Key To The Mutant's Locker.

Level by Pat Chancey (Mugs)

Out of the Subway, Time Run 1.

The minute the level starts, two nasty thugs attack Lara. Go E and around to shoot that electric box and use the switch or else you canít get back here to do so. Use the ceiling of the N passage as a monkey swing to the first breakable tile, then run over to the second one and run off to the wall using CTRL to get into the opening there. Turn around to face the room below and stand jump only on those tiles that have a brick surface the others are deadly. On the E wall is a timed button, push it and make your way back to the opening N and through the door at the end of the passage (Savegame).

Time Run 2.

Go up the stairs and left S, over the turnpike and into a door right, shoot the thug. Go out and round the corner (S) is an alcove with a timed button.

This opens the door at the other end but there is also a dog that will attack Lara. Use the button, drop down, jump over two turnstiles and shoot a dog and if you can make it, go through the door. If not just go back to the button and try the run again (Savegame).

Once in, go up the stairs at the pit, take a running jump at the breakable tile, better to grab it and pull up and jump up to the left (E) wall to get even higher. Follow through and throw the switch around the corner. Climb the ladder and you are outside.

In the Streets.

Go straight ahead till the end and watch out for a dog attack. On the right (W) is a ladder, climb it, turn around and pull up even higher. Run jump to the other side and get the Flares at the end. Safety drop to the ground floor and go to the N and look for an alley on the left (W). There is another ladder there, so up you go. Shoot the crates and walk forwards, you hear an alarm sign. Trigger a barrel that comes from the left first. Then go in again, up the slope and shoot the guard. Nothing to do here now, youíll be back. So, back to the streets and follow to the S. There is another ladder on the right, climb up and again up a ladder and back flip.

The Shotgun (MP5).

Go to the street side and jump left onto the balcony and grab the Revolver ammo. Stand under the swing pole and let Lara swing to the next and swing to safety.

Climb the chimney face NE and jump over the barbed wire. Go up some steps around the corner, pick up Shotgun ammo and shoot the electric box. Use the switch and the camera shows us what happens. Go back and stand straight under the swing pole, jump up grab it and swing over the barbed wire. Jump to the top flat roof S and go to the end, over the chimney and on the left is Secret #1, the Shotgun (MP5).

Go back to the other end of the roof and now jump to the right (NE) on that lower flat roof. Jump over to the next and then to the NE. Shoot the guard there and pick up a Medipack.

Church Going, the Revolver.

Another soldier will shoot at you from the S, if possible take him out as well. In the building (S wall) is a crawlspace, get in and drop down at the end. Climb over the block S and pick up some Flares.

Go back over the block and turn left (W) get into that crawlspace. Go hang outside and shimmy to the right, pull up into the opening at the end.

Climb up S and down, find the jump lever at the W wall, on the steps between the two candles and the door behind Lara opens. Get into the church.

Go to the altar and in the middle is a jump lever. This releases two ropes, but first go to the S end of the altar and climb in the crawlspace for Secret #2, the Revolver. Get back down on the ground floor.

Take the S side stairs and when you get around the corner, turn around and jump up to grab the ledge at the W wall. From standing back against the wall a stand jump to the first rope and then to the second (not really necessary) and end up swinging into the opening in the N wall.

The Bridge Key.

Go right and stop at the slope. Slide down the first slope and jump straight ahead to pick up a Medipack. Stand jump SE into the opening you see there (you can do all this without even using the tiles J ) and shoot a bat. Drop down, turn around and pick up the Bridge Key and flip the switch (that opens a door somewhere). Hoist up the ledge, break the tile in front of the passage and turn around. Hop back to grab the edge and use the ladder to go left and at the end up to find that door.

Get in and at the end climb up right, use the switch and you end up back at the church. Get down to the ground floor, out of the church, climb over that block and kill a soldier. Climb up W and safety drop to the street below. Two more soldiers are waiting there.

Then make your way to the W side and around the corner to the S and follow through.

Tower Bridge.

When you arrive at the bride go left (E) and side flip over the fence N and pick up Secret #3, Revolver ammo. You can grab the pole or jump back over the fence and jump into the water. The place to get out is to swim to the bridge there is a rock underwater you can stand on and climb out. Either way go S crossing the bridge and once at the other side, Lara looks left. There is a hard to spot jump lever on the fence.

This releases a rope youíll use a bit later. Go to the S end of the bridge and use the key on the lock W. Go in and up the stairs, shoot the soldier and look up, there is a green trapdoor; that will open up for a timed run later so remember this.

The Laser sight.

For now go back down to the bridge and stand on the raised part and face SW, take a running jump around the corner of the wall, over the fence and hopefully over the barbed wire too. Then you will be shot by a soldier, he is behind the next fence, kill him by jumping up and down. Try to entice the guard on the bridge above you to shoot and kill him as well. Then side jump over the fence S as there is the rope. You have to swing to the S back wall as high as possible so you wonít slide down. W is Secret #4, the Laser sight. Then face N, slide and jump to the ladder. Climb up and off at the right, walk to the end and jump to where the soldier was, he left some Revolver ammo.

Go to the E end, face N with Laraís shoulder against the wall and jump up to grab the monkey swing.

Timed Swim/Run for the Terrace Key.

Go forward and around the corner and let go and grab the crawlspace. Lower down at the other end and use the jump lever. Swim around the corner and right (E), there should be an underwater lever on a grey block just before the bridge. Save before you pull it as this one is timed.

Swim to the N side on the right of the bridge and get on the block and out of the water, go over the bridge and sprint to the door and up the stairs and jump/grab up through the trapdoor facing N (Savegame). Climb into the crawlspace left (W) and through the steam emitters and lower yourself on some scaffolding. Then jump to the yellow iron bridge and to the next and pick up the Terrace Key. Jump back W and then into the water, on the right (N) is a small crawlspace there, swim in and up at the end. Climb out and jump over to the other side.

The Uzis.

Get the small medipack and jump SW to the next roof. Go behind the chimney and jump to the flat roof W. A running jump with grab NE will get you to that Medipack there. Another running jump with a slight curve right gets you back on the flat roof. Shoot the soldier S and take another running jump SE to the top of the island to collect Shotgun ammo he dropped. Head to the E side of the island and go to the NE corner and jump into the opening. Shoot the crates and pick up Secret #5, the Uzis.

Use the Terrace Key.

Jump back to the brown hill and go to the other side. Jump over the fence (use Ctrl) to the N and use the Key you have (screenshot).

Inside pick up the Guard Key and a Medipack. Go out again use the pole on the left to swing over the fence and swim back to the bridge and climb out of the water (N on the right side of the bridge).

Kill the soldier and pick up the small medipack he drops. Run down all the way to the N side and to the left climb the ladder, up the slope and now you can push that button. Kill the two soldiers inside, go down the stairs and use the Key next to the door. Enter and when you want to pick up the Fuse, the level ends.