Moonlight Legacies.


Walkthrough by D&G Productions

This level is pretty non-linear, this is how we got through.

Use the binoculars to see where you have to go (straight ahead) and around the corner left. Jump in the water and walk to the edge of the waterfall to watch the flyby.

The Train Station.

Jump down and swim to the right (N) and there is a ledge you climb up (from now on referred to as ledge NE). Pick up the Flares, shoot the snake in the water and look S to where the waterfall is falling into this pool, just to the right of it is a low submerged block. Swim over to the block and on the right hand side of it is an underwater lever that will raise a platform on the block (for later). Well, as long as we are here, swim S through the opening between the 2 tall blocks and look to the right. You can see a tiny triangular opening in the rocks S. Swim in to get Secret #1, Shotgun ammo, a Small Medipack, Revolver ammo and a Secret Fuse (4 of these will open a final Secret).

Swim back out and get out on the ledge NE, face N and use binoculars to see an opening there.

Jump there; go in and left and at the end jump onto that block in the water. Jump SE, straight to the next block. Shoot out the window S and jump into the Gazebo (that receptacle will be used at the end of the level). Do a complete 180 turn shooting all possible windows.

Timed Platform Jumps, for the Lifeless Heart.

Go S and use binoculars again see that opening, there is where you are heading, so start jumping. Once there save in front of the timed switch.

Pull it hop back once and back flip onto the block another hop back with left turn and run jump with a left curve to the trapdoor, landing on the right hand side. Then take a run jump over the balcony E (savegame). Left of the staircase is Uzi ammo, on top of the stairs a button, a door opens up under water.

Go back out, into the water. The door you opened is in the W wall under the train. Get in and go right and look up there is a breathing hole. Swim back S, a first underwater lever is into the opening W opposite the entrance (opens door to teleporter room). Swim back N and into the opening N to use the second underwater lever (up on the S wall and opens door under the Gazebo).

Swim out and try to lure the snake outside so you can shoot them from the ledge NE if you want or swim to the N or S side next to the train to kill it. Then swim to that structure under the Gazebo and into the open underwater door on the W side of it. Get the Lifeless Heart from the floor and swim back out to the ledge NE and make your way back to the Gazebo.

Through the Teleporter.

Jump to the train W (over the glass partition on the right) and from there over the balcony (W). Go up the stairs, to the left is some Uzi ammo. Go on and down into the next room to step into the yellow beam to get transported somewhere else.

The Cistern, the Sun Key.

Get in the water and swim to the right (N) and follow outside. Swim to the left (N) and behind the waterfall is a block (left), hoist up and back flip into an opening to the Torch room. Get in and go right, you can shoot the snake from here as well as the bug that will attack. Go into the greenhouse there and between the poppies flowers SW; you can get the Sun Key.

Now go out and to the E side of the greenhouse, walk S and jump onto the higher rocks SE, bounce off onto the roof of the greenhouse. Stand on the NE tip of the roof and jump to the rocks NE, grabbing the edge as you slide off. Shimmy left and around a corner, pull up and get Secret #2, a Secret Fuse, 2x Shotgun ammo and 2x Revolver ammo.

Use the Sun Key to create a shortcut.

Get down from the rocks and go up left of the building S, climb inside there on the right. Get in and grab the Flares, then open the doors behind you (S). Use the lever and see an underwater door opening up. Back out and jump in the water to swim S into the opening in the building, follow through and climb up at the end. Get the Uzi ammo N and use the Sun Key S to lower a block above the keyhole.

Jump up and move the crate S so you can use the floor lever there. Watch the fly by where you created a shortcut to the other side of the water. Get out and back to the cistern, swim to the waterfall and back flip into the Torch cave. Go out S along the greenhouse and to the building. Jump SW into the “shortcut” opening.

From there, jump NW to the other side of the water. Get the Uzi ammo from under the staircase and climb the stairs. On the balcony you meet a ninja girl; she will leave more Uzi ammo behind. Go to the far NE end and jump to the top of the waterfall. On the left is an opening in the dark; at the end of this passage you have to jump to the jump lever in a shaft. Swim into the E alcove and use the ceiling lever there, swim out S and back under the waterfall (yes, another snake), through the Torch cave, use the shortcut opening S so you can get to the other side of the water again. The door under the balcony is now open. Push the button and watch the flyby.

