The Quest of Gold Series. (Original version)

14 - 17 "Saint Francis Levels".

Levels by TC14.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Story :

After taking the Essence of Nature in the Indians' Mystic World, Lara has a dream

while the light beam takes her back to the real world.

She now has to grab other Gold Artifacts to save the Tribe (and the world) from

a terrible curse.

Several weeks after retrieving the Dragon Claw in Korea, Lara has another mystic dream in which she’s told to go back to the place where she first met an old enemy, so as to use him to enter an ancient sanctuary in southern Europe. She immediately thinks about our friend Pierre Dupont…


Level 14 - Mountains of Saint Francis.

3 Secrets.

Coming from the previous level Wrath of the dragon, a cut scene will start this level series. Pierre finds his way through the Canyons and will wait for Lara in a small valley. (Could be Lara’s hand is a bit strange after the cut scene when Lara had a flare in hand at the end of the previous level, take a new flare and throw it to get things back to normal)  

After the cut scene Lara has to go W the same way as Pierre, pick up the 4xFlares in the passage and follow the passage to a monkey swing over a deep cave. Only problem is the opening at the other end of the monkey swing closed off by the earthquake. So instead of using the monkey swing, grab the wooden wall to the right, go left around the corner and climb down, backflip over the fence with the Spikes and go up a ledge left of the fence and go use the switch in there to open up a gate near the monkey swing. Now for getting back up;

- The expert way is to time the Spikes (yes I did it), run jump over the fence and quickly jump/grab up to the same ladder, climb up and left to the opened gate.

- The normal way is to go into the SW corner, face N and stand one step away from the slope behind you, then backflip jump from the slope and grab the wooden block to get back up to the monkey swing, go over to the climb wall and climb left around the corner to the opened gate.

Follow through and safety drop out of the passage into the valley with the Boulders. Drop down and face S, run to that block standing in the waterfall to the left, stop there while Boulders drop all around you. Now go W and slide off the waterfall, get into the water below. Look under the waterfall E for a narrow triangular gap to swim through and find Secret #1, 3x Revolver Ammo, a Medipack and a Secret Rose, swim back out and wade to the SW corner where you’ll find a switch on the N side of the pillar, Lara will look up to the door opened there. Go climb the rock in the pool and run jump to the broken bridge W, follow up N and run jump to the bridge NE, aim past the block and turn around to jump/grab up to the top of the block W, run jump SW to the ledge and follow with a shimmy past that nasty plant and come to a crawlspace, crawl out backwards and shimmy left around the corner to a slanted grassy ledge, pull up there and backflip to a bridge, head E and run jump straight down to that open door.

Follow the S passage through till you meet Pierre in a small valley, let him lead the way (into tunnel S) and come to a pool near a house. The door over the bridge is closed, dive left (E) into the pool and look for a small triangular opening under the waterfall, swim through and in the room with the furniture you’ll find a switch on the wall, opening up the door to the house. Go swim back and climb on the bridge, head into the house and follow him into that passage SW, go up to where you can jump across the room onto the wooden ledge and wait till he opens up the door for you (you may have to go to the door before he does that), go in and follow, climb up left and head to the right and around the corner to where you will look out over the pool at the house.

Just around the right hand wall is a small wooden platform, run jump with a right curve and land on it, run jump/grab to the roof of the house and grab the edge upon sliding off. Shimmy left and pull up to backflip to another wooden platform. Hop up into the opening E and go NW in the small cave with the closed gate, drop onto the wooden walkway N and go to the W. run jump to a small part of the walkway W (mind the wooden block above) and climb onto the waterfall N, go in and follow up to a switch, throw it and watch the cut scene.

Pierre will join you there and makes his way back to the opening you came from before, but before you follow him you can pick up a Secret in the cave he just came from through the gate W, go in and get Secret #2, 2x Revolver Ammo and a Secret Rose. Now you can take 2 routes to where Pierre is waiting.

1: Go back up E and down the waterfall, jump E over the blocks and drop down to enter the small cave E.

2: Go S from the Secret pickup and left to where you jumped to the small wooden platform before, take the same route, jump to the roof, shimmy and backflip to the platform behind, jump up into the opening E to enter the small cave.

Go into the gate SE and follow all the way to the top level of the place, there’s a bridge leading to a closed door, go right around the corner and hop into the building SW, throw a switch near the closed gate and go back out, over the bridge to the now open door.

The Waterworks.

Dive into the water at the waterwheel and swim S, get out on the shallow part on the right hand side just after the plants and grab the ceiling to get onto the steep S bank, go into the garden beyond and look along the right hand (W) wall for a hidden crawlspace, go in and come to a room where you can throw a switch to open an UW door near the waterwheel. Go back out to the garden, head to the waterwheel N and swim into the open door N to a room with Wine barrels and Burners.

 (Challenging: Time the Burners and make your way through to the back),

(Easy: Or crawl along the right hand side of the room to the back).  

Get to the switch in the back and throw it to open a gate in the S wall of the Garden. Get back past the barrels and swim back to the waterwheel, go S again to the garden and find the open gate in the S wall. Into the gate and throw the switch to get the water running so the wheel will start to turn and a gate opens in the building where Pierre is waiting.

Optional for a Secret: Go back to the waterwheel and swim into the open UW door again, this time go straight where the cave-in is now gone, get Secret #3 , a Secret Rose.

The Maze.

Swim back and climb out at the wheel. Head out W, over the bridge and hop into that building SW, follow in and go left where possible (if you happen to loose track of your guide), you’ll pass a blue door and at a second plant pot go right and there’s another door he will open for you. Throw the switch behind that door and go back following after your guide to go through the other blue door (near the second plant pot left), go straight and a bit right into the passage and follow to the W side and left to where Pierre is waiting. You have to use a monkey swing to get across the pit. Another gate will be opened for you and you have reached the Omega room. Go to the gate in front of the crawlspace W of which only Pierre seems to know the opening code and a flyby will show you how the gate is opened for you. Get in and get 4x Flares, drop from the other side to get to the next level.

Level 15 - The Hall of Legends (part 1).

3 Secrets.

 “Quest for the 10 Legend Keys.”

Go through the passage to a lower corridor and turn left (to the right will be visited later), follow the passage and a flyby will show you the Hall of Legends, several switches, protected by fire, proceed and when you enter the hall, 2 Ancient Warriors will attack. Take care of them and head into the passage S, up the steps and where you’ll go into the bright light is a closed gate E (you’ll exit from there later), so climb up N and follow to a large balcony overlooking the hall, the  “S balcony” from now on. To the W is a passage to be visited later and on the S wall are 3 Color switches, protected by flames. For now go to the fence NW and run jump/grab to the roof on the pillars in the Hall (aim right of the column). Go over to the NE corner and run jump over the fence N to the N side balcony ( “N balcony”). To the E is another closed gate and on the N wall the  “Blue/Pink switch” as I will explain later, don’t use it yet or the order of the walkthrough will change. Remember the route up here as you will be back here a couple of times

Head into the passage W and to the right are some rooms with closed doors (same kind of rooms as on the S balcony, all for later). Follow the passage all the way to the end and get a cut scene of the Blue/Pink switch, there’s a Pink block in the W wall and that lever will open and close the passages on the Pink and Blue blocks throughout the Hall of Legends (there will be more of those later, switch up is Blue, switch down is Pink). For now go back a bit and climb over the Blue block into the room behind it, the Poseidon gate will open for you. Slide down into a pool, swim through the tunnel N and climb up at another steep passage, slide down into Poseidon’s Domain.


Level 16 - Poseidon’s Domain.   (Blue/Pink switch is in up position)

3 Secrets

Timed Entrance doors, door I.

