Egypt and Beyond.

Levels by QRS

Authorized Walkthrough D&G Productions.


Lara travels back to Karnak in search for 4 sacred bird artifacts. The legend has that they open a portal to a secret temple in another dimension, which serves as a gate to treasures and artifacts beyond imagination. During her travel, Lara soon discovers that the people of Egypt and Tinnos lived and prospered together in ancient times...


Level 1- The Quest for the Sacred Birds.

"Karnak, 6 years laterÖ"

Lara stands in a pool, so at least it rained since her last visit. Go S to the 4 receptacles for the Sacred Birds (Golden Vraeus) and climb up the block to the R, go L around till you can runjump SE to a ledge in the dune and get the Tomb Key. Slide down and notice the receptacle for the Guardian Key on the block to the R. Head into the far NW corner and find the keyhole for the Key, it will open the trapdoor under your feet and youíll drop a long way down into the pool around the Pyramid.

The Pyramid.

Climb out on the Pyramid and go up to the top. In the lower part is a grated floor in you can find Flares there. Go back down along the N side and see a gate at the water level, thereís a key hole (for later) Jump into the water and a Snake will appear, get back to the gate and try to shoot it, repeat till the Snake is history and dive in again, swim S under the Pyramid and on the W side of the central pillar is an UW lever opening up an UW gate in the E wall NE, so swim L from the lever and go get some air before you enter the tunnel. Follow to a shaft up just past the lower section, on the wall of the shaft is an UW lever, throw that to open an UW gate SE at the Pyramid. Go back for air and swim back into the tunnel. All the way to the end and down for the Flares, then all the way up in the same shaft and find an UW ceiling lever, which will start a flyby leading you into the Pyramid where a gate to a lever opens.

Swim back out as soon as you got control back and go look for the open UW gate in the E wall SE, swim in to get Secret #1, a MP, swim out again and straight up to the Pyramid, climb out and climb up to the 2nd level on E side and head N a bit. Look for a walkway on the E wall and there will be an opening in the fence at a certain spot. Runjump/grab to the walkway and head S to a switch in the end, the switch will open an UW gate in the central UW pillar under the Pyramid. Dive down from the S side of the walkway and swim W underneath the Pyramid, the UW gate will be to your R side. Go in and up to climb out on the N side.

The Pyramid Labyrinth.

Head into the passage N and go into the first dark passage R to get a Ĺ MP, go out and R/R to follow the L wall all the way to the end and come to a Skellie lever. Throw it to open a gate and head back, just around the corner from the lever is a crawlspace, go in and get the Flares after shooting the box and go back out, go L running along the R hand wall youíll come to where that gate opened, throw the switch inside and see the first of a 3 gate set open up. Go back to the pool, by going R everywhere and when you arrive there the gate on the S side will open up. Swim over and go in and follow to a switch and another gate will open up (further on in the level, where we go now), go back to the pool and into the passage E, just inside is a hole up to the level above, climb up E and follow to a crawlspace, go straight N and L in the end to throw the Skellie lever you saw in the flyby while swimming before it will open a gate somewhere. Go back and crawl into the light, then go over the corner of the hole to the S side passage and L into the corner where the gate opened before, throw the switch and the second of the 3 gate set opens up.

Go out and head W follow to a crawlspace in the R hand wall (the passage straight leads to the same place) go through to where you stand on the grating over that pool below and throw the switch next to the crawlspace to open the W gate at the pool below, go back through the same passage and down in the hole to the pool level. Go over the pool to the W side passage and follow to a switch on the back of a block, throw it to open the last of the 3 gate set. Now go back to the pool, over to the E side and climb up S, follow that W passage all the way to the grated floor and go into the S passage, climb up W and jump back E to get Secret#2, a MP on the grated floor. Jump back W and go R to follow the passage all the way to the 3 gate set and throw the Skellie lever to open the nearby hatch, go up to shoot 2 boxes and pick up the Tomb Key and Revolver. Make your way back down the Pyramid and into the pool, swim out of the Pyramid and to the N wall and open the gate you saw before.

Into the Tomb.

Go in and in the pool E side is a tunnel, with some plants hanging down, just behind the first plant and to the L is a Timed UW lever, pull it and turn R, quickly swim to the end of the long tunnel, sharp R around the corner and through the open gate in the end, into the alcove straight ahead is an UW ceiling lever (lowers a pushblock in the next room) and to the L is an opening up to a room with that pushblock, pull/push the block into the other 3 corners (and over the central tile) of the room and the trapdoor will open up, go in and to a Timed switch. Pull the switch and see an UW gate open up, turn R and run back to the ladder. Jump/grab up and backflip/roll from the ladder to the pushblock room, run into the water and swim back R through the long tunnels and all the way in the end and L is the Timed gate, go in straight to the back wall and out again, the gate will now stay open and you can get some air in the long passage, swim up under the grated ceiling under an angle and Lara will stick her head up. Now swim back into the open gate and straight to the wall, look L for the UW lever and pull it, roll and swim down into a hole, swim E and go get the Lasersight in the end.

