The Riddle of Pacha Camac.

BtB 2008 level by TC14.

Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Go to the river and jump in, swim NW and find an underwater lever. Swim E and get the shotgun ammo from the bottom (under the bridge), climb onto the bridge and go to the building E. Grab up to the roof of it. Shimmy to the right and jump up into the alcove where you just opened the door. Throw the switch and see some big doors opening up. Go out, jump onto that wooden roof and shimmy across to the N side, head W and first pick up Flares and more W a small medipack. Keep going W and climb up N to enter the building where those big doors opened. Follow down to the Main Hall.

Main Hall.

Enter that big hall and find Revolver ammo under a vase SE; there are also raptors on the loose.

Climb onto that middle structure (get Flares in the NE corner) and climb up as high as the broken wooden bridge. See that pole sticking out N? Standing on the block take 2 steps backwards and take a single jump/grab to the pole and swing to the other side. Follow in to a crossing.

The Crowbar.

To the W is room where you have to use Sacred Suns later. So go to the right and into opening NE, find a Boulder up a ramp and 2 closed doors, get a small medipack from under a vase left of the ramp. Go into opening right (W) watch out as animals attack. Get the Crowbar from a pedestal in the end of this room.

Main Hall, the Crowbar doors.

Go back to the Main Hall and jump down from the bridge onto that highest block. There are 4 balconies you can reach from this level.

Preparing for the Boulder Roll...West.

Use the Crowbar on the door and climb up and at the end slide backwards, grab the edge and let yourself drop in a pool below. Climb out E and turn left to push the statue there to the N and then left under its upper part that is still attached to the ledge up, some Spikes deactivate in front of a switch on the ledge above. Go SE where youíll find another pushable statue, move it under its upper part N. A trapdoor left and above is now raised (E). Next statue is NW, push it under its upper part towards the E. This also raises a trapdoor, this one on the W side.

Shooting the 3 Gongs.

Go into the opening in the W wall, jump on the wooden box and get the pistols out to shoot at the gong N. A fire starts on the Skull stand in the middle of the floor. Go out of the room, head into the opening S and spot a box to the right and a Cogwheel to the left. Straight ahead is a gong behind a Timed gate. Save and pull the wheel, turn right run jump to the NW corner of the room while drawing pistols and roll in that corner so you will be facing the gong already (will take some tries to get it right..) hop onto to the box and shoot the gong while jumping up. The fire burns on the Skull stand. OR run to the side with the slanted block, back flip and jump on the box and roll to face the gong, turn slightly and fire away while jumping.

Now go to the N wall and pull up into a crawlspace behind that statue you pushed, drop inside and go the S wall. Grab the slanted wall, hang left, then pull up and as soon a Lara puts her feet up hit the space bar (drawing pistols), then back flip and roll turning right to shoot the gong. This opens a door in the E wall near the pool, the fire burns on the Skull stand. Climb out of the room.

Block Puzzle.

Climb up into the opening E, go either left or right and come to the push block ledge. Go N and jump over the corner to use the switch (switch E) on the side of that block to raise the trapdoor N. Now go over to the cage block W and pull that cage with that skeleton inside onto the N side trapdoor.

Turn around and use the switch E again, this lowers the N trapdoor so the cage falls down. Get back to the ground floor and push the cage over the bridge to the other side, push it to the right hand side (W) of that pillar there. Go back to the upper ledge and now use the switch on the block SW. Go down to the ground floor (you may have to step on the ground floor for the cage to appear on the block, this is an LE bug) pull the cage into the middle of the ledge (under the hole up) and go back upstairs to the W lever and use it again to get the block up to where you are. Now push the cage to the red tile NE. A gate opens up.

Jump into the water, swim down into the hole in the floor and climb out at the other end. N is the now open gate. Use the switch in there and a small earthquake starts. Go back to the waterhole, the fence E has opened, go through and shoot the raptor. Youíre back in the Main Hall. The whole central structure collapsed, leaving a pile of rubble behind.

Preparing for the Boulder Roll...North, Boulderrun.

Climb a pillar opposite the entrance N and get up to the Crowbar door on the N balcony. Go through the door and look up to spot a boulder, so save and a running jump+ Ctrl (or slide further and jump from the end of the slope) and then sprint and go to the right and avoid the spikes, run to the end and use the switch (you could save while Lara uses it, if the boulder isn't too close). Fall through the trapdoor, immediately jump to get over the flames (bloody camera changes, but keep running) and finally at the end a jump to a slope in a deadly pool. Immediately jump again and land on a tiny ledge, now you can save.

Deadly Jump Pit.

Aim for the block SE and avoid the hammer and emitter, take a running jump to the W block, stand facing N, back flip onto the burner block, jump and grab the wooden ledge. Jump over to the E and then a jump to the wooden structure N.

Shimmy left or right, it doesnít matter, back flip and jump right away and grab again, do this till you are on the upper level. If you are facing the Swinging blocks, back flip roll and shimmy to the middle. Use the look key to see if you are in front of the opening up S. Back flip and jump with grab and via the pole you can get into the corridor.

Next bit contains some poisonous water and a collapsible wooden floor with spikes from the wall. Best is to take a running jump over the water and use the sprint key to get to the end (or run and just wait a little bit on the break ledges to time those Spikes).

Use the switch in the next room and see a block going up (you'll understand what it's for later). Go through the fence W and a running jump to the grey pillars SW. Walk to the end and now jump to the S balcony.

