The Quest of Gold Series. (Original version)

9 - Nuclear Base.

Level by TC 14.

Authorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.

The level starts after stepping out of the Teleporter and Lara walks through the Mine Canyon to the place where the Chopper of Union Jack Airlines will come and pick her up to take her home where she will plan her strategy for the next adventure.

“Korea, one week later… ”

Lara is dropped off on the roof of an underground base, careful because there’s a deep Main Laser shaft in the middle of the roof, get that stack of Flares (3x) NW and go to that shaft. Stand facing S at the shaft and run in with a grab to land in an alcove S, turn around and standjump/grab against the N wall, to grab a slanted ledge, drop/grab one more level down and shimmy L till you can pull up in a tunnel with a Laser-trap. Crawl into the tunnel (stay low) when the Laser moves away and crawl to an electrified pit, stand up quick when the laser goes behind you and jump over the pit, quickly run L into the N passage. Follow through to a shaft, take 3 steps back from it and run in, so you just go over the edge and landing on a slanted ledge a jump/grab to the other side of the pit, shoot the gratings and go backwards into the crawlspace, drop and look for the Revolver Ammo on the S part of the dark floor there. Equip the Revolver with the Sight and shoot a gratings up L in the Main Laser shaft and standjump/grab up there with a L curve, follow the dark duct down a slide and then go through some Slamming Automatic doors and to the L at the next intersection (R is closed door). Pass through the slamming doors and come to a button, a Timed button to open that door in the S passage. Save and push, backflip/roll and run around the corner, through the doors and straight into the open door.

The Ventilation Shaft.

At the Ventilation shaft a runjump/grab to the pillar in the opposite corner and a runjump/grab to a ladder W, go up to the top and turn around to standjump/grab to the swingpole, swing over a Burner tile into a passage E and notice the overhead ladder you almost bump into, the hatch over the ladder is still closed so head into the passage N, shoot the grating W just around the corner. Crawl in to get the Fire Key, go back out and to the S (the passage R at the cylinders is for later) and L in the end, up a small ladder and to the R in the next passage is the door you can open with that Fire Key.

The Fire Room.

Inside are Burners and the floor is deadly, standjump to the L corner of the Burner block, turn facing E and sidestep to the pipe when the Burner is off, quickly get on it (hit “Ctrl”) and walk over to the other side, time the Burner there to run to the button and push it, hold “backflip” while Lara pushes and you’ll be gone before the Burner starts back up, another burner went off. Go back over the pipe, waiting for the Burner to go off in the end and quickly get onto the block and sidestep to the R hand corner. Jump/grab back into the opening N and go L (to the R is a Timed door we’re going to open up now), down the small ladder and L at the cylinders into that W passage, here is the place where the Burner went off.

Timed Run.

Take out a Flare and Save in front of the Timed button, push and backflip roll while to run out of the passage, R and jump up the ledge at the small ladder, run diagonally into the passage at the Fire room and sprint to the end, L and through the Timed door in the end. Push the button (not Timed) and see that trapdoor opening up at the ladder. Go back and follow the passage to the ladder and get up the ladder (can be a bit tricky, stand back close to the Burner and standjump/grab forward). Climb off to the L, jump to the N and go L to push a button between *Power signs*, the power of the Laser down in the shaft will be off. Go back down the ladder, drop and stand straight under the ladder, now you have to back up a little bit, but not a whole step, so turn L or R a bit, then sidestep and turn again so you stand straight and backflip just over the Burner tile and you should just land on that block in the corner of the Ventilation shaft with minor health loss, drop through the now safe Lasers and shoot a grating in the N wall and time the burner to crawl past it, go to a button and see a door open up high in the Ventilation shaft, get back out and make your way back up like you did before, climb up the ladder. Jump to the N passage and go R this time, through the open door and look S to spot a grating in the opposite wall, shoot it (pistols) and runjump/grab over to crawl in.

The Ducts.

