A Rift in Sedona.


Walkthrough G&D Productions

Storage Rooms, the Crowbar, Crossbow.

Watch the flyby and then go to the NE. Up a crate get the Flares, push the lower crate E and then turn left, push the next middle crate into the next room.

In the next room jump up the crates and get the Arrows N, go to the W wall and pull that crate to the S, go behind it and kill the snake. Crawl through at the N end behind the plants. Jump up the crate on the right and DO NOT get the Crowbar yet. First jump up and pull the crate on the right, then drop down and find some Arrows N and now go back for the Crowbar (spikes go up where the arrows were). There are more crates up SE, they only provide a shortcut back to the previous room.

Go back and jump up the grated floor where the knives are (W). Jump on a crate and get the Crossbow, behind the crate is a crowbar lever. Get down to the ground floor and S to the circular door you saw at the start. On the left (SE corner) you can jump in to pick up some Arrows, then enter the door.

The Mine, Nasty Traps.

Jump over the tracks to the other side, some nasty flying insects will pester you. Go to the W and climb in for a Small Medipack. Jump back on the track and jump to the E, watch out for fallen debris (stay close to the wall). Then a running jump to the S and up the slope, watch out for nasty boulders. Run back and just left around the corner to be safe. Proceed up the ramp, in the next corridor is a circular door E, remember that. Go in S and then left onto the brown hill to the NE corner for some Arrows.

Mine Storage the Storage Area Key.

Go down to the S wall and hoist up. Take a left and you have to kill two ninjaís. On the crate S is some Shotgun ammo. Jump up a crate at the N side and open the crowbar door. Drop down to the ground floor and use the switch E. Climb the block that appeared and jump over to the N side, and use the ladder W to get down and pick up the Storage Area Key.

Into the Circular Door.

Go up and back flip. Go back (S) and down the slope (N) and to the circular door in the E of the corridor. Use the key to open it. Save here. Once in and stepping forward there will be an explosion and Lara slides down after the floor collapsed.

A long slope down a Lava cave, jump over the lava flow and jump over a gap, then jump to the left slope. Jump the 4 blocks a quick as you can and then grab the ladder, go up before the flames get you (savegame, hanging on the ladder). Go up to the top and back flip with a roll to grab the ladder behind you. Climb around right and drop.

Timed Door.

Follow the tunnel and at the huge wheel pull it at least 5 times, roll run back around the corner at the lava fall and try to jump along the left side over the ladder area then shimmy right to the door and roll in (press sprint while crouching). It is possible to grab the edge of the floor at the door to go straight in (savegame).

Get a Small Medipack on the crate right and Shotgun ammo on the left on a crate at the S wall. Jump to the wooden crate on the opposite side (N) and climb up and crawl in (E) and shoot two snakes.


A crate in the N has Flares on top. Use the crowbar on the lever this opens a door. Drop down the trapdoor behind you and go through, jump up the conveyor belt and enjoy the ride. Climb the crate to the very top and in the SW corner find some Arrows. Now we go for a secret, run on the belt and run off to the right to catch the lower belt that goes to the right (E). Get down to the ground floor of this room. In the middle of this room walk to the E wall and find Revolver ammo to the right.

The Ammunition Room Key (Secret).

Now go to the N wall and find a passage on the right and in the end climb into the crawlspace. Get down at the end and crawl again (W in on the right) for the Ammunition Room Key. Get out and we have to go back to use the key first, so climb up, and now you have to jump on the belt to get to the belt that is going from N to S. This is hard work, do running jumps against the flow, works best. Jump off to the right onto the lower belt. When you are on the lower belt, you have to run jump against it as well to get into the door N.

Go to the right (E) and use the key next to the door and you found Secret #1, a Revolver on a crate and Revolver ammo, pull out the crate E and get behind it Grenade ammo and Shotgun ammo on top of the crate.

Back to the conveyor belts and travel to the other side, save in front of the lever NE as this is a timed run. The block you will raise is in that E side storage where you got the Ammunition Key.

Pull the lever, turn left and run jump as far as possible onto the belt, run jumps till you can grab the belt above, if you go too far, stop running and jump when you have the chance again. Jump left off the belt in the E room and get onto the higher crates in the E, turn and jump to grab the platform. Try land on the left side so you can o a side flip to the left and end up on the higher floor (savegame).

Deadly Conveyors.

On the S wall behind a crate is some Revolver ammo hidden (below you can see one of the illusive Medipacks you canít get), go to the other side an climb up crates to get even higher. When walking to the conveyor belt you get a cutscene.

The "easiest" way (almost the only way) is to walk to the edge and jump to the belt, grabbing it on the side and shimmying to the right. When you canít go any further, hoist up holding the forward key down so youíll run, roll and drop grabbing the other side and shimmy further and so on. At the end. Hanging on the side where the blade is attached, pull up and take a running jump with a right curve into the room (savegame).

