BtB 2014_2 - The Eternal Springs of Yasovarman I.

Level by BtB2014

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

5 Secrets.

Take over the Campsite.

Immediately as you slide into this place, start shooting the soldiers (there are two of them), try to stay close to then so they won’t use their bazookas. One of them leaves some mushrooms (small medipack).

The Bow.

Get into the pool and to the opening W, pick up the Flares, then wade up and a flyby starts. Get down, swim to the right (N) and get out to shoot the crocs. Now swim to the opposite side of this river, Climb out on the left (E) and find a small cave behind a bush, pull the push able block, exit the cave, dive in the water (N) and then go right around to enter the same cave from the water, get the Secret #1, a Medipack from where the block was. Swim out and left, to the end of the river and climb out straight, open the double doors there. Go in and to the right, shoot the statue and get Explosive arrows. Turn around and go right again, shoot another statue in that room (NE) and get the Bow.

The Bridge.

Shoot the skeletons with it and go further into the room. A gate opens in the back, use the pulley wheel there and see a block go down on a pillar outside. Outside take a left and find an opening to a cave (N), follow in and go left to the next section, shoot the Tiger there and get onto a ledge in the back (left). Climb up on the left and grab the monkey swing, go to the opposite corner and drop to use the pulley wheel there, a barrier goes down somewhere.

Go out of the cave to the river and swim back left around the corner, climb out at the end and go left into the corner in front of a grassy slope. Backflip on the slope and jump to grab a ladder, go up with Lara’s feet just on the ladder and backflip to where that barrier opened up.

Go to the next cave with pointy hammers swinging and “spikes on the side”. Get through and use the pulley wheel to lower the second pillar. Look right of the wheel and spot a hole in the floor, just over the hole is Secret #2, the Uzi’s. You have to jump over the hole avoiding the spikes to get them. Side-flip onto the slope to slide into the hole and drop into the familiar cave. Go out to the river, turn right and climb the block against the building (W).

The Khmer Key.

Turn around and jump the pillars to the wooden bridge and go over to the building, take a left over the block, go right, pick up the Flares around the corner and turn around. Jump over the waterfall to the other side and slide a bit before you jump over the spikes on the slope.

Coming to a small room with a block, push the block into the wall (E) and pull the next block out of the wall. Go around into the passage in the back (E) and follow back to the river. Dive in to the right and find the tunnel under the waterfall, inside where you moved that block from is the Khmer Key. Swim out and go to the right up the other waterfall again to get to the lower part of the river. Swim left, around the corner to the building left (S), use the Khmer Key on the lock there, left of the gates. Follow through to get to the Temple.  Just inside to the right behind the column is a crevice; get in for Secret #3, a Medipack.

Get back out and follow through to the end of this passage. Hop down, swim right (W) and climb up at the end, turn left and go up the Temple steps, keep to the right where a lower area has something for that friend of yours which showed up. After he killed himself, go up to the top of the Temple, to the NE corner where a floor lever will open a gate in the wall of the building to the right (E), the gate with the ledge in front.

A Shiva, the Wooden Hub.

Go down the steps to the ground floor of the Temple (NE) and jump over the water to a ledge left of the block E. Turn right and stand back two steps, stand jump and grab the pole, swing till you are on that ledge in front of the gate you just opened. At the end of the passage you’ll see a Shiva walking around. Hang from the edge, shimmy left and from the ladder a back flip roll to grab the other side, shimmy left around the corners and drop onto the floor. Roll and run to the furthest lever (N). Throw it to stop two of the flames around the pedestal. Save and go to the one at the other end (S), two more flames gone. Go get the Wooden Hub and run W off the floor into the water, swim out to the Temple and go right around to the W end because another fan of yours showed up. You know where you can get rid of it (behind the Temple NW).

The Wooden Cog.

