The Quest of Gold Series. (Original version)

11 - The Hidden Palace.

Level by TC14

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Mentioned screenshots are in this Folder.

After the Reactor Core explodes the Elevator will crash down the shaft and hit the bottom, step out of the wreckage and find a crawlspace in the wall to the left, follow around to a Lava pit. Drop and immediately backflip/roll to grab the crack in the green wall, go right around and do the same. Drop, immediately backflip/roll and grab the vegetation under another crawlspace. Go through to drop into another Lava cave, slide to the end of the slope and backflip/roll to a slanted rock, keep jumping right (be sure you face into the cave) and you’ll land on a sideways slanted rock, then slide and jump the 2 lower ledges till you can grab a higher slanted block. Hang a bit to the right and pull up over the top, slide far and then jump with a left curve to land sliding backwards, grab the edge of the pillar and pull up, backflip over the ridge and grab the edge on sliding off. Shimmy left as far as possible and backflip/roll with a right curve to grab a ladder on the wall, climb right and from one step higher than the deadly entrance (Burner floor) a backflip/roll/grab to a ledge on the ridge, push the button there and run jump/grab back to the ladder, climb right into the opening and go inside.

In that room are 3 more buttons, 2 on the walls and one on a balcony E you can reach by using the monkey swing from the ledge with the Bell at the S wall. The gate in the passage NW will open up, go through to a room where 2 Ancient Warriors will attack, look for a passage in the N wall, to the right of that bamboo fence and go in, inside is a plant and behind the plant in the W side is an invisible ledge with Secret #1, a Secret Rose, do a stand jump from the spot between the plant pot and the fence to get onto the platform and get it. Go back out into the previous room, on the ledge in the NW corner is a small medipack, then go to the ledge SW, get the Shotgun Ammo and go into the passage W, leading to the Courtyard and have a look N, there’s a pillar with a Yin-Yang on it.

Go N and dive into the pool, on the E side of the pillar in the pool is an under water lever, throw that to lower some Spikes on a ledge and a Wraith will probably kill itself while you’re at it (if not it will appear when you climb out N). Go N to a small hill with a Gazebo on top, between a rock and a tree you can jump up to the ledge next to the Gazebo and face S. A run jump and a grab will get you hanging from a ledge on the pillar S, pull up and run jump to the ledge W where those Spikes went down, hop around the SW corner to next ledge and again run jump W along the low railing, then run jump to a swing pole sticking out of the wall S and land on a balcony, from that balcony you can run jump/grab to pillar with a Water Bowl in the pool. Then run jump along the E side of the Bowl (no grab) to pillar with Yin Yang Symbol and run jump back N into the pool, because another Wraith will appear. Go climb out N and open the door W with the Yin Yang Symbol.

The Elements room, to the Water skin.

Shoot an Ancient Warrior and go to a windowsill E of the pillar with the Burner on top (behind the NE statue). Do a curved run jump/grab to that pillar when the Burner is down and hang on the right hand corner, pull up and turn right, grab up when you expect the Burner to go down and take a quick step forward. Grab the Flares on that ledge and look E and run jump/grab to the upper window sill E, shimmy right and when you come to the waterfall you have to time a Blade in the wall, wait till it comes out and quickly shimmy right after it, pull up in a windowsill over the rooms entrance and do a left curved run jump SW with a grab in the end, around the string of Lampions and into the windowsill S.

Hard Swingpole Jump.

Stand in the middle of the opening (screenshot 6) and face NW. Then stand jump with a bit of a right curve so you will already be facing that swingpole a bit when you land just after the Spikes went down (screenshot 7) (the timing is crucial here), quickly turn a bit more right and stand jump/grab to the pole, swing and land on the sloped block so you’ll slide off and end up on a low ledge in a lava room.

Stand jump onto the block in the middle of the room and run jump N to a Spike ledge when you expect the Spikes to be down on landing, immediately side jump left onto a small balcony and push the button to get the Burner on the ladder S to burn with an interval. Stand jump back to the Spikeledge and a running jump right to the low ledge where you came in, back to the block in the middle and now a run jump/grab to that ladder after you timed the Burner, quickly climb up and come to another room, grab the overhead monkey swing and go follow over a Spike block to the end where you can go right to the wooden part and you’ll fall onto a pillar with fences. Face SW and stand back to do a right curved run jump onto a wooden ledge on the W wall and push the button there to retract the Spikes on that block N. Run jump/grab to that block and then look E, another swingpole next to the monkey swing, stand jump/grab to it and get launched into an opening in the E wall.

