Escape to St. Paul's.

Level by PaoloM

Walk by D&G Productions.


Lara has finished a difficult mission in an area of London, and now she must find her way to return: the only possibility is to reach St. Paul's Cathedral, and it won't be easy.

You start with sliding down a roof, jump and grab the opposite roof, shimmy to the left a bit, back flip/roll and grab the other roof and pull up. Jump to the E and shoot the guard in the SE (over the top of the roof). Then take a running jump to where the guard was and get the Uzi ammo he left. Take a running jump SE to land on the roof S, slide backwards and grab the edge, shimmy left and safety drop down in the corner. Go halfway down the walkway and drop down on a box.

Get to the ground floor and go N. Use the carton boxes on the right to jump to the one in the corner. Turn left (W) and run jump to the balcony there and pick a small medipack up that is at the end. Jump back to the carton box in the corner. Jump up to grab the crevice in the wall and shimmy right till you can pull up at a small balcony.

Timed Run for the Metal Key.

The switch is a timed, so better save here. This turns down the fire in the corner on the roof where that guard was.

It is a pretty tricky run though and you better do the first half of it first as there is a nasty guard who will leave an Uzi for you.

So go to the balcony, face N and hop back, jump forward and grab the poles and swing to the next and then to the roof. Shimmy left, pull up and roll and take a running jump SW to the gap in the fence. Shoot the guard and get his Uzi. Have a look a bit further S so you can see where to go.

Go back to the gap in the fence and safety drop down, jump to the carton box in the corner and grab the crack, shimmy to the small balcony again and now get ready for the real thing.

Pull the switch and start swinging and jumping, shimmy the roof to the left, pull up, roll and take a running jump to the gab in the balcony, run W and jump up the ledge, take a left and almost at he end of this passage jump to the right on the roof, slide and jump, grab the roof top and take a curved running jump to the left (S). From there a running jump SE over the roof and into the opening S and get the Metal Key. Immediately back flip and save the game here (Savegame)(Or take a different approach like in this Video).

Take a running jump to the SE roof again, shimmy to the corner and drop off, down the slope and halfway drop on the crate there.

The Factory, the Red Key.

Go N again and now open the door on the right. A guard is in there somewhere and he leaves some Uzi ammo behind. On the block NE is a key hole, use the key you have there. Climb up and even higher through the trapdoor. Go further and find Flares under some shoot able crates on the right (SW).

Go around the corner there, the door opens and you are back on the ramp (shortcut).

Go back into the factory and walk straight E; that is a pushable block. Pull it out twice so you can get behind it. At the end get a small medipack on the cupboards on the left and then climb the ladder.

Pick up the Flares straight ahead and use the switch on the E wall. An explosion follows, go back down the ladder and to the outside with the shortcut, safety drop down and get the Red Key.

Go N and through the door right, up through the trapdoor again, straight S and then right through the shortcut door to the ramp. Go up and use the Red Key.

The Laser Sight.

Inside to the left is a small medipack, and at the end a guard, who leaves also a small medipack behind. Under the crates youíll find Uzi ammo, maybe the crates are already shattered in the gun battle.

Push the button to open the door, go up the ramp and shoot a rat, then go down the ramp on the right. Push the button on the E wall again and go back the way you came and find a new corridor behind the door you just closed. Jump over the pipe and get the Laser Sight behind the pillar on the left. Go back and take the stairs N and push the button at the top.

Outside Again, a Timed Run.

Go in and watch the flyby. Take a running jump (no Ctrl) to the grated platform above the guard that is shooting you, jump off and kill him. Take his Medipack and save in front of the Timed switch.

Use it and jump up the grated platform, another jump to the slope S, slide down and turn to the right, take a running jump to the next trapdoor and from there to the roof. Shimmy around to the left and from the next trapdoor a running jump with Ctrl into the opening on the right (Savegame)(Video).

You are safe now. Kill the rat and walk to the end of this passage. Drop down and face N and go down the ladder. Go to the NW and shoot a guard and near the N wall is behind a crate some Revolver ammo, turn SE there and on a black block close by is a small medipack.

The Revolver.

