Another Metro Station.

Level by TC14 (Thibault Chatelus)

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

The Subway.

Lara slides down into a subway station. Slightly to the right are 3x Flares. For now go S and jump over the turnstiles and go down to the platform and the train tracks. Go left and jump NE to a crack in the wall on the other side. Shimmy to the left and pull up, I would suggest to save here. Stay on the left, time the popping barbed wire below (go when it went down) and slide down, jump from the end of the slope with a grab to grab the wall ahead (Savegame- hanging on the wall!).

Climb around the corner and try to be between the two blocks and back flip/roll to get into the opening behind Lara. The camera view changes, so walk slowly forward. Jump to the tile and pick up a small medipack.

Face W, the water tile behind this ledge is safe and harbors a Secret #1, a Blue Fuse and a Medipack (that’s what Lara was looking at). Get out (will take a lot of health) and with full health take a run jump to through the propellers to the tile NW. Then jump to the one N and to the one E and walk to the opening. Jump over the deadly tracks to the middle and watch the flyby.

The Lasersight.

Go N and jump over the tracks into an opening left (W). Shoot the rats and go through a triangle crawlspace at the end, go as far as possible so you can stand. Jump down into one of the passages of the metro and follow through. On the left is an opening and jump up there. Stand jump to the swing pole and release with a curve to the left. From this safe grey block take a running jump to the pillar W and hoist up to grab the Laser Sight.

Now take a running jump, timing the emitter, to the block NE. Walk to the NE corner and jump to the slope block against the wall, watch out for the emitter and jump into the opening of the E wall (Savegame). Follow through and slide down to the same passage in the metro. Go back S and through the crawlspace and to the end. Back flip on the slope with the light and grab the ledge and hoist up.

Now you have to do a run jump with a left curve over the electrified tracks to the middle where it is safe. Go back to the S and jump/grab W into the opening where the big propellers are.

Start jumping the platforms to the W wall and enter the opening. Go through and go to the back of that column and jump up at a corner and pull up, shimmy around to the NE corner and jump into an alcove NE. Turn around facing SW, jump out with a left curve grabbing the edge of the grated ceiling. Pull up and go to the N wall.

Fire Pushblock Puzzle.

There’s a push block in the wall, stand against it holding Ctrl so Lara will start pulling immediately when you hit the key. When the emitter is up for 2 counts (at least for me) start pulling the block out and release Ctrl. Hold the Alt and left key down so when Lara pulled once she’ll side jump to the left as the emitter will start up very quick again. Now move the block around till it is in the SE corner in front of that yellow tile on the wall. The emitter will stop so you can now safely move it into the alcove SE, as Lara would catch fire if you push it in when the emitter is on (Savegame).

Jump into the alcove E and from there to the SW alcove. Take a running jump N and grab the trapdoor, then jump SW and use the switch there.

The door is in the SE corner. Jump back to the trapdoor, then into the SE corner and pull up left. Jump up the slope to get to the door.

In the metro station 3 guards are there, kill them and pick up 2x Shotgun ammo. Go back to the small room where you came from and shoot the electric box on the wall W. On the N wall is a button, this opens another door. Go out and around the corner left (W wall) is the open door. Follow through and end up at a deadly pool with breakable tiles and huge propellers.

The Wiss Key.

Stand on the left, stand jump to the first tile, step forward a bit and stand jump to the one left and a curved running jump to the block at the W wall. Stand on the NE corner and jump NE with a left curve to the swing pole, swing and jump off with a curve to the left. Go through the passage and on the next block stand SE and jump to the pole (red dot near the propeller) and jump off with a left curve to the block E. Go to the high end of the block and grab the monkey swing and shimmy to the S wall, there is a switch there. After using it, swing back and use the button. A rope appears behind you (SW), take a running jump to the rope and swing to the SW corner and use the switch (aim for the left side of that block). I used the monkey swing to get back at the rope and be sure to have the rope in front of Lara, let go and grab the rope. Then swing to the W wall and use the button there. Use the swing pole to get to the NW corner again and into that passage the door you just opened is on the left (Savegame).

Once in look down left and spot a breakable tile. Run down left so you’ll land on the break tile, curve right doing a running jump to the swing pole, swing to the break tile ahead and run against the block to grab up (Savegame). Grab the Wiss Key and trapdoors go up in the deadly pool, down on the first, standjump to the pole and swing to the exit.