Stand jump/grab over the gap onto the Circle tile in the lower room and squeeze between the Puzzle piece and the S wall to go push/pull that piece onto the Circle tile, the trapdoor opens behind you. Save and hop back to land on a sloped block and slide/jump to slide into a windowsill overlooking the courtyard, look for a Spike-ledge NW and stand back in the corner of the bamboo window, run jump over the corner of the sloped block onto that Spike-ledge and run into the next room to stop immediately inside. Stand jump down to the closest ledge in the lava and time the Burners to run jump over the ledges to the opening in the S wall (on your way over you can already see the next Secret Rose).

The Puzzle Piece Lift.

Inside the room is a lever W and a Puzzle piece S, go pull the piece onto the circle tile to stop the Spikes at the lever and then pull it onto the white square N of the central pillar, throw the lever to raise the block and go grab up to the central pillar from the higher floor in the corner near the lever. Pull/push the piece to the raising block on E wall and use the lever again to get the piece one level up and move it to the next raising block, lever again and then push it onto the circle tile, The gate up in the N wall will open and you will have to use the lever once more to get the raising block close to that gate up. From this block you can do a right curved run jump into the opening and then you have to do a run out right, from the corner of the ledge onto the Spike block and jump(/grab) with a right curve around that open door up into the opening E.

A Secret. (skip this paragraph if you don’t want to go for the Secret)

In this room is a button on the S wall and the button will lower Spikes on the Secret block in the Lava room you just left. So if you’re in for a little detour to get a Secret, go back to the door W and stand right in the opening, face SW and run jump/grab with a left curve around/over the Spike-ledge into that opening you came from. go down in that room and stand jump out past the Burner and run jump to the block where the Spikes went down, get Secret #2, a Secret Rose. Then stand jump to the ledge SW, get into the opening S and up the pillar and ledges to get back into the upper E room by jumping from that nasty Spike ledge again.

Go to the opening E and grab the ceiling, go out onto the monkey swing over the pool and in the end you can drop/grab an opening behind the waterfall, slide down into a room with a shallow pool. Do a run jump/grab to a ladder S and go up to the top, backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind and go up and left over the sloped stone ledge, drop and slide jump to backflip over a Burner tile onto a ledge and look W for an opening in the wall, jump/grab up and pull up over the top. Slide and jump over the Spike-trap onto a ledge, go around the wooden fence to push the button, the Burner outside will stop. Run jump back over the Spike-trap and the sloped ledge to land on the extinguished Burner and from there a run jump/grab to that waterfall, shimmy right to a ledge and pull up, take one sidestep left and turn around, look N and spot a different wooden wall (boards are horizontal) just N the other side of the waterfall. Stand jump and grab that wall as it is climbable and go up to where you can climb left around the corner over a slanted ledge, drop and slide/jump to a ledge S. Go out to the top of the room you’ve come through in the start, go right and get the Revolver Ammo there, then go back to the opening in the railing and look for the tightrope with the banners and use it to get across to the S, the camera will be from below when Lara moves forward, so the going is tough (Tip: and this normally works quite well for me on tightropes, as soon as Lara stops walking, release the forward key and tap the left key once, immediately go on as most of the times you have to correct with the left key).


The Waterskin for the Bag of Sand.

Go W over the landing to get the small medipack there and then look on the E side for the Waterskin, do a safety drop down from the landing into the room below and go to the SW corner, on the ledge is some Shotgun Ammo. Then go out the passage behind the red pillar, you’ll end up near the small brook, go onto the shallow part and fill the Waterskin. Go up the hill in the SW corner and hop over the rock, follow the tunnel in to a cave and put the Water in the Bowl there. The door will open up, go in and take care of the 2 Ancient Warriors, go into the room N and another Warrior will attack, look for the Puzzle Clue behind the central fence and go to the S room to move the pieces accordingly (Black-NW, Blue-NE, Red-SE, Green-SW) The difference between Black and Blue is hard to determine, but the Blue piece is standing in the NW corner of the room. The gate S opens up, go in and shoot a Warrior then go get the Bag of Sand from the pedestal on the balcony, return to the puzzle room where you’ll have to deal with another Warrior and head out E to the courtyard (you can also just outrun the last 2 Warriors).

The Waterskin for the Jar of Oil.