Swim back and go for air once again, now swim all the way back to the pushblock room and down the ladder, a trapdoor opened up just before the Timed switch, go down and find Secret#3, Revolver Ammo in the far back (W) of the room next to the room of Secret#1. Go back and climb back in the passage with the Timed switch and head to the W end, jump up L and follow a ramp (No.. no Boulder) straight to a switch, itís a Timed switch too and you better have a look first to see whatís in store, go into the passage W and follow to a shaft, up in the SW corner is a gate that will open shortly, you have to sprint here while pulling out the Revolver and Lasersight and shoot that Gem in the red Devils Head behind the gate before it closes. So go back to the switch, throw a Flare into the dark W passage and save in front of the switch. Then pull turn R while getting the Revolver out and sprint through the passage to shoot the Head from standing in the entrance corner.

The 1st Sacred Bird.

The Elevator floor will rise and take you way up into the upper levels, go out through the passage and light a flare to spot the two gates at the start of a slide. When you step onto the slide, one of the gates opens up (too late), just slide and jump over the 2 pits to come to a walkway at the Pyramid, go into the passage with the carpet NE and follow up to the 1st of the Sacred Birds.

Rope and Breakledges.

Go back down to the walkway where that golden gate to the L has opened up, follow through, climbing a series of ledges to come to a deep lava room with a rope. Take a step back and then a hop back to runjump/grab the rope, swing straight over to land on a ledge above an alcove or maybe grab the ladder, either way, go down the ladder and hang/drop/grab the alcove with the switch, have a look down in the room and see a breakledge in the middle, thatís a very hard way to get to the Timed gate under the sloped ledge, just pull the switch and roll, run SE out of the alcove with a sharp R curve and land on a breakledge in the corner next to that sloped ledge, roll and run into the open gate.

(note from QRS: Here is how to do it: Use the switch and turn to face the slope. Just tap forward and you will land on the slope facing the falling block(breakledge). Jump to it, grab and pull up. Roll and make a RJ to the left of the falling blocks (breakledges). Turn around and run into the passage before the gate closes. You will have about 2-3 seconds left. The way you describe works even better but it was not intended like that and is easier in one way, harder in another ;) )

Room with the Chain.

Save again and follow the passage past some window gates to the room with the Chain and a flyby takes you down into that room. To the R and L standing in the opening you can see you have to return here later, jump/grab to the Chain and slide down to the platform and standjump/grab to the opening SE you could see in the flyby.

UW Challenge, the 2nd Sacred Bird.

Go to a hole with a ladder on W wall, standjump/grab that wall and go down all the way till you are hanging in a room with a circular pool (later), then just let go and drop into a pool below. Look under the ledge in the SE corner and pull the UW ceiling lever to lower a block in a wall, then get some air and swim N to the broken pillar to the L you can see a gate and in the alcove to the R is an UW lever to open that NW gate, swim in and go get the 2nd Sacred Bird (screenshot of the gate up the chain).

When you swim back out that lowered wall is to the L, but you have to open a timed door there first, swim back S and climb out on the ledge SW, up the block and stand facing W to jump/grab the climbable surface of the opening in the ceiling, climb up into that room with the circular pool, shoot a vase NE to get some Flares and then climb the block E to pull the Timed switch after saving. Backflip and land into the lower pool, quickly swim N (a bit high in the room) and L at the broken pillar, then R around the corners to swim through that Timed gate, follow the tunnel to where you can go up into a dark room, turn S before pulling up into a room with a Burning floor, just follow the red line (thanks QRS) and come to a box with a Ĺ MP inside, but thatís not all folks, crawl into a hidden crawlspace N where the red line goes in and get Secret#4, a box of Flares.

Water Passage Key and the 3rd Sacred Bird.

Return to the water the same way and swim back to the S and climb back up to the upper room, from the block with the Timed switch a runjump/grab to the ladder in the shaft and go all the way back up to the room with the Chain, jump to that platform and hang from the SE corner facing N (easiest) drop onto the breakledge below and turn R, run curved R onto the one at the E wall and roll, now do a runjump/grab turning R to the crawlspace in the NW corner and pull up in there, look back in the room to spot the Devils Head with the Gem and shoot the Gem from here to raise a block in the next room. Go through the crawlspace and shoot the box in front of you to get the Revolver Ammo from it, climb the block and jump/grab the Jumpswitch on E wall, the gate opens and you can follow the passage up to a ladder, turn around first and use the Jumpswitch there to open a trapdoor on top of the ladder, then go up and pull up, the trapdoor will close behind you. Look up L and hop into the opening to get the 3rd Sacred Bird (gate opens in the Chain room), back down in the passage and to the S to climb up L again and get the Water Passage Key.

Go back to the trapdoor and crawl to the passage R, turn W and climb up, go out the gate opening up for you and to the L is the Chain room. Standjump/grab the Chain, turn R and with Laraís head at the level of the opposite gate you can backflip into the open gate N, go out to a walkway at the Pyramid, head W and open the gate with the Key you have.