Wade through the shallow water to the block E and climb it, to the W is a closed (Timed) door. Save at the switch and pull, turn left and run with a left curve off the block, run close along the right hand (N) wall and jump over the (steep) deep part at the last moment so you can keep running and curve a bit left into the still open door. Immediately start shooting a huge Rat, go to the ladder on the S wall and up into the passage above, follow to where a Rat shows up. Shoot it and go left to a button, push that to open a gate in an UW tunnel and draw guns as another Rat will be on it’s way. Get back to the lower tunnel and look for a hole in the floor NW of the ladder.

Door II.

Swim through to an other part of these entrance tunnels, climb out S and save at the switch (the fence looks out into the previous room), left (N) of the switch you can see another Timed door, this one is tricky. Pull the switch and turn left, stand jump N over the hole and immediately start sprint before you hit the deeper water, Lara will sprint right through the door before it closes.

Secret Hall.  (because there is one)

Go through to a high Hall, into the NE corner and dive to the UW lever there (very shot screen of a Secret Rose). Save and pull the lever, roll and get back fast, go sharp right around the corner while a Croc nibbles at your feet, you can climb up onto the grassy ledge from facing E and then shoot the Croc (or you could shoot it from standing in the shallow water near the wall). Face E and look up to grab up to the lowest part of the waterfall above (only use Ctrl). Looking NE on that waterfall you can see a balcony with a Secret Rose, still protected by Flames so we’ll have to get that one later. Look NW and spot the door you opened, from the waterfall ledge (standing one step on the lower part) you can do a right curved run jump with grab at the last moment to get into that opening.

Push the button in there and Spikes will retract on a pillar behind you, turn around and grab the monkey swing to get to that pillar, drop/grab to climb it and from the pillar a run jump/grab to the waterfall left SE, shimmy left to the flat part and make your way up into the SW corner, at the long steep waterfall you can jump/grab the climb wall NW and go up to the top ledge, hop to the E to get the small medipack and then jump back to jump down to the N walkway below. Climb up the ledge N and shoot the Rat, run jump E and look for the ledge behind the hanging pillar NW, a well aimed run jump with a right curve to the closest corner will get you there, jump/grab up NW into the ceiling and climb over to the lower passage N, look for the passage up NE and follow in to where you look out into Poseidon’s Hall.

Poseidon’s Hall.

The Flyby shows you around and 3 Rats sing their song, finish them off before you go down onto the grated floor, to the W is a Keyhole, to the NW a closed door. Look N for the hole in the floor where you can drop down to the pool below, quickly swim to the low ledge NE and climb out  (I have no clue as to when Crocrawlspace are triggered, so watch out in this Hall).

The Cistern Key.

Take care of the Croc (or 2) and then dive in to swim SE, into a tunnel in the corner near the bottom, leading you to a dark place, there is a Spike protected switch and a pedestal SE where you’ll find the Cistern Key.

To the Flood switch.   (screenshot for some directions)

Get back to the Hall and onto the NE ledge, run jump SW, then run jump/grab to the opening with the closed door W, turn around and do a banana jump right around the SE corner to the ledge S, from there a jump/grab SW up to the block on the W wall and jump/grab to the S to a climbable wall on the block in the SW corner, (remember the next part) go up and turn left to run jump/grab E to the “S balcony” , go to the E side of it, turn left and run jump/grab the pillar N, from the pillar a run jump/grab with a right curve NW to grab the grated floor above.

Go to the keyhole W and open that door NW with the Cistern Key. Turn right and run jump/grab to the open door, get in and shoot that Rat, that door N is a Timed one, the switch is in the passage to the right, head up the passage and hop over to the blue pillar with the switch. Save in front of it, light a flare and pull, roll and run with a bit of a curve over the ledge (or the run will be too short due to the switch behind you) and hop over the gap, run in and curve left off the ledge, run left and sharp right through the open door.

The Flood switch, High Level.

On the N wall of this small room is the  “Flood switch”, protected by Spikes. Go to a button on the W wall and push it to stop the Spikes, a trapdoor opens up somewhere and the entrance door closes up. Go to that Flood switch N and throw it to raise the level of the water in the Hall, those ledges were floating as they went up too. Go to the closed exit door and it will open again on approach, dive down and swim to a ledge near the door in the W wall.

Climb out and shoot all visible Crocrawlspace, then swim down SE into the same opening you went in before, this time you can climb onto a ledge in that small room where you got the Cistern Key before, on the back of the pillar is a switch, lowering the Spikes at that (now flooded) switch below the floor you’re on. This switch is for later when the place is drained again. Swim back to the Hall and over to the NW corner, a bit below the surface is a slanted tunnel you can swim into now (screenshot), there is another Croc, so get out to shoot it from the low ledge W and swim back in. Hidden behind some plants in the NE corner of the flooded room is an UW ceiling lever, opening up a gate in the NE corner of the Hall. Swim out of this room and go left.

Remember this route: Swim into the “N room” (just over that balcony) and up in the NW corner against the left hand wall, there’s a slanted sandy ledge, pull up facing N and backflip/roll with a hard right curve to land on the floor next to the plant pot. Go out on the balcony and face E, if you are carrying a flare, first drop it and grab the grated monkey swing, drop/grab to the balcony where the gate opened and turn around to grab up to get up onto the grated floor and go W, hop over the gap into the opening W and come to a room with a fenced of pit.

Hop over the fence into the water below and swim to the UW lever N, it will open an UW gate somewhere. Swim out through the tunnel E and follow up to where you can climb onto a ledge, grab up to the crack E and shimmy left to get back to the room (well be back on this ledge with the crack to get a Secret later), go left and left out to the Hall.

The Flood switch, Low Level.

Swim back out and make your way back up to the Flood switch, start on the low ledge W and jump the floating ledges to the SW corner, then to the balcony, to the pillar and up to the grated floor where the Flood switch is located in the room NW. Throw it to get the level down again and go out of the room, look down to where you can dive into the pool below (not on a ledge of course).

Swim to the blue floor part in the bottom (left of you) and swim down into the opening in the blue floor, into a triangular opening N and right around the corner through the door you opened into an UW chamber with an UW lever (with Spikes) keep right and go right around the next corner and left into the SE tunnel, walk up the floor and get the Revolver Ammo there, turn around and walk back a bit till you can take aim on the Target ball in the flooded tunnel W. The Spikes at the UW lever will lower so swim back and right to use it and lower Spikes at an UW lever in the Hall (you might have seen it already). To the left of you is a tunnel leading to a room where the Tridents will have to be used later. You could take a look if you want, but now you really have to get back up, so roll and swim W to get back to the Hall.

Swim to that corner tunnel SE where you can now go in and look for the (formerly Spiked) switch in that dark room and throw it to open a door in the W wall of the Hall. Swim back to the Hall.

Opening up doors.

Swim to the ledge NE and jump to that open door W. To the left a closed gate (exit later) so go right (N) and follow to a plant pot. Turn around and grab up to the climb wall, upstairs a Rat will meet you. Then go S, climb up to a higher floor and turn around again to spot the ladder. Go up and traverse to the right as far as possible, then backflip off (no roll) and slide/jump curved hard to the right to land next to the flame. Push the button S and stand facing N at the left side of the flame. Stand jump/grab over the left side of the flame tile into the passage beyond and go out to the hall with the door that will open for you. Don’t go out yet but look for a small medipack in the alcove N (next to the plant). Head to the passage S and look down into the shaft, Spikes, so it seems this one is for when the place is flooded.

