Hell Hath No Fury.

Level by staticon (Kevin Learwood)

Walk by D&G Productions.

Go straight and at the corner take a right, shoot the crates in the corner and push the button it was hiding. Run all the way to the other side (N) and into the trapdoor you just opened. Get up the stairs and the trapdoor closes. Go into a small room and use the button near the door, enter and climb the stairs.

The Subway.

Jump over the turnstiles E, go to the computer, next to it is an electric box; shoot it. Back over the turnstiles and into the opening W.

Pick up the Flares near the fence, turn around and go to the jump lever SE and use it. Back up the stairs, over the turnstiles and down the escalators. Once down turn left (N) and to the platform. Jump down on the tracks and go right (E). At the end go to the right and push that block in as far as it will go, get the small medipack as Secret #1.

Retrace your steps and in the passage look up, there is a ladder you have to climb. Once up, use the floor lever and climb back down.

Go back out, to the platform and up to the S side platform. Two thugs attack and after they are dead go down to the tracks and go E. Up the pile of dirt and crawl through and through the door left you just opened. Go up the ramp, kill the soldier and pick up Shotgun ammo he dropped.

Timed Fire Push, a Lot of Keys.

On the wall are three boxes, shoot them. The switches turn off the fire at the push able cages but they are timed. The boxes have to go to the darker tile next to the flames.

So better make a save before you use a switch. So pull a switch and then run to the cage that has no fire in front of it and pull it out twice. Now move the cages in place next to the fires.

The door N opens, get in and pick up the Yellow Dibber (fuse) and flip the switch on the W wall. Watch the flyby and go back to pick up the Hann Key (green), Friss Key (red) and the Donn Key.

Go back to the N and use the Friss Key. Get in, go left (E) and use the Hann Key there. The door next to it opens to a ladder, but you have to open a trapdoor first so go to the right (W) and dive into the pool. In the E wall is an opening, follow through and use the underwater lever at the end. Swim back for air and face the E tunnel once more, save and when you swim into the tunnel again, there is a small crack in the right hand corner with Flares inside, this is Secret #2, it is hard to get them, youíll have to find the correct position and also getting out can be tricky.

Swim out and climb out E, now you can get on the ladder and get off on the right. At the end of this short passage use the monkey swing to get to the other side. Get another Friss Key and flip the lever to kill the fire on the pillar in the pool.

Jump in the water and get the Blue Dibber from the pillar, then swim to the opening and get out. The door opposite the ladder is open now (N), so go in and use the Yellow Dibber. Go out this passage and make a U turn left around to where the door on the left opened so you can use the Friss Key. Get in the passage and at the end you come to a pit with shifting pillars, stand jumps with a little pause on each pillar till the next one is about to appear (Savegame).

The Shotgun (MP5).

At the other side use the lever on the right, go to the other side, up the stairs and drop down. Go through the door and place the Blue Dibber. Go out and right, and in the next room part of the cage is gone. In the NE corner is a ladder, climb it, turn around and jump over the hole and get the Shotgun ammo and then go into the passage (S). There is a nasty thug there who will drop the Shotgun (MP5). Follow through and shoot another thug and get his Shotgun ammo after he is killed.

Run over the glass floor and in the next room jump to the roof and go to the right (S), turn around and slide down, grab he edge of the roof and shimmy to the ladder there. Climb down and grab the edge of the opening, pull up and into the passage. For secret #3, you have to jump to the crawlspace E and time the emitters at the corners for Flares. Get out and drop down. In this passage are two pushable blocks start with the one farthest away, push that one as far as you can. Then go right (W) and at the pit push the one on the right to the N once, run around and now push it W.

For secret #4, pull back the first block twice and run around it so you can get behind it and get the small medipack. Push the block back into this alcove though. Go right and now pull the third block twice, run around and use the switch. The trapdoor W is open so climb down the ladder.

In the next room push the cage from one corner to the other one on the tile with the flames. Then get the Yellow Dibber SE. Then run onto the dark tile NE and youíll get transported to a small passage.

Run to the end, turn around and climb the ladder there. Almost at the top, back flip into a room. First go W and save in front of the switch. Flip it and get out as quick as you can as barrels starts rolling (OR stand against the wall and let the barrels roll down). Go back to the previous room and now you can climb the garbage bin and jump up into the opening there. Climb higher and at the end, turn around and climb yet another ladder. At the top another back flip and be quick about it as a thug comes to harm you.

Open the door N and climb down the ladder and you are back at the rooftop. Jump the roof again and now go to the NW corner and jump in the opening N to use the Yellow Dibber at the end.

The Laser Sight.

Get in and use the Donn Key in the keyhole S. Go through the door and before entering the next room make a save. Stand on the darkish tile and the tile goes up, walk to the end of the next block, jump up and grab the edge there and hoist up. Follow through. Just run down (with Ctrl) and shoot the guard there to take his Laser Sight. Pressing the button youíll see a cover going up. Get out N and through the door (N) and press the button on the right. Go through the now open door N and take a running jump to grab the swing pole and swing to the other side.

Jumping Ledges.

Follow through and I advice Save here.

Jump to the first ledge, turn right (S) stand in the middle of the ledge and stand jump to the S to grab the edge, shimmy right around the corner, hoist up and a running jump to the platform in the corner with a slight curve to the wall so you can turn left and do a standing jump with grab for the next platform against the E wall. Shimmy to the right so Lara is against the wall, hoist up, running jump with a curve left, again a running jump to the trapdoor against the wall and then a standing jump to grab the edge. Shimmy to the wall, hoist up again and take a running jump to the last one against the wall, run to the wall and get into the opening there (Savegame).

Throw the switch in the room beyond that passage and go through the open door behind your back. Follow through, slide down the ramp and you get back to the lava room. Jump to the platform in the middle and then into the opening, using the swing pole again and once back in the room push the uncovered button on the right (W).

The Revolver.

The barbed wire is gone so now you can get into the crawlspace. Save before entering the door and just run in a bit, one barrel starts falling down, when that has passed hop back against the door and let the others fall down. Go up the staircase and kill the guard to get his Revolver.

In the next room dive into the water and swim all the way to the end S and into an opening in the bottom. Swim through to the end and use the underwater lever there. Swim back and up then swim straight to the right wall (S) there should be a small triangle opening where a door has opened and at the end you get some air (you can also swim back E and up for air first), get out and open the door in the next room.

Fires and Switches.

Go to the far away wall and shoot the electric box, use the timed switch.

This turns down a flame for a while so you can use the next one, back flip away and so on. It is not so hard and there are places you can save the game (at switches with the covers).

The Crowbar.

Go through the open door N and grab the Revolver ammo. Follow through over a bridge. Shoot the guard and go to the door. Next to the door is an opening in the ceiling, look up and spot the electric box there, you have to shoot it. Another guard is appears and follow through the passage and open another door.

In this big room are two more guards and one thug. Go to the fire basket against the W wall and pick off the Stolen Crowbar.

For the last secret shoot the oil drum that is against the E wall, a hole appears. Drop in and get Secret #5, a small medipack at the end. Back out and go to the W wall. Pull out one of the cages (or push them in as far as. On the N wall is a timed switch, this opens the door behind it. It is rather tight so donít dilly-dally (Back flip/roll and run in).

Go out onto the streets and keep going, the level ends as you got what you came for: the Crowbar.