The Escape.

Level by Adngel.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Itís so dark in this level you can hardly see if an enemy is dead or still shooting at you (as long as you see blood, theyíre alive).

The Shoot Out.

Three guards start shooting Lara when she is going outside, the one NE leaves the Uzi when he dies. The ones on the balconies are hard to shoot so leave them be. Try to deal with those guys one by one.

Go to the E and a guard will come out of a door on the left, donít go in there as you will be locked up forever. Just shoot him and get his Uzi ammo. Another guard is roaming this place, so take care of him as well. Go even further E (there is nothing under all those boxes) so continue and then take a right (S), more guards and one leaves Uzi ammo.

Go SE and turn around, spot a ladder N, climb up and up another ladder around the corner. Climb to the top and shift/shimmy to the left along that beam and down the next ladder. Take a standing jump to the swing pole and get to the other side. Shoot the guard and go right (E) as the room where he came out of is empty. The other door opens, up a dog and a guard are there. There is nothing in the room there also. Go out and around the corner and get down the ladder to the ground floor.

Go W to find a jump lever on the first pillar and pull it. Use the ladder to get up again, go left and look for an opening in the balustrade. Take a running jump to the top of the pillar, walk to the left (E) and climb up a scaffolding. Use the slide and open the door E. Go in, pass a closed door, walk to you hear a door and see the door at the end is closing. Retrace your steps now the first door is open. Go in and shoot some boxes on the right as well as the guard to get hold of his Uzi ammo.

Now go up the stairs and through the corridor to the end. Shoot another guard and open the door on the right (S). Go down the stairs, a ladder and when you are in a room with what looks like a green wooden floor, save the game.

Go to the other side and the trapdoors open; Lara falls in the water. In the NE is a spot you can climb up, go to the E but donít slide down take a right (S) and stand at the height of that island, Slide down and jump with a slight left curve to land on the left side of that rock. Here you find Secret #1, a small medipack.

Back to the water and pull up NE again, now go E over to the top and slide down at the other side. You are in a cave, follow though all the way and climb up at the end. There is a bat coming from the right, after killing him go where it came from (SW).

Walk slowly to the edge of the abyss. Jump to the grey rock on the right (N), go up to the climb wall and climb up to the second horizontal bar, back flip/roll and grab the swing pole to swing and end up hanging from scaffolding. Pull up, walk to the end and take a step back, then hop back once and take a running jump to the swing pole to get to the other side. Go to the right and take a running jump with a roll so you slide backwards and grab the edge. Pull up, back flip/roll to grab another edge. There is a fixed camera the moment you pull up, but walk to the highest point. Jump up to grab the monkey swing and swing to almost the end. Turn around and let go, slide down and grab the edge. Pull up, back flip/roll and grab another edge. Shimmy to the right and release on a safe piece of rock. (I had a bug here when trying to look with the binoculars, Lara froze) Go right and face N, take a running jump and grab yet another ledge, shimmy to the right, around a corner. Lara will put her feet onto the wall but you have to hoist her up, then back flip and jump up to grab a ladder. Climb as high as she will go, then back flip/roll and grab a iron pillar.

Be careful as a bat can push you off again. Take a running jump to another ledge (S), another running jump S onto a piece of rock and pull up. Go to the tip of this rock and take a running jump to another piece of rock W. Stand to the left and jump to the crack in the W wall and shimmy to the right, over the waterfall and around the pillar there and end up on a ledge. Go NW into a small cave area. In the SW corner is a slope, jump on it, back flip and jump twice, then grab a monkey swing and swing forward so you get up one floor above. Follow through and shoot the thug. Go to the right and open the door.

Shoot the boxes inside to clear the path for the push block S to get on the marked tile at the E wall. Now you can push the button, enter the door and go up the stairs, open the next door and watch the fly by.

Step further and shoot the bad guy and a second one when you go straight ahead, this one leaves some Shotgun ammo.

For now go back to the door and go S and jump to the other side of the tracks, another thug arrives, shoot him for his Shotgun ammo. The boxes only harbor some rats.