High Level:  

Get back up to the Flood switch, this time you can use that ladder on the E wall near the NE ledge to climb to the open trapdoor above, backflip and follow the passage into the room with the Flood switch. Throw the Flood switch to get the water level up again and dive down into the water, swim to that pillar NE and find the UW lever on the E side.

Throw it and see the UW door next to you open up, swim in and to an UW door in the N wall. Open it up and swim back as the rest of the action here will take place when the place is drained (use a button and a switch in these rooms later). Swim right into the Hall to climb out on the ledge W at the opening you came from before, hop into the opening W and inside go left to that shaft (left of the fire) and dive down, stay high in that room and swim along the E side to avoid the Spikes below and look for the UW lever behind the open door (A door opens S in the Hall).

Trident #1.

Swim up to the ceiling and into the shaft to get air. Face N and swim down to the exit, turn left after the door into the W end with the plant pot and swim up to the ceiling in the end to look for a tiny triangular hole in the left corner, swim through and follow to the end where you can swim down to the 1st Trident. Swim back out to the Hall.

Trident #2.

Make your way over the ledges to that open door S, on the last ledge take one step back and stand jump/grab into the opening and follow in to a room with Swinging Blades (Could be there’s a Croc in the pool, it depends on where you hop over the fence, you can climb out on the SE pillar to shoot it). Hop over the fence and swim through the pool to the W, under the ledge with the Trident is an UW ceiling lever to stop the Burner on the ledge. Swim straight back E and right around to the pillar SE and face W to climb it, stand on the NW corner ands face N, time the Blades to do a run jump/grab to the block N, shimmy right around the corner and pull up. Go stand here and time the nearest Blade, I started the run when it was left and about to move right again curve left and when you land on the Spike ledge, a left curved stand jump through to the balcony with the 2nd Trident. Hop over the fence and swim back to that pillar SE, climb it again and run jump past the Blade to the balcony E, go back out to the Hall.

Jump to the ledge in front of the opening and to the corner ledge SW, go up to the Flood switch by using the same route as before.

 Low Level: a Secret and the 3rd Trident.

Optional for a Secret: After the climb up to the Flood switch to lower the level again, you can dive down and climb the ledge NE, jump W and go up to the N balcony, go right inside and through a passage to the back of that Spike-trap. Light a flare and face the left side of the Spikes, stand back to the wall and turn slightly right. Time the Spikes and stand jump into the opening when you expect them to go up. run jump sharp right out the other end, grab the floor W and go out SW to the balcony. If you are carrying a flare, first drop it, then use the monkey swing like before to get to the gate NE, go up the grated floor. Go W and at the end a jump over the gap into the opening in the wall, go in to the room with the fence around a pit, head right and into the passage right, drop/grab backwards into the shaft you came up from before and shimmy right around to a ledge with Secret #4, a Secret Rose (this one can only be taken with the water level down). Go back and to the Hall and hop over the gap to the grated floor, go E and look for the opening in the fence to the right.   

Without taking the Secret you can just go to this opening after climbing up to this walkway to the left.

Standing in the left side a stand jump/grab to a pillar SE, climb over the top and from standing on the S edge a stand jump/grab straight S to a monkey swing under the grated floor, swing S to the pillar to the right and drop/grab to get onto the ladder, go down till you can drop/grab to a ledge. Climb up and stand on the NE corner, hop back run jump to the ledge (with the Spikes) behind the pillar NE, (start run when the Spikes went down and wait a millisecond) landing on the nearest corner so you can do a running jump with a left curve to grab the opening N and go in to shoot a Rat. But that’s not all you can do there, go to a button SE and push it to extinguish a flame in a passage (short screen). Now climb through the open UW door N and throw the switch W after shooting another Rat. A door opens E and the 3rd Trident is yours. Go back to the Hall, dive down and climb out on the ledge NE to get back to the Flood switch using the ladder NE, throw the switch again to get the water level back up.

High Level: The Torch and the 4th Trident.

Hop down into the water in the Hall and up get to the SW corner ledge (jump there from the ledge W) and get up onto the balcony S, turn SW and spot the opening in the wall a bit higher up, do a left curved run jump up into the opening and find the passage where the flame went down, in the room beyond are some Torches, pick one up and go out to the opening overlooking the Hall, run out sharp left to end up on the SW corner ledge, jump the ledges to the opening in the W wall (last jump a left curved one) and inside is the only flame in this place. Carefully light the Torch and make your way back to the Hall, hop out to the right hand ledge and run jump NE to the ledge on the blue pillar under the waterfall, then hop N and from that one you’ll have to use a trick move, see the pillar NE, the slanted front of it? Stand on the NE corner of the ledge, face the pillar and take 2 steps back, Save and stand jump onto the highest point of the slanted part on the pillar and if all goes well, Lara will slide back into the water with the burning Torch in hand!! Swim to the SE along the E wall and turn left into a sloped passage.

Walk up the sloped passage and in the next room are 2 grated floor tiles, stand on a corner and carefully light those tiles, leave the Torch go into the open door. Shoot the 2 Rats and on the floor of the room is the 4th Trident. Get out of the room and swim to the N, get some air and dive down into that opening in the blue floor, go N and through the opened door, left at the UW lever and into a tunnel going up and down and up again to the room where the Poseidon statues are. Place the 4 tridents and the door N opens up.

Go in and straight at the crossing into the next room, there’s some Revolver Ammo in the shallow water E, fill up your Water skin while you’re there and the go look for the Target ball in the NW corner, shoot it and a door opens in the passage W, to the right, go in and climb up left just past the door, follow the stream to the right and shoot the Rats, look around the left corner for a switch opening up the Timed gate SE.

Timed Gate.

You won’t have much time here, so save at the switch, pull and backflip roll, immediately start sprint curving a bit left after the first fence, curve right around the second and aim for the right hand side of the gate (that side is open longer).

The Cistern Key.

Follow to a shaft and face N, jump/grab up and pull up. Backflip and jump again to land on top of a waterfall, throw the switch there and see a shaft filled with water (the one up to the Poseidon statues).

Hop into an opening up right of the switch and follow down a slide back to the N room of the Hall, if you didn’t get it yet you can pick up a small medipack straight ahead and go side jump right over the fence, swim out to the Hall and down into the hole in the blue floor, follow to that shaft leading up into the room with the Poseidon statues and look on the grated bottom of that shaft for the hard to see Cistern Key.

Climb out to the room above and hop up E, go right this time and open the door with the Key, run jump straight into the passage, landing just past the burning tiles and grab up to the ledge with the Bowl, put the water in it and that grey tile below will open up, just hop back grabbing the edge and let go. Surface for air and save before you dive down.

Wet Boulder Surprise.

4 Underwater Boulders in the next room will make things pretty tough, on of the objectives is to open that nearby UW gate (if you want the Secret that is, swim right around the corner when Boulder #1 moves left and swim as high as possible against the wall and to that UW ceiling lever (screenshot), stay high and don’t move till Boulder #2 moves away to quickly use the lever, swim a bit forward and up against the wall/ceiling again and when Boulder #3 moves away you can roll and swim back to the front room (you have to wait till Boulder#1 moves away to swim after it) and the now open gate left (if you need it you can first go for air NE), pick up Secret #5, 3x Revolver Ammo, a Medipack and a Secret Rose. Go get some air again NE and now swim right or left through the ceiling/wall corner past all 4 Boulders and into the back of the room, right through the tunnel to the next room. To the S is a Swinging Blade, but also some air and a bunch of levers.

UW Puzzle and another Secret.  