Get out, go up the stairs and into the open doors.

The Loading Docks, Dock I, the Red Fuse.

Get into the water and swim down in the NE corner behind the crates, follow through and up, use an underwater lever (#1) (camera shot of a door). Also in the SW corner is an opening behind crates, swim in and up and use the underwater lever (#2). Camera shot of the same door W. Go to the middle of the pool, down to the S side on the right of the submerged balcony you can get some Uzi ammo from the floor, get back for some air. Swim down N and under that staircase and to N is an opening. Get in, follow through at the end up and there is the last underwater lever (#3), the door W is now open. Swim to the W side and go right into the door. Up the stairs and grab the Red Fuse. Notice the receptacle for the Disk on the wall.

Draining Dock I.

Jump down and open the doors W, jump up the crate and use the Flood valve to drain Dock I (this will flood Dock II). Jump down and use that other valve so you can get out. Safety drop down into the Dock (onto that crate) and make your way to the floor lever E.

Timed run for the Crowbar.

This is a timed lever that will open a door on the opposite side (W). Save in front of the lever. (If you used the lever and want to try it again you have to use it twice (put it back in the original position and then use it to open the door).

Roll and jump over the boxes NW and sprint into the door SW  (savegame). Move the boxes because behind the SW one is the Crowbar and under the middle one Uzi ammo (you got a screen of the train). Open the door N with the crowbar and push/pull one box into the room N so you can operate the timed lever at the W wall that will open the door behind you, get out to the Dock.

Back to the Train, the Second Red Fuse.

Make your way up to the N side by climbing boxes and open the door on the right with the Crowbar. This is the EXIT so you can get back to the Cistern (E). So go up the ladder, slide down and through the doors to the balcony, jump in the water and go through W and take the first left, walk through the beam and teleport back. Go down the stairs and jump to the train so you can use the crowbar on the lever there (face N). Jump into the door N, climb up and open the trapdoor and hoist up and head S.

Jump to the front of the locomotive (S) and then to the pillar E with the crate on top (be on the lookout for a crow). From there run jump down to the flat rock SE. Look SW and jump to that ladder, almost at the top back flip/roll and grab into an alcove. Go up and jump even higher NW. Use the two swing poles to get to the other side. Jump N (to a small triangle against the wall) and get the Flares, open the doors, get the second Red Fuse. A ninja will attack.

Back onto the Train, for the Moon Key.

Go out and jump in the water, back to the ledge NE to get to the Gazebo in the middle and jump to the train.

Shorter route: walk to the SE corner of the room where the Flares were and hang from the edge, drop onto a slope and jump to grab the locomotive. Shimmy left till you see a big underwater fence and pull up, backflip into the building. Go N to the stairs and jump E onto the train.

Jump N into the car and get to the roof. Jump to the last car N and shoot another Crow. Stand on the W corner and take a running jump and grab the edge of the rock, shimmy right a bit and climb up. Jump to the opening S and stand on that tile, jump and grab up S and get to the top. Take the kite to the other side and use the button there to see big doors open up (If you didn’t use it yet, back into the water there is another lever, swim to that middle structure and turn around on that low pillar is the underwater lever to raise a platform).

Back to ledge NE and to the Gazebo in the middle and a running jump to the E side, up the stairs and pick up Uzi ammo left and through the just opened doors. You finally have the Moon Key (blue).

Using the Red Fuses.

Jump to the train and then the balcony behind it (W) and go right at the stairs.

N Side Fuse: Preparation for the Timed “Roof Access” Run.

Just left around the corner you can use the first Red Fuse. Go into the passage W, open the doors and in that room with the big trapdoor is a crowbar lever up S, use it to open a door to a timed lever for later. That lever will open the trapdoor behind you (later). That is all for now, so go back E and right to the next room S of the stairs.

S Side Fuse:

Just right around the corner is the place where you can use the last Fuse. Go W into the passage and open the double doors, get the Small Medipack S and use the crowbar on the lever N. Get in W, down the stairs and use the Moon Key.

Go in and save for a timed lever there. This will raise some platforms, so get to the job. Roll, run out and jump onto the corner of the low platform closest to the high platform, turn left and hop to the high platform, a running jump to get onto the other side balcony  (savegame). Once on the other balcony go to the NE and jump over the railing to use the jump lever there. You have to do that timed run again to get to the balcony and go now into the open door W on the right (savegame). 