Go to the SW entrance and go all the way to the back. When you reach a fence, turn around and shoot the electric box to use the timed switch inside. Before using the switch better have a walk around as another thug is hiding in this area.

Use the switch and run out (N) over the tracks to the door where you entered, go around the corner into the corridor and the first door on the right is open. For now we canít do much here so go out and to the end of the corridor (E) and go up the stairs. You will encounter two more thugs. Go down the escalator S, up the dirt mount and climb the wall. On top go forward and crawl through, then drop down into a corridor.

Go N and shoot a rat, you end up overlooking the tracks. First go left (W) and pull down a jump lever near the wall behind the barrels. Now go to the other end (E) and jump to the block that is hanging on a chain. From there to the other side (N) and pull back that block you find there. Jump back to the other side again, safety drop down to the tracks and shoot the guy there.

Back to the entrance (N) and right into that passage, now the door on the right is also open. Go down the stairs and to the end of the tunnel for Secret #2, a small medipack. Go back up the stairs to the corridor and left (E). This time go up the escalator S, then left (E) and the door straight ahead will open when you approach. Shoot the guy and enter the door.

The Blue Fuse, the Shotgun.

Go up the stairs and in the room upstairs there are 4 switches on the wall. From left to right number the switches, 1 to 4. I used switch #1 and #4 and the doors opened. Go into the door S and up the stairs, shoot a rat and the boxes and get the Blue Fuse as well as the Shotgun (MP5). The trapdoor in the corner opens, better save the game here.

Face N and drop down on the left side, take a running jump N, a standing jump to the right and a running jump straight again. Shoot the electric box and use the switch, go out the door shooting a thug.

Go left down the escalators and to the right down the escalators there into the corridor and left, left again into the timed door you already opened before. Place the Fuse at the S wall. Climb up the ladder next to it and go to the left to use the floor lever. Two thugs appear from the door behind you, shoot them. In the room behind the door is another one, he carries the Elevator Key. There is nothing else to do here, so leave, down the ladder and through the next room to the corridor. Go right (E) and a guard will shoot at you from the now open room E. You cannot kill him so dash up the escalator and to the left (E) up the next escalator and shoot the two soldiers. Go down the escalators S, up the ladder on the dirt mount and down at the other side. You will get shot from the left but you cannot shoot back so run through this passage towards the tracks. Go right (E) and climb the ladder that is on that black texture.

Shoot the electric box there and use the Key. Go into the elevator and push the button, when the door opens, get out. The electric box around the corner needs a key so leave it. Go into the passage and around the corner and on the right is a door you can open. Shoot the boxes for a small medipack, and pull back both crates from the W wall. Go back to the passage and a bit further around to the right is another door to open. Pull the block NW back once. Side jump over the table and push the block in the corner. Crawl through the crawlspace and get the Yellow Fuse, go back out and use it at the S wall. Go out and go straight through this passage (walk left as the collision of the light makes it a bit hard) and shoot the guard. Better save before you enter.

Run in the door and keep on running and into the opening on the left to avoid the barrels. Pick up a small medipack where the barrels went. If you go up the stairs there, youíll trigger another barrel. So better go downstairs so you have time enough when the same barrel comes down the stairs. Go to the end and jump down onto the roof (W). Jump at the end to a even lower roof. Go left under the arch and in the SW corner is a push block. Push it as far as you can and enter the passage. Get out onto a small balcony and go to the right. Run jump to the roof W and again, then keep going forward youíll get to more roofs but watch out for a crow. Look N with the binoculars and see some breakable tiles. The easy way is to jump to the roof W and shimmy all the way to the end. Pull up and back flip, roll and a running jump over the breakable tiles to grab the bridge there (savegame.0).

Go left and use the slide and after you land, to the left is a jump lever. Then safety drop down and go to the S wall. Go to the S and stand jump to the first slope and grab the edge. Shimmy left, pull up and jump with a left curve to the next slope, slide and jump then grab the edge. Then climb the ledges where the candle sticks are on to the wall N. Pick up the Exit Key on the block NE and a trapdoor comes up. Use that to get back to the entrance.

Go back to the two shallow pools and shoot two guards. Go W into an alcove and use the Key there.