Throw the  UW lever (1st)  NW to open the gate SW, swim into an alcove E of the Blade and throw an UW ceiling lever (2nd), swim out and to the gate SW, through the narrow gap under the gate into the next room S, and go up for air, spot the UW door W and open it, go in and use the UW ceiling lever to stop some Spikes at an UW lever E, swim around the central pillar and into the opening to use it, the Blade in the previous room will stop, but it has to stop well away from the UW door left of it, so if it is not in the right position, use the lever again. Watch out for the air supply though. Then swim back to the room N through the gap under the gate NW, look for the UW door W of the Blade and open it to use the UW lever there. Doors open up just over this alcove, so swim out and up and go into the room you’ve visited before.

Wade or run jump to the W and right around that grassy ledge again, climb the waterfall one more time and jump up onto the balcony NE to get Secret #6, a Secret Rose. Go back down to the doors E and before you leave you’ll have to fill the Water skin again. Go down into the pool and swim SW through the gate again. Climb the ledge on the central pillar in the S room and put the water in the bowl.

Small UW Maze and a Giant Demigod.

An UW door opens down S, hop over the bowl, swim in and up over a plant pot, in the next room into the tunnel up left and keep going left and swim up through an opening in a room with a fence, Save there and stay high and time the Spikes (there’s an UW lever for later) to swim left out of that dangerous place.

Swim around a structure to the W side and climb out, there’s a Giant Demigod, it is possible to shoot him, about 3 point blank rounds of the Shotgun and then run away. One time I couldn’t drop him so I just did it without killing him. On the corner pillars SW and NE are 2 buttons for a gate in a monkey swing. run jump from the floor onto a ledge E and run jump with a left curve around a fence to land on the block N, grab the monkey swing and head to the ledge with the Crowbar lever. Throw it to raise a platform in the SE corner of the pool, swim over there and climb out to jump/grab the ladder to the roof of the structure.

The 1st Legend Key.

Shoot the 3 Rats and use another Crowbar lever to lower the Spikes back in the tunnel you came from before, dive down and swim under the structure from the S side and use that UW lever just around the corner, a gate at the roof opens up. Swim back and get back on to of the structure. Jump to the ledge N and throw the switch to reveal the 1st Legend Key. Just run off the S side of the ledge to land on  the floor to get that Key and make your way back up to the roof as another door opened there, jump to that opening and go through the tunnels, climbing up the ledges to come to a slide, just hop down and leave this level.

Level 15 - The Hall of Legends (part 2).

You ended up on the top N side balcony, throw switch on the W wall there to make the Red and Yellow switches on the S balcony safe (flames go down). Go stand jump straight down S into a flooded pit and swim through to hall with timed blocks.

Timed Blocks.

Go to the switch on the pillar SE and throw it, backflip/roll onto a block raising behind Lara and do a running jump with a left curve to land on the blue pillar in the opposite corner, roll and turning left a run jump/grab to an opening up in the E wall. Pull up and grab the crack to the right to shimmy along the crack to the ledge SE, turn around and use the monkey swing to get to the open gate W, you’re back on the N balcony at the Blue/Pink switch. This time you can use it to open up the passage over the Pink block. Go into the passage W and all the way to the end where you got that cut scene before, hop over the Pink block and the gate will open up. 

Level 17 – Caves of Midas  (Sysiph Part).  (Blue/Pink switch is in down position)

2 Secrets in this first part.

Nasty Entrance.

Stand in the middle of the opening and Save, slide and “stay cool”. You really have to slide to the very last moment before you jump/grab the break ledge, pull up on the ledge, turn left and hop to the next ledge, then turn a bit left and jump/grab into the opening in the wall and slide down into a room where a flyby kicks in. A Boulder (you will get to know very well) will come down some slopes and you have the task to get it all the way back up again.

The Big Boulder Push.

Push the Boulder into the passage and leave it in front of the passage left (N), walk through opening between the Boulder and the wall into that passage and pull the Boulder in as far as, go through the passage E (over a Circle tile) and right around to push it one more time, through the corner to pull it E and get it onto that Circle tile in the E side passage to open that gate N, the Boulder has to go with you into that passage, so push it in and onto the Circle tile, the next door will open up. Push it all the way against a gate and look up to the right, there’s a slanted wall, go stand against the W wall and backflip onto the slanted wall, jump/grab and pull up into the crawlspace in the bright light, go through and go to a button in the end of that passage, open the gate with it and return to the Boulder.

Get the Boulder up.

Push/pull it all the way into the room E as far as it will go, so it will rest in the corner of the higher ledges, go to the most SW corner of the entrance ledge and look up into the room to spot a Target ball, shoot that and a block will lower in the far NE corner, allowing you to climb to the roof.

Go right around the Boulder and jump up to go NE over the high ledge. Between the fences there is the best place to deal with those Warriors. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo and hop onto the block NW. Stand on the NW corner of the block, face S and side jump right onto the tip of the roof or just stand jump up W. Go onto the wall E and grab the monkey swing just before the burning floor, go to the ledge with the fence and run jump with a right hand curve to the one with the button on the S wall. The button will stop the flames under the switch on the yellow wall up E. Carefully run off the NE tip of the ledge to land on the yellow block below. Make your way back up to the wall taking the route over the roof. Use the now available switch there (moves the blue blocks up and down and the gate opens SE down below).

Get onto the lower ledge of the wall, S side and stand jump down onto the yellow block to stand jump/grab into the opening S. Get ready to shoot the Warriors in the  “S room”.

Optional (but it is also the way up for later): If you want the next Secret, you’ll have to make a little round trip now, because later on the Secret gate will be closed. Climb the central pillar from facing E, stand right of the plant pot facing E and run with a left curve around the pot to jump with a left curve onto the slanted ledge NE, jump/grab the crack in the E wall and shimmy right into the alcove. Look up SW and stand jump with a left curve into the next alcove, then a stand jump/grab up to the bridge crossing the room and head into the N passage, left and right around the corner. To the right in the next corner is an open gate in a crawlspace, go through to get  Secret #7 , a Secret Rose. You can go back to that bridge in the S room and you may have a look in the room S of it to see where the Boulder eventually has to go. Get down into the S room by running off the bridge onto that slanted ledge NE and slide down to the floor.

Major Push.  

Look for a switch (moves the brown blocks up and down) on the S wall of this S room and throw it to raise the brown block under your Boulder. Then make another trip up over the roof onto the yellow wall to use the switch to lower the blue blocks and go back down to the Boulder to pull it onto the lowered blue block next to the yellow wall.

Get back up on the roof to use the switch on the yellow wall, the Boulder goes up and now you have to go into the S room to throw the switch again to lower a block next to the Boulder. Go back onto the yellow wall to pull the Boulder E once to get it off the blue tile and onto the lowered block. Jump down to the block S and go into the S room to raise the Boulder to the highest level, get back up onto the wall and throw the switch again to lower the blue blocks, pull/push the Boulder to the blue tile on the roof and throw the switch there for the last time to raise the Boulder into the rooms above and open that gate to the S room. Jump down onto the block S and over to the entrance S.

Now go up in the S room like you did for the Secret (Optional paragraph route) and go into the passage N, left and right to get the Boulder (see? That Secret gate to the right is closed now). Pull the Boulder once and step behind it to push it into the corner of the passage, work your way over the bridge into the S room with the Hammer and leave the Boulder on that grey platform. run jump to the ramp SE and look for a Jump switch up W on the Hammer pillar, backflip onto the ramp behind you and jump/grab the switch to open a gate in the passage W.

Scary Moves.

