Jobmond & Co.

Level by Skyld (Braden Ellis)

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Go to the right, passing the yellow car and to the N wall and jump on that sunken roof. Jump up NW and get the Flares. Jump down and jump on that brown ledge in the middle of this place, go left (E) and take a running jump and grab the edge and shimmy left and pull up. (Screenshot)

Go to the top and look SE and see that jump lever? That is the way to go now, so take a running jump to the roof and slide down and grab the edge, shimmy right and pull the lever.

Go back to the yellow car and jump up on the ledge at the S wall, where a trapdoor went up. Climb on it and up left (S). Jump and climb down the ladder there. Jump S over the water and go between the two pillars to shoot the two crows. Then go to the E along the N side and turn right around the house (S wall), grab the crack there. Shimmy to the right as far as you can go and then pull up (you should stand up facing the building, turn around).

Jump to the roof W and to the SW corner, spot a jump lever left (S). Take a running jump to the lever this opens a door way up the W wall. Go to the SW corner and jump the roof, walk to the end to jump into the open gate in the W wall (Screenshot) and from there to the roof with the small wooden pile. Walk to the N end of this roof and jump up to a small roof NW.

From here take a curved jump to the pillar that is closest to you (Savegame). Then take another jump into an alcove NW.

Shoot the electric box and pull the switch and watch the flyby. Safety drop down, and go back to the N wall and climb up the ladder a bit and back flip to the green trapdoor. Take a running jump to the large opening W and on the right is the door you opened.

The Portable Motor.

Jump in the water and swim straight, looking up for an opening in the ceiling. Get out and follow through to the end, then take a right and shoot a rat. Follow up E and end up at an opening in the E wall. Drop down and head S and go left to jump up in the corner (SE). Turn and jump to grab a ledge W, shimmy right a bit and pull up. Then take a running jump to that small triangle ledge W and from there take another one to a sloped ledge a bit around the corner (NW) and hang on it. Shimmy left a bit and back flip/ roll to grab a ledge (Savegame). Jump to the roof tile textured next to it and then a running jump to the SW corner. Pick up the Portable Motor (fuse).

Drop down to the ground floor and look N and there is he receptacle for the Portable Motor. This opens a trapdoor next to you. Stand at the opening of the trapdoor facing W and with Lara’s back to the wall. Take a running jump and grab the blue wall above the trapdoor, it’s is a climbable wall, climb up through the ceiling. Here is Secret #1, Flares.

Climb down all the way and let go, grab the ladder and into the opening. Go to the end of this passage and safety drop down. Hop N and around the corner to find a receptacle for a fuse on the right and an underwater lever left. Walk to the underwater lever and at the wall Lara can swim and pull this lever (camerashot of trapdoors).

Stop the Propeller.

Go back to where you entered, face W and back flip onto the slanted grey pillar, jump up to the entrance and go up the ladder. Get back out S, killing some rats and back to the SE corner. Jump to the ledge and pull up and now face N and jump the trapdoors and from the last jump up NW between the pillars. Slide down on the right and jump to the ledge on the right. At the end jump up, then a running jump to the NW on that roof. From there to that structure S, shimmy a bit to the right and pull up (Savegame). Use the switch that is on top and get a camera shot of a propeller that will shut down.

The Portable Battery.

Make your way to the ground floor and go S, right around corners to the NW corner where that trapdoor is you came out of just before, the place is flooded now. Swim in and find a ledge near the underwater lever (N), you can climb out of the water facing W. On the other side pick up the Portable Battery (fuse). Swim back out to the ladder W and get up, kill two crows and run to the S wall and jump over the pit. Down below there you can place the Battery.

Left (E) a door opens, jump over the slope and in the new area go to the right hand side and run jump to the other side (E). Jump into the opening NE and don’t drop down yet (notice a Key hole on the left). Look for a ledge up in front. You will be back here but for now first face E and take a running jump and grab the edge. Hoist up and jump up to grab the monkey swing. This brings you to the back of this pillar and there is a switch you need to operate. Safety drop down and the glass cover of the button (E) is open.

Timed Run, Key of the Unfathomable Demon.

This is a timed button though. It raises a trapdoor, so run back out (W) a curved jump over the pit there, jump up into the opening and hop to the left, jump to the ledges at the S wall. Jump up and side flip to the trapdoor. Turn to the wall jump to the NW (Savegame).

Face NW and take a running jump then face NE and jump there (hold Ctrl) and pick up the Key of the Unfathomable Demon.

Drop down to the floor and cross the deep pit again into the opening E like you did before. Use the Key on the left (N).

