Memories of Steampunk Fashion.


Walkthrough G&D Productions.

For Starters.

Go out the passage and go left twice, shoot a dog and climb up onto a windowsill to the right (E wall). Take a running jump/grab to the alcove N (if you have trouble with the view; save and reload). After using the lever, drop down and find an opening in the same wall (N) a bit further down.

Open the first door N and get a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo from the table (remember the fireplace). Go back to the corridor and go right, on the left is another door, push it open. Use the lever at the end to open a door outside.

A Red Key.

Before going there look up and open the trapdoor (face N) and hoist up there. On a crate NW is the Red Key. Get down and go out to the streets. The door is in the E wall. So go in and side flip over the pipes. A bit further against the E wall is a crate you have to pull out. Use the Red key on the lock this opens a trapdoor on the right. Now pull/push the crate around the ledge to the left of that trapdoor, climb on it and jump to the W so you can climb up on floor. Go up some steps and find a Medipack on top of a pedestal. Go back downstairs and jump down through the trapdoor.

The Fuse and a Secret.

Now we go back to where we got the Red Key, so W, side jump over the pipes, out the door , go right and around the corner up the window sill to the N and around left through the door and use that lever a second time to close the door. Get up through the trapdoor on your left again. Climb on the windowsill S and shoot the window. Jump down and go to the building opposite and jump up to grab the roof. Shimmy left and around the corner, pull up, back flip and turn and grab another roof. Shimmy left again till you can hoist up. You are back where you got the Medipack. Go down the stairs, down the trapdoor and jump over the pipes W. Go to the now closed door and see another opening to the right, the entrance door blocked that before. On the table is the Fuse. Turn around and a block has been lowered.

For a secret: push/pull the table all the way to the next room S, pull it once to the left (E) and then push it into the wall S. Climb on it and hoist up left to grab Secret #1, a Secret Coin.

Get out, use the Fuse.

Go back down and head over the pipes to the E and onto the crate once more to get to the floor above. Go up the steps and stand in the window sill. Look S and take a running jump to that small roof down below and drop to the ground safely. Head to the W and left to place the Fuse near that tree and enter the now open door.

The Bleeding Heart.

If you run E you encounter a raven. Go S and near that round trapdoor go to the right (there is also a flying beetle around) go in and there is a crate around the corner left. Pull it out twice to get behind it and pick up the Bleeding Heart (remember the pile of wood W). Youíre done here, get back out and go around the rocks to the S and jump up the big pile of coal in the SW corner to find a Small Medipack. If you continue to the E you encounter a ninja warrior (she leaves Revolver ammo).

Fiery Basements, a Red Key.

Go back NW to the round trapdoor and place the Bleeding Heart (face E). Climb down. To the right (N) are breakable tiles, run jump to the first and keep jumping to the next two, around the corner left is another one. Then to the last one and now jump into the opening left (S) (savegame).

In this small room go to the S wall and stand next to that slope. Jump up and grab the crack and shimmy left and pull up around the corner. We need a Key, turn around (W) jump to grab the grate on the ceiling and traverse to the other side and crawl into the opening there. Get down on the other end and get the Red Key. Go out again and use the crack to get to the key lock. The door on the other side opens, jump in there.

The Key Sapphire.

Get down and climb up a block S (so the pipe is to your right) and jump down, use the valve in here and get back out. Jump back over the lava to the other room and go up into the SW corner, on the left is a jump lever. Turn around, climb on the ledge you just created and jump up to grab the monkey climb. Go forward and around the corner and get of that that platform you created earlier. Run off NW to end up in that alcove and get the Key Sapphire form the pedestal. Get back up the platform, monkey swing E and use the ladder to climb out.

Crate Puzzle, the Yellow Key.

Go to the building and to the right (SE) go to the end and use the button that is on the left of the glass door. Your goal is to get the cage NE way up away from that corner so you can open the door ahead. There is a switch on the right, then go to the wooden crate against the N wall and push/pull that into the SE corner so you can use the lever there.