Make your way over there and enter left to pull the switch, the platform drops and the Boulder falls onto the deadly floor. Go back to it and walk straight of the ramp onto the yellow floor to the Boulder, that part of the floor is safe. Save before you pull it under the Hammer and you will fall through a trapdoor, slide to the end and backflip to land on a ledge behind you. Follow the room to the W, through the narrow gap and climb the block in the next room (just run past that Warrior, you’ll never see him again). Jump/grab to the roof W and shimmy all the way left and around the corner to the end, pull up there and hop to the W to climb up into the alcove W, turn around and run jump/grab to the thin ledge E, from there a run jump(grab) to the opening in the fence W. Turn around and hop NE over the fence to the balcony, throw the switch there and see your Boulder gets on the move again, it will roll into another room with deadly floor and a Hammer.

Legend Key #2.

You can run jump over the fence to the thin ledge and into the opening W (or straight into that opening) with the now raised blue blocks. Climb them and hop onto a triangular ledge in the corner, face W and walk up to the tip of the ledge, take a small step back and stand jump/grab up to a crack W, shimmy left and go up to the ledge, hop through the crack and slide down the same ramp the Boulder went down from, turn around at the close gate and slide down W to the room with your Boulder. Watch out for that floor, the non-moving textures are safe, push the Boulder to the corner at the Hammer and then PULL (yes only pull will work) it to the place where a flyby shows the Hammer smashing the Boulder (try to hop back before that happens, just to be safe). After the flyby ended you can pick up Legend Key #2. Turn left and go down the small ramp, get a small medipack at the open gate and run jump S with a slight left curve onto the roof below over the burning hot part, slide off backwards and grab the edge.

Shimmy right around the corners to the wall and pull up, backflip/roll and grab the breakable ledge. Hoist up and run jump/grab the roof in front, shimmy all the way right till you are over an opening below and top up the health, drop and roll upon landing, losing some health. Grab up into the opening N, go through to the most difficult room I saw in a long time.

Shaft of Death.

run jump/roll over to the opposite slanted side of the pit and keep jumping left till you are on a flat corner ledge near the fence, from the highest part of that ledge a run jump to the ladders across the room. Go up and left to climb onto a grey platform. Look up and spot Spikes, a Hammer and flames, up SW is a Target ball you have to shoot to stop that Hammer from moving. Only problem is… the platform will drop. So before you shoot stand back against the ladder and landing on the slope below you have to start jumping again till you are on the same safe corner ledge. run jump/grab to the ladders again and go up till you bump your head on the ledge above, stay on that level and climb left just past the platform. Backflip/roll/grab a ladder on the side of a Spikeblock, don’t go up too high. Climb left around the corners and go up till you’re over that roof like ledge left, look left and see an Omega sign, get over there and climb into that wall, drop into the passage behind the Omega sign and get Secret #8, a Secret Rose and after turning around and near the Omega tile 2x Submachine Gun Ammo and Shotgun Ammo.

You can’t get back on the ladders from this passage so just run out with a left curve onto the roof like ledge, grab the edge and shimmy left, drop near the wall and slide, jump with a left curve to get jumping to the corner ledge again so you can go up to the ladders again, as you did to go to the Secret. This time go further up near the roof like ledge and then left, climb left around the block near the Hammer and go against the wall to the left, from the bottom of the block 2 steps up and backflip/grab the ladder under the Hammer (you will get hurt a bit).

Now climb right into the passage and drop, use the button between the Omega signs, the Hammer will start again, so you will be able to jump into the passage behind it. Walk up to the edge of the passage and stand jump right and up into the passage behind the Hammer (stand in the middle of the opening and aim for the far corner of that passage). After checking your health you can go on and shoot the Warriors you’ll encounter, or just run to the end of the passage and slide down leaving them behind. Slide down into the Hall of legends again, this time onto the top S balcony.

Level 15 - The Hall of Legends (part 3).  

On that upper S balcony is a switch on the W wall, throw it and see all the flames at the last 2 switches below are gone. Go stand at the opening in the fence and Save, then stand jump straight down to land in another pit in the floor, swim through the tunnels till you come into a wider part with a closed UW gate, swim left and left into the tunnel and Save before you throw the Timed UW lever, quickly roll and swim out, sharp right and with a bit of a wide curve left around the opened gate (otherwise you’ll get stuck at the corner of the gate). Follow the rest of the caved in tunnels to where you wade out to a gate that will open up for you. You are back in that staircase with the bright light, hop down and climb up N to get to the S balcony with the Color switches.

Opening up the Code Doors.

To the W is a passage, a similar passage as on the N balcony, there are 2 side passages in each of them with closed doors, all doors have a color code on the wall. So we have 4 doors and inside those doors are Pink and Blue blocks giving access to different places, so all in all you’re about to visit 2x4 places to collect more Legend Keys. In case of any mix-up in colors, I numbered the switches 1 to 4 from the right to the left. 1=Yellow / 2= Blue /3=Red /4=Green

Combination #1: 1/2/3 (Yellow/ Blue/ Red) Blue/Pink switch down

Artemis, Legend Key #3.

Go to the fence NW and run jump/grab to the roof on the columns in the Hall (aim right of the column). Go over to the NE corner and run jump over the fence N to the N balcony. Go into the passage W and into the first right. Hop over the Pink block and push (Ctrl) the double gate open, now you can enter the Artemis rooms. Run into the shaft grabbing the ladder and drop down, go into the room and shoot 3 Lions. Go around the room to pick up the 3x Revolver Ammo. There are gates and switches on the central wall, this is a Target practice (“the name Artemis rings a bell?”).

On the W side of the wall is the first switch you can use, opening up the N gate. Save with the Revolver/Sight ready and throw the switch, side jump left drawing your weapon and run turning left to the middle of the N opening, hit shift so you won’t run in, quickly look up and shoot that Target ball on top of the sloped shaft. The switch on the E side is now safe to use to open the gate W, pull side jump right and run (jump) to the gate. Hit shift to stop at the edge drawing your weapon to shoot the next Target ball. Switch N opens gate E, side jump left to the gate for the next Target ball. Finally the S side switch will be safe and throwing that one will raise a block behind you. Climb it, turn around and grab up into the crawlspace, go into the room and shoot the 3 Lions. Look for the Target ball up in the ceiling NW and shoot it to reveal Legend Key #3 on the pedestal. Go down to the room below and throw the last switch one more time to lower the block again and you can leave and in the entrance passage you have to backflip to the slope. Jump/grab to get onto the ladder, go up a bit and backflip into the passage above, turn around and follow the passages back to the N balcony.

Go to the Blue/Pink switch and pull it up to change the blocks, go back to the same room, Pink is now closed and Blue opened up. Hop over the Blue block into the Hades rooms, push the double gate open.

Hades, Legend Key #4.  Blue/Pink switch up.

In the room you have to stand jump onto the break ledge from standing back a bit, landing on the closest left side and run with a right curve to jump/grab the climb wall, go left and up at the last ladder, two steps down from the top and backflip/roll/grab another break ledge, take a look at the situation and Save. Pull up and quickly turn right, jump/grab to the climb wall and go up along the right hand side. At the level of the right hand ledge a backflip to a slope and a jump with a hard right curve to land on that ledge, grab the monkey swing and use it to get to the other side, but don’t let go yet, go all the way to a slide. Line up straight and drop/grab the edge to climb up in there. Nothing to worry about, it isn't Lava down below, it's a big pool of Blood. Wade through the Blood (the lone block in the pool has to be lowered to get the Key from under it) to the N side and grab up into the passage there.

Follow through to a dark block, grab up to the left side and pull up over, slide/jump left and land on a ledge in the roof, jump/grab up NE to that window and shimmy along the crack to the next ledge with a switch, throw the switch to get 2 more blocks up in the Blood pool below. run jump to the roof on the E side and grab the edge, shimmy right to the light beam (just before the Hades sign) and pull up to backflip onto the first of the blocks. Jump to the one against the W wall and turn around, look up E (with Binocs) to spot and stand jump/grab up to the ledge with the column. Turn around and run jump onto the ledge on the roof W, turn S and look for the Jump switch up on the beam S. run jump/grab to that switch and slide back into the pool (couldn’t get to that new pillar from there).

