The Book of Four Elements.


Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Provided saves won’t give you the best of time, but at least you can proceed when terribly stuck.

Try to save the heavy ammo for the Dragon part later.

The Ventilation Keys.

Go find that ninja after the flyby and shoot it. Go behind that waterwheel/waterfall SW and to the right is a valve that will shut down the wheel. Now the current in the underwater tunnels is stopped.

Go out and to the dark cave NW, swim in SE and follow the tunnel going right where possible. In the end you’ll get the Ventilation Keys. A ninja will restore the waterflow so you will be taken out of the tunnel. Shoot the ninja and go SW to open the door. Step into the room and left around the corner, in the windowsill is Shotgun ammo. W is a door, just to the right is a crate, pull it E and move it in front of the window against the other crates, now pull back the top crate NW once and hop down. Pull the NW lower crate out of the way to get the Shotgun ammo.

Open the door W with your keys and step through. Flares are found W and just around that corner is a switch opening up the next door. In the next room go down the ladders, and open the trapdoor with the Keys. Down and find a switch for the next trapdoor.

Push Labyrinth. (map of the labyrinth)

In the room below is a passage E, go in and pull the cage once, go out and into the N passage. Push the cage as far as it goes, turn right and go E, shoot the ninja and get the Shotgun ammo E. Turn back a bit and right, time the Hammer and run through. Go left and left and pull that cage once. Go back to the Hammer and right around to the cage, now you can get behind it and push it into the S passage. Turn around and pull the next cage into the small room, then push it into the S passage as well. One more cage from the N and leave that in the small room so you can walk around it and go into the N end of the labyrinth. Push the cage left into the room, get 2x Uzi ammo and pull the cage to the N once. Get behind it to take Secret #1, the Uzis (yes two of them) from the crawlspace. Go back S to the small room, left and then right through the S side Hammer. Crawl through and get Uzi ammo from the under the grating, get into the crawlspace S and follow to get a view of the ninja below. Turn back and go E at the intersection, you’ll find a Small Medipack. Return and go right (N), crawl back into the room with the fan above.

From there go E into the crawlspace and safety drop through the open grate onto the crates below.

The Train, a glimpse of the Crowbar and the Key to the Storage Rooms.

Take out the ninja and go S, on the last car is the crowbar, but you can’t reach it yet. So go N to the locomotive and get the Key to the Storage Rooms. To the W of the train is the door where you can use this key. Inside and SW is the Shotgun, in the other corner some Shotgun ammo for it.

Storage Rooms, the Key to the Supply Room.

Head upstairs and push the table under the broken ladder SE, climb up, shoot the ninja and move a table to get the Shotgun ammo. In the window is a Small Medipack, go through SW to the Storage Rooms. All the way at the end of this walkway is some Shotgun ammo, then make your way down to the ground floor.

Head into the opening S and up the ladder to come to a room with levers, shoot the ninja and go up the caved in part SE, crawl in and get the Key to the Supply Room. Throw the only available lever and the crate over the Crowbar will be lifted. Go down to the ground floor, to a door straight N and open it with the switch next to it (shortcut back).

The Crowbar and a Secret.

Make your way to the last car of the train and get the Crowbar. Climb the crate hanging from the chain above and jump into the opening in the gratings E, follow up to get Secret #2, the Grenade Gun.

Supply Room, a Fuse.

Drop out of this place and head back into the door to the Storage rooms. Upstairs and open the door W with the Key, get 2x Grenades and a Fuse.

The Coal Mine.

Go out and through the shortcut door S to the Storage Room and up the ladder S again. Upstairs in the lever room, you can now use that Crowbar lever on the left, a big floor elevator goes down. Go to that hole in the floor, stand NE and hop back grabbing the edge, drop and grab, crawl in and get the Grenades.

Powering Up.

Drop out, shoot the ninja and go N to the small balcony, jump over to grab the opening N and grab the monkey climb, go to the end and turn right. Drop and grab the crack and pull up on the ledge left. Jump over to the W side and drop down N, go N a bit and to the left is some Shotgun ammo. In the SW corner is a crowbar door, open it and step through. Use the Fuse in the machine N and the Mine powers up. Open the exit with the switch and go out, back to the tracks SE. On the left there is some more Shotgun ammo.

Go back to the door where you placed the Fuse and just left of it to the grating with the working conveyor belt behind it. Grab up to the opening above the grating and drop down the other side. Find the opening in the grating W and slide down where the tracks caved in. You’ll land in a surreal place with a burning key in a glass cage.

Elemental Disc #1, a Revolver and the Key to Gregory’s Armory.

