Lost in the Canyons.


Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Main Cave.

Kill the dog and those doors will open when you approach. Go to the waterfall and crawl through for a Medipack.

A Bundle of Keys.

Get out and go to the SE, there is an opening between the rocks. Jump up and find a hole there with a ladder, you can jump towards and try to catch the ladder or just back flip which costs you a bit of health. Follow through and at the end climb down another ladder. Go to the S and there is a crate against the W wall (SW). Pull it out three times and use the lever behind it. Climb the crate and face S. Grab up to use the gating (S wall) to shimmy to the left, so you can pick up a Bundle of Keys NE on that ledge.

The Factory Key # 1.

Drop to the ground floor and climb up the raised block NE. Stand facing SW and back flip and grab the higher ledge W (you can also jump and grab it from the raising block). Go to the W and use the Bundle of Keys near the door. Grab the Factory Key # 1 (from the 3 you need) from the pedestal. Get down to the ground floor. Use the lever in the SW corner again (revealing a crowbar lever where the block was, this is for later) and climb back up both ladders W to the Main Cave.

A Crowbar.

Go N and kill the crow that is flying around. Use the Bundle of Keys next to the door, jump in the hole and grab the Grenade ammo and use the switch there, a trapdoor falls open (for Secret#4 later). Go behind a pipe in the NE corner and get the Crowbar. Before you jump to the floor, kill the snake.

The Red Key and a Secret.

Jump down and leave the building to the Main Cave and go back to the hole with the ladder SE. Follow through and before going down the next ladder on the left is a crowbar door, open it. Get the Red Key. Now go down the second ladder and use the Crowbar on the floor lever (N). Get into the shallow pool and get Secret #1, the Uzi.

Nothing more to do here so leave the place by means of climbing the two ladders. Use the key on the door left (S) in the Main Cave. Next room has a lot of debris falling from the ceiling so be careful. Walk along the N wall to get the Flares E.

Climb on a block next to the W wall then a run jump to the SE and grab the ladder. Hoist up and take another run jump, close to the wall to the next ledge (E). Then jump to the slope against the E wall so you can jump up the next ledge. Then jump to the next (N) and turn, grab the monkey swing so you can reach the next ledge. Go in and to the far wall to use the switch, the round trapdoor in the pool below opens up. Youíll be back here later.

Underwater Caves, to the Canyons.

Go and stand looking at the waterfall and take a running dive into the opening of that trapdoor. Swim down and keep an eye for a small triangular opening on the right, at the end is a Small Medipack. Better swim back to the surface for air. Dive in and keep going left and at the end is an underwater lever, this lowers a block a bit back, so swim back, keep going left again and keep swimming, in a cave swim to the back and up, turn around and find finally a hole in the ceiling for the so much need of fresh air. Climb out and go to the Canyon to watch the fly by.

Through the Canyons.

Kill the crow and go to the abyss. There is a small ladder, so use it to drop to the block in the pit. To the SW you can see a jump switch, go there and use it. You see a block going down. Go to the NE corner and jump up. A snake is crawling around there, push the box out and then to the W. Climb on it and even higher and jump ahead on the ledge there. Go through the crawlspace S and them jump left to the outer ledge for a Small Medipack. Jump back and make your way SE to a ladder. Shimmy left around some corners and climb up and then off to the right. Make your way N towards the tracks there. Next to the tracks is a block against the N wall climb on it and jump the ledges to the E all the way to the E, then right to the S side and back W till you can jump to a chain hanging there. Swing to the other side W; use the jump lever on the wall, then just jump down W and make your way to the tracks again. Go to the open door and enter the Mine.

Into the Mine, Torches and Reptiles.

Follow the tracks on the left, shoot a snake and pick up some Shotgun ammo. Go back to the main line and go in N, around the corner is a lever. This opens the door on the other track. When you reach the boxes you will fall into a small room. Pick up a Torch and ignite it at the fire. Follow through SW, jump over the knife and at the intersection go right, drop the Torch and use the crowbar on the lever there. Pick up the Torch and jump over the next knife S and go through an open door left. 

Next intersection, go left and save the game. Ignite the white block and a raptor will attack right away. When you killed it, go back to the doors you passed earlier (W and on the right), one is open and there is a jump lever inside. Pick up the Torch if you can still find it (so you have some light) or just go E then jump up, the circular door is open.

Pick up a new Torch if you need it and ignite it. Go right around corners through this dark cave to the end and find a lever on a E wall. Go back to the camp fire (left around) and you can now use the crowbar on the lever on the floor. Another raptor appears, after it is dead, pick up the torch and go S and left through a second circular door. Hop over and go to the right (W) and jump on the mushroom shaped rock there. From there to the opening NE.