Get up N and push the wooden crate off the cage. Jump down, use the E lever again, so you can pull the cage away from the switch there. Go to the W lever so you can enter the passage E where the door should be open now. Go in and come to a mirror room and proceed to the far away corner and climb up and even higher to the next box. Look in the mirror and go there to pick up the Yellow Key. Jump down, leave the room and go outside and shoot two dogs. Use the Yellow Key on the door left (SE).

The Station, the Key Topaz.

Go to the far end of the platform and jump on the crate and down, get the Flares. Then get E, walk along the rails there and find an opening in the dark, up left in the wall (N wall).

Follow through up some stairs and open the door. Run through and before you reach the second pipe, take a right and spot the jump lever on the pillar. This opens the door in the W. Get in and down the stairs make a right turn and get the Key Topaz. This all for now so back up, straight through the pipe room, and out to the tracks, back to the platform (W) and right out to the outdoors. Go to the locks in the N and use the two keys you have. Enter and watch the flyby.

The Big Hall Downstairs.

Go to the right (E) and in the corner on a pedestal get the Shotgun ammo. In the NE corner is Revolver Ammo. Go to the S side and drop down one floor. From the balcony take a running jump/grab to that central platform and then jump to the N side ledge (line up straight). Go left there is an opening to get into the passage behind the steel wall S and all the way at the end get the Explosive Arrows. Retrace your steps and jump back to the central platform. Turn left and now jump to the E, try to grab the lowest point of the ledge. In the passage youíll hear some Hammers starting up, after every Hammer there is a safe tile. Slide down and end up at a deadly pool.

Deadly Pool, Crossbow and Golden Key.

Run left and jump to the W end, climb the grating and pull the jump lever there to open a door. Go to the E wall and on the right is the door you opened, get the Explosive arrows and a Golden Key from a pedestal and go back N a bit till you hear a door open up. Turn back and go through the newly opened door, into the water and get the Crossbow. Go out W to the deadly pool.

The Dragon and a Wheel.

A four-headed dragon appeared, get the crossbow with explosives and shoot at it when the heads are lowered and you can hide behind a pillar or in the passage where you got the key (you can also side jump left/right on the S ledge while shooting it). The door to the small pool also opens so if you get on fire you could jump in it (savegame).

Jump on the tile in the pool and grab the Wheel. Jump back to the E (lowered edge) and jump to the opposite side where you can use the Key NW. Jump up and hoist up, get the Medipack from the crate and Shotgun Ammo on a crate behind the pipes. On the grating E is a button, see some blocks rising. Go out and use the grating to climb up and jump to the SW corner. Then use the valve so you can jump to the block behind you as the flames are re-directed.

Use the swing pole E to get to the next corner and use a jump lever in there. Run off the pillar you are standing on (N) to land over that slope below and go right and left, there is the door you opened. Climb the ladder and you are above the deadly pool near all those Cogs. Just run off to the right and you should land in the room behind the Cogs.

Go to the Cogs and slide down the left one and jump up at the other end. Jump again up to a block SE and place the Wheel (Look around the corner, there is a teleporter in the SW corner for later). Hop back down at the Cogs and slide back beside the Cog, up the other end to see the door N is open.

But we go through the door N and into the water, follow through and at the intersection go to the right (S). Swim to the NE corner to climb out. Go W and jump to the blocks, the water is also deadly here. There is some Shotgun ammo behind a balustrade in the SW corner and after getting that, continue S until you come to a room with normal water and a chain.

Nasty Wraiths.

Jump to the first ledge NE and use the binoculars to spot an opening NE. Run jump/grab from the left most corner into that opening. Save and use the switch and after the flyby turn and jump out left into the safe water. Swim to the far away NE corner, get out and keep running, jump either in the pool or to the next ledge and keep going (W) and up some steps, you are back at the first pool. Swim to the right and behind that pillar is a trapdoor so you can climb the ladder.

At the top go straight to the opening there and at the end over that big pit. On the left is a contraption that extinguishes the wraiths (savegame).

Timed Run Back.

Behind that contraption is a Small Medipack. Save at the lever SW as it is timed. Sorry to say that you have to do the long way around, so back over the pit then right and run left into the next room, run off the N end of that ledge, go jumping over the lava and again over the water and then around to the left is the door (savegame). Use the switch inside and see a door opening with a snake behind it.