South, the Pacha Camacís Sacred Suns.

Again open the door with the Crowbar, jump in the water and swim through. Climb out and go N; shoot some small dinoís and pick up a medipack N of the hut. Go back around the other side of the hut

In the water is an underwater door (E), open it and swim in, go left, up though the tunnel and climb out.

Go to the S and jump in the opening, go behind the Cogwheel and save. Pull 5 times jump over it and run out this room, turn running right and into the opening on the right and roll under the gate (run against the gate and hit "roll").

Climb up and follow through, take a running jump to the other side to grab the crack, shimmy left and pull up. Go on like this till you end up on a wooden platform and grab the pole with a stand jump (be sure to stand in the middle) and grab the next wooden platform. Then take a jump W again, grab up to the rocky ledge left and crawl in. Climb up and at the end look down into the area with the hut. Aim for that small hole with water on that sloped area, (just run out to the right) and grab the Pacha Camacís Sacred Sun there. Swim to the gate; that will open and go out to the pool.

Jump the Pit of Death.

Climb out and walk to the W wall behind the building, grab up to the roof and back flip into an opening higher up. Save here. Stand jump out left to that collapsible wooden platform, take a running jump and grab to the next, hoist up and take two stand jumps to get to the opening ahead (S).

Climb up the ladder on the left (E) and shimmy to the left. Again save here, a stand jump with grab to the first tile, shimmy left, pull up and run forward a bit turning left, then a stand jump to the corner of the next tile, curve right with a running jump and grab the tile in the distance. Save there and pull up to jump and grab the tile up left. From that one take a running jump to the jump switch on the green wall. Be sure that you have some health, as you will loose a bit.

Fall down, slide and back flip, jump to the windowsill E and from there, jump to that platform on the corner that went up. Grab the crack in the wall and shimmy to the right then pull up in the windowsill. Crawl out backwards and shimmy right to pull up at the small wooden bridge. Grab up to the opening above.

Crawl into opening up and save at the zip line. You have to let go so youíll fall into the opening between the fences on the roof of that small hut, landing in water. Get the second Pacha Camacís Sacred Sun, swim out through the fence and into the pool. Swim E through the open door, left up the tunnel, up and climb out. The trapdoor in the SW corner opened up.

Swim E from the trapdoor and follow through, the gate opens and you are back at the start of the level, head up the bridge.

Go back into the building, down the ramp into the Main Hall.

East, the Waterwheels.

Climb the ladder E and open the Crowbar door there. Slide down into a pool and swim to the NW corner to get into an underwater passage. You can get some air if you swim up in the next room, then dive again and swim N. Walk towards the waterfall. Thereís a skeleton lying in the shallow water there, pull it away and find the 1st Water Mechanism Wheel under it.

Swim back to the pool and find another opening in the S wall to swim though and at the end of this tunnel you can get the 2nd Water Mechanism Wheel.

Back to the pool now climb up E to place the two Wheels on the wall there. The spikes in front of the Cogwheel are now gone, so save and pull it once.

Watch the mechanism activate and all the wheels go into motion.

Up the Wheel.

Jump W in front of the big waterwheel S (spikes are gone), use CTRL and land on a wooden ledge. Climb up W and jump up E, turn left and jump to the swing poles (N) and land on another wooden bridge. Then again a jump to a wooden ledge next to a waterfall. For Secret#1 you can climb into an opening behind the waterfall and get the Uzis, get back down and then take a running jump to the bridge SW. From the end jump SW into opening behind the waterfall and use the switch in there. This closes a gap way up S between the wooden pillars.

Go back down to the waterfall ledge N and use Ctrl to get onto the waterwheel and use the pole to grab onto the closed trapdoor.

Jump to the other side (N) and onto that small ledge in the NW corner. Use the switch and see an iron gate going up.

Jump into the pool and go to the NW corner and dive down again, swim into the first opening in the ceiling, climb out and S is the open gate. Use the lever and see a place being flooded. Go out N and left the other opened gate so you can go back to the Main Hall after shooting that raptor.

** If you want to get the other secrets, climb up in the main room to the N balcony, slide down (no boulder this time) avoid the spikes and use the crowbar at the end of the passage for Secret#2, the Revolver and Revolver Ammo. Go back to the main room, you can get back up the Boulder slope by jumping from side to side and up to the exit, drop down onto the pillar below and jump to the S onto the dung heap.

Now climb the middle structure all the way to the top, use the pole to get to the bridge, go to the left into a passage and follow through. Use the Artefacts on the wall N and enter the open door S. Use the switch, watch the fly by and go back to the bridge. Halfway the bridge take a running jump to the W, or you can also walk to that opening over an invisible ledge (yup, a leap of faith) and pick up Secret#3, Shotgun and Ammo.

** The Boulder Roll, Pacha Camacís Mask.

Make your way back to the ground floor, down the ramp N to the pool dive in and use the underwater lever E to open a trapdoor. To climb out again, climb out on the wooden ledge and go shimmy around the pool to the opening N, climb down the ladder and turn around. Go N to the end, over a hole and use the switch.

Fly by of a boulder falling, watch howÖ if you didn't raise that one block the boulder would hit the grey tile behind it and you would get the boulder on your head now.

Go around the electrified pit to the S and jump over that other electricity tile. Get Pacha Camacís Mask from the pedestal and the level ends.