For A Secret.

Jump down to the block under the entrance and look down to the ground floor, a raptor is waiting, kill it now or take it out when you get down there. If you fell down to the bottom during the next part, no worries, in the SW corner is a block you can grab the edge and hoist up, use the monkey climb to get to the door, as we have to go to the NE corner by means of jumping the ledges starting from the entrance. The lever NE opens a trapdoor at the ladder NW, go back to the door and then slide down W to the floor and pick up the Flares, go to the ladder NW and back flip at the top.

To the S is Secret #2, a Medipack, a running jump will get you there. Either jump back to the ladder and descend, or drop down W to the block below and down to the ground.

Open the Door.

Head SE and right into the opening (under the upper entrance). A running jump straight ahead onto the island (S) and jump up to the top E (screenshot). Then jump to the SE of this small island and from the point a running jump to the Valve (S). The door above opens, use the rope W to get to the corner and then the next rope and jump into the opening N to get back where you battled that Raptor.

Go to the corner SE and jump/grab the corner of the block (S side) and use the monkey swing to get to the exit. Make your way to the SE corner, stand as left as possible and take a running jump with grab to next ledge S and then go into the open door.

Train Maintenance Station.

Jump in the water and swimming only to the left, youíll get a Small and Big Medipack. Turn and swim sort of straight, at the intersection go right (S) and follow through to the end. Get out and only use the switch (E) if the exit is blocked. Watch the fly by and then go left to the NW corner. Stand under the ledge at the pillar and jump up to grab the ledge above (screenshot). The intended route was: Climb onto a block N, jump to the pillar S and climb around. Jump over to the green ledge S.

Pick up the Torch and ignite it at the campfire at the ground floor. Save here, some blue wraith are released, go to the red tank under the bridge and ignite it, some red wraiths are released, let them battle it out (save place for Lara is the SW corner and not all of them exploded but they didnít bother Lara).

Open up the Building, the Cog and a Secret.

Go SE and around to the back of the building with the Torch and ignite the tile there, a door way up opens. Leave the Torch, turn around and jump up to the rock ledge SE. Jump up one more ledge in that corner and turn to jump and grab the roof. Shimmy left around till you can pull up over the entrance door. Jump to the top of the roof and go SW, jump from the corner to the ledge SW and get the Cog there, jump back to the roof and get back on top.

Now jump from the NW corner to the ledge NW and get Secret #3, Grenade ammo, a Small Medipack and Uzi ammo.

Factory Key #3.

Safety drop down to the tracks and enter the building. Jump to the NE corner and use the jump switch to open a door on the tracks. Then make your way to the bottom and get the Factory Key #3 from the pedestal, climb up again and go to the tracks.

Into the Mines to the Canyons.

Go N and pick up some Flares next to the track. Follow the tracks up E and shoot a snake and get the Grenade ammo. Go back down and W, there is a Small Medipack behind the pool and in the pool is Shotgun ammo. Go to the SW corner and around the corner place the Cog. Follow to the end and shoot the Raptor from above and kill it once you are on the ground floor (mine disappeared somewhere).

Back to the Main Cave.

Jump down E to the green slope and go to the tracks leading to the pit, then go to the block N wall and use the ledges again to get to the other side of the pit. Go E into the tunnel and into the water, swim down and down and to the E, follow through to the end (N) and than take a left (W), than a right and around a corner and at the end up and climb out of the circular door.

The Factory.

Go N and into the building, take a left and up the stairs, use the jump lever over the door (W wall) best to run jump towards it.

Push Puzzle.

Go all the way downstairs and use the crowbar on the door N wall. In here are pushables and your target is the SE corner, there is a lever you need to pull. Step by step:

-Move the table S twice to the N.

-Climb that table and push the crate on top of the other table to the W.

-Jump NW and push the lower crate N to the E.

-Turn right and move the table you face to the N wall.

-The next table goes back S once and then into the SW corner.

-The third table (E) goes to the W side.

-Pull the crate NE once to the S.

-Move the N side table into the NW corner.

-Move the crate on the table into the NW corner too.

-Turn right and move the table in front of you to the N wall.

-Turn right and move the crate to the E wall.

-Get the SW table and move it into the open spot S next to the wooden crate.

-Pull the W table once.

-Last crate (SW) goes to the E wall

-Climb up and pull the SE crate once.

Get behind it and use the lever, youíll see a block going up. Leave this room, up the stairs and find another crowbar door on the N wall.

