Following A London Sect.

Level by TimJ.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

In the back of the church, SW are Flares. Head straight (E) and get outside on the streets. Two guards attack, kill them for a small medipack and Uzi ammo, but be careful for the barbed wire at the N side. Behind the yellow car are some Flares.

Go to the end of the street (S) and around the corner. At the end, behind the parked car is a garbage bin, climb on top of it. Turn around and grab the swing pole with a running jump and swing to a metal box hanging in the air. Once you are up there a crow will attack.

SE is a grated platform, take a running jump to get there, then another one to the yellowish pillar E to grab the crack, shimmy around left to another platform. Next jump is a bit tricky as there is a crack in the wall SE but you canít see where it starts (right at he corner). Shimmy to the right and hoist up.

Two Nasty Jump Levers, the Red Key.

Go in, avoid the emitters, donít step on the metal under the pipes as that is certain death, so avoid the emitter S and save at the switch at the S wall. Once you used it the floor beneath falls down, immediately jump, landing on a slope, slide almost to the end then jump to another slope and again then jump and grab the swing pole, swing to the next, let go and you are safe for a bit (if the flames on the pole are a problem, try to slide as far as possible on every slope, buying some time).

Donít forget that the metal floor bits are deadly, so stand in front of it, jump up and grab the monkey swing at the ceiling. Go forward and to the right and drop off at the ledge. Face SE and jump down to that tile with the Uzi ammo on it and walk to the S then turn and look up. Use the jump lever you see there. Unfortunately you have to jump the slopes to the swing poles again, so get to it.

Once inside the door again, face N and hop back to grab the edge, when Laraís feet are up start climbing to the right, pass underneath the pole with the fire emitter. Go as far as and stay down (screenshot). When the emitter is out, back flip and jump immediately to grab the jump lever that is hard to see. Then jump back into the opening N. Use the monkey swing again to the safe opening W, climb up facing S into the open trapdoor NW and time/run through the emitter S and jump over the trapdoor. Open the door with the button on the same wall. The button inside only closes the door again.

Go up the slope and on top take one step forward and hop back as some barrels will come down. Kill the rats and proceed into the dark room. Under the crates NE is a small medipack, shoot more crates in the other corner and find a switch N. Then go through the crawlspace next to it. Follow through around the corner and get attacked by a rat. Crawl straight for now and another rat appears, do shoot them as it is hard to crawl further. In the small room there is a nasty dog and a nasty guy, so kill them both and pick up the Flares, as well as the Red Key the guy drops.

Go back through the crawlspace, kill yet another rat and go back to the room with the emitters. Time the emitters and go to the opening W. Once there drop to the alley, go S a bit and on the left is an alcove, use the Red Key there. Go in and shoot the electric box on the right wall, go out the room and left, a trapdoor at the end of the alley is open.

Deadly Sewers.

Save your game, turn around and safety drop down, grab the edge and drop again. Turn around and jump up to grab the jump lever. The minute Lara drops down into water keep swimming forward and to the right hand wall (W). When you reach the wall near the pillar you are safe for a bit. Swim around the pillar to the E side, there is a underwater lever on the pillar, use it. This opens a door at the other side of the pillar, swim around to the right and try to stay close to the wall, swim up and get air. Wade to the end and go up the slope and jump down at the end, watch the flyby.

The Old Subway.

We just go for some flares pick ups first as some parts are pretty dark. Swim N a bit and on the right are some Flares. Swim N again to the platforms and left over the turnstiles, at the back youíll find more Flares. Go back to the platforms and swim straight up into the air pocket on the right. Swim to the NE corner and pull up on the beam to get Secret #1, a small medipack NW (You have to crawl to it and be careful as you might get stuck here). Crawl back off the corner to get back in the water.

Timed Swim/Run, the Red Key.

Swim to the middle opening E and go left at the junction. Get out at a slope and follow through over a metal bridge. In the room on the right is a timed switch, just leave it for now and continue to the water and dive in. Get the small medipack near the turnstile. Turn around and swim back, now go into the room and save before the switch. You see a door being opened, roll and out the room, go left (S), left again over the metal bridge into the water. Swim around the corner and go straight, walk up the slope, over another metal bridge, around the corner go left into a very small room (Savegame). Look SE and shoot the electric box, then jump up facing E and crawl in. Drop down at the left end and pick up the Red Key. Go back through the crawlspace and back to the corridor. Take a right. Back over the bridge, swim back to the platforms.

Now swim to the middle opening W, where you got the Flares and take a right, swim up, run over the escalators and shoot the thug that comes down the stairs on the left. Go up either staircase and in the next room are three soldiers, one leaves behind a small medipack and the other Uzi ammo. In the W wall is a door and a keyhole for the key you have.

The Yellow Fuse.

Once in, better save here. The way to do this is to slide almost down, then grab the swing pole, keep both Ctrl and the forward cursor pushed in so Lara keeps on swinging while the barrel rolls down. Once the barrel is gone you can jump to the slope ahead. Take out your guns and kill the thug. On top of the metal crate right is a Yellow Fuse (control of the ventilation system). Behind the crate is a push button. You see a trapdoor go up. Shoot the crate near the exit for Uzi and Uzi ammo and where the thug died is a Medipack. You can now use the monkey swing to get back to the other side. Get back S to the escalators and turnstiles and swim to the platforms again.