A Bundle of Keys.

Jump back into the pool You can swim NE and shoot the snake from there orÖ just swim to the NW corner through the opening. At the intersection go straight ahead and get into a new room where another snake is swimming around.

Swim up there and locate the underwater ceiling lever at the W wall there (SW corner). This raises a trapdoor at the N wall; climb out and up the ladder on the left. Climb up and get off at the left and go into the passage and left. In an alcove left is a Medipack. Now go to the other side and use the valve on the machine left. The burners down below will be timed. Go down to the water, jump in and swim W into the opening; pull up W and back flip.

Time the burners and run jump to the next ledge (donít climb up in a corner when the burners are on, Lara will get burned) and at the end get the Bundle of Keys and a fly by where to use them. Jump in the water, go to the door SW and at the intersection to the right (W) at the end up and climb out.

Back to the Station.

Remember the place behind the cogs in the SW corner with the teleporter, use it now (a curved jump with grab). Jump to the S and climb up higher (left) and careful when stepping outside, a crow and a raptor are roaming about. Go to the door SE to the train station and E along the track, climb up on the left and up the stairs, in the next room (with the pipes) the keyhole is right around the corner. Go in and jump to the pillar ahead and from there onto that lower balcony N and step through the window.

The Big Hall, Upstairs.

You are now up that big hall you just came out of. Take a running jump to the ledge NE and keep jumping to the end and push the button behind the pillar. A rope appears but it is too far, so jump to the chandelier first and then just a jump to the rope. Swing to the NE corner (aim for the left side of the ledge and grab it), there is a button to push. The door W opens, drop down on floor, back to the chandelier and rope and swing to the NW corner this time.

The Rooftops, Shotgun and Torch.

Get outside and jump on the arch on the left and take a running jump with grab to the other side (W). At the end is a timed lever that raises a trapdoor we go for that later. First go to the right and jump to the ledges SW in the next room and pick up the Shotgun ammo. On the W wall at the last ledge is a button.

This opens a door near the timed lever. First we are going somewhere else. Look down SW and jump on the slope there and get to the ground floor. Go to the Gazebo, N side and shoot out the window. Get the Shotgun ammo and in the middle the Shotgun (duck to grab it). Go out and SE is a floor lever, push it, the door opens, as well as another door. Go out and left and jump on a crate. Pick up a Torch and get out.  Go back to the pavilion and take the stairs in the NW corner. Open the doors N and take your Torch with you, open the doors on the right with the Bundle of Keys and ignite the Torch. On the crate in the corner is a Medipack. You can pull out he crate against the E wall, behind it is a timed button for another trapdoor, also for later.

Another Key Sapphire.

Get the Torch and get out. Side flip over the balustrade (S) and jump to that small alcove (S) between the roofs. Then take a standing jump over the roof to the SW and go into the passage and the door on the left. On the table is a Small Medipack, take the Torch and ignite the fireplace in the room. Leave the Torch so you can pick it up later and go through the open door, jump to the SE. Pick up the Key Sapphire and jump back.

Shoot the flying insect and pick up the Torch. Go E to the end of the passage and throw down the Torch to the ground floor (remember where it is) and go back into the passage for the timed lever W.

Timed Run for a Secret.

Roll and run out, jump over the rooftops to the balcony with the kite and from there to the trapdoor. Jump from the trapdoor to the small balcony with the plants (savegame) and pick up Secret #2, a Secret Coin.

Then jump NE to that slope, drop to the ground floor and go to the SW to enter the courtyard again.

Light the Fires, Lift a Trapdoor.

Go and get the Torch. Go to the round trapdoor S and then into the room right and ignite the wooden pile in the W (camera shot of trapdoor). Go back to the start of the level (N), take a right and then a left and jump into the opening N. Go in the room with the table and also ignite the wooden pile there (trapdoor is up now).

Another Timed Run for a Secret.

