Punk Heart.


Walkthrough D&G Productions.

For Starters, open the Trapdoor in the Cage.

You start in a dark passage, crawl forward and get out (press forward + Alt). Turn around and pick up some Flares and use the switch at the wall next to the door.

Jump over to the iron Cage and go left (W) in the opening there. Here is a strange setup, stand against the W wall and sideflip left over (into) the pump/machine. Now best face N and back flip because you will have to land on a ledge behind a gap. Turn again and climb down the ladder, left and drop next to that deadly tile.

Up the Cage.

Go to the N wall and use the button, a trapdoor opens, then go to the middle and use the lever there. Climb on the block and jump to the ladder. Once up take a running jumps over the machine and jump back on top of the Cage. Go now into the E opening and side flip over the right machine, in the back is a crawlspace. Pick up Secret #1, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Crawl out and jump back to the cage. Turn around and jump up to get to the next floor.

On the S wall is a lever. After using it climb on the block and go one more floor up through the trapdoor. Two ninja warriors are guarding this place, after taken care of them go to the E wall and use the button there. Drop down through the trapdoor and even one more floor down and jump in the water at the bottom of the cage.

The Glass Maze, the Station Key.

Swim to the bottom and follow through, go straight at the intersection, around the corner and down into the opening a bit further. Go right (N) then sharp left and use the underwater lever there to open a trapdoor. Swim back, up through the opening, E and at the first intersection go right and up and in, there is the open trapdoor and get some needed air into Lara’s lungs. We need a Key.

Dive down, back at the intersection go to the left and around the corner down again through that opening, this time swim E and around right. Immediately up there, then W and up again, then N and at the end of this passage down and grab the Station Key from the floor. Swim back all the way to the open trapdoor (savegame).

Climb out S and use the Key there.

The Crowbar.

Back to the water and swim down and at that intersection swim straight (W) and up. Jump in the next pool and in the middle is a Small Medipack. In the SW corner is an opening, swim through and around left so you can grab the Crowbar that is found on the E side. Go back and climb out of the pool. Go to the W side of the pool and turn around, you can jump and grab one floor higher. Exit through the opening N and left.

The Station.

In the next area, go down the stairs kill two ninja girls, go up the stairs W and jump into the pool. Under the middle block is an underwater lever to lower a block. Get out by climbing up at the plant and back flipping. The three windows W can be shot, climb in get the Shotgun ammo from the floor and use one of the windowsills to jump onto the chandelier. Take a running jump to the jump lever at the N wall.

Get out and go E to the staircases and left (N).

The Ruined Station.

Go slowly as debris will fall down and shoot the flying insect that comes from down below. Jump to the other side of the platform and go E over the rails. At the end jump up and get Secret #2, the Shotgun. A wraith will be set loose so back to the rails, jump to the left (S) and out, up the stairs and right (W) up more stairs where you can drown it in the pool there.

Go back to the underground train tracks and safety drop down. Go to the S and open the Crowbar door there. Use the switch, turn around and jump up the N side, a block has lowered there. Get into that crawlspace. Pick up the Small Medipack on the left and turn around; pull the crate out and push it to the left (N). Run onto the breakable tiles and land up in a small room below.

Crystal Part 2.

Kill the flying insect and go out (N). Jump to the rails in front of you and get in, get the Shotgun ammo, hop back and kill the snake.

Jump onto the rocks (N) and although you can jump into the building, it is quite risky. Better make your way to the wall, back flip and jump up use the monkey swing above. Be sure to have enough health though as you will loose some (either way). Go around the corner and you will drop to a rail track. Go into the building and shoot the window on the left. A wraith is on the loose, but use your pistols to shoot at it a couple of times and it will leave you alone. Use the lever (a bunch of big doors open up) and get out S.

Go to the E wall next to the debris and standing next to it, save and back flip (there is an illegal slope there so be careful). And once on top of the rubble jump to the N on top of a small roof and get the Crystal Part 2 there. You can also get there by standing on the tip of the higher floor, just next to the NE column and just jump up to grab the roof (screenshot).

The Zephyr Wheel.

Drop down go back to the rubble S and be careful of more debris falling down. Stand jump sharp left (SE) around the corner and you should land on a rail track. Pick up some Shotgun ammo E and get back to the W end to jump + Ctrl NW to land one floor down. Here is some water for the wraith and also a button NE to expand a platform for later.

Then dive in the water and swim through, watch out for falling debris. Follow through and find a Small Medipack to the right. Swim back to the debris a bit and up to climb out W and use a lever. Back into the water and swim N and get the Zephyr Wheel at the end. Make your way back out of the water. Drop down one floor W and jump via the corner up to the room with crates. Push the top most to the side for a Medipack. Shoot the window E and get in. In the passage is a switch at the end, kill the girl and pick up some Shotgun ammo on the crate at the other end.

Crystal part 1.

Jump back through the window and down to the ground floor W. Go to the left and stand in the middle of that rock slide to jump the rocks there (nasty jumps, try side flips) because you have to get up to the E side of this hill again. Slide down and jump backwards in the opening in the floor and kill the ninja that jumps at you. She leaves the Crystal part 1 for you. Combine them and get the Crystal Sun Key. Use it next to the door.

Boulder Puzzle, the Punk Heart.

Go in and at the end the door will open when you approach. The rolling ball up on the left has to land on a yellow tile way down below and in order to do so you need to use the trigger tiles in two blue alcoves. One is left and up (S wall) for a trapdoor and the other one is down and situated on the N wall, this is for a raising block.

Take a slightly angled running jump to the W and run up the ramp (left) and jump into the blue alcove there. Safety drop down and quickly run off left to the lower block there, roll and run of again to the ground floor (be sure to have enough health). Then run to the NE corner, hop up and into the blue alcove and that should do the trick (savegame).

The door SW opens. Make your way there and get inside the Punk Heart from the pedestal and use the lever near the door to get a rope out. Run out to the E and climb up the blocks there, from the top block grab the block W (ladder) and hoist up, climb up to the alcove and from there take a running jump to the boulder ramp and back to the building (E). Use the ladder at the trapdoor to get out.

Jump up to the left SW and from there to the top (NW) on that lighter rock and get into the building N. Go left (NW) and use that expanded platform to get up N (a nasty flying insect is on the loose). Then jump to the rails and hoist up. On the left in the building is the rope. Jump to the rope and swing it so you can land on the W side ledge. There are three ninja warriors to make your life miserable. Get down the stairs W and use the Zephyr Wheel on the basket of the balloon there.

Timed Run for the Door, the Zephyr Key.

The door behind you opens. Right around the corner is a timed button. Get out run upstairs, go up some more stairs NE, then on top take a running jump to the right to the chandelier, another running jump to the next and again a running jump onto the balcony and hopefully into the open door (savegame).

Pick up the Zephyr Key and see a door opening. Jump down to the ground floor and go up the stairs again. Go in and follow through to where the level ends.