The Power of the Dragon.

Level by Matie

Could be you experience a crash in this level, in that case use the original Title.tr4 file, or the one that came with this download.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

The Glock.

First hop over the fence N, shoot one of the windows and get inside the house, pick up the Glock from the table.

The Crowbar, Wires.

Get back out and face E at the manhole, run in with a grab after you opened it, you’ll land in a short passage with a lever. Throw it and hop back into the water, swim through the open gate passing an underwater lever and up at the end, climb up right to get the Crowbar, hop over to the E side to get Secret #1, a Bag. Now go use that underwater lever and go out through the open door (now blocking the secret ledge). Climb out at the end and shoot the rat, quickly run to that fuse box W and shoot it, pry out the Wires and get to that ladder E and go up to a closed off part of the canal. First use the lever E (stops a burner in the next passage), then place the Wires in the pipe SW, steam will blow at the lever now, but a door in the next passage also opened up). Go into the crawlspace E, follow through to a ceiling hatch, open it and climb up. Get the Uzi ammo to the right and then proceed through the passage to a window, shoot it and get out. Jump to the walkway W and get a small medipack. Now jump to the white ledge NW and on to that small roof.

Upstairs, the first Rose Jewel.

Grab the zip-line and go to where you can grab the roof below, shimmy right a bit and pull up. Go to the windows and shoot them to go inside. Shoot a Gangster and get the Medipack he will leave behind. Find a lever in the passage SE and pull it, roll and shoot another Gangster, this one drops Uzi ammo. Hop into the open painting N and get the first Rose Jewel.

The Lasersight.

Get out of the room, on the roof turn around (N), grab up to the roof above and shimmy right around the corner to that white bridge where you used the lever (or a running jump from the awning). Go over the top of it and jump over to the terrace N to get Secret #2, another Bag. Jump down, swim S and left (E) into the canal; get out left at the graveyard. Push the cross Lara looks at to the E and get the Lasersight. Shoot the Gangster and pick up the Glock ammo he drops.

The Big Hall, Push Puzzle, Key Bundle for a Waterskin.

Up NE is a Bell, shoot it to open a door across the canal, on top of the ladder, get in there. Go to the Big Hall and nothing to do on this floor, so jump straight over the balustrade into the pool. Use the levers E and W to open the door S. Go into the storage room and first get the Uzi ammo from the crate NE. Now move the table SE onto the lowered platform along the S wall. Behind the ladder SW is a switch to open a hatch in the second floor of the room. Then climb the ladder to the first floor and grab a small medipack from a crate, go up through the open hatch NE and throw the switch E after you shot the bats.

The platform went up, so go one floor down and pull the table once onto the trigger tile. A Gate opens above, go back up and to the crates W, and jump into the open gate W, grab the Key Bundle and push the button to open a door N.

Jump back to the floor and go to the upper landing of the Big Hall. Open the door N and get the Waterskin inside. Back out, to the broken walkway E or W and run off to the walkway below, go N and out to the canal. You can fill the Waterskin here. 

The Yellow Key.

Back into the water, swim E and then left, all the way to the end and climb out on the jetty to the right, go up the ladder and shoot the window and the Gangster next. Get the Yellow Key he drops and pick up some Glock ammo from the table. From the balcony outside, you can jump to the one N, get inside NW pick up the Uzi ammo and to the right is a crowbar panel. Open it for Secret #3, another Bag.

The Blue Key.

Hop back into the canal and swim S to the SE jetty, open the door with the Yellow Key. Shoot the Gangster and get the Uzis from the table and the Blue Key NW.

The second Rose Jewel.

Back into the canal, swim N, then go E and climb out at the end. Hop over the low fence into the lake. Climb out NW and open the door with the Blue Key, pick up the second Rose Jewel inside.

Use the Waterskin.

Swim over to the E and in the shallow part of the lake you can also fill the Waterskin. Go NE and shoot one or two dogs, get some Uzi ammo on the ground near the plants at the N wall and go to the Bowl SW and fill it with water. A door opens E, go there and turn S and shoot out the last window right and grab Secret #4, another Bag. The door you opened is in this passage near the burning wall torch.

A Torch for a Secret.

Slowly walk in and hop back before you get squashed. Go in and NE is a small medipack. Notice the remaining fires. Head back out to the passage W, take a right into the passage and shoot the second window left, hop in to get the Torch. Ignite the Torch on one of the fires near the boulders and head back to the passage, go left to the end and stand on the highest tip of the floor to ignite the wall torch (you may have to change your position if it doesn’t work at first). In the other end of the passage a Secret room opened up, go get Secret #5, another Bag there.

The Theatre.

Go back to the yard with the boulders, in the S is a door you can open by placing the 2 Rose Jewels. When you approach the next doors, you’ll get a flyby of the Theatre. From the balcony take a jump to the wooden ledge E, then onto the other balcony to pick up some Glock ammo there.

Mask Piece 2.

Jump back to the wooden ledge, jump to the chandelier and grab up to the monkey climb under the rafter above. Go to the second chandelier and drop, now jump to the floor S and throw the lever there. A door opens NE on ground floor. Drop down onto the stage below and go to the door to pull out the Harp, put it onto the same texture square in the middle of the isle and see a curtain lift, a Demigirl comes out. Go shoot her from close range while ducking and go backstage. Hop over the crates to find Mask Piece 2.

Mask Piece 1.

Two Wraiths shows up, need water… Run out and get into the W side of the Theatre, look E to spot a rope, jump and grab it and turn around. Swing and jump up to the balcony W. Go N and find a jump lever up left on the wall. Then run N and jump onto the platform that went up NE, stand on the NE corner and jump/grab up to the rafter N. Go E and get a small medipack. No go over to the E side rafter and jump down NE with a grab so you will land on the E side balcony. Go push the button there and finally we have some water, although those Wraiths never attacked me, they just went flying about like a happy couple.

Get down to the floor and into the water to pick up Mask Piece 1. On the stage is the stand where you can place the combined pieces, in the Carnival Mask and the trapdoor opens. 

Basement of Death.

Stand right and back flip over the Blade, stay there and face NW, run-jump to the collapsible tiles and run to jump onto the collapsible tile in front of the passage beyond the swinging spike bag. I started the run when the bag was right. Better save as soon as you are on that tile as there’s more fun stuff ahead. Slide and from the third slope I jumped into the passage, immediately start sprint and curve right or left into the room. Go get your reward, the Heart.