BtB 2014_3 - Shangri-La.

Level by BtB2014

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

3 Secrets

After the flyby of the big Cave, turn left and go to the wall of the cave to find MP5 ammo, a croc attacks, go to the right (E) and jump onto the arch over the water to get the MP5. Slide off the other side and just a bit to the right is some more MP5 ammo in between the grass.

Dive into the pool and swim under the arch, follow through and pick up some Flares in the lower part of the tunnel. Climb up to the right and turn around to climb the wall in this alcove.

Torch Pool.

Better first run around the room once drawing out a Monkey Warrior and shoot him. Look for a Torch (there are two) in one of the side alcoves and ignite it. There are two wall torches in the room that need to be lit (SE and in the middle of the N wall) and a trapdoor opens in the middle of the room.

Dive down and swim W to find Secret #1, Magnum ammo, Flares, mushrooms and MP5 ammo. Get out, take the Torch and go to the back of the room (E). Jump into the alcove and back flip on the slope to jump up to the upper ledges.

Flame Jumps.

Drop the Torch for a minute, climb the block on the right and behind it is Magnum ammo. Get the Torch again and hop onto the higher block left of the entrance, run jump to the flame pillar and when the flame is down and walk forward into a corner, do stand jumps to the next pillars walking to the corners and finally ignite a wall torch, a wall goes down somewhere.

More Supplies.

Run off onto one of the ledges next to the block you’re on and get Uzi ammo, do a banana jump around the block to get the MP5 ammo from the other side. You can drop the Torch and safety drop down into the room below, go back into the entrance (W) and down to the flooded passage. Jump out to the right to find the lowered wall. Use the lever to open the face doors and shoot your first two soldiers on the Courtyard, one drops the Uzi, the other MP5 ammo.

The Courtyard, a Magnum.

First some supplies and reconnaissance, from the entrance take a right, go into the opening and get Flares from the top of the ramp, notice the opening up left. Hop up and run quickly down the ramp jumping over a pit. Then hop into the pit and swim through the tunnel, down to the right in the pool and get Uzi ammo, MP5 ammo in the other end.

Swim back to the entrance and climb out the pool, shoot a Monkey Warrior and a Tiger, go into the passage right (E), watch out for the knives dropping from the ceiling. Follow through and get the Magnum. Go back, crawl under the knives and go into the opposite passage.

Darts Room.

The gate around the corner to the right will open for you. Don’t jump as there are darts just above your head. Two Monkey Warriors attack, shoot them and go to the back to the area.

In the back on the left is a pit and poles above it; stand at back of the pit, facing the pole (E) and stand jump to grab it. Swing to the balcony up in front and run over 5 tiles to lower a block on the central pillar. Jump via that pillar into the opening W and throw the lever to get a screen of a waterfall at the pool where you just came from.

Walk on Water, the Lasersight, the Yang Piece.

Drop down and go back to the pool, hop to the middle and Lara can now walk on water, run across over the water, climb out at the other side and go left and right to get 2x Uzi ammo at the gates. Climb the ladder in the middle and climb off left, jump along the E side ledge and platforms to get Uzi ammo on the last and the Lasersight from under the skeleton.

Now look up right to the E wall and spot a large bell, shoot that with Magnum and Sight, a door opens in the pool for a Secret. Dive into the pool along one of the sides (not onto the invisible bridge) and swim to the right into an open door in the W wall, inside get Secret #2, MP5 ammo and 2x Uzi ammo. Back out of the water and up the ladder, again jump the platforms to the other side, but take the other side and get the Flares.

In the back is a passage to that boulder pit from before, just grab the mushrooms and turn around. Head to the left into a passage (E) and get the Yang Piece from the pedestal. Throw the lever and drop down through the trapdoor.

Go back out to the courtyard and right to the fence around the pool and right again to a grassy corner with Uzi ammo. From the higher ground to the left, hop over the fence into the pool and on the bottom is 2x Uzi ammo. Get out and go to the far back of the courtyard. To the left is a warehouse with 2 soldiers; they might have come for you already…

Timed Gate.

Inside go left and find a lever (W wall). Save there and pull, turn and sprint outside, straight to that gate (W) around some trees with jumps. Jump around the spiked logs and in the next room you have to pull/push two statues to the tiles next to the gate for it to open.

Shiva’s and a Push Puzzle.

Shoot the two Shiva’s and find Uzi ammo in an alcove to the right and Flares to the left. There are 5 levers in the back. Up E is a statue that has to go to the other side of the room over the raising blocks. You only have to use the lever on the right, and two blocks go up completing the wall. Climb up next to the lever and jump over to the E balcony. Move the statue across the room to the tile W and the gate above the levers opens up revealing a ladder.

Transparent Ledges, the Yin Piece.

Jump over and go up the ladder and off to the right, on the floor are the Uzis, then look into the room with binoculars to spot a series of transparent ledges, both along this side and the right hand side. Light a flare, stand jump to the first (doesn’t matter you take left or right) and do run jumps from one to the other to get across and hop into the alcove with the Yin Piece. Make your way back and go down to the ground floor, out through the spike log passage to the Courtyard.

Use the Yin Yang Symbol, To the Temple.

Go left and then at the pool to the right and use the Symbol at the doors. Go down into the corridor, shoot a Stone Monkey Warrior and go to the pit, grab the crack in the pillar on the left and go right around, down arrow to back flip to a block in the corner. Drop from that block to grab the Magnum ammo from the lower ledge and climb back up. Jump over to the floor on the right (E) and shoot two tigers in close combat.

The Temple, open the trapdoor.

Look left and right to spot two bells, shoot them with pistols and a trapdoor will open over a ladder for later.

Run out left grabbing a slanted block and drop onto a triangle ledge in the corner of the pool, quickly jump to one of the nearby floors or battle the croc from that corner.

Two Serpent Gems.

Jump into the opening below the one you came from (W) and go over a pool, carefully around the corner in the passage and lure eth Monkey Warrior out to shoot him. Then go in again and watch out for three falling boulders. In the other end of the room is the First Serpent Gem. Go back to the pool and two soldiers open fire, shoot them.

Jump left to the floor and go into the deepest part of the pools there to get some Magnum ammo. Back out and left (E) to the far left corner of the water, climb left onto the ledge (NE) and check the grass for the Second Serpent Gem.

Use the Gems, up to the Pedestal.

Now go into the place where two Shiva’s are waiting for you. Shoot those and get up the ladder in the back (trapdoor opened by shooting the bells before). Back flip off and go out, to the right and place the Gem in the side room behind the waterfall.

Turn and stay to the right and at the balustrade stand looking SW, turn around and side flip onto the slanted waterfall block. Grab the edge and shimmy all the way left to Secret #3, a Medipack. Drop from the ledge and get out of the pool.

Back up the ladder (E) and now to the second receptacle for a Gem, you have to take the left opening. A block lowers in the entrance to the ladder, climb up and jump over to the platform with the Wheel of the Law Artefact. The level ends before you can take it.

G&D June 18-2014.