Now go all the way around (or over) the Temple to the opposite corner (SW) and go up the walls. There’s a kind of passage next to the Temple (like where you kill the Wraiths), get in there and up to the right is a pulley wheel. Go back out and all the way to the top of the temple, dive into the pool there and find an open trapdoor. Swim down a bit and swim through a passage (W) to pull a chain to lower a barrier, roll and back to the shaft, swim all the way down and follow the tunnel through the opened barrier. At the end go up and climb out.

For a Secret, shoot a Bell NW, dive back down into the tunnel and swim back to the shaft where you use the chain, this time swim in the opposite side (E) where a barrier went down and get Secret #4, Uzi ammo. Get back to the room with the Bell and climb up near the Bell.

Turn right and jump to the NW corner for some Uzi ammo. Then drop down at the ledge near the waterfall. Make your way down to the pool below. You can see some poles over a deep hole, get onto the ledge just below, with the plants and stand jump from the back to the first pole, keep jumping the poles to get to a jump lever N which will open a big door.

Go back to the corner (SW) where you came down to this room and climb the ladder back up and pull up on the S wall, go left and jump over the waterfall and go around the structure and find a block where you can get back to the top. The door opened straight ahead, shoot the Bell on the left side and a gate opens up left (S wall). Jump there and get the Wooden Cog. Drop out of the gate in front and get up the nearby corner of the Temple again to get rid of the Wraith down there. Go all the way around (or over) the Temple to the corner (where you used the pulley wheel) and on the first tier of the Temple (SW) is the receptacle for the combined Cog and Hub, the Wooden Cog Switch. Just left of the switch, on the hill is an Uzi ammo pickup.

Naga’s Lair, a Golden Buddha.

A nice Flyby shows the opening of doors and a bridge forms over the water. Go over the bridge to enter the building, doors close. The next hall is Naga’s Lair; she/he is to the right. Stand right and hop onto the edge of that pillar with the column on top, walk along the side and jump grab the next pillar, pull up and turn left to hop to the pillar with the statue. Hang from the N side and drop to grab the jump lever; this will lower a barrier in the pool below. Swim left to the wall and follow that wall left around the corner to get to Secret #5, 2x Uzi ammo. Swim out and right around the corner, up and get out fast, take cover behind the pillar.

Two Jump Levers.

The pillar where you are standing behind has a jump lever on the side of Naga, the one next to it (W side) also has a jump lever, both of them open a gate upstairs. Climb the lower pillar (NE) and run jump to grab the one S, use the jump lever on the back. Do the same for the other jump lever and then get onto the pillars again. This time jump S and take a left into an opening (E) where you opened that gate.

Follow through till you come to pointy logs in the passage, duck close to them and roll through. Shoot the statue on the right to get the mushrooms. Drop from the end of the passage and go right to some stairs. Grab the Golden Buddha there. Climb the block on the left with the plants and grab the MP5 and some ammo for it.

The Shiva.

Go down the left side of the stairs and look left for blocks in the pool. Jump there, climb up and get onto the monkey climb across the pool. Drop on the block and jump to the Shiva, I used the remaining 3 explosive arrows shooting from the last block.

After the Shiva died, approach the gate and it will open up, out to the right in the water and get back onto the pillars’ jump over the ones with the jump levers to the other side of the room and left to the floor (S). Place the Buddha in the shrine and enter the gate that will open up left.

Dark Dungeons, Flood the Tomb Room.

Take a right down the stairs, enter the flooded passage and notice the blocks in the wall and the grates to the left. Through the grates you can see a room where we need to raise the water level. Go to the end, face N and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the higher passage, the gate opens. Drop into the room and have some heavy weapon ready to shoot the Giant Tiger. Blocks lower so you can push the two blocks in front of the grates in the passage. This section is done; go back up the stairs and into the now open gate straight ahead. Do the same there as you just did and go back up the stairs, where a flyby shows you the Tomb moved aside. Go to the left and dive down into the Tomb room, climb up on the Tomb floor and in the open Tomb is the Wheel of the Law Artefact.

Climb up, go to the open gate SW and slide out of here…

G&D June 06-2014.