Go down to the shallow part of the brook again and refill the Waterskin, go to the N side of the pool and up the hill next to the Gazebo, run jump/grab to that S pillar again and follow the ledges and the swing pole route so you can run jump/grab to that pillar in the middle of the pool, put the Water in the Bowl and the trapdoor in the bottom of the pool opens up. Dive in and follow the submerged rooms to where you can climb onto a ledge, go into the passage E and right around to throw the lever in the back, go back to the water rooms and find the N side of the room is now drained, get down into that part and mind the Spikes at the button when you go open that small blue door under the ladder. Climb up the ladder over the doorway and backflip to the ledge, go in E again and this time left around to throw the lever again and bring the water back into the room. Head back and dive in, swim through the small door you opened and follow over a wooden fence to the end where you’ll find an under water lever (Spikes go down at the button). Swim back (can be tricky to get out) and climb onto the ledge and go use the flood lever again to get the water out for the last time, go down into the dry room again to push the button (a wall lowers on the ledge). Get back onto the ledge and find the open wall W, get the Jar of Oil and swim back to the pool as you’re done here.

Go up to the N side of the pool, into the Element room and up in the S side windowsill, push button to open a gate. Go out to the SE corner of the courtyard at the big pool and run jump onto a submerged rock E, fill the Waterskin again and jump/grab into the hidden opening behind the waterfall E, in this passage the gate opened and you will come to a Puzzle room.

Puzzle room, Crowbar and 2 Dragon Seals.

Open the small door N and go in to observe the clue to the puzzle and shoot an Ancient Warrior, go back and push the green piece all the way N, then go into a passage S (behind a red pillar) and follow to a lever, throw the lever to change the position of the Spikes in the Puzzle room and go back there to move other two pieces all the way S and door opens in N passage. Spikes will pop up as you enter the new room, top up your health and just run through Spikes to grab up to the ladder, go climb right and backflip to a slope, jump/grab a ledge above, go left to the middle of the wall and backflip into a passage, follow the dark passage to another small door and drop out onto the landing in Puzzle room. Go look E for a small medipack and then go back to an opening in the railing to stand jump/grab over to a thin platform in the middle of the room and run jump to the S landing to throw lever left (which will change the position of the Spikes), look for the Crowbar behind the first red pillar W and go W to get 1st Dragon Seal (Burner goes off at the 2nd Dragon seal). Throw the same lever again, to switch the Spikes once more so you can get 2nd Dragon Seal E, now you can safety drop down to the ground floor and go back out SW with a Wraith on your tail. Run into the pool and swim over to the N side and go back into the Elements room.

Into the Caves for the Torch.

Place the 2 Seals N and enter to follow the passage to the end, turn and go up the ladder to 3 steps from top, backflip/roll/grab to catch the pointy rock and go over the top. Slide/jump/grab the wooden pillar in the lava, go shimmy around left and drop onto the ledge, run jump (carefully lining up as you can easily step off the ledge) over ledges to E button, push it to get a flyby of the cave system and a waterfall starts flooding the lava pool so it becomes safe. Climb up to the waterfall and on the second one you have to shimmy all the way to the right hand side, do a backflip/roll, slide and grab the edge. Go shimmy just right around the corner and do another backflip/roll, slide and grab the edge. Shimmy left around the block and drop next to the waterfall, go up into the tunnels, to the right is a closed gate (for later), go on and climb up to slide down into room with Torch.

Push the button N to open that small gate you saw back in the tunnel and pick up the Torch, go to the SE corner and Save facing S, throw the Torch onto that slanted corner and it will bounce off into the crawlspace, go in after it and throw it once more so it will go into the hole at the end (be sure it really fell into the hole as this can be a bit tricky), crawl back out and go back to the steep slope N, grab the W vegetation and climb up right over the slope, drop back into the tunnel and go into the now open gate left, jump/grab the ladder on N wall of the shaft and go down to drop onto a sloped ledge grabbing the edge when you slide off, saw the Secret didn’t you…Just drop to the ground and go into the NW corner, jump/grab to that lattice wall and go up to about 3 steps from the top, backflip and land next to Secret #3 , a Secret Rose, now slide down forward and jump to the hill.

One more time a run jump/grab to that pillar ledge S and if all’s well the Torch will be on top of it, if not it must have fallen somehwere next to the pillar, so throw the Torch off (look where it ends up) and go down behind it, look for a button on the N side of the pillar and push it to light a fire in the Gazebo on the hill. Get the Torch and go up the hill again to light the Torch, go down and take the Torch into the Elements room, drop it somewhere safe near the Bowls.

Elements Puzzle.

Put the Oil in the central bowl and light it with the Torch and the Spikes at the other Bowls will stop. Put the Bag of Sand in the right hand bowl and empty the Waterskin in the left hand Bowl. The floor will open up and you’ll drop into a steep tunnel…

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