Watch the flyby.

The Ancient City, Machine room.   (Roof Access)

Go right at the pool and open those doors NE. First we make another preparation for the Timed “Roof Access” Run. Go to the E side of the room, open the double doors, behind them is another door, in the room beyond is that large round trapdoor. Go back and out E to the pool and right around into the passage with the Timed lever (this gate was opened with the crowbar lever in the N Side Fuse room).

Timed Roof Access Run.

Save at the lever, use and roll, sprint out and sharp left, left again and into the door NE, straight to that ladder and right or left passing the ladder, jump over the railing in the back and over a closed trapdoor into the open door to the trapdoor room. Run immediately onto the trapdoor, so that when it is already closing up you will still fall through (savegame). There is a lever on the wall, opening up a door in the trapdoor room above. Pull the cage under the trapdoor and climb back up, spot the open door up S (for later).

The Bundle of Keys.

Go out to the machine room W and face E to climb the ladder and halfway up, back flip and grab the jump lever. The trapdoor E opens (timed run would have been harder), so climb down, push the crate as far as possible and jump on it. Pull the crate on the left (S) once and pick up the Bundle of Keys from under it. Jump down and up the ladder and out the door W to the Pool.

First square, W stairs.

Go up the stairs (W wall); open the door with the Bundle of Keys (N). Inside are two windows you can shoot, the right hand one leads down to a small yard, get a Medipack, notice the keyhole for the Yellow Key, we’ll be back. Go back inside.

Left hand window: Go through and down the stairs to the left and hop into the pool, get the Uzi ammo and climb back out. Use the Bundle of Keys again in the S and left. Use the button around the corner near the window and get a screen of a fence (#1 for the Raptor Cage).

Go back out and to the E, up the stairs to the first square.

First square, door S: The Uzis and the Raptor Cage for the Key of the Ancients.

Go S and find a lock in the SE corner and use the Bundle of Keys there. Get in and get the Uzis from the pedestal and open the doors E, push the button inside (#2 for the Raptor cage, which is now open). Now shoot out the windows S and get outside. On the square there is a Small Medipack S. Notice the big trapdoor in the pool. E is the Cage. Go in and Raptors attack.

After taking care of them, go into the passage E and in the back is a higher part in the ceiling, use the jump lever there to open the big trapdoor in the pool. Go back to the cage; pull that grated block to the opposite side so you can use the valve to open the exit. Back to the square and hop into the pool. On the bottom of the pit is the Key of the Ancients. Get out and go back into the window N and out N to the First square.

To the Roofs, Book of the Ancients.

Up the stairs W and the left hand window to the second square. Go to the NW and up the stairs, kill a ninja, get her Uzi ammo and use the Bundle of Keys on the left in an alcove. Go inside and to the far SW corner, open the double doors and step out. A ninja attacks, pick up the Uzi ammo she will drop. Hop into the pool outside and swim through the opening in the bottom, follow through (under the previous room) and climb out of the next pool. Climb out W and get the Uzi Ammo.

Go S and open the door with your keys. Up the stairs, shoot the window and get out to the roofs. Follow the path around, shoot the window, get the Flares inside and shoot another window (E). Step up and shoot the window on the other side too. Jump over and hop down from the window. Just under the window is a button, push it to open the big doors down E.

Now we could go for an additional Medipack, if not just drop down E into the room and go into the doors E.

For the Medipack, climb back into the window, drop down into the street below and go S. Up the stairs and back to the roof, as soon as you step out you’ll see the Medipack E. Jump onto the roof NE, shimmy to the right and do a back flip with roll. Steer hard left to land on the ledge and go get the Medipack. Go NE and drop down in that corner, enter the room N and go to the open doors E.

Up to the right is the Book of the Ancients, combine it with the Key of Ancients to get the Moonlight Legacies. Go out and to the stand near the window S, place the Book and turn around, a door N in the lower part of the room opened up.

The Broken Disk. 

Follow through up to a Pump room and find the Broken Disk N. The doors open up, step out and you are back at the Loading Docks, this is Dock II. Flooded, because you drained Dock I before.

Open the Connection.                                           

To open the connection to Dock I, you need to use another 3 underwater levers, start SW behind the crate, then NE behind the crate, get air and dive down under the grating NE for Uzi ammo, get air again and go down under the grating NW, up into an opening behind the pipe for the third lever, the connection opens up N.                                                                                                                 

Drain Dock II, the Cage Puzzle.