Get back up to the roofs through the passage N and jump to the N side roof ledge (like before) this time turn around and run jump onto the W side roof, shimmy to the light beam and pull up to backflip onto the new block, Hop SE and run jump/grab to the new block under the ladder S. Get up the ladder and climb up, then left just around the corner and drop onto the slanted ledge, slide and jump (grab) onto the ledge W, walk up to the wall and turn around to grab the monkey swing to go E and turn right to a ledge, run jump to the NE from there and stand on the highest point to run jump to the N, grab the tip of the ledge at the last moment and pull up to push the button there, that original block in the Blood pool goes down and reveals a Legend Key (if you could see it). Safety drop from the room side of the ledge and turn around, look with the Binocs if you are lined up straight with the ledge with the column and then walk W, when you are at the point between the 2 pillars N of you, grab down to get Legend Key #4. You hardly notice, but Lara went from a standing into a swimming mode, so maybe the floor gave way (I looked for an hour for the exit of this place). Swim down and follow the narrow winding tunnels to where you can climb out. Hop to the W side and crawl out into the Hades entrance room. Go out and make your way back to the N balcony of the Hall. run jump/grab over the fence to the roof S and run jump over the fence to the S balcony, go to the Code switches because it’s time to change the Code.

Combination #2:  After pulling the blue one (#2) back up, pull down the Green so you’ll have 1/3/4 (Yellow/Red/Green)   Blue/Pink switch is still up.

Hermes: Legend Key #5.

Make your way back to that same N balcony and head into the W passage once again, take the second right this time and go through to the entrance of the Hermes rooms. Shoot some Lions on your way in and come to a hall with a gazebo, Lara will look up to the top of the room. Shoot the Lions and drop down into the hole under the Gazebo and take the E side, careful at the edge, Save and run in, jump from the slope to the sliding tiles and keep jumping till you can grab a balcony with a switch, a screenshot of that light Lara was looking at before.

Jump off the balcony to the tile S and jump till you can grab the crack in the wall, shimmy left around and drop in the exit. Before going further face S and drop/hang backwards into the room. The only safe pace is right here under the exit, duck to get Secret #9, a Secret Rose and climb back up, jump up left to the passage to the gazebo, climb out at the plant pot and go to a yellow block in the room NE. Look up N and a small sphere will indicate an invisible ledge, jump/grab up to the one N and then run jump/grab W, the next one is tricky, run jump SW with a right curve and grab the ledge, then a run jump/grab S, but you’ll have jump SE and curve right (to go around the low ceiling). Last one a run jump (no grab) to the E and then look at that bright light, just to the right of it you can see the next Legend Key, run jump (and grab) onto to that ledge and pick up Legend Key #5. I just did a run jump to the right hand ledge N and run off S to land on the yellow block with some health loss, either way, get back down and get to the exit SE with a run jump/grab from the higher ground near the bush, follow back to the Hall of Legends (you know where it is by now)

Go to the Blue/Pink switch and use it to change the entrances. Make your way back there (W passage, 2nd right) and go left to the Pink entrance to the Prometheus rooms.

Prometheus, Legend Key #6.  Blue/Pink switch down.

Open the gates and follow in to a small hallway where a Warrior will attack, go on to the next room and find a large Statue in a cavern. When you go S (careful with the Spiked switch) you’ll find a small medipack between the bush and the palm tree. Go further S to the left side of the lava pool and a Bird will start to attack that Statue and Lara will loose health. So get to the statue and stand between it and the Bird, shoot the Bird without hitting the Statue. Go around the ledge the Statue is on and collect 2 more small medipacks and 2x Revolver Ammo. Head to the Lava pool S and hop up to a ledge SE, slide down and turn around, backflip and jump/grab to the climb wall above. Climb in to the right and go out on a balcony, grab the Revolver Ammo in the shadow there and go push a button to open a gate near the Statue. A Bird will show up, shoot it as fast as possible before it reaches the Statue. A gate opened up in a crawlspace W of the Statue, go over there. Climb into the crawlspace W, follow in to a lava room with break ledges.

Break ledges.

run jump with a left curve into the room, landing on the tip of the ledge left, side jump right and turn right, then jump forward twice and from the second a left curved run jump onto the middle of the sandy ledge (ceiling is high enough in the middle). Pick up the small medipack there and crawl backwards out of the opening E, climb left around the corner on the ladder and up into the opening there, hang out of the crawlspace and drop. Jump twice and land on a break ledge, quickly run left against the slanted block and grab up. Pull up over the top and jump/grab the next crawlspace. Hang out of the crawlspace over the pool and shimmy left to the ledge, grab the monkey swing and go over to the Jump switch over the pool W, use it and slide/jump/ one more slide/jump and you’re back on safe ground, quickly take care of the next Bird and go to that now safe switch on the slanted block E of the Statue, throw it and an explosion will reveal Legend Key #6 in front of the Statue (I really expected him to hit Lara in the head while she bent over to get the Key). Climb into the passage E of the Statue and look for the Medipack in the hall with the tree where you shot the Warrior before head back to the Hall of Legends, run jump/grab to the roof and go to the S balcony again as it’s switch time.

Combination #3:  Put the yellow one up and the blue one down so you’ll have this: 2/3/4 (Green/Red/Blue)  Blue/Pink switch still down.

Head into the passage W from the S balcony and go first left hop over the pink block.

Hephaestus: Legend Key #7.

Go through the passage and watch out for the Burner, coming to a room with Lava, look up right to spot a Jump switch and up left you can see a gate where a monkey swing starts, to get to the gate you first have to run down left into the room and land on the ledge with the column, jump to the brick block SW and then look for an opening into a structure on the S wall. There’s a break ledge in that entrance so run jump with a left curve and keep the forward key pressed so you’ll immediately run into the room. You won’t have to go far as there’s nothing to be done yet (Legend Key behind gate E), the first square on this floor was a trigger to open that monkey swing gate.

Go to the N wall and look for a Jump switch under a block with hanging plants. This will rise a block W, jump on the block, grab the crack S and shimmy past the burner to an alcove near the gate. Take a running jump from the alcove to the block N and from there jump up NW to the Monkey swing gate.

Grab the monkey swing and time the Burners on the blocks to get all the way over to that Jump switch NE (opens gate on balcony down NW). Better Save hanging there as you’ll have to do some fancy moves now, drop onto the ledge below and jump roll curving right to land on the next slanted block, immediately jump again with a sharp right curve to land on the tip of the big slanted brick pillar, jump to backflip onto the safe corner block.

A Torch.

Stand jump NE onto the roof of the entrance and time the Burner ledge on the N wall so you can run jump to it and run off the other side onto the balcony below (I could grab the ledge and shimmy around to drop on the balcony). Go into the open gate and throw a switch inside to open a gate up in the SW corner of the room. Pick up one of the Torches from the pedestal and go out on the balcony, jump onto the slanted pillar S and keep jumping till you are on the safe corner block, again stand jump onto the roof over the entrance.

Face the wall on the top of the roof and hit the #1 key to draw pistols, Lara will drop the Torch where she stands. Now we first have to raise a platform on the roof in the NW corner, go jump to the same Burner ledge W and from there a run jump onto the roof W, slide off backwards and shimmy left to the wall. Backflip/roll/grab the Burner ledge there and do a run jump to the roof S, from there you can run jump up into the open gate SW, follow in to a booby-trapped button and time the Burner to use the button (platform goes up), immediately backflip twice and go back to the room.

