Lara And The Pit.

Level by Isis (Sue Wicks)

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Stuff on the Rooftops.

Turn around and in an alcove SE are some Flares. Shoot the two rats that are coming and head to the N. Lara will look up, walk to the end of that sloped roof on the right, grab the roof and pull up. Back flip onto the other roof. Keep jumping left till you are on the ledge. Face S and jump over and again over that sloped roof (on the left side) and jump to the end of the roofs and pick up that small medipack. Go back over the ledge on the right and jump to the smoking chimney N. There is a jump lever on the back, you値l have to use it. This raises a trapdoor.

Get back to the ledge you reached by using the roofs of the alley. Face the river and see that flat roof a bit on the left? Hop back and take two steps back as well then take a running jump over the W roof, and then jump again with a curve left to end up on that flat piece. Get the Medipack and the Shotgun ammo for Secret #1.

Moving the Container.

Get back onto the ground floor and go back to the alley, climb the trapdoor N and jump up to the E, there痴 a closed door here we値l get back to in a bit. From there jump to the other side and enter to the right. Follow the broken tracks down and use the lever.

This means going back up and out, down on the trapdoor and up E. Go into the open door and pull the block, you値l hear and feel a loud rumble. When it is over, go back to where the container was. You値l see the container has moved.

The Revolver.

Go down the tracks and climb the bin and go even higher. Go forward and drop down then take a running jump N. Near the blue door left, pick up the Shotgun ammo. Turn around and jump up the block E, turn again and jump up to grab the grates walkway. Crawl in and drop down into a passage. Go to the end and climb over a wall and once down at the other side, kill some rats. Go S through that passage and drop down in a courtyard. SE is a button to open the door in the room where the container was moved. Kill a bat and we have to go back again. So go into the passage, over the wall right, through the next passage, into the crawlspace and over the walkway. Jump down and take a running jump over the water and climb up. Jump down again and get to the ground floor the door behind the lever is open now. Go in and left, shoot the crates and get Secret #2, the Revolver.

Then we go back again, so out of this place, jump the bin and at the end down and over the water. Climb up on the right and before you walk onto the slope, save the game. Jump on the slope, run forwards as the barrel comes crashing down, jump up at the end and back flip to a safe place.

Timed Platforms, the Roof Key.

Jump forward over the barrel, jump down and up and save before using the timed button. This raised three trapdoors, but standing on the last one get your guns ready to shoot away some crates before you make that jump. Pick up the Roof Key and use it at the lock.

The door on the left (W) opens hop in there. Open the door and in the next room kill the soldier, he leaves some Revolver ammo.

Go S and jump up then go right (W) and climb up and go N. Ignore the zip line for now and if you wait a bit you can shoot a crow. Go N and jump to the ledge there, walk to the end and grab up to the monkey swing and follow it. You come to a passage between the roofs. Go left (N) and see a jump lever on the wall left as well. Better save, because if you don稚 jump in the middle you値l miss the jump lever. Take a running jump onto the far end of the roof, slide and jump to grab the lever.

The Shotgun.

Go back to the S and jump up and up W again and again to the end. Look W and jump down to that roof. Go over the roof, running jump to the ledge and up in the alcove for Secret #2, the Shotgun (MP5). Get down and down again for some Flares.

The Gate Key.

Get back up that sloped roof and at the end jump to the ladder and climb up. Now you can use the zip line. From this alcove take a running jump to the boat. Kill the thug quick before he pushes Lara from the boat. Jump in the hole and use the switch (N). The propeller of the boat has stopped.

Get into the water and swim N and through that opening. Left (W) is another opening get in, grab the Shotgun ammo from the bottom and the Gate Key from an alcove N. Swim out and get some air. Swim back to the boat and to the right (W) wall and climb up the trapdoor. From there jump S to the ledge and use the key.

The Boogli Key.

Jump SE to the bow of the boat and jump to the quay and shoot the two guards, one leaves Shotgun ammo. Climb up S and jump down to the right (W) and into the opening of a cave.