North Tunnel Timed Swim.

Swim into the left hand tunnel N and on the right almost at the end is a timed underwater lever. Light a flare, pull the lever and swim back, go left into the small opening and left again into the other N tunnel and where you wade out and on the left is the door (Savegame). You are back in the other tunnel but on dry land now. Go further N and shoot a thug and his dog. At the end of the right hand wall if you look up, youíll see a small indentation, climb up there and get Flares.

Back down, jump into the opening NW and run around a bit to shoot the bats. In the SE corner is some Uzi ammo and N is a small medipack.

Go to the NW corner and from the top of the heap of dirt climb up to the ledge N. Turn and jump to the arch S and stand left, then take a running jump S to grab the ledge where you see a big chandelier. Go to the S end, stand in the middle and look down. Take two steps back and stand-jump forward with Ctrl to end up on the lower ledge.

Walk forward and run jump SW to grab the ledge you see behind the crane. Run and jump with a right hand curve to the NE to grab the corner edge of the crane (screenshot). Shimmy to the right and climb on top. Get Secret #2, Uzi ammo there. Jump down to the ledge and safety drop to the floor. Back into the opening NW.

The Piega Key.

Go back into the NW corner, face E on the mount and grab up to the ledge above. Jump the ledges to the E, then to the last arch right (S). Run off to the black and white tiling on the left (SE) and immediately hang from that ledge as two barrels come rolling down. Shimmy to the right and pick up the Piega Key from the alcove on the next ledge. Drop down to the ground floor (or go back the way you came here).

The Blue Fuse.

Go back to the NW corner and climb up, turn to the W and get onto the higher one there, jump to the N, Lara looks at the wall, stand in the middle of that crack in the wall and use Ctrl to get the Blue Fuse. Carefully get down to the ground floor again. Go S and leave this area SW and return to the platforms through the tunnels S.

NE passage, use the Piega Key.

Once back at the platforms, swim into the NE passage. Run past the steam blowers, and before you go to the left for entering another room use the jump lever up at he N wall. Then go in and shoot the crates and make a right turn around the painterís table and get some Uzi ammo. The door N is open now, go up the slopes and use the Piega Key at the end.

Climb up the ladder and shoot the two thugs, go in N and shoot the crow. In the W wall is a movable block, pull it out twice and get behind it for Secret #3, a Medipack. Go to one of the pillars that support the central roof, climb up and use the lever. Youíll see a door in the underground area opening up. So back to the ground floor out this church area (S) at the fire go W and slide down, you are back at the underground area, so jump down and go right (N) and jump in the water, the door is there.

Climb in and up and then into a small crack right (E), up again. Shoot a barrel NE this causes an explosion, so go further through the open wall N. In the NE corner is an electric box, shoot it, this opens a door W and a guard comes out. Shoot him and get his Yellow Fuse (#2). Leave (S) and back to the underground area (best is to jump down standing in a corner as Lara has problem crawling out). Leave S and get back to the flooded station.

SE passage, use the Yellow Fuses.

Just when you are inside grab the Uzi ammo on the right and swim further up. When the camera angle changes, keep going straight and at the end go right and open the door. Use the two Yellow fuses you have on the left and right side of the covered switch. The cover flips open so now use the switch.

A big fan underwater stops, so go back again to the flooded station.

A Second Blue Fuse.

Go into the left S tunnel, climb up the last box, into the opening E, into the water and swim down and right (S). The propeller there has stopped, swim S and into the opening in the E wall and climb out. Shoot a bat and follow through and at the end climb a long ladder. Into the passage and drop down at the end. Shoot the crates and a rat and pick up a Blue fuse (#2).

Using the Blue Fuses.

Go back, down the long ladder into the water, into the opening W to the flooded station. Swim SE again and though the corridor and when the camera angle changes open the door on your left and use the two Blue fuses.

Pull the switch and see that the other propeller has stopped spinning too. Go back to the flooded station and swim into the left S tunnel, climb up the last box and climb even higher and wade/swim through to the room with the propellers. Swim left (N) and take the right (E) entrance to get behind the fan. Keep swimming N and when the camera angle changes you get near another tunnel with another fan. Turn left (W) and swim against the current to the NW corner. Pull up a ledge and climb the ladder and get to an outside area.

The Old Key.

Shoot the dog and a thug, and pick up his Flares, go E and open the door there. Go up the slopes and when you see a lamp on that slope look to the E wall and jump to that jump lever. Continue to the top, then open the door in front of you (N). A door on the right (E) has opened. Just follow this passage to the end and use the zip line to get to the other side.

Go further and into the opening left (S) you are on a balcony in the church. Go all the way to the other end and into an opening on the right (S). Take a right, shoot a thug, he leaves and Old Key, so pick that up (could be the key ends up behind the fence, just go back to the zip line and around to the other side of the church roof).

Retrace your steps so you are back where the zip line ended and safety drop to the ground floor and mind the barbed wire.

Go into the church and into the back. Use the Key there to open the trapdoor. Drop down the trapdoor and watch the flyby. The pools are deadly here so make your way to the alcove where the thug was in (E). The end flyby sets in.