There are two flying insects here, go S and climb the crates, use the two ropes to get up to the higher N side. Then climb on another crate and use the swing pole to get to the next floor up. Behind the crates E you can find some Arrows.

Next trip over the conveyor belt is tricky, as you have to jump 5 of them. Take running jumps over the first three gaps and it all depends where you land for the last two, either a hop or even a running jump and the last one with a curve to the right. You will die quite a lot (at least I did, or do it in one go at first attempt J ) (savegame).

The Auxiliary Power Fuse, the Shotgun.

Face W and climb up, a flyby starts and the trapdoor closes. If you want the secret you have to either kill them before one makes it to the button on the E wall just around this first row of crates (DONíT use it yourself too). Best is to use the Revolver, stand on the trapdoor that closed behind you and climb up S, shoot the ninjas from the standing on the crates. After you killed them, one leaves a Medipack and on a red crate SE is a Small Medipack. In the next room straight ahead (S) behind a crate SW are more Arrows.

Go to the crate E and pull/push the left one around the corner to the E wall under that trapdoor SE. Climb up and get the Auxiliary Power Fuse form the crate NE and a Shotgun from the hole against the E wall.

The Explosive Area Key (Secret).

Go down and back N to the room with all the fans and to the open door N. On the right (E) you can use the Fuse. A camera shot of two doors opening up. First go up the ramp through the doors (the one on top will be closes if the button below was used) and get the Explosive Area Key from one of the crates.

Get down go S through the fan room to the tracks and use the key on the right, get in and you have found Secret #2, the Grenade Launcher on the crate left, some Arrows on a crate against the E wall, and in the next room on the right a Medipack. This room (W) is where the floor caved in after the explosion at the start.

To the Gardens, the Gazebo Courtyard Key (Secret).

Go back S to the tracks and up the ramp avoiding a boulder and shoot the ninja. Go out W and left (S) and take a right through the circular door opened with the Power Fuse before. Go out to the garden (left is a campfire), two wolves will attack, in the SW corner near the waterfall you can find the Gazebo Courtyard Key between the poppies. In between the poppies under the greenhouse are some Arrows.

The Torch, the Gardenerís Spare Key.

Go to the waterfall and swim to the other side on the right side behind the pool is a Torch. Take it and walk into the water and swim back (you can also jump back criss-cross over the ledges). Go to the right (E) and right again to ignite the Torch. Go back to the garden and there are three piles of wood to burn, one is straight ahead (W), the next is near the waterfall and the third is at the E wall near the house. You can leave the Torch.

A trapdoor opens near the W wall under the greenhouse, drop in and find the Gardenerís Spare Key. Despite the name this key fits on that grand house N. Enter and shoot the two crows.

NW is a Medipack on a pedestal, SE Revolver ammo. On the central square are 4 textured tiles, one in each corner. Stand on the one NE and the door SW opens (hard to see). It isnít timed but stepping on plain tiles closes the door, I just jumped in the water and went around climbing over the bridges and that went well. Go in and left, use the Key on the door W wall. Go in for secret #3, Arrows, Revolver ammo, Medipack and Grenade ammo.

The Transport Tower Key.

Go out and to the N around the corner and again a corner and in the end after a black gravel path and near the W wall get Shotgun ammo. This triggers a dog, shoot it and go back inside to the crates, then take a right into the crate room (E).

SE is Shotgun ammo, climb the NW crates and jump over to the E, then jump S and to the left, from there to the SW, then again SW, turn around and run jump to the jump lever N. The door S opens and 4 ninjaís attack; so kill them and pick up the Transport Tower Key one of them will drop. Go out the street with the black gravel path and use the button next to the double door (W). Go in and leave through the S doors to the garden area, go through the waterfall and use the key on the building left.

Timed Gauntlet Jumps.

Go in and left and save at the lever as it is activating a Timed block behind the pillar. Pull, back flip roll with a right curve and run jump as soon as you can over those flame emitters before they even start up. If needed, wait for the Hammer to go up and run through, jump over the blade and go right a bit, time the next Hammer and curve right after that to get onto the low block, jump to the raising block and jump up to the monkey climb (savegame.6 hanging there)

Timed Steamblock Run, the Quantum Energy Disc.

Follow passing some steam blowers and jump to grab the ladder. Upstairs and in the SW corner of the room, reachable by jumping the blocks you can get Arrows. Do NOT break the tiles yet as we need them now. Jump back to the ladder and save at the Timed lever there. It will raise a block behind you.

The Hard route: Turn right, run over the tiles and jump on the block in the end, turn left and time the flames to jump to the block S, jump E passing the chain and climb up left to get to that raising block and grab up to the floor above.

The Sissy Route: Roll and jump into the alcove with the fan E, turn and jump a bit left to grab the high blocks, jump to the raising block and grab up to the floor above (this was probably a non discovered shortcut) (savegame).

Kill the girl and pick up the Quantum Energy Disc she drops. Use it on the middle block where one is missing. Climb up and get transported, save and slide down the slope, jumping holes and avoiding debris (stay left).