Ghostbuster Volume 1- Let There Be Water!


Walkthrough by D&G Productions

Edited 27-09-2011.

After the explosion Lara drops into the cave where the Cell is. Your task will be to free Zudotakikato Takatojinkato from the Cell, who’s held by a couple of nasty Ghosts.

For Starters, the Revolver.

First go stand on the block SE, lower corner and face E. Look up left to spot as tiny crawlspace. Run E curving left at the end and jump to grab the opening. Secret #1 sounds, follow through to get some Flares and the Revolver in that abandoned mine shaft W. Climb out through the opening up S near the Revolver. Go S and down to the cave with the Cell. There is a ladder going down, but that is for later; climb up to the top of the structure and get a pack of Flares.

Head into the cave S and come to a pit. Down to the right you can see a lever we have to get to eventually. The ladder up leads to the City, can be done now or later too.

The Cave, the Fire Ghost.

Go S passing the ladder, turn around and jump to the ladder from the grating, go all the way down, turn E and hop over the ridge, grab up to the floor above.

The Crate Puzzle.

NE are a bunch of crates, a door and a switch on the wall. Inside the door is a cage we have to get out. So create a path from the door to the cave floor and also place a crate under the switch. The switch is timed, so there’s no need to use it before all crates are in place. There is probably a faster way, but this is how I could make it understandable.

Start with the crate down S (under that climb wall), pull it once to the N. Take the crate SE and move it under the switch. Turn N and push the first crate to the N. Climb it, turn left and push that crate to the W.

Go down to the floor and pull both N crates once so you have a lower line to the door. Climb up and pull/push the W crate all the way to the door.

Push the crate you stand on to the N, climb up and turn left to pull the NW crate once. Then move it S under the switch. Down to the floor and pull the only possible crate back to the S once. The bottom row is now complete. Climb over the crate and pull the lower NW crate once to the E. Climb up and pull the N crate once, get behind it and push it in line in front of the door.

You are now set to get the cage out, so use the switch, get to the open door and pull the cage out. Get down into the lower NE corner and push the crate to the W once. Now you can pull the crate from under the switch in line so you can pull/push the cage to the cave floor against the pillar. Now we have another Flare pickup if you like, go back and push the crate back under the switch, use the switch to open the door again and jump in to get the Flares. Go back to the cage.

Push it S and left once, then S again so it is on the ledge next to that machine. Jump onto the cage from next to the ladder and grab up E. Walk SE and jump into the room there. Face out SW and spot the crack in the rock wall, run jump out with a left curve to grab it and shimmy right around to drop on a flat rock. Stay close to the wall and walk W jump over the steep part. Go W to the end, you can see a cave entrance straight W, stand two steps from the wall and aim for the left side of the triangular rock on the right of the opening, you should just land over that rock to get inside (savegame).

Go through and when you see the door, turn SE and spot the crack in the rock, jump to grab it. Go left to the ladder and the camera changes showing you that lever. Go up and stay on the right hand side of the ladder to back flip onto the rock. Go use the lever and open a door with it in the structure NE. Face NE and jump to grab that grated monkey climb. Turn left at the structure and drop grab to grab the grated wall, climb down under the door and pull up inside. Grab the Flares from the block and use the switch to flood the lava part of the cave below. Leave N and come to a crossing, go N to a room with a chain. Pull the chain, a crate will be lifted in a passage below.

Go S to the crossing and open the door there, turn around and climb down the ladder under the opening. Follow through NW to where you see a switch in a structure, but a flyby takes over and suddenly you are in the lair of the Fire Ghost. And out of reach of that switch.

The Fire Ghost, Lava Lair.

Jump E to the flat ledge, walk up as far as and stand jump straight up E, jump again so you will end up on a ledge. Grab the monkey climb above and go N around the corner to the next ledge. Just slide down N and jump to the right at the end of the slope. Jump up into the flatter SE corner and face N (screenshot). Back flip onto a slope behind you and jump to bounce onto the rock bridge above. Go to the far NW corner and as close as you can get to that rock pillar with the crack you can see NW. Jump with a bit of a left curve to grab the right hand side of the pillar, climb left around 2 corners and drop, slide a bit and keep jumping left till you end up on a flat part (savegame).