Follow through past a grated wall and come to the room adjacent to the ladder room, get the ½ MP and push the button E to open the trapdoor at the ladder in the room behind the glass N, return into the duct and at the grated wall you can climb up W, pull up into the crevice and crawl to the S, drop into the space behind the grated wall and go for the button E to raise a platform in the Ventilation shaft. Hop back and look up for a hole in the ceiling, grab up to a duct from facing E and crawl past a couple of Steam-blowers, taking advantage of the small intervals and pick up the MP while you’re there, go around L to come to an opening in the floor. Drop down and head out N, to drop onto that raised platform, runjump/grab over to the N and follow the passage to jump S over the hole at the ladder.

The Restricted Area.

Go down into the now open trapdoor and follow the passage crawling to where a flyby kicks in, the General will enter the Restricted Area where 2 SAS stand guard. Go on through the duct and come to an opening in the floor, you have to shimmy around to the opposite side, be sure to take the shortest route (so climb down along the S side and go around quickly) and have your health up. Pull up into the other duct as soon as possible and you should just make it. Follow the duct to a ½ MP and a button which will lower a part of the Barbed wire in the passage below. Go back to the hole and quickly drop down in the middle, roll and take care of the 2 SAS, one of them will leave a MP (that may end up between the Barbed wire). Look for the Timed button in the SE corner and it will open the door N only shortly, so backflip/roll and sprint through the door, maybe even hitting “Alt” to roll through at the last moment. Follow the crooked passage up to a crossing with a Control room straight ahead, the door is closed and needs an Access Card, Head L and down the stairs to a Store room.

Crate puzzle for the Access Card.

Go straight when you come into the room with crates and pull the crate NE out twice, then pull it W once, turn L and walk into the NE corner where you’ll find another push crate R, push it all the way and then all the way to the S into the entrance passage, now go back through the bypass N and pull a crate standing W into that bypass and then move it all the way into the NE corner, so the bypass will stay open, now there’s another crate NW, pull it out and to the E once so you can get behind it. Get the Access Card and go push the last crate back so the bypass will be open again and you can pull the crate standing in the SE passage back out. Go up the stairs to the Control room, open it with the Access Card and go look for another Fire Key on the shelf in the back L side of the room.

The Fire Department.

Go out of the Control room and L up the stairs to a platform with a ladder on a hanging pillar, on top of the ladder is a closed hatch, go up the stairs N and follow to a Rocket storage, shoot the 2 SAS on your way to the Fire control E and go to the S side of the fenced off area, face S and sidejump over the fence to use the Key in the lock, a Fire tile under a button N becomes safe, sidejump back over the fence, go to that yellow Fire sign on the floor N and sidejump over the fence there to get to that button in the NE corner. Push it and see the Fire tile W extinguish, sidejump over the fence and walk straight W to the button that will open up the hatch over the ladder (you have to use the same button later). Head SW down the stairs to the platform, from the steps a runjump/grab and go up the ladder past the two openings L and R, you can’t get in there now, because you have to close the hatch first. Get into the crawlspace on top and carefully time the Burners in the duct to get to a ladder down to a door that will open for you and you are back in the Fire department.

Go to the extinguished Fire tile to use the same button to close that trapdoor at the ladder and go through the door you just came from, follow the duct with the Burners to the ladder at the 2 openings and go down onto the hatch to grab up to the opening E and get the ½ MP there, turn around and go N, into the room and to a button SW (“D” sector generator), push that to activate a door near the Store room below. You’ll witness the General entering the Secure Silo 01 Area and the guarded door closes behind him…

The trapdoor opened up again, so jump/grab to the ladder and go down to drop to the platform, go down the stairs to the Store room and find the open door SW, go into the passage to the Silos and shoot the 3 SAS coming for you. 

The Rocket Silos.

Follow the passage past the Silo entrances first D 01 where the General went in and then D 02 (up L), go around the corners there and just around the last corner is an entrance to the Exterior Area Access up in the wall to the R, climb in and push the button on the N wall to lower the Barbed wire behind the fence, notice the Card reader on the S wall and go back out to the passage, head R (N) and into the next opening R, Silo D 03. In the SE corner of the room is an alcove, jump over the SW corner of the S wall to land in the spot where that Barbed wire went down, stand against the W wall and backflip onto the slanted block, jump/grab the crack in the W wall and shimmy R to pull up at a pipe spanning the room below, walk over the pipe to the button in the alcove N and the door below will open up. Drop from the alcove and enter the open door E.