Climb out N, turn left to go up some steps into the alcove W and throw the lever to get out a chain in the corner of Dock I. Now go through the connection and take a right, hop over the pipe and on the short steps is a Small Medipack NE. Go back and to the W side of this floor, up the steps to find that chain. Jump and grab it, aim for left side of the railing, just right of the vertical wall (screenshot). Swing and when Lara goes into the ceiling, jump off.

Drain Dock II; Push Puzzle.

When on the floor, go N and left into the flood room to use the 2 valves again. Dive into the water of Dock I and climb out S, go down to the ground floor of Dock II using the stack of crates. There are 3 cages; they have to be moved onto 3 rusty tiles. First is near the stack of crates you just came down from, move it around the stack to the tile NE. Next is one in the NE corner, has to go all the way to the tile S. Another one is W, that one has to go N. Big doors open up on the S side of this floor.

Go in there and dive into the water. Swim down and into the tunnel N, and then into the tunnel E, follow through to a flooded room (We’ll be back here for a Secret later).

Flaming Block Jumps.

Swim into the small tunnel S, go up and climb out and up, walk to the edge of the floor and run off, slide and jump, keep jumping till you can grab a ladder. Go up, jump to the valve SE and open the door N with it. Go into that passage and climb up E, jump over the blades with side jumps or whatever way you like best. In a familiar room, throw the lever N and go up S. Drop down into the water below and get a Small Medipack behind the flaming block next to you.

Swim NE and find the underwater lever in the far corner, throw it and swim to the W and back along the central building, go right into the second opening and left to find another underwater lever there. Go out and S, into an opened door, climb up and start jumping to and fro aiming left or right to end up on the safe floor. Here you have to jump timed flaming blocks to the N end balconies, you have to do both sides to use the levers on there.

Save at the lever S and roll, standjump over the gap and run, curving left or right, to jump from the corner of the opening in the railing to the second block (we skipped the closest one). Landing on the corner, do curved running jumps over the next blocks so you have room to run and jump to the next and grab the balcony (you should have some time left to step back and line up for the jump to the balcony). Throw the crowbar lever there and swim back through the door S to do the other side (savegame after the second run).Throw the lever there and a block goes down in the central structure (first opening), swim in and climb out. Use the floor lever and go out N.

Climb up left, then N and you are back in the Cistern.

The Cistern, the Red Key.  (Roof Access Key)

Grab the Small Medipack and open the doors S and make your way through yet another set of Blades… I hate these. Jump down and pick up the Red Key from the pedestal. Drop down through the trapdoor and swim through to the Cistern. Back at the pool swim left (W) into the opening in the wall, down and left again. Climb out and go through the teleporter

Go down the stairs, left and left again to the room with the round trapdoor, onto the ledge left and grab up to the roof above (N). Use the Red Key there.

For the Gold Key.

Slide down to the first floor of the machine room, go left and through the crawlspace, down at the other end, then use the valve to open a door at the other side. Go back and through the crawlspace N this time, in the end is a window, shoot it and step out on the balcony. Jump over the railing to grab the roof SW. Shimmy left and back flip/roll and grab into an opening behind you. Up the ladder to the next roof and push the button at the big trapdoor, but don’t go down there.

It is a shortcut up from the machine room in case you need it (up the ladder there). Just jump back W and go down to the opening you back flipped into. Jump out to the right to land on the balcony at the gate you just opened W. Climb up to the right and go to the button in the next corner of the passage, the button is one of two to raise some trapdoors, but it will also activate the spikes. So make your way through and come to the top of the room with the Telescope. Jump out to the pillar (mind the low ceiling), push the button there too and then jump over the trapdoor to the next pillar. Grab the monkey climb above and go over to the other side of the room. Jump to the pillar E where you can get the Gold Key.

Drop down, then go out the double doors SW and to the pool, to the right is the keyhole for that Gold Key. Follow through, shoot window, go right and shoot window, go through to come to another window. Go out and jump into that opening NE, shoot window, climb up right and turn around to shoot yet another window. Go out and jump N, another jump N landing as far as possible on that roof, slide forward and jump with a right curve to grab the opposite side roof. Shimmy right and pull up at the window.