Turn right and go S onto the switch structure and stand under the ledge with the kite, grab up and get on the kite. It will take you into the mouth of a dragon, immediately jump forward onto the sloped side to avoid the incoming boulders (savegame). A Dragon will appear, empty the Revolver on it and finish it off with the pistols while jumping left/right.

A Fiery Path.

To get out of there a fiery path appeared, flames throughout the lair indicating where invisible ledges are.

Drop from the E side of the mouth onto the first ledge below. Run jump S(E) to the next and one more up towards that rock, last a standjump to the ledge at the rock and hop onto the rock. Jump over the pool to the other side of the rock and look SE, where you can see a swing pole, to the E of it is the next fiery ledge. Stand at the edge of the rock (screenshot) and hop back, jump with a bit of a left curve, grab the pole and swing, hold Ctrl after you jump off with a left curve again to land on the ledge (savegame).

Once on the fiery ledge, look up and spot the flames above, it’s a monkey climb, use that to get to the next ledge or just do a runjump. Last is a runjump to the ledge in front of the structure N, use Ctrl to slide under the rock. Now crawl into the opening in front of yo

Wrath of the Wraith.

As soon as you use the switch there, the Ghost (Wraith) will come for you, the whole place changed again, so run S through the tunnel, go left through the small gap at the crate and in the end hop through the plants on the right. Run S to the cave and left to the ladder. From there you can jump over onto the central island to get into that pool there. You’ll get a screen of the Cell, because the first Ghost is defeated and two of the four waterfalls are now active.

The lower part of the cave is flooded now.

For a Secret.

Swim to the far SW corner and into a tiny opening behind the plants, swim down to the end, get a Small Medipack. Roll and look up for an underwater ceiling lever, use that to release a Boulder (for a secret later). Get out, swim to the ladder and climb out, jump to the island so you can get onto the ladder. Go up to the structure and climb to the right along the grated window. Get into the open door again and throw the switch once more. A trapdoor is opened and that boulder drops into the small pool on the island, opening up the bottom. Get down there (you can stand jump down into that pool) and swim in to the opening S above the boulder, go get Secret #2, Yes – just a Secret. Go back out, jump to the ladder and go up. When above the floor, backflip onto the gratings and go N, left around the ladder and climb it to the top.

The City, the Water Ghost.

Head S, up the ramp where that Secret boulder come down from and turn around at the top, back flip and jump to get to the floor above. There are Flares behind the crates SE. Now go upstairs and find a Small Medipack on the table SW. E is a table, push that in front of the opening in the N wall and climb it to crawl through. Drop into the City. A pesky crow grabs the Key and drops it into a basin. Shoot that critter as soon as you get control back.

Workout or a Secret.

Face S and open the double doors. On the floor is a home trainer, step on it from the back (S) and run/sprint, as long as you see the blue electric rays you’re doing OK, the camera view will change and a key will appear in the blue rays. Go pick it up and you have Secret #3, the Wind machine Key.

Optional, the Wind Machine.  (no real need for this but fun to try)

Go out and take a right, up the ramp SE and to the left is a room with a table. Pick up the Flares and open the hatch above. Climb up to the terrace and grab the Small Medipack from the garden. Jump SW to the roof where the Wind machine is, use the Key S to start this baby up. Go NE to the front of the machine, run onto the ramp in front of the propellers and keep running, at the very end of the ramp a jump and hold the forward key, grab the pole and swing to the next, one more jump will get you on top of the structure with the Basins. Jump into the W side one and grab the Blue Key. The other way to get this Key is described below. Climb out in the SW corner.

Yet Another Secret.

From the last Secret (home trainer), out of the door and N to the pool, take a right into East street and go left (N) underneath the small arch. To the right are some rocks. Jump onto the one left (when facing E) and jump again to get onto the high flat ledge next to that roof. Jump onto the roof to get Secret #4, a Small Medipack and Revolver ammo.