Go back to the area where all the fences are and facing N there is one barrel that stands alone next to two other barrels. Shoot it and pull back the fenced block behind that barrel so you can get behind it. Crawl into that crawlspace and push the button. This will raise a trapdoor outside. Crawl out and go left (E) and jump onto those carton boxes. Then on the trapdoor and use the zip line. Once down go up some steps, shoot a guard and grab the Uzi ammo he drops. Go to the end and hop up on the right, use the button. This opens a glass cover. Jump down over the deadly water and go to the E wall and near he door is that glass cover, use the switch and the scaffolding moved.

Go S and climb the ladder and up into the opening W and from there a running jump to the scaffolding E. Turn left (N) and jump to the next ledge, run to the end of this balcony into a room and get the Revolver NW.

Back to the Factory.

Two rats appear, kill them and go to the end of the passage, the door opens when you approach. Outside is the switch for the timed run you did, so no need to use it again.

Climb up the grated platform and use the binoculars to look down a bit for an opening in the NW scaffolding. A running jump with a slight curve to the left might do the trick to get in there and grab the edge (better make a save first though). Crawl in and follow through, around the corner a trapdoor falls down (W), so jump up and up again. Go down the stairs SW and you are back where you got the Laser sight. Go right (W) and over the metal ramp and drop down on the crate. Go N and into the Factory right, back on the block with the trapdoor and hoist up.

You have the Laser Sight now so combine it with the Revolver and shoot the electric box in the NW corner. This opens the glass cover of the button N, go there and after pushing it and watch the fly by. Go E and dive in, use the underwater lever E, this opens a trapdoor outside.

Get out of the water go SW and through the door to drop down on the crate again. This time go S behind the crates and through the trapdoor, down the ladder.

The Sewers.

Once into the pool area straight ahead in the water is a small medipack, then swim SE into a crawlspace, swim to the left and use the underwater lever around the corner. Go back and out of the water at the big fans (S). The door is at the W side, go in and right and almost to the end. At the gap in the fence, stand-jump to the monkey swing and make your way to the other side (left around the pillar). Go over the ledge and a door opens right, shoot the guard and get his Uzi ammo.

The Green Key.

Go E over the ledge, jump to the NE and then to the one straight ahead N and grab the edge. Face SE take a running jump, roll in the air and jump to grab the ladder on the wall. Climb up, turn around and another running jump down S side. Left and up and down, get a small medipack.

Go to the W and jump up left, better make a save here. Slide down, jump up to catch the swing pole, swing to another slope, catch the swing pole, swing to the next slope. Jump to the next slope and slide and jump again and from the last slope jump to a jump lever. After using it, youíll land on a timed platform so turn to the right (E) and jump to the ladder there (Video). Climb up and shift left and take a breather.

A camera shot of an underwater trapdoor opening. The next jump to the exit (NW) is also rather tricky. Try to face the very right side of the opening and then take a running jump and grab the edge.

Walk forwards to the ladder and jump to it, climb up and around the corner go up, there is the trapdoor. Jump in the water and swim to the very end, around the corner is an underwater lever, this opens another trapdoor. Swim back and climb out, down the ladder into the water and swim SW and climb out on the ledge. Go up the slope and left to the fans, keep going to the door (W) and to the right. Left is the open trapdoor, get in the water. Start swimming to the end and around the corner, is left an underwater lever, pull it to open a door. Then swim to the end for a small medipack. Get out of here and turn to the right and go through the open door. In this passage is a guard that leaves Uzi ammo. Follow to the end and end up behind a big fan. Jump to the right and get behind the next fan, pick up the Green Key and retrace your steps till you are back in the passage, then go N and use the key at the door there.

Turn off the Big Propeller.

Go down the slope and pick up Revolver ammo near the water. Donít jump in the water but jump over the ledges, there is a crawlspace behind the second machine left (E wall). Crawl in and push the button. Get out, save the game and back flip over the pipe into the water and swim S a flyby kicks in and after it swim to the left (E) before the guard can turn on the big propeller. Get out on that ledge and now you have to shoot three electric boxes to stop the fan. One is straight to the W, another one is SW, up behind the barrels, you have to shoot the bottom of the box. The last one is tricky, go to the SE corner and turn left and look up, you should see the third box there (screenshot).