Shoot the window, and follow through to another window.

Timed Trapdoor.

On the balcony is around the corner a button, it will raise two trapdoors to get to the next balcony E. This is how it’s done, push, roll and runjump over the railing. You’ll land on the first trapdoor, run jump to the next and side flip to the right (savegame).

Grab the Medipack and stand S against the railing, the window S is where we go. Face N and stand back against the railing, turn slightly right and side flip onto the roof to the right, grab the edge and shimmy right a bit, pull up and back flip with roll to grab the roof behind you. Shimmy to the right to get into that window S.

City Shortcut and another Red Key.

Open the crowbar door in that passage and you’ll fall down, around the corner is a lever which will open up the gate in the passage above, but also a shortcut back to the City. Go back up the ladder and into the open gate (you just opened) SW, shoot the window and jump to grab the higher roof on the left, shimmy right and pull up in the end, jump N to the last flat ledge.

Here you have to do a pixel perfect jump to grab the ledge at the window NE  (savegame). Shoot the window and go get the Red Key.

Use the Red Key, the Red Fuse.

Now we have to go back to the passage with the crowbar door. You can jump back the way you came just now or drop to the balcony below, jump down over the railing into the pool, get out and head to the door SE, up the shortcut ladder S and backflip into the passage above.

Go E through the window and use the Key in the lock N to open a gate S, shoot the Ninja and go into that gate, open double doors and inside is a receptacle for a Fuse…

Jump into the flowerbed left and push the button that is behind a plant to open a trapdoor to a Secret. Go back out and open the double doors right (E) next at the steps to the square. Open the trapdoor (face W) and drop down. First run into the opened trapdoor E, ignoring the ninja, to get some more firepower.

Swim through and get Secret #3, a Secret Fuse, the Shotgun, 2x Revolver ammo and 2x Shotgun ammo (there is a breathing hole in the ceiling. Swim back, climb out and take care of the ninja. Then grab the Red Fuse from the alcove E. Pull the cage under the opening and get out.

Use the Fuse, a Timed Jumps for the Yellow Key.

Up the stairs into to the room there to place the Fuse. A platform goes up at the Raptor Cage. Shoot the window W and drop down onto that platform. Jump onto the roof NE and grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy left to the window. Inside is a Timed lever, opening a door in a passage to the left of this window. Here‘s the route:

Pull, roll and run out, jump down to the right hand side of the raised platform, run and jump with a left curve onto the roof, grab the edge and shimmy right around the corner where you can pull up, run curving right and jump to the next ledge, a running jump to the corner and then running jumps to grab the edge of the ledge with the window, shoot it while running and follow the passage through the hopefully open door (savegame).

Open the trapdoor and go down, get the Uzi ammo from the red crate at the big doors and head S, get the Yellow Key from the table in the corner, a screen will show you where to use it.

Use the Yellow Key for the Sun Key.

Go down the stairs, open doors and push the button to open the big doors upstairs. Retrieve your steps and go through those doors and end up in a hallway you’ve been to before, go out NW. Take a right to the pool and up the stairs E, left around through the passage and down the stairs to the Yellow Keyhole. Follow in, go around the pool and up into the passage (SW) all the way in the back, push the button to open a door under water. Back to the room, into the water and swim in N and follow up to get the Sun Key from the block. Climb up E and use a lever to open the doors to Dock II.

Dock II, a Secret.

Stand jump down onto the crate NW and make your way to the N to Dock I. Swim to the W side and go right into the flood room. Use the valves to flood Dock II (and drain Dock I). Drop down in Dock I, get to the ladder S and go to Dock II, swim down into the open doors S, down and N, down again and then to the right into that tunnel E. You’ll get back to that flooded room. In the SE corner under a block is a ceiling lever, use that to lower a block in the tunnel below you (S Wall). Swim in and down at the corner, make a save here because if you swim too fast and grab, you might disappear behind the wall (glitch of the LE) and can’t get back (you can also roll before you grab the goodies). Follow to a space with Secret #3, the Revolver, 2x Shotgun ammo, 2x Revolver ammo and a Secret Fuse. Swim back and out of the room NW, follow back to Dock II. Get out N and go to Dock I, down the ladder and up the N side of Dock I and use the Sun Key left (W).

Hydroponic Gardens for the Broken Disk Part 2.

