health section, 2x Mushrooms and a Medipack.

Get back down, jump into the pit, get the Flares and duck/then roll to go through the pointy wooden logs. Stay low against the sloped ridge as a boulder comes down. Hop up the sloped ridge and in the end near the barrier, turn around, use the Timed jump lever and roll then run into the room.

Three Jungle Gems.

In this room here we need 3 Gems, safety drop down from the ledge with the pedestal to the Main room with 4 gates.

W gate, Water, First Serpent Gem: Go in and into the water, wade out and pull the chain to lower the barrier, wait for the croc to come and shoot it. Go into the next room.

To the right into the tunnel, the first corner has falling rubble, the next spikes; then climb out. Turn around and jump up to use the Jump lever. Go push the statue and immediately duck, crawl backwards and pick up the Flares. Stay low and crawl back into the water where you can find a Medipack. Swim back to the room below (spikes are disabled) and go straight to the opposite tunnel, time the spikes and get the Medipack in the end. Turn around and go up into the tunnel in the ceiling, get air and then go pull the chain and a trapdoor opens in the room below, go back there (spikes are disabled) and up through the trapdoor to a partially flooded room.

Open the ceiling hatch in the corner (NW) and climb up. In the next area get on the block, jump to two jump levers, first W then E (this one is also timed but donít worry) and grab a Torch in the SW corner, go to the Timed tile in the NE corner and then to the one SE to ignite the Torch. If the block went up again, just use the jump lever E again. Go ignite the small table in the middle. You can leave the Torch.

The barrier in the lower room went down. Get back to the room below and now open the hatch in the opposite (SE) corner. Climb up to the right (S) to get Secret #1, the Naga Key and a Medipack. Get out and swim down the trapdoor in the floor to the lower room and into the open barrier N to get the First Serpent Gem. Swim out S, back to the Main Room. Go straight across to the E gate; watch out for that jump pad!

E gate, Fire and Wraiths, Gold Key, Second Serpent Gem:

Hop onto the slanted block, jump and grab the monkey climb, go around the corner over burners into a room with statues. Drop and open the door left (near the ladder) with the Sword and go in to get the Gold Key. Now, there are some push blocks to the right of you, push the one in the middle once (N). Turn left and push that block into the corner where the Key was, pull the middle block back out and crawl left around the middle block through the gap in the wall. Use the lever there (for a secret).

Go out to the room, left and in the corner is a keyhole; use the Key there to lower a block in a passage above. Go to the Monkey warrior statue next to the fire statue and shoot it (looking in the mirror you can see this is the only one without a Wraith, so donít shoot the others).

The trapdoor at the ladder opens up, go up to the top to get the Second Serpent Gem and go back down, find a block that went up under the pulley wheel in the corner. Use the wheel and hear the burner stop. Go back out to where the fire was and collect Secret #2, Arrows, MP5 ammo and a Medipack. Go back to the Main Room and left to the gate S.

S Gate, Mirror and Spike Wall, Third Serpent Gem:

Climb down the ladder, turn around and spot the hidden passage in the mirror while a spike wall comes at you. Get into the passage and just wait out the spiked wall. Use the lever and carefully go left avoiding the traps in the floor, grab the MP5 and go into the hidden passage there to use the pulley wheel, get out and left into the next hidden passage, another pulley wheel and a gate opens up. Go into the gate E, get the MP 5 ammo and (be quick about is as some nasty corkscrew knives come down from the ceiling) climb the ladder and slide down to a crypt. Pick up a Medipack and MP5 ammo (will reappear when you run out of ammo) and look for two pulley wheels behind the Shivaís. Duck next to the wall (right of the Shiva) and roll (duck and sprint key), the Shiva comes alive so shoot it with the MP5. Then use the wheel, do the same in the opposite corner and the barrier to the Third Serpent Gem lowers (S). Leave through the opposite barrier, slide down and pick up mushrooms. Throw the lever next to the ladder (you probably have to do it a few times (4x) to get the spıke wall all the way to the other end of the room) and climb up, use the lever in front of you and all traps trigger so you can see them. Run to the block in the other end of the room and climb back up the ladder to the Main Room.

Using the first 3 Gems, the Sphere of Life.

Go to the jump pad in the middle of the room (you might have found that beforeÖ) and face W, run onto the pad only holding the forward key and land on the ledge with the pedestal. Go place the 3 Gems and a flyby starts, go pick up the Sphere of Life from the pedestal and drop down to the room below again and to the N gate.

N gate, Wake up the Dead: Pull the statue from the tile to the W and the burner stops. Use Sword on the crowbar lever to open the gate.

Use the Sphere of Life.

Go in and quickly around the corner at the top of the stairs, down to the room you saw in the flyby (you can re-use the lever if the door closes again). Left into the lowered wall and here you could use the Naga key if you found it at the first Secret, a block lowers behind you. Pick up the Medipack and 2x MP5 ammo from the alcove and go out. At the end (S) are also mushrooms. Look up, shoot that red gem to de-activate spikes. Go up the sloped ledge in the back and turn around, jump to the pole and swing to the next and onwards to the ledge with spikes. Climb up where the spikes went down and down into the next room where two giant Tigers attack, shoot them and place the Sphere of Life on the pedestal.

With a Little Help from your Friend.

Up the ladder and down and back to the room below and find the dead have risen. Approach her and follow her through the wall she will lower, stay close to her and watch her do things you couldnít. Do not follow her while she is crawling but take the path beside the crawling space. A block will go up on the right, use the lever on top of that block to stop a fire trap at the pool around the corner. Go there and watch Nung  get a bridge out, follow her and leave this place.


G&D, June 07-2014