BtB 2014_1 - Shambala’s Pathfinder. 

By BtB 2014.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Part 1: Shores of Bolen Del Gali, Arrival.  

Run a bit to the left and jump to the crate in the water and fetch the Medipack in between the plants. Jump back to the beach and go to the biggest waterfall (SW). Stand on the right side block and hop into the opening behind the fall and grab Flares. Jump out and now we go for a swim. Into the water and swim into the tunnel left (NW), take a left and through an opening to where you can catch your breath in between the lilies. There are two openings, one left (S) and one on the right (N)

Flooded Temple.

The one on the right (N) is a dead-end, so take the other one and swim down some stairs to get to a flooded temple. Swim around the corner and on the right (E) is a doorway, swim through and up and get out of the water.

For some pick-ups, jump either left or right and near the N wall grab the Uzi ammo from the skeleton and on the wooden block in the S end of the pool a Medipack.

The Elevator.

So now you’re familiar with the place go back to the waterhole and climb up E. Pass the chain (spikes) and go straight, jump up on the right and climb up E to end on the top of this beach area.

Go to the right and take a running jump to the balcony at the waterfall, go to the end and jump through the waterfall to find a pulley wheel you can use. You’ll see a floor being lifted, below of where you are now.

The Jungle Sword.

Easiest way to get down is to jump over the balustrade into the water and climb out OR jump back to the rocks and safety drop down, jump into the opening behind the waterfall again and then down the stairs into the water. Wade through this room and climb out at the end (NW corner). Jump over to a higher ledge (E) and climb up into the opening there. Turn around and jump over to grab the ledge W.

Go to the left into the passage and out in the open, pick up the Healing mushrooms (small medipack) in the grass. Cross the bridge, shoot the box for Uzi ammo, the Uzis and the Jungle Sword.

The First Ornate Wood Carving.

Turn around and you can use the ladder to the right of the bridge (or just jump into the water), climb the wooden crate and take a running jump into that alcove N. Use the Sword on the lever (see flyby of a door opening and a block going up). Use the ladder to get up to the bridge again and cross it, through the passage on the end and to the right, and get back to the water room. Hop down to the ground floor.

Get the Push block on the Elevator.

Wade through the water to the other side (E) and up the block that went up there. We have to go back to the upper opening behind the waterfall, so climb out at the beach and down into the water, swim NW and left again, left down the stairs and around the corner into the opening (E) up and out.

Jump over and climb up, pass the chain and up to the right. Jump back to the balcony and in the room behind the waterfall you’ll find the gate has opened up.

Jump down onto the elevator, and find a pushable block in the NW corner, that’s the block you saw from the other side. Pull it once and leave again, get to the balcony and either find your way back down using the rocks W or jump in the water and climb up behind the waterfall again.

Go through the lower water room and climb up the block in the corner and turn around, jump to the ledge E and go up the slope, here is where you pulled the pushable. Push it and you also created a shortcut.

Jump on that push block and use the sword to pry loose an Ornate Wood Carving.

The Wooden Hub.

Get down from the block and into a new passage (S). Follow through and get up a waterfall. In that small indentation in the floor grab the Wooden Hub and see spikes retracting at that chain.

The Chain, the Wooden Cog.

Nothing else to do than retracing your steps to the pushable block and jump from the balcony to the rocks W, go up right to that opening in the rock wall. Go down to the room with the chain and now you can finally pull that chain. Go down W towards the waterhole. Go left or right and onto the stone bridge and push the lever to switch the position of trapdoors.

Jump left or right onto the trapdoor near the waterfall W and climb up. Around the corner is a pulley wheel, so use it to lower a block under water.

Leave and dive into the water, straight into the passage E, as the block that went down is underwater is opposite the ladder there. Get the Wooden Cog and you’ll get a screenshot of an opening near the waterfall on the beach.

Place the First Ornate Woodcarving.

Swim up and climb out at the ladder, go E and up to the room with the chain. Use it again to switch the spikes at the lever and go back to the room with the lever on the bridge, jump around the spikes using the crate in the water and throw the lever again to get the trapdoors N&S back up. Use the crate S to jump to that trapdoor and place the Woodcarving in the niche S.

Use the Wooden Cog Switch.

Combine the Wooden Hub with the Wooden Cog and get a Wooden Cog Switch. Go back to the beach and pull up into an opening just left of the big familiar waterfall

Run up the slopes and shoot a snake in the next area. Use the Wooden Cog Switch on the E wall.

