Vanilla Sky.


Walkthrough by D&G Productions

On a huge airship somewhere…

Use the button on the W wall and then pull the table away from the corner. Get the Small Medipack and go out the door to the hall.

The Laser Sight.

Go W and outside shoot the ninja girl, when she dies she leaves the Laser Sight.

A Crossbow.

Back inside and going for some pick-ups first; E is the way. In the Garden climb into one of the alcoves left or right (W wall) and jump up to the walkway above. Go to the E side and enter the opening there. In this room on the pedestals in the corners, you can pick up a Crossbow and 3 x Arrows.

The Bedroom Key.

Stand on the edge of the floor and look down into the pool. Shoot the snake in the pool and dive into the water to use the underwater lever S. The wheels in the bottom stop turning so you can go for the Bedroom Key in that hole.

The Mechanical Heart, the Key of Knowledge.

As long we are on the ground floor, go E to the front of the ship, another ninja warrior is there, she will leave some Uzi ammo. After killing her, get the Mechanical Heart from the table NE and then go NW, to the corner where you’ll find a ladder to the right.

Go up and to the right (E), around the corner is a ladder. First shoot the window on the right of the ladder and go inside. Use the switch E, turn around and take a running jump to the chain and swing to the other side. On the floor is the Key of Knowledge, so get it and safety drop to the floor.

On Top, the Cog.

Left and right are the ladders to the first floor, climb up one of them again. Again to the front of the ship (E) and now up the ladder at the windows you shot.

Walk to the W and jump up towards that propeller. Crawl under the flying balls and lower yourself in the hole to pick up the Cog. Save, and climb/crawl (hold the duck key down while climbing up) out and shoot the ninja that is waiting. She leaves a Medipack.

Make your way down one floor by either the ladder or a safety drop from the sides and go W to the back of the ship. At the end you can go up to that big propeller and find a Small Medipack. That will also awake a couple of ravens, so be aware.

The Chief Officer Key.

Safety drop W to the ground floor, go into the hall and now go to the key lock on the left (E). Pull the table NE once, jump on the bed and pull the crate once, hop down and pull out the table in the SE corner. Jump over the table and shoot the window W. Push the crate inwards and get the Chief Officer Key from the windowsill W. Get out and now go to the stairs and down into the bowels of the ship.

Downstairs, the Mechanical Cage.

Use the Chief Officer Key on the wall S and enter.

Get some Flares around the corner and jump into the opening in the floor. Crawl in and up in the other room. Move one of the lower crates, so you can pull the top crate out of the corner, now you can pull out the lower corner crate. Pick up the Mechanical Cage. Combine it with the Mechanical Heart to end up with Energy Cell.

Crawl back to the other room and stand on the crate S, jump into a crawlspace W. Jump down into the next room (Alt + forward) and jump over the crates to the W wall. Behind it is another crawlspace.

Storage Room, the Flux Capacitor.

Where you climb up is a grated crate, pull the crate to the W so you can reach the jump lever up W. The big door E will open up. Push the crate right of that open door E away to get some Arrows. One of the crates N has some Flares under it and the first SW crate a Medipack.

Take the crossbow and the laser sight and shoot out that window NE. After the short flyby pick up the Flux Capacitor. Take the crate (near the door E) out into the hall and put it into the NW corner under the crawlspace. Get in there for Secret #1, 2x Uzi ammo, 2x Shotgun ammo and Arrows on the floor and under the crates. Get back out to the hall and go E to the fence.

Place the Energy Cell on the stand against the fence and jump into the opening in the floor. Go right and place the Cog on the right (W wall) to lower a series of platforms E. Go there and use the Flux Capacitor to turn on the Hammers on the conveyor belt.

Conveyors and Thumpers.

Climb up and save the game right in front of the first thumper, duck and use the roll (Sprit key). Behind it is a save tile, same goes for the next and the next. At the end look down and jump over the lower conveyer belt. To the right is a valve, use it to shut down the Hammers.

The Crowbar.

Get onto the conveyer belt that goes up, stand to the right and run up. keep running and from the top you have to jump to the floor N (You can also stand still and once you are on top, side flip over the fence). (Shoot a nasty Bug). Go down NE and get Secret #2, Grenade Ammo. Jump back over the conveyer belt to the lower room E. There are two nasty stinging bees here, so be aware.

Go SW and find a pushable crate in the W wall. Push it in and get behind it the Crowbar next to the flame in the floor. Go back to the E part of the room. There are 4 Crowbar doors in the E wall of the E room (count from left to right), don’t open them all apart from the third and fourth ones from the left. Get into the third and pick up some Arrows there behind door 2.