Back into the first propeller room go left and swing the swing pole again (SE) then jump to the rope and from there swing into the opening S. Follow through to the station hall.

Go SE and jump over the turnstiles, down the stairs. In the W wall a door is now open. Shoot a guard and pick up his Shotgun ammo. Follow through, down the stairs and watch out for a fire emitter from the grate on the floor. Open the door in front of you and look out as there is another fire emitter in this small room. Shoot the electric box and use the switch. You get a camera shot of the tracks. Go out, back up the stairs and once on the platform go to the SE corner. Take a running jump to grab the sloped alcove there. Shimmy to the right, pull up, back flip/roll and grab a crack at the other side. Shimmy left and pull up into an alcove. Turn around and jump to the alcove on the other side (E). Turn around and spot the Green Key on the tracks, that is for later. For now jump to the grating on the W wall and get in that crawlspace (climb underneath and up in, or above and drop/grab in). Get out the other side and shimmy left and get down to a safe platform. From there stand jump with Lara’s back to the wall to the swing pole and get to the other side. Get the Medipack there and pull the switch at the S wall. A trapdoor opens, turn E and stand at the edge , stand jump down to a slope, slide and another jump to grab the grating on the wall. Climb up and to the right and up again through the trapdoor.

The Revolver.

Follow this tunnel and down at the end. Shoot some rats, you can open the door at the left but for now go N and drop into a tunnel. Drop down through a triangle space, a door opens; get ready to shoot a guard on the familiar platform. Get his Shotgun ammo. Go up the stairs N and shoot another guard and from him pick up his Revolver. Jump back over the turnstiles and down the stairs, back to the door S and up left (E), up right and go outside through the door W.

The Streets.

Collect Revolver ammo near the N wall. Go to the middle of this area and look E, save and shoot the electric box (can be a bit tricky, so reload if it takes too much ammo). A garbage bin appears in the NW, jump on top of it and take a jump to the swing pole to get on the other block. Then a run jump to the trapdoor left (E). Do NOT use the button. Go to the end and take a running jump to the NE and grab the ledge. At the end jump to the opening down in the N wall. Follow through and a running jump with grab to the scaffolding.

Block Push.

Safety drop to the ground and move the block in the E wall to the end of a ledge at the S wall.

Then climb on the ledge, go to the N and run jump to grab the trapdoor there. Be sure to have enough health as you have to jump down to the N wall over the barbed wire. Get the small medipack there and climb up in the passage on the right and up again, shoot the electric box and use the switch. Slide down left of the switch, shoot the dog and the thug, he leaves a small medipack behind.

Climb the S ledge and move the block to the W wall. There is now a bin at the W wall, you can use that now to get over the barbed wire and use the switch again. Back to the S and now move the block N. Jump onto the scaffolding and run down NW onto the garbage bin to jump over the barbed wire again to use the switch once more. Go back to the moveable block and now push it over the scaffolding to the E side and then to the other side of the ledge (N).

Safety drop down to the ground floor. In the E wall, shoot the boxes and jump into the alcove and use the switch to move the scaffolding. Climb back up and jump to the scaffolding, now move the box over into the alcove on the other side (W). You’ll hear a click and if you look up N and S between the two small windows in the rooftop you see two buttons.

Jump to the garbage bin S and up the alcove there, jump to the roof S and hang, shimmy all the way right to end on top of the scaffolding. Jump to the N and push the button, camera shot of a door, jump back to the scaffolding and go left (E) and run off to the ledge there. Safety drop to the ground floor. Use the switch in the E passage to move the scaffold again and climb back up to the garbage bin at the W wall (In my game there was an invisible block above the bin, but I could get around it). Get to the top of the scaffolding again and now jump S to use the button there. You’ll get a camera shot of a swing pole in front of that door. Jump back to the scaffolding and from there a running jump into the opening in the S wall, down left of the button (this was where you entered this place).

The Shotgun (MP5).

Go through the passage. A well aimed run jump without Ctrl will get you back onto that balcony up left (But you can also safety drop to the ground floor, use the trash bin and a standing jump to the swing pole and then a jump up to a trapdoor, do NOT push the button. From there, jump to the SE and turn around). Use the swing pole to the door S.