Climb up the ledges (if you fell all the way down) and go up the big ramp S and 2 Raptors will come out to play. You did see that Revolver didn’t you? In the room up the ramp is a round door left (E). Go in and shoot another Raptor. Get the Revolver and an Elemental Disc (need 4 for the fire at the key in the glass cage). Now look in the middle of this place where the Raptor nest is and find the Key to Gregory’s Armory there.

The Torch Puzzle

When you step back through the round door there are some tools against the N wall, in front of them is a Torch. Remember where it is. There are more where we go now, so leave this one here.

Go to the glass floors in the sides of the room and drop down, go W and left down the stairs there. There are colored contraptions around this room, each with an open trapdoor in front. The green one NE has flames, we need to ignite the others. Jump to the central pillar and pull the 4 chains there, each on closing a trapdoor on the corresponding machine. Go jump up to the green one, grab the Torch and ignite it. Get to all the machines and ignite them too; Immediately get off that round trapdoor as it will open and there are spikes below. After every machine you’ll see a door open up upstairs. The red one can be reached from the upper ledge, SE corner and a jump around that hanging block. Leave the Torch here as you can’t take it up anyway. Go back up and climb up through the opening in the glass floor.

Get all 4 Elemental Discs.

Green door: we did that already, but next to the door (to the right) are a Medipack and 2x Revolver ammo.

Yellow door SW: Drop in and go get the Second Elemental Disc and the glass floor will break away, the exit will close. Jump to the SE and NE corners, look up and use the jump levers there to open the exit again, but this will also trigger 2 nasty insects (ignore the tempting NW corner as this will also trigger an insect). Shoot them and use the ledge W to get to the monkey climb and go back to the hall.

Red Door SE: Jump the ledges to the Third Element Disc. Now there will be burners on the ledges. Two of them will turn safe, N and S, so jump NW or SW onto the corner of the burner ledge when it is down and That’s where you’ll find two levers to open the exit again. Use the safe corners of the burner ledges to get to both sides and use the levers. Get back to the exit and to the hall. Save a lot… (savegame).

Blue Door NW: As soon as you go in you’ll swim, pick up the Fourth Elemental Disc and 2 round doors open in the ceiling, one N one S, go in both to use the underwater levers and get back to the exit and into the hall.

Use the Discs, the Four-Elements Key.

Go down the ramp N to the glass cage, drop down to the lower part of the room and place the 4 Discs on the outside of the cage. Get back up and up to the top of the cage to drop inside and get the Four-Elements Key. Climb back out, go up the ramp S and S through the hall to open the door in the S end.

Mirror Challenge.

Slide down in the next room and the idea is that you look on both the real floor and the mirrored floor, the dark spots are spiketraps, so stay on the light path and make it to (I went along the W side) a Medipack SW. Now go for that opening at the mirror. Face S, save and run in.

Slide and try to grab that monkey climb where the floor turns dark. Go to the door and the camera will change to a view of the Book (savegame).

Dragon One-Two-Three-Four, the Book of Four Elements.

Stay on the monkeyclimb or grab back up and go forward into the Large room. Drop to use the jump lever and a Dragon will appear behind you. Shoot it and go to the pit S to shoot Dragon #2, the flames on the S wall will stop, so go up the blocks to the monkeyclimb and then to the jump lever.

The next Dragons will appear simultaneously E and W, take out the one W and go up the blocks, ah well you know the drill by now. Last Dragon on the E side will fire bolts and locust, so that one is really dangerous (at least in my game it went like that) (savegame) with not much supplies left)

Making the Escape.

Climb up E to get to the last jump lever and the box will lift from the pedestal with the Book of Four Elements. Go to that round door NE and follow through while the whole place rumbles and collapses. You’ll end up in a sandstone cave, slide down and a flyby takes over.

Gregory’s House, Snake Food.

The room N has Shotgun ammo, then go to the room S and open the doors there to get Grenades and Shotgun ammo. Pull the table once and get behind it into the crawlspace, up S and through to a terrarium where you can find Snake Food (heart).

Go back to the Hall and S into the next room, left and pick up the Shotgun ammo, look through the glass to see a snake without food.

The Armory.

Back out and to the doors W into the Armory. You picked up the key from the raptors nest did you? Use it N and go get Secret #3, the Crossbow and 4 packs of Arrows.

Key to Gregory’s Observatory.

Go to the room S and get the Key to Gregory’s Observatory. 4 ninjas will come in, shoot them and go up the stairs in the Hall. Open the doors and meet more ninjas, open doors E, push the button to get some light in there, on the shelf S is the Empty Battery Box, on the other side a Small Medipack.

Back out and open the doors W, turn on the lights and open the walk-in closet NW and somebody turns off the lights, quickly run back to the landing so you have light and space to shoot that nasty ninja. She will leave the Key to the Book of Four Elements behind. Combine it with the book to open it and go out to the Observatory and face SE at the book stand. After placing the book the 4 elements will be set free and the level ends.