Back to Basics 2013 - "Nordic Challenge"

Level index.

Provided saves in these walks won't give you the fastest time,

they were made while doing the walkthrough.

  #  Level name                                                 Saves folder   Level Builder
  1  Blizzard  Saves  
  2  Summertime Sadness  Saves  
  3  Nordic Challenge  Saves  
  4  Search for the last realm of Thor  Saves  
  5  Hammer of the Gods  Saves  
  6  Save the Dwarves  Saves  
  7  Leprechaun's Hideout  Saves  
  8  Ultimate Challenge of the Northern Gods  Saves  
  9  Six Feet Under  Saves  
 10  Return to Jerpoint Abbey  Saves  
 11  Jormungr  Saves  
 12  Septentrion  Saves  
 13  Oath of the Icy Tower  Saves  
 14  The Cottage in the Valley  Saves  
 15  Nidavellir, Land of the Dwarves  Saves  
 16  Frozen Winston  Saves  
 17  The Frozen Fire under the Sea  Saves