Go into the open doors N and shoot some bugs in the Aquarium room. There is some Uzi ammo under the stairs right (NE) and also in one of the small gardens, go to the upper floor and save at the lever S. Throw it and get ready to rumble, as 4 ninjas will attack. Just keep jumping and back flipping while shooting and it will soon be over, gather all 4 Red Fuses they drop and place them in the receptacles on the pillars in every corner of the room.

A big trapdoor opens up N, dive down to the W, go left around and find a Small Medipack in the window opposite a Timed underwater door. Now swim all the way around to the other end (you can get air everywhere) and save at the underwater lever in the window. Pull and swim back around (just stay at the same height) to the Timed door at the far W wall, get inside quick (savegame) and pull up out into the next room.

Here is Broken Disk Part 2 on the pedestal. Now go place the 4 Secret Fuses you have in the receptacles and the door N opens up, go in to get Secret #5, the Moonlight Legacies.

Go back to the water hole, face S standing at the edge and grab up into the opening above. Follow the passage and drop down into the room where you combine the two parts of the Broken Disks (Cistern Disk) on top of the stairs. Watch the flyby, it is Torch time now.

Gold Wheel for the Torch room.

Out of the room to the water and right is the room where you can get the Gold Wheel. Drop down onto the crate in Dock I, climb the crates N and go through the crowbar door E you opened at first. Up the ladder and down again. Go E to the big doors leading to the Cistern, hop from the balcony into the water; go left under the waterfall and backflip from the block into the Torch Cave. Go behind the fire (N) and open the door by placing the Wheel on the texture N. Open some double doors again and get a Torch from inside. Go back to the cave and carefully ignite the Torch.

Ignite the Wood Piles Puzzle.

Go out S along the greenhouse and use the shortcut alcove in the building to jump to the other side of the water. Up the stairs to the Docks, jump down NW to land on the crates. Go down to the floor and find the 5 woodpiles. Ignite them from a safe distance (NE, E, SW, NW and the last on the balcony S). A platform goes down under the Sun Keyhole (up N). Take the Torch and go to the N wall and jump up the crates there to the top. Throw the Torch down into the hole W and get down after it. Ignite the woodpile down there and see a door open up (W side Dock I).

Drop the Torch for a bit and go into the passage E, use the lever to lower another platform in the W end of this passage and throw the Torch on it. Use the lever again to bring the Torch up to the Flood room where you can get it later. Climb back up using the ladder in the hole in the ceiling and go down into Dock I, to the ladders S and climb up. Then jump to the right; so you can use the chain (NW) to get back to the W side and go into the door N to the flood room and use the valves again to flood Dock I. Go get the Torch (next to the stairs, E wall) and get out.

The Torch to Dock II, more Wood piles.  (Dock I has to be flooded)

Take the Torch to the opened door S and save. Spikes are popping, so stand back a bit and start a sprint when you expect them to be up when you get there, curve right or left into the next room so you won’t run into the pit. Hop down to the pipe ledge and jump up the other side, drop the Torch left to get the considerate Small Medipack right.

Take the Torch and get through the next series of spikes. Now you are on the W side of Dock II, get down into the Dock with the Torch to ignite the 5 wooden piles here (W, N, E, SE, SW) a platform will go up N.

Get up to the connection from Dock I and Dock II with the Torch (N) and go to the waters edge of Dock I, ignite the two wooden piles and a door opens up. Go back S through the connection and take the Torch with you. Go left (E) into the open door, up the slope and to the left is a lever, throw that to open a door at Dock II, grab the Torch again and slide down (N) to Dock I.

The Artificial Valve, Heart of Selenia.

Jump NW over the crates and then  to get to the W side, use the flood valves once again and take the Torch through the spike passage S, over the pit into the next passage. Once at Dock II again, into the newly opened door S. More spikes so watch out and follow to the S side of Dock II. Jump the floating crates to get to the doors E and ignite the two wood piles there (you can throw the Torch away). Go into the final doors to get the Artificial Valve. Combine it with the Lifeless Heart to get the Heart of Selenia.

Get out, back to N side and into the door right (E), up the ramp, slide down N and to Dock I and go right (E) to the Cistern. Hop over the balcony into the water; swim in W, go left and through the teleporter room to the train. Jump over to the Gazebo. Place the Heart of Selenia on the stand and a short flyby will end the adventure.