Timed Run.

Jump into the water and swim between the columns W into a tunnel. Swim through and get out at the end. The red tile Lara stands on is a timed tile. But first we go for a small medipack in the SW corner. Go back to the red tiles and run S and jump up into the opening there, keep running and jump again to get through the door (savegame). Two guards appear from the right, shoot them and get their Shotgun ammo. Go W and Lara will look up to the left; there is a trapdoor.

Go to the NW corner and jump up that ledge, back flip to the slope and grab a higher ledge. Jump E and pick up the Boogli Key (fuse).

Another Boogli Key.

Now go back to the NW corner ledge to jump to the other side (S) and use the fuse there. Push the black block on the left (E) once and climb the ladder for a Medipack. Climb back down again and get to the ground floor. Jump up where the trapdoor is (SE in this room) and enter the passage there.

At the end drop down and time the jumps over the emitters. At the end is a slope, better make a save here. Slide down and just before the end jump forward and grab the swing pole, the swinging to the next and so goes by itself.

SE you can find a Medipack, the other side has an opening where you値l drop one floor down, losing a bit of health. Jump over the gap and jump forwards to the monkey swing at the end to drop on a small triangle ledge.

For now first go E, take a running jump to another triangle ledge then a curved running jump to the next. Again a running jump to the last ledge and jump down in the right hand corner to pick up another Boogli Key (fuse) and see a trapdoor go down.

Use the binoculars and look up a bit, there is a see-through ceiling. So face N and jump up to grab it and hoist up. You now can go back shooting some rats. Ignore the crawlspace and jump over to the right (N) and use the timed switch on the W wall.

Jump over the sloped block N, drop down, down through the trapdoor, face the deadly water with the slopes. Just run from the ledge onto the sloped ridge below(nasty camera), slide jumps over the ridges veering right. Once in the passage run forward through the door (savegame).

(If you missed the door and forgot to save, there is an opening in the S wall at the water edge. Jump in there, shoot the guy and stand behind the sloped block (S). Pull up and slide and jump and climb through an opening in the ceiling. Climb higher and go E, the door opens when you approach and you are back at the timed switch).

In this new room climb the block and jump the floating ledges all the way to near the W wall. Turn around; I took two steps back and jump towards the rope. Turn around and swing at least 3 times, jump, draw the guns and shoot the electric box (also possible, jump to the block W, get out the shotgun and look up, jump up while looking up and fire).

A door opened below (S wall), so jump back to the ground floor. Take a few steps and look up. Back flip onto the slope and grab. Once up jump over to the other side and use the Boogli Key.

The Key of Eternal Happiness.

Jump back and get down to the ground floor and continue S into a cave. Follow through and drop down on a ledge overlooking a huge hall. Go left (N) and around the corner to a slope with burning floor tiles. The fire will go out once you slide down, except for the last one, jump over that one. Go around the corner, jump over breakable tiles and use the lever you find at the end of this passage. Then jump up left (E). There are two openings there. Jump up S and a running jump to the other side, drop down and use another lever on the bottom. Watch the fly by. Climb back up left and then up N, walk to the opening N and grab up to a higher ledge (N). Stand to the E wall, back flip, slide/jump and slide jump with grab to a flat ledge that is against the S wall. Face W and jump back, grabbing the edge of the block, climb down a bit, then back flip/roll and grab the stone surface and shimmy a bit to the left and climb up to the top.

From there, take a jump down to the ledge that surrounds this place. Then jump down to the ledge with the candles and another jump to the diamond and get your hands on the Key of Eternal Happiness.

Just jump down to the bottom, the place is flooded, so no harm is done. Swim into the E tunnel, pick up a Medipack in a small indentation of the floor, keep swimming E and up, get to the underwater lever W, this stops the huge fan for a bit, swim up and follow through (it is a long swim) till you can breath again. Swim a bit and the level ends here.