Leave the Torch and go back to the courtyard and enter the building with the Gazebo (W), up the stairs in the back. First go to that passage left and take a right. Move that crate E out of the way into the NW corner). Save in front of the timed button, roll go out, use the kite to get down and land on the trapdoor (donít overshoot it as it is sort of hidden by a tree), quickly go to the left (N) (savegame) to grab Secret #3, a Secret Coin. Look E and spot another trapdoor operated with that same button.

Once More for the Revolver.

Drop down and do the run again to get to that E trapdoor and immediately run jump to the right to land on a pillar against the S wall (savegame). Jump up right on the arch and again a run jump through the tree on another arch. Get the Revolver and some Revolver ammo.

The Key Topaz.

Slide down to the ground floor, back to the Gazebo W and up the stairs again. Once on top, hop S over the roofs again then run jump to the arch E and from there to the next arch and then to the opening on the left where you can use the Key Sapphire. Get in and jump straight ahead to the last ledge and get the Key Topaz finally.

Use the Key Topaz, the Crowbar.

You could drop down and climb the stairs again at the Gazebo, but you also can jump the ledges back, over the arches to the roof W, shimmy the roof and side flip to the kite balcony. Go in N and use the key at the end and the door next to it opens up. Climb the ladder to the top and slide down in a room with crates. Go right and right again, jump on a crate and use the lever there.

The door SW opens, enter go right (N) and behind a pipe around the corner there is a lever. A trapdoor in the next room opens. Get down and go S and find another big pipe on the right. Crawl under it and face NW. Jump to the crack and shimmy left into a crawlspace, at the end pick up the Crowbar. Back out, shimmy right so you get over the opening with the pipe, let go and grab and crawl back under the pipe.

Hop down, go N to the first room, left and use the first lever on the crate again closing the door S. Jump off and open the crowbar door in front of you (W) to get a shortcut. Go left/left to where the closed door is and find Secret # 4, a Secret Coin. Now go to the far SW corner and dive (Alt + Shift) into the open trapdoor below. Swim through (S) and up, get out W and go through the passage and follow through.

Push Puzzle.

Your goal is to push a push able on that yellow/black tile SE near the entrance. The push able cage is over the block S and to the left. Of course you have to go the long way around over the fires. So here is the drill. Go to the far away corner SW and use the jump lever around the corner to open a shortcut. Go out and right, a block disappeared N and in there is the timed lever to extinguish the fires for a while and raise the blocks youíll need along the way.

But first jump in the water and swim through a crawlspace, up and down and around corners and use an underwater ceiling lever at the end. This opens a glass door (for later). Get back out, now it is time to get the cage (E) towards where it needs to go and help it along with the lever in the alcove that dies down the burners for a while.

You will have to use that lever quite a bit and donít worry if you canít push it three tiles, just go back and use the lever again.

Pull out the block and push it right before the fires, use the lever, pull it three times, pull the lever again (the water trapdoor also closes), pull the block three more times, pull the lever a third time and push it to the corner. Push and pull it now all the way to the N corner, see more fires and raising blocks, then get back to the lever and pull it once more, return to the block and pull it twice, return to the lever and pull it, then pull the block to the end of the passage, until the block is between the yellow/black tile and the deadly water.

Deadly Jumps, close the last Trapdoor.

Hard part is done, go to the S (left side) into the open door and onto the crate, there is a nasty contraption with flying iron balls. Enter slowly and look to the left, there is a push block so try to get to it without health loss. Push it N into the wall and use the switch it reveals. Turn around and youíll see an expanding platform SW. Get back to the entrance and go to the other side on the red crates and jump over and use the monkey swing to get into the opening S.

Once you are around the corner drop down.

Be careful when stepping back for a running jump though (do a curved run to jump to the slope), then take it and slide jump and grab the slope. Now there are seven jumps and try to grab the slope after the seventh jump. Hang left and pull up over, jump left and grab the crack. Shimmy to the left till you can pull up (savegame). Grab the Red Key, turn around and spot a flat ledge SW, that is the place to go. Use the switch there, that raises a block S, jump on it and use the monkey climb to get into a small passage from where you can jump to the nasty flying balls. Use the monkey climb to get to the crates and safely out this room.