The First Lava Platform.

Enter and go to the passage straight ahead and shoot the window, use the switch in there. Youíll see another block going up. Go to the W and around the corner, crawl through the crawlspace and use the floor lever. Go in and kill the ninja. Jump on the block E and use the valve, you see a platform in a lava river go up. Face W and jump up and grab the ladder to get Secret #4, the Shotgun.

The Second Lava Platform.

Get down and push the table against the S wall under that button. Push it and turn around to see an open door, this is the exit. Push the table to the W wall, left and right are two switches. The door E opens up, get the Medipack from the left (exit door) and push the table all the way through the open door E so you can reach the valve in that room. Another platform raises in the lava river.

The Third Lava Platform.

Go S and left, up the stairs and over to the ledge with the crate E. Go behind the crate and push it W. Use the valve for a third platform in the lava river.

Factory Key #2.

Go up the stairs E and down the staircase and at the end, use the switch next to the door to open it. You'll end up in a cave. Go left and use the blocks in the lava river to get across, jump to the left side from the last platform. Go to the circular door and move the crate there in front of the circular door so you can climb up and jump into the opening SW. Use the switch to open a door below, drop down and get the Factory Key #2 from the pedestal. Push the crate back to the other side.

Jump on the crate and jump to the rocks in the N. Go in and down and follow through to the end. Run jump to the slope and back flip onto the next ledge. Take a run jump to the ledge S (no Ctrl). Climb the ladder, roll/jump up another block and climb out to the Main Cave. There is a switch E and that opens the circular door (for the next Secret). You canít go back, so go back through the building N, up the stairs, down the stairs, through a door W into the cave over the lava river into the circular door for Secret #5, 4x Uzi ammo.

Get out, on the crate and jump back to the rocks N, through the passage and so on (you also can go to the W and climb up, through the tunnel and down, through the opening W and follow through till you are back in the Main Cave). Go to the S side (where you used the Red Key). Climb the block at the W wall and jump the ledges by way of the ladder S and then proceed to the NE corner. Go into the tunnel, and use the three keys down there.

Go down the ramp and pull the wheel so you can enter the door on the right. Go N underneath the pipe and into the opening E. To the left is a Small Medipack, and continue up.

The Conveyors, the First Fuse.

Take the right hand conveyor belt and go around the corner to the crowbar door W. Use the floor lever go out and going back and return via the conveyer belt back to the pipe room. Use the wheel W to open the door on the left, hop back and side flip left over the pipe and out the door.

Go into the crawlspace and pick up the First Fuse. Look up and open the trapdoor and hoist up. Follow through and jump down, climb on top of the block that protects the Gun and crawl in. At the end you are overlooking the start area and on the left is a jump lever. Go back and now you can get your hands on Secret # 6, the Grenade Gun.

Lava Chambers, the Second Fuse.

Make your way back to the wheel and use it to get through the door once again. Now go straight through the passage SE and end up a lava river. Drop down, first you have to go to the W side so start jumping the slope back and fro, till you can stand safe. There is a valve on the pipe (S side).

Jump back and all the way to the other side against the glass wall. Look up SW and jump to the metal grating facing W and climb up. Go to the W and shoot two nasty stingers, go further and climb up left and right and use the valves you find there. This will divert the lava stream. Jump into the hole at the back (W) and run along the pipe to the E, where youíll find an opening in the grating.

Stand facing NE and hop (with Ctrl) down to the slope (costs some health) and start jumping to the side where the waterfall was (E) and jump to the edge at the pool. Get in the water and pick up the Second Fuse from the top of a pipe. Get out, back to the slopes and jump to the safe ledge under the exit. Go back to the pipe room, crawl under the pipes and go to the conveyor belt area. Once on the conveyor belt, side jump onto the part in the middle. Left and right are two alcoves, jump in them both and use the levers there.

Battle Grounds, the Third Fuse.

This opens a door N, save here as there will be nasty battle. Four dragons await you. You can start shooting them with the Shotgun and/or Uzi but you wonít kill them all. You have to deal with them one by one, best from facing them directly.

In the trenches S are 4 Medipacks and Uzi - Shotgun ammo, in the trenches E and W are 2 Revolvers and Revolver ammo.

The Heart of the Beast.

After the dragons are dead, go back to the E and W trenches to use the two levers and a platform will rise in the lava. Jump over the platform to get the so needed Third Fuse and the Heart of the Beast, the latter you take with you as a Trophy.

Now insert the Fuses, one goes against the wall N and the others on the higher blocks E and W. Some ninjaís will bother you as well. The final fly by starts.