Get into the last door SE, jump up the block, slide down and jump to the swing pole and swing and grab the ceiling. Shimmy Lara a bit further (sideways as she will not go forward) and drop on the block. Grab the climbable E wall and go left around two corners, then down to the yellow band and back flip. Climb the block NW and grab the monkey swing.

Go N and left into the opening, drop and jump to the Medipack when possible. Jump back, grab the monkey swing again go out and left, and around the corner and let go, grab 2x Uzi ammo and a Small Medipack. Face N and jump to the climbable wall there. Go down and let Lara’s feet hang under that striped band, this way she can shimmy to the left quite easily. Time the emitters and after the second one, go up a bit and do a back flip. Then jump to the middle structure.  

Next go to the other side and from the SW corner jump to the block there, another jump to the wall. There jump up to the monkey swing and shimmy straight (E) avoiding the emitters and get the Arrows, look N and jump to the red block and to the middle structure again.

The Snake Pit.

Go to the SW corner of the pit and slide down into a big pool. Better get out fast as there are some nasty snakes swimming here. Watch out for the knives though. It’s a long route through this room when you want the secrets too, follow us and get it all.

Shoot as many snakes as you can and go over to the SE corner ledge, climb up W, jump W and W again; watch out for the almost invisible chain there. Around the pillar is a ledge where you can climb the S wall. Go right around the pillar and back flip to a ledge, jump W and grab up N. Jump W and down onto the grey ledge and get on the one under that lamp. Grab the pillar and go up and right around. Drop and jump W, climb up W to grab the monkey swing. Follow to the chains, go around them and all the way over to the other side of the room where you can drop onto a ledge.

Now go E twice and grab the climbable wall at the steam blower, go right and down, underneath the spike ledge and up again. Right to drop on the next ledge and jump down to the E, grab a crack in the pillar (only Ctrl) and go around for Secret #3, Arrows, Grenades and Uzi ammo. As there’s no way back to the upper ledges, we have to go down.

Dive down and grab the Arrows from the submerged pillar there. Now climb a nearby pillar and jump zig-zag from one block to the other to end up on the 4th (from the E) long block in the middle. There’s a hole under that block, first look around for more snakes and then dive in, swim into the opening and look up for an underwater ceiling lever. Go through the door and use the underwater lever to drain the room.

In the next room you will find Secret #4, 2x Uzi ammo,, a Medipack and the Uzis under the table. Go out and throw the lever to swim back up. There’s one more pick up, Arrows on the bottom in the far SW corner, you can jump over the pillars to get to that side.

Now we have to get back onto the monkey climb (see previous route) and to the steam ledge on the N side of the room. Now go jump to a crack in the pillar W, left around and drop to the ledge below. Jump to the ledge with the chain and onwards to grab the edge of the floor W.

Run S and jump to the ledge E, use the jump lever to open doors in the stern of the air ship. Jump back to the floor W and go N to jump up the flatter ledges to the top. In the middle of the top ledge is the open door. Watch out, jump backwards and grab the edge and shimmy left, then up, shimmy right and up again through the open door there. You’re back in a familiar room, the Storage Room.

Go out the door E.

The Locked Tome of Wisdom.

In the hall you can open the crowbar door in the left wall (N). Jump over the crates and get the Locked Tome of Wisdom from the back. Combine this with the Key of Knowledge you already have and get the Word of Power. Go out and up the staircase and open another crowbar door in the S wall near the gardens.

Find a Small Medipack on the windowsill and move the table to the NE corner. Face the wall and open the trapdoor and climb in. Open another trapdoor N and get Secret #5, 2x Grenade ammo, the Grenade gun and a Medipack on the pillow. Use the table to get back up (There is just an empty space behind those crates).

Get out and go E through the garden to the front end of the ship. Place the Word of Power on the empty stand to the right of the door and pick up the Cockpit Key.

Use it on the door. Shoot the ninja girl, she leaves the Shotgun. Get up to the steering wheel use it. Something is happening. Go out and you see that another ship came alongside and some people are boarding this one. Go to the pool and left outside (S), shoot the enemy (one leaves a Mysterious Key), get into the alien ship and use the lever. A big Alien dragon appeared on top of the alien ship; get outside into your own ship avoiding the bolts of fire the Alien might spew (You can shoot the Alien dragon, but there’s no real need to).

Inside is another ninja roaming around, this one is harder to kill but she leaves the all important Gear behind. (The shotgun will do fine, but don’t shoot when she has the swords crossed. 

Go to the cockpit and use the Gear under the steering wheel (E) and the level ends with a flyby.