Make your way over to the Torch (over the Burner ledges) or the route along the S wall and the safe block SE, grab the Torch and run jump onto the Burner ledge W, try to land in a corner next to the wall, so you will be safe when the Burner starts. Carefully light your Torch and time the Burner to run jump to that raised platform on the roof W, time the Burner on the ledge S and jump to it to do a running left curved jump to the roof S. Stand on the E end against the right hand wall and stand jump up to the high block SE and light the Circle tile from standing on the corner. Turn around to stand jump back down to the roof and find a lowered block into the Key room. Walk in and just run down to the right so you’ll land on the raised block W. Go to the gate E and carefully light the 2 Burner (Circle) tiles next to it, drop the Torch somewhere safe and get in to take Legend Key #7. Time to get back…

If you want the next Secret, you’ll have to take the Torch along with you to the Hall of Legends. You can’t use the crack-route along the S wall bringing the Torch so you have to go to the ground floor opening N and run jump out and a bit left to land on the tip of the slanted block. Jump twice and you’re on the safe corner block run off NE onto the ledge with the column and jump into the exit.

Or if you don’t like a Secret and want a challenge: Climb that block W and grab the crack in the S wall, time the Burners to shimmy to an alcove SE, quickly climb up in the right hand corner and turn around to run jump NW with a right curve onto the block with the plants, hop up into the monkey swing gate and drop out to the roof, jump down onto the safe block NE, run off NE onto the ledge with the pillar and jump to the exit.

Make your way back to the Hall of Legends, if you took the Torch, drop it somewhere safe near the Color switches so you can use it later to get that Secret.

Atlas: Legend Key #8.  Blue/Pink switch up.

Make your way over to the N balcony and pull the Blue/Pink switch up, jump back to the S balcony and go into the passage W, first left into the Atlas rooms over the Blue block. Drop down from the passage and head to the ramp in the NE corner, backflip to the slope and jump/grab up to the roof above, jump up into the passage E and go to the Boulder Challenge.

The Boulder Challenge.

run jump with a left curve over the Boulders into the room (aiming for the open gate), start when the Boulders are up left, run to the slope and stop running to hop up into the opening (looked like you could jump up more easy when you stop running just at the start of the steep slope), push the button to open a gate across the room. Aim for the next gate and run jump when the Boulders just start to come towards you, run to the slope and hop up to the button to open the next gate, same MO and the last gate will be SE, the whole room will change after pushing the last button, 2 pillars remain and a passage opened up NW. But the pillars are Booby-trapped, slide and jump onto the first pillar, immediately backflip and slidejump again to land back after the Boulder dropped. Stand a bit back on the pillar and stand jump to the next NW, immediately do a running jump into the passage NW before the Boulder hits you. In the end of that passage is a switch to retract some Spikes in the Atlas room.

Dropping the Boulder.

run jump back onto the pillar and stand jump/grab back into the entrance W, go down from the roof to the ground floor and walk to the S, turn around and do the backflip/jump/grab again to get onto that side of the roof. Look for the ledge with the ladder to the W and run jump over to it. Climb up and left onto the ledge, run jump/grab E to the sandy ledge right of the trapdoor, go N over the trapdoor and immediately drop/hang from the side of the ledge as a Boulder comes down (or shimmy along the edge of the ledge past the trapdoor and pull up to trigger the Boulder, then hop back grabbing the edge), hang there till the Boulder stops moving and pull up to climb the ladder on the E wall, go over the Jump switch and use it to open a gate in the Atlas room (down S).

Jump S over the Boulder and run jump back to the ledges with the ladder to get back down, get into the open gate S and follow through to a slide onto a Spike-trap, slide when you expect the Spikes to be up on landing and run through, around the corner is another trap so watch out and time the run to the button, the Boulder will drop and ends up on the Atlas tile. Now you have to get back through those nasty Spikes, in the Atlas room you’ll find the gate in the opposite N wall opened up, go in and careful at the corner, slide and jump to the break ledge, side jump right and then jump/grab forward into a lower passage. Follow to a pit and a passage right, go up the ramp and use the switch to open the trapdoor. The Boulder will drop into this passage, so quickly run to the pit. Run left around/over the corner, the Boulder hits the tile in the pit and another Legend Key will be revealed in the Atlas room. Go up the trapdoor the Boulder came from and get Legend Key #8 from the tile between the statues. To get back into the exit to the Hall of Legends up W, you have to get back upon that roof E. Backflipping on the SE ramp and run jump/grab to the ledge at the ladder. Stand on the SE corner of this ledge and face the opening, stand jump with a left curve and hit grab in the last moment to get back into that opening (screenshot). Head back to the S balcony of the Hall. Time to change the combination again.

Combination #4:  Pull the Red switch back up and the Yellow one down: 1/2/4 (Yellow/Blue/Green)

Apollo: Legend Key #9.  Blue/Pink switch up.

Go W and take the second opening left. Hop over the block, open the gates and follow the passage to a high room, go left and hop over some fallen debris to the opening E, go in and left to an Omega tile, left of it in the NW corner is a shaft down, hang in the middle and drop grab the Jump switch below (a gate opens up). You’ll drop into a lower passage, go through and climb out to the middle level of the room, go to the N and make your way down over the blue blocks, get into the pool and find the open gate SE, an Omega (push) block. Pull it out as far as it will go, climb out of the pool on the block W so you can run jump SE over the pushblock. Go into the passage the block came from and swim through to an UW lever in a pit, opening up a gate on the middle level of the room. Then swim back out to push the block one time and pull it onto the blue tile in the pool. Get out of the pool N and climb the blue blocks N to hop over to the N ledge of the middle level. 

Get the Block up.

Go into the open gate and find a room with 2 switches, a blue one and a brown one, the blue one controls the blue raising blocks and the brown one several floor parts, Throw both switches and run out of the room. You’ll land on the high blue block below, go over to your Omega block and move it over the W ledge to the N to one square past the W gate then one pull to the E onto a raised floor part (don’t push it onto the blue tile). Get back up to the switches and again use them both, go down to the Omega block (it is all the way on the ground floor now) and move it around the N side of the high blue block to the dark blue square E of the high blue block.

Up to the switches again and now only use the blue one and go to the block to push it into the opening E, go up to the switches to throw them both again, go pull/push the block on the Omega tile N, a gate opens below on the W ledge.

First go into the switch room N to use the brown switch again, then go down into the open gate W where a block lowered now, use the switch there to raise the trapdoor on the E ledge, get back to the Omega block and pull/push it all the way over the trapdoor to the S. Go back into the switch room N to use the brown switch for the last time and go pull the block twice onto the middle blue square (in front of the opening E). Use the blue switch for the last time and go all the way around the E to the SW corner ledge, walk N and get a small medipack on the ledge W, just next to that ladder, drop/hang from the ledge there and shimmy right to the ladder to go up to the top ledge, go left around to the Omega block and pull it as far as it will go into the passage E. Now for getting behind the block, you can drop into that NW shaft again, make your way back up by using the ladder and push the block one more time, then move it N onto the Omega tile, a gate opens in the passage S, go in and through the open gate.

Get the 9th Legend Key and go out to the room, right and hop over the debris, follow the N passage back to the S balcony and go over to the N balcony to use the Blue/Pink switch for the last time. Get back to the S balcony and W, into the 2nd left and hop over the Pink block this time.

Damocles: Legend Key #10.  Blue/Pink switch is down..  