5 Levers and the Blue Key.

Drop down and go N, left around the corner and over to the NW building, go in and up the stairs. There’s a ladder and 2 trapdoors. Go jump into the passage E and find levers, look above the levers, where the arrow above points down, throw the lever down. So you did two? The third one is behind that pillar on the ledge outside. Two ways to get there, a banana jump around the pillar or go down and jump up on the rocks in the NE corner. A boulder will come down opening both trapdoors at the ladder, so go back inside and upstairs to climb the ladder. Follow through to the top of the Basins, jump into the W side one and grab the Blue Key. Climb out in the SW corner. Go E and use the Key there.

The Living Room Key, a Torch. 

Go inside and on one of the crates are Flares. Upstairs on the shelves (NE) is the Living Room Key. Open the door to the Living Room S. Pick up a Torch and climb up the windowsill W, jump over those contraptions with the blue rays to get into the Church tower SW (last is a jump down to the floor of the tower) Ignite the Torch here and get down to the street with the burning Torch (jump to the roof N and get down from there). Make your way back to the living room through the Blue Key door NE. Light the Fireplace and a door opens up below.

Steam Puzzle.

In that room is a fire heating up the pipes so steam gets into the boiler SE, now you have to do is get that steam to the pipe NW by opening some valves. If you use the wrong valve the pressure will build up and the place explodes (try it out after saving) The solution to the puzzle is to use the valves 1-2-4-5-7 counting from the boiler SE (screenshot).   

The Second Ghost, Water Wraith will come for you so run outside, to the building NW and upstairs, jump to the ladder and go up. Dive into the W side basin and the Ghost will follow you. The basin freezes over, so swim E and find that basin filled to the top with the warm water coming from above. A cut scene showed you the Cell where all 4 waterfalls are now active. Once you climb out of the Basin you’ll see that trapdoor opened by the boulder. Go back inside and to that trapdoor under the ladder, slide down and follow to the cave with the Cell. Go S and down into the Cell using the ladder, a door opened S, go into Gauntlet Alley.

Gauntlet Alley, to the Cell.

The Spikes, best is to stand a bit to the right, take three steps back from the edge and standjump to the first block when the spikes are just up, a running jump with a left curve to the third block around the left corner and another running jump straight to the ledge and grab it (savegame).

Now watch the blades and the chains closely, between the blades is a free space, stand a bit left of the first blade, wait till the chains open up and run or jump through that opening with a right curve.

(from the author: Can be done without losing any health, look at all the traps and the range the cover closely, there’s a place between the first chain and second blade that is safe. From there it’s easy-peasy).

The Hammers, the first one I just ran through to the safe spot behind it, then I ran left around the corner when the fire was down and waited in the corner of the walls (it is safe there). Walk to the corner of the tile near the Hammer and duck, use the crawlspace roll (sprint) to get through the last Hammer (savegame).

Grab the Small Medipack and look right around the corner to spot a sloped block, runjump around the corner and roll in the air so you’ll slide off backwards. Grab and pull up, back flip onto the next slope and jump to grab the top of that grated pillar, Don’t move when the Blade passes and you’ll be OK. Go right around and stop whenever the Blade passes. On the other side is a climb wall, hang left and go down till you see the sloped block, back flip onto that sloped block, jump again to land on a slope and start jumping to and fro over the gap. A trapdoor comes up, slide on the trapdoor and step back quickly to do a runjump to the conveyor belt left. As soon as you are on the belt you are safe for now (savegame).

The Jump Levers.

In corners of the room are 2 jump levers, you have to reach them by sprinting against the speed of the belt. In the back of the Cell is a lever, as soon as you pass that, you go around two corners to a small moving E, sprint W on the belt and as soon as you are close to the edge, release sprint and jump to get the jump lever. Turn around and climb back up, the next jump lever is around 2 corners, facing S on the long belt moving N, climb up again and the belts stopped moving. Go use the lever W to free the person in the Cell and the level ends. What's this...not even a thank you…?