Kill he guard and get his Shotgun as well as the small medipack in the corner. Open the other door and jump to grab the roof left (W). Shimmy left around, do NOT pull up on the grated platform, Lara will get fried, but go on and pull up at the zip line. Slide down and grab the ledge, crawl in and get the Medipack and the Unremarkable Key. Be sure to have full health before you safety drop down.

Climb the trash bin again and use the pole to get to the trapdoor with the button. Now use it. Lara falls down, turn and shoot the dog and his master, and pick up the Medipack the thug drops. Back to the trash bin and use the pole again. Turn around and jump to a higher platform. Once there, turn to the wall and grab the crack and shimmy to the left. At the end crawl in and get Secret #2, another Secret Fuse. Drop down to the ground floor. Go back through the door (E), to the left (N) and down, again drop and through the door to the subway platform.

Turn Off the Power.

Go take the first opening left (W). Go down the stairs again (watch out, emitter) and at the open door take a right and use the Key at the door. Kill the guy and follow through. At the end up the stairs and kill another guy with his dog, the guy leaves a small medipack behind.

Open the door S and follow through so you can flip the switch. Go out again and now you can go through he turnstiles right (E) up the stairs. Open the door on the right, follow through and end up on top of a slope. Stand left and slide down, don’t do anything as the barrel will bounce over Lara. Jump to the left and you end up above the tracks.

Take a running jump to grab the grating on the left, climb left and up, back flip and roll to grab a crack at the other wall. Shimmy right to the end and pull up in an alcove. Shoot the electric box there and use the switch.

The Turr Key.

The electricity of the tracks is shut down, so jump down and go right and back to the platform. Go through the door N, down the stairs, follow through passing two door, watch out emitter, up the stairs and at the platform drop down on the tracks, go right and pick up the Turr Key.

Turn and run to the N over the tracks, slide down and go all the way to the end. Go to the NE corner, shoot some boxes for a small medipack. Then go to the other corner (NW) and use the keys on the locks.

The Uzis.

Go in and take a left, drop down and shoot the lonely barrel (NE) to pick up the Uzis.

Get back up, shoot a guard and go to the other end (NW) and use the timed button. Roll, run out, through the opening, grab the swing pole in the room where you got the Uzis and get into the open door (Savegame).

Push the block once, get in go standing left and push the block W (onto the rotated floor tile), this opens the door NE. Run jump and grab the higher ledge outside. Then take another one to the yellow crane. Now jump to that platform E and from there to the walkway on the right.

Push the button you find at the end, a door opens, Go back to the crane and climb on the top. Take a running jump to the platform SE and from there to the one at the wall (NE). Now jump to the barrels N, jump over the barrels and proceed W. Shoot the boxes there, climb the ladder behind them and off to the right.

Turn around and take a running jump and grab the grated ceiling. Passing three emitters. When you reach the wall, let go and slide, grab the edge and shimmy to the right and pull up at a yellow block. Jump down E and get that Medipack, climb back on the yellow block and grab the top of the crane, shimmy left around and drop at the other side, go to the end.

I suggest a save here. Turn around and slide down the crane backwards. Grab the edge, pull up, back flip/roll and grab a crack. Shimmy left and pull up into a crawlspace.

Use the floor lever there to lift a trapdoor. Get back out through the crawlspace and hang, let go and grab again, shimmy left and end up in an alcove.

Look NW and the ledge you need to jump to is the one around the corner behind the light on the wall. You can see it better when using the binoculars. Jump with a left curve around the corner, grab the edge and pull up, shoot the electric box inside and use the switch. Go out and jump down NE to the yellow block on the back of the crane. Climb higher and jump again SE and from there NE (from the crane you can also jump to grab the trapdoor NE). Then jump to the trapdoor that is up N. Final part of the crate push.

A Secret and the Unremarkable Key.

Push the crate to the N and then to the left over the walkway (W) till it is against the wall. Watch the flyby and then dive down into the water. Climb onto the W side track and go S a bit. T the right you’ll find an opening in the wall filled with water. Jump in and on the bottom is Secret #3, another Secret Fuse. In case you want the secret chime (and the secret counted as well), you’ll have to swim to the end of this passage.

Get back out and into the water and swim N into that tunnel and follow through. Swim up, get out of the water and take a right (S), pick up the Unremarkable Key off a pedestal.

Then go to the other side (N). Use the key to open the door. Enter the door and run towards the pedestal and the level ends.