Timed Run in Silo D 03.

Go to the N wall and spot the ladders, climb the one W to the top and backflip/roll/grab the one behind, quickly go up and wait on the top of the ladder to time the overhead Burner, don’t pull up but just backflip/roll to a ledge with a button. The button will open a Timed door in the S side of the Silo (you can just see it behind the rocket. Check out the route, a ledge on the W wall and a sloped arch kind of structure S with the door above. There’s a Secret Rose on a platform E, but a burning floor protects it. 

Push the button, hop back while turning L and you’ll be lined up for the runjump to that ledge SW, then a running jump with a sharp L curve to jump onto the slanted side of the arch, then sidejump R into the open door  (Second method: Push the button, hop back while turning L and you’ll be lined up for the runjump to that ledge SW, curving R in the air to bump into the wall, roll and run with a R curve then a runjump to the edge of the ledge in front to the door while curving L so you can quickly sidejump into the opening).

On the walls are signs, #2, so when you push the button you’ll know Silo D 02 will be open now. Make your way down from the arch and shoot that SAS below before you runjump to the platform E to get Secret#1 , a Secret Rose, safety drop from the platform and go out to the W passage, shoot another SAS in the Silo entrance and go out to the passage. Head back S and just around the corner past the grated wall is the entrance to Silo D 02 up in the R hand wall.

Silo D 02.

A ceiling hatch opens up when you approach the opening in the W wall of the entrance room, look in the R hand wall of the Silo and shoot that grating with Pistols (while crouching), then grab the ceiling and go to that duct, drop/grab and get in, follow to a button in the L corner and this will close the hatch back up. Now you have to go the E and crawl through a duct, drop from the other side and you’re back in the passage with the grated wall, re-enter Silo D 02 and now go straight over that monkeyswing and drop on the ledge W. Go down S and standjump to the slanted ledge S, hop over the gap and get the 2x Shotgun Ammo there, hop back to go down the ladder to the Silo floor, in the E side is an opening to a room with a Laser floor, there are platforms going up and down.

Laser Room jumps for the Exterior Area Access Card.

First get the MP on the walkway N and then line up for the first platform and the ledge beyond that, stand back against the wall next to the entrance and standjump as soon as you expect the platform to go up and do a running jump to the ledge. Line up for a runjump to the platform N and from that a standjump to the next safe ledge, now hop onto the walkway E and go time the Burner to get the  (Exterior Area) Access Card. Jump back to the last safe ledge, drop down through the only safe spot in the Laser floor W of this ledge and get Secret#2 , another Secret Rose. Climb back up and stand 2 steps back from the edge before you standjump S when the platform is about to go up, a running jump will get you back to the S side safe ledge, stand close to the platform and take 2 steps back, standjump and a running jump back into the exit W, go up the ladder S and over the ledges W to the monkeyswing, get back to the entrance room E and go out to the passage, head N and around the corner, shoot that SAS and go back into the opening R around the next corner. Open the door using the Card in the reader on S wall.

Exterior Area.

Follow the dark staircase up to a room with a crate, go around the crate and pull it once into the passage W, turn around and go up to a Barbed wire trench in an outside area (to the R and down in the trench you can spot a trapdoor), runjump to the L onto the opposite slanted side and keep jumping L till you land on the grassy field, there’s a closed door and a Radar, go behind the radar and find a button, it will open a timed trapdoor in the N end of the Barbed wire trench.

Timed Trapdoor.

Save and push the button, turn R and sprint straight to the trench, release sprint and runjump as far as possible onto the lowest part of the R hand slanted side of the trench and jump to and fro towards the end (past the barbed wire), then just let Lara fall into the hopefully open trapdoor and you’re back in the Silo D 02 entrance. Head to the N again and into the Exterior Access room, go up the stairs to the crate you pulled before, now you can enter the passage hidden behind it before and push the button to the L (a door opens in the courtyard outside).