Go back to the push block puzzle room and make your way to the W wall and in the opening there. On the right is a crawlspace, get in and down at the other en, around the corner you can use the Red Key. Go back out and to the crate (NE) and push it into its place. Then pull the crate back as the door behind it opened and you cannot stand on the crate.

The Wheel.

Once in go right (S) and around the corner near the glass window climb up. Face W and side jump, grab the edge and shimmy right and hoist up. Turn around, take a running jump to the SE then face the sloped block SE. Running jump again and a back flip to a ledge. Climb up (N) and then jump to the SW wall and grab the edge of the slope, shimmy to the left and up, kill the insect and grab the Wheel. A flyby shows you where it is needed.

The door in the E is open, get in and slide down forwards and backwards on the next, grab the end and shimmy left into a crawlspace for Secret #5, a Secret Coin. Crawl out and slide down more slopes and go through this corridor and end up in the courtyard. Kill a ninja girl, go back to the Gazebo and up to the balcony with the kite again. Into the passage N to the end, take a right and at the end around the corner, place the Wheel.

The Bleeding Heart.

Get in and follow through a long pipe and over a transparent walkway, the circular door open, use the chain behind it.

Lara falls down and slides into another part.

First jump to the island in the W, turn around and shoot the crow. Next is a running jump with grab to the island N. Then another jump to the N turn left and use the pole to swing to the island SW and get there between the grasses, the Bleeding Heart.

Back to the pole and swing to the island, then jump/grab the next island (E) and again one W (where the poppy flowers are) A crow and a flying insect might bother you at one time or another.

Stand between the tree and the receptacle (Face S) and use the Bleeding Heart.

Some trapdoors go up at the building so jump the islands to where you started. From here jump to S islands to the building. A flying beetle is waiting for you near the trapdoor Crossbow+Explosive). Jump into the building, run to the other end and safety drop from the edge, let go and grab the vines and climb up to use the lever in there. The fire under the chain is gone.

Climb down the vines and slide, back flip, and jump again to a breakable tile, run to the right and jump to the next and grab the last one (savegame, hanging on the tile)

The Mechanical Key.

Now you can jump to the teleporter S. Go to the trapdoor SE and hop to the islands to finally reach the chain NE and pull it. Jump back to the building again and climb up the block to the roof. Grab the Mechanical Key (Fuse) and hop into the teleporter that appeared W.

Train Station.

You are back at the train station. Use the lever, this opens a door and raises a block on your right. First climb the block (E) and hoist up on the roof of the Locomotive. Go E and jump down to the front of the Loc and turn around, place the Mechanical Key (Fuse). This lowers a block in the train, but you canít get back.

For a Fuse and a Last Secret.

Leave N and enter the big hall N, go right and place two of the Secrets coins near the door E. Go in and to the far side, climb the block with the plant on the S side and run jump over the small garden E. On the left is a lever hidden by a bush. This opens the door on the left (NE). Jump in the pool and swim to the other side, turn and pull the underwater lever on the structure in the middle and the pool drains.

Climb up and take a running jump to the N side, push the crate twice to open the way to the crack in the left wall. Go back and jump down in the empty pool. On the middle structure (face S) is a button, push the crate under it so you can push the button. The pool fills up again, swim into the N opening and through the small crawlspace and pick up a Fuse at the end.

Swim back out and W and leave the pool area. Go through the next area and out the door, go left to the outdoor area to the train station, go along the tracks into the opening left, up the stairs and all the way to the end (W) and down the stairs. On the right (W) is the receptacle for the Fuse (face N). Go through the door E, do not jump to the Loc, but go left to use the block on the left to hoist up onto the train down to the front, from there into the now open door S. Run through this passage and at the end a running jump (no Ctrl) to the train and get your last secret, Secret # 6, a Secret Coin.

The Steampunk Story.

Slide down and leave the station N, back into the Big Hall and right into the secret room. Now place the 4 Secret Coins you have on the pillars surrounding the glass cage in the middle. Go to the W side through the door that opened and get the Steampunk Story from the pedestal.

Get back out to the railway station, go left along the tracks, back up into the opening, up the stairs, to the other side of this passage and down the stairs so you get back at the train. Jump in the train and use the Valve SE and the train fires up and departs.