The Storage.

Jump in the water and behind the big propeller (swim through an opening between the blades). Go through the tunnel, find a small medipack on the middle of the basin and get some air. Then swim through the opening N and up and get out into an outside area. Go to the NW and find Uzi ammo at the end, this also opens a door S and a guard is will come out. After he is dead enter that door, you are in a huge store room of sorts, guarded by soldiers. At the very S are Flares on top of a crate, then go SE and into the door and shoot another guard (the one that flipped the switch for the big propeller), almost at the end of this passage you can get Secret #1, 2x Revolver ammo.

Go back to the storeroom and start jumping the crates to get onto the balcony NE (from the crates SE, go between the 2 high pillars N, then NE, NE again and left around to the crate there from which you can reach the balcony N). A nasty guard will be shooting at you though. Go right and to the S and jump up a crate and from there to the monkey swing. Go forward and drop down just before the dent in the swing. Jump to the SE ledge to get Revolver ammo and jump back again. Take a running jump to the hanging crate W and over to the crates at the wall. Down to the left is a small medipack. Climb the highest crate in the corner (SW) and take a running jump and grab the edge N. Go down at the other end and jump down to the W wall, on the right in a hole are the Uzis.

The Electronic Key.

Climb back up and jump down on the hanging crate E and from there jump to the last hanging crate (N). Make a save, as the minute you pick up the Electronic Key (fuse) youíll have a fight with quite a lot of guards.

Escape with the Key.

The exit is in the NW corner of this storeroom, just wait there for a minute and some of then guards will come inside. Then run out and to the right, shooting more guards. I couldnít kill them all as some of them were way up some balconies but the ones on the ground floor will leave Uzi ammo behind. There are also some Flares near the NE corner of the street.

Over the Rooftop.

Go NW, left into the door and take the stairs, kill another guard at the end save the game and do a running jump with a left curve and grab the roof, shimmy right and pull up, back flip and roll to grab a balcony, there might be another guard here. Follow through and take a running jump to the balcony on the other side and the guard there left a small medipack. Take a curved running jump to the roof N and shimmy right around the corner and when you are near the next corner hoist up, back flip/roll and grab he crack in the opposite wall, shimmy to the left and pull up.

Turn around and spot the ledge W and take a running jump with a curve to the right. Pick up the Uzi ammo and grab the monkey swing. Swing ahead and around the corner into the opening on the right. Immediately jump back and grab the edge, an explosion follows and a boulder comes down. Afterwards pull up get the Medipack, jump left and take the steps to another opening. Jump over to the balcony and kill the guard, turn around and jump to the crack in the NE corner. Shimmy left and crawl in and climb higher. You get to the slope where the boulder was. Run off and jump up to grab the ladder, on top is Secret #2, Revolver ammo.

Get down and take the steps again to the balcony. Now take a running jump to the S and walk to the E edge and jump up to a metal ramp. Walk to the top and take a running jump N and shoot another guard. Go to the end and jump to the roof E and shimmy around the corner to the right. When you can go any further pull up, back flip with roll and curve to he left to land on a small bridge below you. Get into the corridor and the door opens.

Use the Electronic Key, move the Crane.

Shoot the wooden crates for Flares and Uzi ammo. Climb the crates in the NW corner. Face W and hang on the roof, shimmy left and pull up at the flat bit and place the fuse in the corner. This moves the crane so go there and side flip on the roof and jump to grab the hanging crate. You can use the crane (monkey swing) to go forward to the crane or take a running jump and get hold of the crane. Shimmy around to a platform at the other side.

For the last secret, climb all the way to the top of the crane, face N and hop over to the flat roof and grab the edge. Pick up Secret # 3, Uzi ammo. Go back to the crane and climb down to the platform on the N side of the crane, there where the zip line is.

St Paulís Cathedral, the Red Key.

Zip down into the cathedral and shoot the guard that comes out. Climb the W wall and when you are up, turn around and climb another ladder. You are on the roof of the Cathedral, run around the roof and kill the guard that hides there and pick up the Red Key he drops. Go back to the ladder and climb down, back flip and use the red Key W. The trapdoor opens, use the ladder to climb down and slide down to the finish trigger.