Get in and when ready stand jump to that trapdoor on the right, a running jump forward and grab the opposite wall (Savegame).

The door is closed so look SW, take a curved stand jump (with Ctrl) into the opening and slide down. Jump over a pit and go left into a corridor. Take the first on the right, the idea here is not to step on the glass floor as that will ignite a flame under a button on the left. So jump to the right, and around the corner to a grey ledge. Do not get into those lower parts in the floor as they are traps. You get to another timed trapdoor, stand to the right and angle SE, take a running jump and curve to the left (Savegame.5) and use the button. Go back over the glass floor through the corridor, jump the small pit and climb up. Jump to the left over the large pit, as the door there is now open. Slide down and go to the NE corner, jump up to the ledge. On the left is a grated wall, climb up there and off on the right. You’ll have to go up N. Climb up that grated Block left of you and jump NE onto the ridge. Walk to the far most NW tip and face N, now hop back once and take another step back, Lara will turn slightly to the left (Screenhot). Turn back right a bit so you face the NW tip of the ledge again and save. Now run jump and turn slightly right so you will land on this tip of the rocks (screenhot), Lara will bounce off and you will be able to grab the ledge ahead (Savegame).

Jump down to the rocks W for some Flares and get back on the ledge to jump to the S side. Go up to the switch and see a fuse in the fire on the left.

Switch Puzzle, a Portable Motor.

Throw that first switch and go jump over to a switch on the NE corner of that structure N. Now a cover lifted on a switch on the W side of the structure. Another cover will go up and this one is behind the N structure, you can reach it from the E side. Save here as this one is timed and will stop the fire for a while. Use it, hop back, turn left and runjump from the SE corner with a right curve to get onto the corner ledge, jump further and get over to the S side of the place to pick up the Portable Motor where the fire was, quickly hop back.

Get the Propeller going again.

Get back down to the ground floor, leave SW down the hole and head S to the open door. At the pit over the timed trapdoor and out S. Up the opening to the pit W, get to the W side of that pit and out the door there, then N over another pit and you are back in the large area. Go to the SE corner, up to the ledges above and N over the trapdoors, roofs to that switch you stopped the propeller with that drains the lower room (paragraph Stop the Propeller). Start up the Propeller and drop down, go S and right around corners to get to the trapdoor, down and down at the end of the passage, to the N side of the structure and place the Portable Motor (screenshot of a door).

Get back out, up the ladder and to the pit S of the large area. In the SW corner you can see an opening, jump in there and come to a room wit rolling barrels, You have to get into the SW corner, jumping up a slope while avoiding the barrels. Start running when the first barrel is way up right and the second is about to roll to the right.

Push Puzzle.

There are 3 push cages and a push block in the next room, the block has to go under the pillar in the middle. Pull the W cage S once, then push it into the alcove W. The second cage that was standing in the middle, goes all the way E. The last cage cab be pushed to the W. Now you have room to move the block to the spot under the pillar. Now get into the lower part of the room and find the switch of which the cover lifted (A screen of the outside world).

We’re done here, we’re heading back to the start. Leave SE, jump to the right after the barrel goes down and run right into the exit. Jump N over the pit and head all the way to the N end of the large area, up left on the roof and up into the opening W, follow down and head through that passage S. Into the water and swim S to climb out. Go E to where you can see the trapdoor down right, jump to it and go in S, down to the ground and into the pool there. Swim S a bit and to the right is an opened door where you can claim Secret #2, Flares.

Get out, up the ladder N and back to the trapdoor. Drop down to the start area and head NE, into the door there and pick up a small medipack. Go right through the open door and go down the ladder in the end. Drop from that ledge, look for a small tunnel down SE (timed door at the end). Climb back up the ledge and go W where you’ll find a covered switch. From there go N, over a nasty pit to the end and find a switch on the back of a pillar.

Timed Run for the Door.

Save and use the switch while hitting "Look" to get rid of the camera, turn left and run onto the ledge next to the pillar, from the ledge a jump down over the slope and a running jump along the left side of the pit landing on the sloped side. Jump and curve left so you can immediately run jump up the slope S, run jumps up the steps S and left down into the lower part, down the tunnel and over the ridge into the door (Savegame -Video).

The Key to Eternity.

Throw the switch and go back to the upper W level where the cover lifted from the switch there and a door will open when you use it. Go back E to the block with the firewood and up the ladder to back flip into the upper passage. Head W and left to the outside, into the opening S and jump down to get to that open door W, follow through to a tunnel where that punk will come for you. Shoot him and wait till he’s gone, so you can pick up the Key to Eternity.

Enter the dark tunnel and open the exit door with the key.