A block comes up so you can use the lever on the block. The door behind Lara opens so go there and jump to the right (E). Take another jump to the next ledge and keep jumping till you can enter an opening on the right. In there is another Snake and at the end a pulley wheel. A door opens somewhere below the grate.

The Second Ornate Wooden Carving.

Make your way back to the ledge at the waterfall and jump down into the water, climb out and go to the E wall and find a small crawlspace near some roots (under the small balcony).

Get in and the door is on the far left. Inside go straight and pry the second Ornate Wooden Carving.

Go back out and to the big waterfall, through the passage and Lily room to the underwater temple and if you haven’t done it before, use the chain and then the floor lever to get the platforms up so you can place the Wooden Carving on the left and right (if you didn’t yet S and N wall).

Watch the fly by and get back out to the beach, go to the E side and jump in the water and swim into the opening and up some stairs. Swim through an opening on the right (S), then up some stairs and step into the teleport to get to the next part.

Part 2- Shambhala’s Pathfinder.

Incense Sticks and Dried Lilies.

On this floor there are two more teleports but for now go straight (S) through the rooms and at the end take a left. Behind a banana tree are some mushrooms (small medipack). Keep going E and then go to the right. Pass a small pond with a Buddha statue in it and go down some steps to an abyss. Safety drop at the left side (and losing some health) down to a block below and turn around then take a running jump to the other side (S).

Pick up the Incense Sticks, step to the right onto the grassy ledge with the tree and safety drop into the water there (from the lowest point from the S side). There is a native running around down there, so kill him. In the other pool (NE) is a small Buddha statue, stand in the water in front of it and make an offering with the Incense Sticks. A block goes up in the other pool (SW). Go there and pick up the Dried Lilies (you’ll get a screen of where to use them)

Then go through to the room in the E, take a left and use the teleporter to get back up.

More Incense Sticks and Dried Lilies.

Once up go straight (W) to the next teleporter and get up to the top level. Shoot another native and go to the next room with the hole in the floor. On the left is a skeleton that left a Medipack.

Hop onto the floating ledge with the tree and look down N, just run down from the ledge to land on a wall with the Incense Sticks.

Hop down into the pool below and make an offering with the Incense Sticks at the little Buddha statue. Turn around where a block went up so you can grab the Dried Lilies.

Use the Dried Lilies, over the Abyss.

Go N and left, follow back to the teleporters; step into the one to the left (W) to get back up. Head straight (E) around the hole in the floor and in the next room in the back are two Buddha’s, use the Lilies there and get a screen of the abyss. Go back to the teleporter, take a right (S) and at the end a left then follow through to where you got the last Dried Lily in the pond. Go straight to the abyss.

At the abyss stand on the right side and spot a ledge, jump there and then to the right into the opening to get some Mushrooms and Secret #1, the Ornate Lion Key.

Don’t forget to pick up the Uzi ammo, Magnum ammo and Medipack from the skeleton. Jump back to the ledge and now jump to grab the small island E from where you can jump on the right to the other side of the abyss

The Temple Cave.

Follow through down to the pool and slide down to the next area using the waterfall, watch the flyby.

The Mine Detonator, Mine Position Data.

Wade and swim to the left of the wooden bridge (NW) and go straight, do not enter the opening on the right just yet. Find a pulley wheel on the last pillar (left) and look up to see a wooden bridge go up.

Go to the structure on the left (W) and head left along the shore, after the crate jump via the rocks to the other side. Head straight (E) over the waterfall and near the end at the tree you can go up to the right to the higher ledge.

Go up the first steps leading to the entrance and go to the left (W) end, face S then safety drop down one ledge, go to the S into an alcove in the rocks to find the Mine Position Data Card at the skeleton. Back out and to the front of the rocks, climb back up at the corner and enter the Temple.

There are two Stone Temple Warriors there and hidden between plants on top of a wooden crate you find Revolver ammo. Go back out and from the pool you can jump over floating islands to the bridge NW. Go onto the balcony (there’s nothing in those barrels) and around the corner into the first house. Shoot a crate in the window and get the Mine Detonator Body.

Blow the Mine Field, the Quadbike.

Go out, and from the bridge a drop down left into the pool below, wade back up the N shore. Now go straight (N) and into that opening. Shoot the tiger, combine the Mine Detonator Body with the Mine position Data to get the Mine Detonator and walk to the edge of that wooden bridge and use it from the inventory. The minefield explodes so go over the bridge now and grab the Medipack near the tent. 

Ride the Bike.

Get on the Quad bike and drive out, sharp to the left and then a right at the wall torch, stop before the wooden bridge and now line up for some jumping over small islands and wooden crates to the right ending up on the W shore.