Climb up S and go over the safe part of the floor to a pit, safety drop down and go into the dark passage S, shoot the 2 SAS in the next room and go to a block SE, stay close to the E wall and climb the block, wait till the Laser moves away and go forward a bit (one step from the edge), standjump/grab to the pole and swing to the ledge over the Laser (better don’t save here as the Laser will go all the way into the wall after a reload and your advantage will be gone). If it already goes into the wall, you can sidejump onto the block (close to the swingpole and then standjump/grab to the pole) Turn around facing E and runjump/grab to the walkway up there, then jump/grab up W and last a standjump into the opening in the N wall. Grab the monkeyswing ceiling and time the Burner to get past, turn L in the end and drop/grab to the slide going out to the courtyard, pull up over the top and draw a gun as a SAS is waiting for you around the corner. Enter the open room W and push the button to open the Secure Silo D 01 door. Now you have to do the timed run/jumps to that trapdoor in the Barbed wire trench again and climb out of the Silo D02 entrance, go R and around the corner to the entrance of Silo 01.

Silo D 01.

Straight at the end of the passage is a Card reader and to the R is the door the General went through, go L and follow to Rocket Silo D 01, go down into the passage S and follow to the S end, run sharp R around the corner of the fence at the Burner and shoot the SAS, then go to the N side of the room with the yellow cylinders and up into the opening N, there are fences in the next room and you have to get through the crawlspaces with the Blades by hopping in as the Blade moves aside and then crawl through and stand. Sidejump out of the trench and find a push crate and a Burning tile in the first quarter of the room, you’ll be back here. Follow through the trenches to the NW quarter and push the button to stop the Burner in the S end of this place.

Go back to the S past the Yellow Cylinders to the end and runjump over the slanted W side of the passage where the Burner was before, in the N side of that place is a button to stop the Burning tile at the push crate. Jump back head to the N into the rooms with the Blades and head through the first trench to get to the crate, push it to the N (could be Lara won’t push, just try a couple of times till she does) and push the button behind it. Watch the flyby as a fire will start in the N side of the passage and the cylinders will explode, the liquid gas will run over the floor to the next set of cylinders and the rockets will overheat, causing them to launch…

The floor of the passage is now in ruins and quite deadly, turn R from pushing the button and crawl through the triangular opening S, onto a narrow and low ledge, look for a block in the deadly mass where the floor used to be and slide/jump to that block. Walk onto the SE corner and hop back, then runjump E onto the next part of the narrow ledge, crawl S to the next fence and grab the grated ceiling, go around the fence when the Burner is down and go to the S end, stand one step from the wall, facing W and slide down, jump hard L and land back in the remaining part of the passage. Follow back up to the Rocket Silo and watch out for those Burners under the floor, climb the ladder N and from that ledge you can jump to the ledge E, runjump up into the opening in the E wall SE and follow through to an outside structure, grab the monkeyswing and follow into that structure.

Grab the Access Card and return inside, jump down to the ledges and go down the ladder, up through the opening W and follow back to where you saw the Card Reader before, open the S door with the Card and enter. Inside you’ll see the General walk through the passage behind the fence and to the E is a 2x Revolver Ammo pickup. Then climb up the shaft at the radiation sign and get into the duct, follow to a corner with a Blade, time it and quickly crawl through the corner to the next trap, do the same and come to a drop off into a Store room of some kind with a deadly floor and there are 2 Security cameras, you have to stay out of their range.

The Store Room.

Just walk S a bit and grab up to the monkeyswing, go over to the end of the monkeyswing and drop, stay on that spot behind the crates and look for gratings in the SE corner of the room and shoot all 4, then turn W and go into that passage, in the end to the L is a button, use it to open the door in the store room. Go back and go R around the rockets to the S wall, get the 2x Revolver Ammo and head along the wall to the corner where you shot the gratings, grab up to the block and shimmy L past the camera to drop in front of the open door.

Go in and R, in the SE corner at the Secure Access door is Secret#3 , a Secret Rose. Opposite the door are 3 Machine Gun Ammo pickups and a ½ MP. Then head to the N and find the General…. The level ends.

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