Below the entrance is a pool with a purpose, hop down swim across and climb up, follow down to a Lava room with hanging Swords, no danger yet so jump the blocks to the entrance N and go up to the pedestal with Legend Key #10. Save before you pick it up, then run down the steps with Sword Wraiths on your tail, stop one step back from the Lava pit and  hop to the first block, line up and time a run jump to the one with the popping Spikes landing on the far right hand side. Immediately stand jump to the right hand side of the next block (so against the wall) and run jump through to the block in the corner, run straight into the corner of the walls and turn left to run jump/grab back to where it all started, pull up and run jump up into the exit, run to that pool and wait for the Sword Wraiths to disappear. Maybe you also spotted it, but in that Lava pool back there was a Secret, if you want it you can now go back to that Lava pool and jump the blocks to get to the ledge in the Lava (the Spike-block is now safe) get Secret #11, a Secret Rose and stand jump/grab back to the Spike-block, jump the blocks and get back to the S balcony with the switches.

Now pick up your Torch and go back into the passage E and follow back down to the ground floor of the Hall of Legends. There is a pedestal you can light with the Torch (the hint was the burning pedestal across the Hall) Go into the room opened by the lowering block in the E wall and get Secret #10, a Secret Rose. Drop the Torch, you don’t need it anymore.

Go W out to the passage where the level started and  look up left when you reach a cave-in, climb into the crawlspace and follow through to the other side of the cave-in. Go down and to the next room.

Level 17 – Caves of Midas (part 2).

1 Secret to go.

Here you can use all 10 Legend Keys in the locks around the central wall, best do the silver one on the E wall last (not really necessary but shorter later).

A cut scene and the room changes, an eerie creature lurks around grinning. If you’re not there yet, get to the E side ledge and then a stand jump down to the SE, onto the small balcony, turn around and stand jump onto that yellow ledge in the deadly pool. See that brick pillar W? Stand jump/grab the pillar and go 2 corners around the left, to a ladder. Climb down till Lara’s feet are in the deadly stuff and backflip/roll/grab to a ledge with a switch. Throw it to open the gate right and also lower the Spikes on the next ledge N, stand jump/grab to the N ledge and run jump to the one right of the pillar N.

Detour for a Secret: Drop hang from the E side of the ledge and shimmy right along a crack in the wall till you reach a crawlspace under the terrace. Get in for Secret #12, a Grenade-launcher with Grenades and a Secret Rose. Shimmy back to the left and from the ledge you can climb up W to the terrace.

Go to the fence E (W is for later) run jump over the fences onto the brick block below and run jump/grab to a crack in the structure E, go left around the corners till you come to a slanted wall on the E side, pull up and backflip/roll/grab to the rock-ledges E.

Break Ledge Jumps.


Face N and run jump down to that break ledge, landing a bit left of the middle a running jump to the next, curving right a running jump to the corner ledge with the Spikes and (you have to be lucky here, the Spikes have to be down of course) curve sharp left with a running jump to the next ledge W, aiming for the left side of it (because of the low block above) and an immediate running jump with grab to the ledge ahead W, shimmy left around 2 corners and facing back where you came from you can now pull up and run jump/grab to that brown block up E. There’s an opening in the E wall and a platform next to the pillar SE, run jump straight E and land on the dark pillar in the NE corner jump to the platform S and grab up to the ledge, you’ll find a button behind the open gate there. Push it to stop the Spikes on the ledge below.

To the 1st Iron Bar.

Jump down to that ledge and throw the switch to drop the platform and close the gate so you can now run jump/grab to and climb the pillar with the ladder all the way to the op of it. You’ll come to some traps, stand in the middle and jump over when the Spikes went down just before the Hammers are about to open up and run through to hop over the next pit, time the Burner and run jump over the last pit. Follow the passage to a button raising a block in the Main room. Make your way back the way you came (better do a run jump over the first “Burner” pit) and go down the ladder onto the platform that went up again. Jump up into that opening NE, past the now open door and shoot the Creatures (Grenade gun is fun). Go on till you reach a pool and jump/grab to the opening W of the pool, shimmy left and pull up on the next ledge, go through and slide to a ledge overlooking the Main room and run jump down to the yellow ledge ahead, stand NW and stand jump/grab NW to catch the monkey swing under the bridge, go to the opening in the structure N and drop/grab, climb in and dive into the water in the building, follow through to the 1st Iron Bar on a pedestal in an UW room.

The 2nd Iron Bar.

The gate E is open, swim out and to the N through a tunnel and up at the pool. Another Creature appeared, so climb out to shoot and hop back up into the same W opening as before so you can jump to that yellow ledge in the Main room again. Stand NW and this time grab up to the bridge from facing W, go right to the terrace and grab the 2nd Iron Bar.

The 3rd Iron Bar.

Gates open up, the one S is for later, walk about halfway onto the bridge and jump/grab to an opening E to go through to the pool again. Jump out left and go up the cavern to where you came in before (NW), run jump out to the platform NW and from the brown block a run jump/grab to a ledge with blue columns S. Walk to the NW corner of that and stand jump down to a small ledge in the pool below W and look NW with the Binocs, under that broken bridge is a black rock with a crack running along the side of it, to the right of the black block is a small triangular ledge. There was fire on it before but it should be turned off by now.  Run along the lower side of the yellow ledge and jump with a right curve to land on that triangular ledge in the corner of the black block. Stand on the lowest tip and grab up W, shimmy along the crack to the left around 2 corners and hang on the W side.

Hard jumps.  (Map)

The next jumps are the hardest of the level in my opinion. Hang 2 steps from right hand the corner, drop and backflip/roll, land on another slanted ledge, backflip back and then slide down as far as possible before you jump with a left curve and grab a crack in the W wall (you can only grab this crack on the left hand corner). Shimmy left around the corner and drop on the ledge there. Stand on the NE corner as far as possible and run SW along the edge of the ledge, jump and curve right a bit to land on the far side of the entrance in the W wall.

Go in and shoot one of those Creatures to get the 3rd Iron Bar from the dark room. Go back to the Main room and look out to the right, there’s a raised platform now, stand right, turn right a bit and hop back, run jump out with a sharp right curve and grab the platform. Jump to the broken bridge E and go S over the terrace, pull up on the block S you raised before and grab the monkey swing, go to the roof on the structure E and drop/grab, shimmy right around the corner and pull up on the flat corner in the back, crawl to the small medipack and crawl back from the edge, hold Ctrl and you’ll land on the terrace below.

Get the Gold Bars.

Go over the bridge to the portal S and stand back 2 steps, stand jump/grab S onto that slanted block and (slide) jump into the opening S, follow in to a room with a big Vase.


There are three skylights, push the vase under each one of them and the gate N will open up. Get in there and use the button on the balcony to open the S gate in the Vase room. Take the Vase with you and push it onto the circle tile in that S passage, the door will open up, go in and shoot one of those Creatures. As tempting as it may seem, don’t jump onto that hand. Go through to the room E, shoot more Creatures and find the ruins of the Colossus. Next to each hand (there are three in total) is a lower part of floor, stand there and place the Iron bars in the invisible receptacles, 2 in this room and one in the previous room, every time picking up the  Gold Bar which will appear on the floor behind you, so you will end up with 3 Gold Bars.

The Hand of Midas.

Go back to the main room and run jump out left to that small balcony NW, take the route over the yellow ledge W, the brick block and the ledges W to get to the terrace NW, jump over to the floor W and shoot the Creatures, place the 3 Gold Bars in the receptacles W and when you walk E a flyby starts, showing you the partially repaired bridge, jump back to the terrace and run jump from this side of the bridge  to the other (you might have to sidestep to the edge before you jump) and go into the room there to get the Hand of Midas. Walk up the ramp W into the bright light and the level ends (for now)


                                                                                         To the Martinique Levels (18-21)