Then go to the right (N) into the entrance to an elevator of sorts and enjoy the ride up (you can see an entrance below the elevator). Leave the bike there and climb up on a window opening S.

The Torch.

Now we have to get down under the raised elevator. Run jump W over the left corner of the fence, landing on a sloped surface, grab the edge and safety drop down. Go back into the opening to the elevator. Get some Flares and shoot the snake. Climb up on the right; pull the skeleton away for the Ancient Key.

Then go behind the jumping pad (face S) run onto the pad and hold only the forward key pressed to end on top of the wooden boxes. Turn to the right, jump to the balcony and open the door with the Ancient Key, shoot a crate and get 2x Uzi ammo, Medipack and a Torch (you see also where to use it).

Up with the Torch.

Leave this place and once out go to the left wade through the water and ignite the Torch near the wooden bridge. Make your way with the Torch to the waterfall S and jump up to the temple and use the floating islands to get to the wooden house. Ignite the wall torch there and you can throw it down.

Enter and go up the small slope, in the window is a crate, shoot it to get the Revolver. Shoot the nearby barrel and face S, jump up and climb into the opening in the ceiling. Go to the right, over a wooden bridge and shoot the crate for Revolver ammo and Laser Sight, you’ll get a screen of something in the Temple.

Shoot the Gems.

Now we have to go to the Temple again, you can use the islands to jump back or jump in the water and climb the rocks again. Go in and to the other side of the pool, look up N and shoot the two red gems from the mouth of the gargoyles. Climb the block that appeared and get onto the floating the island and jump over to the N.

The Gong Hammer.

Go to the left corner (NW) and side flip onto the roof on the left and grab the edge. Shimmy right around the corner, pull up and jump/roll and grab a floating island. Push the statue once and you see some spikes popping up, meaning they are de-activated. Now we have to get to the other side of that roof, what you can do is stand on the ledge with the trees, about two steps back and stand jump down to the floor below the roof (use Ctrl at the end of the jump).

Make your way back up the block/island and jump to the N again. This time go right (NE) and side flip onto the roof, grab the edge and go left around to a platform.

Jump over the fence into the alcove where the spikes went down and use the chain to raise a trapdoor. Walk out left and safety drop down; jump over to the trapdoor and onwards to the balcony.

Jump left onto the island and from there to a crooked ledge on the rock wall again. Grab up to the wooden platform and turn around, do a curved run over the platform to jump to the ledge against the rock wall (S). Jump up to the island on the right and go up onto the block. Follow the route jumping the islands to the SE corner, shoot a snake and jump to grab the roof of the Temple. Shimmy right around corners till you are over the waterfalls below, from the middle of that part a back flip roll and grab the block with the Gong Hammer. You’ll see some doors open up.

For a Secret, jump back and grab the roof; shimmy all the way around right and pull up to get Secret #2, the Gaja-simha Key. Safety drop from this ledge to the roof below, grab the edge of the roof. Shimmy left a bit and jump/roll to the ledge with the statue again. Just run off the W end into the water and get onto the W shore.

Sound the Gong.

Go right and left over the wooden crates into a large corridor and through to a large hall with two Shiva’s, you can shoot them with the revolver or just avoid them. In the grass N and SE are mushrooms. Go up to the Gong S and use the Hammer, a big wall opens up as you can see.

The Unknown Energy Source.

Go through the wall on the left (W) and up the stairs, open both sets of doors and enter the ones on the right in the back of that passage is a big bell you can shoot with pistols by jumping up. A block goes down in the other passage, but first enter the room on the right. Use both Secret keys on the S wall and another key appears on the pedestal N. Grab Secret #3, the Gold Secret Key.

Go out and right around corners into the other passage where the block went down, go get the Unknown Energy Source.


Go out and down the stairs, the Shiva room is closed so take a left and run into the teleporter. 

Part 1: Shores of Bolen Del Gali, Return.

Wait a bit and swim forward after the rubble fell down, next room you can go up for air if you need, then swim through straight (S) and go up some stairs and further up grassy slopes till you see a pillar with a keyhole on it, if you didn’t get the key, go left of the pillar, jump over the sloped part and continue up the slope to end the adventure.

The Golden Buddha (secret).

Use the Gold Secret Key there and go drop down the trapdoor behind the pillar. Get Secret #4, the Golden Buddha. Hop down S and swim through S and go up grassy slopes to the pillar with a keyhole on it, go left of the pillar, jump over the sloped part and continue up the slope to end the adventure.

G&D, May 28-2014