Level by dennis16.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Square One, the Uzis.

Watch the flyby then go S towards the fire. Shoot the barrel next to it for the Uzis. Jump up S and turn around, jump to a higher ledge and get the Uzi ammo. Go a bit further N and find even more Uzi ammo. Get down to the ground floor and climb he block in the NW corner and take a running jump E and pick up the Flares at the end. Drop to the ground floor again, go S and left (E), at the T-junction, go left (N). Climb over the crate and grab the small medipack at the end of this passage.

Get Goin’.

OK we now have all the pick-ups you can get, so turn and get out to the square, go to the W into a small passage and watch the fly by. There is a slide on the left, use it and grab the crawlspace at the end and crawl in. Get down at the other end and slide down. Look right (N) and run jump to the corner ledge. Another running jump over the breakable tiles for now, immediately jump again (holding Ctrl) to grab a crack in the wall. Shimmy left and pull up at the end.

Face S and run jump to the slope ahead, back flip to a higher ledge. Grab the ceiling and swing to the opening N. Flip the lever you find in here and watch the cut scene.

Jump to the corner ledge left (E) and from there to the entrance and climb down the ladder at the S side. A guard starts shooting, so kill him and pick up some Uzi ammo from the floor and a small medipack the guard will leave behind. Climb the garbage container E and push the button, the door behind Lara opens. In the far SW corner you can find some Flares and more Uzi ammo on a box S.

The Cathedral, the Green Key.

Go into the door, the next one opens and watch the flyby. The door slams shut, go to the other side (W) and back flip on the middle structure and pull the jump lever there. This opens a trapdoor NE. This is the way out again, so jump in, shoot the electric box and flip the switch. The other trapdoor opens and when you climb out 3 guards are there. After killing them gather up 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Go back down and up into the cathedral you were before and now go down the steps in the N and push the block on the left to the W.

Press the button on the wall, this opens the door S, so go there and pick up the Green Key. You see another door opening and also two rats are triggered. Go NE and through the trapdoor to the outside area.

Back Up.

Climb the crate at the E wall, and jump the ladder N and climb up. Jump to the corner ledge and then to the crack in the W wall, use the slope to jump on a higher ledge. This time take a running jump S and another one and use the Key on the lock SW. You see a door opening a bit further on this ledge. So jump around the fire and get in. Follow through, through a crawlspace and then climb higher (N). At the end, wait a bit and shoot the crow that appears.

Use the monkey swing to get to the other side. Go around the corner and take a running jump over the roof NE. Slide down and arrive back on Square One.

Down Below.

Go E again and at the junction take a left, open the door and the next door you opened earlier. Drop down in a cave area and again drop down into the water at the bottom.

Shoot some crates N and pick up a Medipack, Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo. Go to the E and shoot a rat and in the SE corner pull up. Once in go into the corridor (E) and at the end look up. Face W and climb the ladder about 3 blocks and roll/back flip to grab the second ladder where you find a jump lever. Pull it and drop down, up the ladder again but this time go all the way to the top.

The Red key.

Go through the crawlspace and down some steps to jump on a ledge in the water. Face W and just step into the water, swim down against the W wall and use the underwater lever (the current is strong, so watch out). Get back out onto the ledge, Now run-jump to the sloped block in front of you, grab the edge and shimmy right, pull up, slide and jump with a right curve to the next block. Jump up S and pull up, immediately back flip (or hop back and hang) as a barrel comes down. Back to the S and grab the crack and shimmy left, avoiding the steam emitter if possible and let go at the end. Get the Red key and some Uzi ammo in the corner. Use the crack to shimmy back to the ledge. Then jump to the crack N and shimmy right and pull up there.

Stand on the right or left and hop with Ctrl over the fire and use the lever. A door opens. Hop back and hang on the crack, shimmy left and around the corner, hoist up. Use the switch you’ll find on the wall, watch the cut scene and drop in the water. Climb out NW and follow through. This looks familiar.

Square One, Subway for the Shotgun.

Go to the left (W), ad right to use the Key on the door N. Go down the slope, don’t shoot that barrel, but use the button on the W wall in the terminal. Go up the stairs on the left. The first on the left has Flares, on the right, nothing. The second on the left, shoot the crates and find the Shotgun (MP5). In the last room you’ll find Shotgun ammo under some crates. Go back out and down the stairs to the Terminal.

The Blue Fuse.

Two nasty thugs appear and one of them leaves a small medipack. Go N down the escalators and shoot the two guys there, go left (W) and again W and climb the ladder there. Use the switch up there and notice the trapdoor. Climb down again and get to the tracks, two thugs roam around there. At the E side near where you have to use a fuse you don’t have yet, is the door you opened up in the wall. Get into the crawlspace and at the end use the button. Go back out again and up the platform to the ladder and the trapdoor is open now.

Go up the slope (S) and use the lever at the end. Back down the slope and go all the way to the other side and the doors are now open. Shoot the crates and pick up Uzi ammo, Shotgun ammo more Uzi ammo E and the Blue Fuse.

Go to the block in the corner and back flip to it, jump and grab the floor above. Shoot the rat and get his Uzi ammo. Back down, out and left (E) at the door, down the slope through the crawlspace and use the fuse when you are back on the tracks. Watch the flyby.

The Yellow Fuse.

Go E and drop into the water. Swim N and then right (E) to find the Yellow fuse at the bottom next to the gray pillar. Go back and S and spot a long ladder, swim behind it and climb up onto a ledge there. The wall N is climbable, climb up and shift to the right, go up and try to get just above the alcove, shimmy left, let go and grab the alcove edge end pull up (Lara wouldn’t traverse into the alcove by means of the ladder).

Shoot the electric box and use the switch. Save the game and look E, there is a slope, take a running jump to the slope, slide a bit and jump (+ Ctrl) to end up on a passage. At the end grab Secret #1, Uzi ammo. Drop safe into the water and swim W to get onto the ledge again.

Back up the ladder, right around two corners and to the top this time, you will be shot by two guards, one is E and up, the other is on the walkway N. Place the Yellow fuse at the S end. This triggers two more guards, after killing them drop into the water again. The water level has risen. Swim N and into the structure and down. The level ends here.