An Adventure in The Night.

Level by Mikki

Walkthrough D&G Productions

Lara lands in the sewers, kill the rats, run to the end and take the opening on the right (S). Use the switch to open a trapdoor above and climb the ladder. Once outside the trapdoor closes.

The Subway.

Two dogs roam around so kill them. Go E and watch the flyby. Go around the corner and to the N into the Subway. Down the ramp, to the right (E) and here you find 4 booths. If you climb on top of them you can see that the third roof is different, this is the only one where you do not need to pull the switch. So only pull the 1st, 2nd and 4th switch. The door NW opens, go up the stairs and through the door. Kill the nasty guy and around to the left is a Medipack.

In the other corner (S wall), shoot the electric box and use the switch. Camera shot of some stairs of the subway. Go out and go SE and stop at the top of the escalator on the left and look with the binoculars W. Jump up on the middle part and take a running jump and grab the climbable wall and get in. Jump down for Secret #1, Revolver ammo and a Medipack. Get out and safety drop on the escalator.

The Yellow Fuse.

Go down and left (S) and halfway on the right is a crawlspace. Get in and at the end, turn around and back flip. Now take a running jump, a hop and another running jump to clear the breakable tiles. Pick up the Revolver at the ledge there.

Climb up S and find the Laser Sight and Revolver ammo opposite. In the windowsill (W) is the Yellow Valve (fuse). Get down and shoot both electric boxes (you can use pistols too), this lowers ropes so you can swing back. Climb the ladder (jump up and climb up 4 more runs) and back flip/roll to the crawlspace and get out.

Blue Valve #1.

Go S to the tracks and left (E) and open the door left. In the SE corner of this room is a pushable block, push it twice, get in and pick up the Revolver ammo. Pull the block so you can get behind it and use the switch. You fall down the trapdoor. Get on top of the SW corner and get Blue Valve # 1 (fuse). Get out of the room and back to the tracks.

Blue Valve #2.

Go left (E) and at the end jump on top of the train, crawl E along the left hand side till you can stand. Then jump up into a corridor and save the game here.

Look at the tiles; some of them have the pattern that is rotated. So jump around the corner on the right, those are the patterns you have to jump to for the door at the end to open. Next one is raised E, then raised N, then on not raised SE, last one not raised E. Pick up another Blue Valve #2 and leave, down to the top of the train.

Yellow Valve #2.

You can lower yourself on the tracks and make your way around the back of the train to the other side. There are three bums waiting, so shoot them. There is nothing there so side flip over the fence W, climb onto the platform and open the door. Under the shoot able crates you can find a small medipack. Go out and open the next door W, there is nothing in here. Behind the last door, around the corner under the crates is Yellow Valve #2.

The Damned Key.

Go back out, over the tracks to the other side (N) and take the escalator up to the terminal with the 4 switches. Go up the stairs in the NW corner and pull the switch there again to open the other escalator. So back out, to the SE and take the right hand escalator down.

Follow through to the platform and take a right (E) and open the door at the end. There are two bums guarding the place. Use the 4 Valves you have on the wall, this will stop the underwater fans so you can pick up the Damned Key near the N side. Climb back out and go back to the platforms, up the escalator and out to the W and left to get back to the streets.

The Streets.

Go E and take out two guards that are on the right, one leaves a Medipack. Back to the streets and go to the N and then a right and all the way to the back. Jump on the dumpster and on a balcony N. Go to the end and take a running jump to the building in the middle and shimmy to the corner. Jump over the roof to a flat part and try to shoot the soldier way up S. Go to the pillar and climb up, it doesnít matter which side but you have to end upon a small balcony on the N side of the pillar where the zip line is. (Donít try to get onto the balcony on the S side of the pillar to shoot that guard, you can get in, but you can never get out again!)

The Factory, the SAS Key.

Grab the zip line and push the button on the balcony to enter. Go down the stairs and come into a room with electrified pools. You can already shoot the two guards at the other end if you want.

In the NE is a crawlspace, so get in and at the end turn around and climb higher. You arrive at a room that looks familiar, it is the pool room but dry. Take note of the raised blocks and marked in the dry pools.

For now get into the crawlspace SW and down at the end for Secret #2, a small medipack and Revolver ammo. Go back out and leave through the other corner, down and through the crawlspace back at the pools.

Jump onto the correct raised blocks in both pools and the right door in the back opens.

Go in and look at the walls, you have to step on those tiles that are near the green lights for the door at the end to open. Use the floor lever there and go out to the poolroom. The pools are safe so now walk over the correct tiles in the water, 2 in each pool. The door on the left (SE) opens, go into the corridor and around the corner in the fan room. N behind the fan is the SAS Key.

Run to Safety.

This also opens the door at the S side of this room, behind the fan. Enter and save your game. You have to get down the stairs and beat a soldier to run over a trigger tile and it is a run around some corners. Just sprint through the passage, revolver drawn and shoot that soldier as soon as you see him and before he gets to the end of that passage (Savegame.0).

Shoot the other guard and open the door (the button there doesnít work, it is the one the guard tried to use). Go in and to the right (E) and pull the switch. The nearest fan stops, go further and shoot the guards, the door NE is also open so go out and to the streets.

The Gold Key.

Go to the steps to the Cathedral you see ahead and climb them to use the two keys you have near the door. Go in and walk to the light that you see left and right.

Pull the switch on the first light on the left (it shines blue). The next is the one to the N side (a flame appeared there), the next one also has a flame on top of it and so on till the door opens. Go in and use the floor lever, go out again and at the end of the lamps go to the left (N) and left (W). At the end of this passage on the right is an open trapdoor. Go down and walk a bit and watch the flyby.

Step in the room and look to the right, there is a huge mirror on the wall. The yellow tiles are the safe ones. So hop to the E side and pick up the Gold Key from the yellow pedestal. Enter the open door, go down the stairs and watch the fly by. Ascend further and the level ends.