The Waterworks.

Run off the edge into the pool below and Save before swimming into the tunnel as you canít return for air and you need all the air you can get, follow up L (at the closed gate) and along the L wall to the end, look R there and spot the UW lever#1, throw it and turn R to swim back down to that gate you saw, go inside and throw UW lever#2, roll go R and swim back up but this time go past the #1 lever and up L to an opened gate, inside is UW lever#3, quickly swim out and L, then R and through a small gap up through the opened trapdoor. Well that was tight!

Follow the passage to an open gate and the one straight at the crossing will open for you (to the R is the elevator) up the sloped passage is a switch to the L, Save there and pull, backflip/roll and sprint along the R hand side (nasty Skeleton) up the sloped passage and quickly climb the R hand wall of the shaft to get through the Timed hatch on to of the shaft. Go to a slide and just take a plunge, youíll end up at a dark Crypt, go in and straight to the central structure.

The Crypt and the Pushblock.

To the L is a ladder on a pillar, go up and backflip roll/grab the Jumpswitch lowering a block in the floor SE, then go to the far NE corner, shoot the vase and get the Flares, look E of the central structure for the pushblock and just push it into the alcove with the flesh coloured tiles, then go SE and down the hole in the floor, crawl in and to the R, to pull the switch and raise/lower blocks in that same alcove the pushblock is in, go back up and push the block onto the new ledge S, a gate opens in the S wall of the Crypt (in the shadows). Go there and climb in to get some Revolver Ammo. Then turn around standing against the pedestal and jump/grab up to activate the Jumpswitch and another block lowers at the pushblock, get back there and move it to the N side ledge to open the gate in the N wall of the Crypt.

Up the Slanted Ledges.

Climb in there and come to a room with slanted pillars and ledges Walk the passage along the L side and stop at the corner of the green pillar, turn around facing S and backflip onto the low ledge, jump hard R to just land on the tip of the SW pillar jump and jump again, now slide and jump at the last moment to the high corner pillar, then a jump/grab to a crack S, shimmy L to a slanted ledge and better save if you made it this far. Pull up and backflip, then jump/grab another crack, shimmy R to a safe ledge and have a look NE to spot the Jumpswitch in the corner, runjump out with a R curve and adjust your aim in mid air to grab the switch, landing on the sloped block a jump/grab back to the crack and shimmy back to the safe ledge, run off to the N to land on that sloped pillar below and safety drop to the ground floor, go back out to the Crypt.

The 4th Sacred Bird.

The gate in the E wall of the Crypt opened up. Climb in and go get the 4th Sacred Bird there and see a gate open up (thatís the gate before the first timed swims). Go back out and into the hole SE, crawl to the far end this time and through an opened gate, to the Devils Head you shot before, the next gate will open up on approach and you can safety drop into the Elevator shaft. Follow the passage back down the ramp, past the timed switch and up to the pushblock room, swim back through the long tunnels, straight out the small tunnel W and climb back up at the pool, go through the open gate E and come to the room over the UW tunnels.

The Escape Key.

Just inside in the NW corner is a switch to raise a pushblock up into the NE corner of the room, the block has to be pushed onto 4 tiles, 2 in the NE side and 2 in the SE corner (the one next to the dark E pillar doesnít count) and the block next to the pillar E will rise, climb up the dark pillar and runjump/grab to the Jumpswitch N. The pillar will lower and reveal the Escape Key, taking the Key will also show a trapdoor open up and thatís in the first UW tunnel you visited at the Pyramid. Leave W and go L into the passage to the Pyramid, dive in, swim L and into the tunnel E in the NE corner, almost to the end and down the opened trapdoor, follow past a Snake and up a long shaft to climb out in dark Basements.


This is a very hard sequence, I advise you to save where ever you can.

Fire is seen in the next Lava pits, and Moving Pillars start as you approach the pit, stand R or L against the wall and time a runjump/grab over the Burner and past the first Pillar to catch the sloped block at the second Pillar, time the Pillar again and slide to the end of the slope before you jump/grab to the next sloped block, now itís only a Burner and a jump onto the next sloped surface, jump/grab to the breakledges, pull up and run with a R curve onto the second ledge so youíll end up against the R hand wall (facing N), wait there till you fall into the Lava below. Youíll fall through the only safe spot and into an opening in the wall, swim through and climb out in the end, shoot the Vase to get Secret#5, a MP, follow some steps up to a gate and it will open up for you, go R and onto the walkway at the Pyramid. Pick up the Bone Scroll lying there and examine it:

Three Bones you must shatter, but do not fear, shoot them all and the path back will be clearÖ"

Go S and follow the walkway to the First Set of Bones in font of a Gate, shoot them and return to where you came from. Then go N and hop over the gap to the N and follow the walkway to the gate you can open with the Escape Key, but first climb the ladder to the L of it and turn around when you are in the upper passage, look in the sun rays over the Pyramid and spot a Target ball you have to shoot, a bit L under that Skylight, the gate behind you will open up. Go to the entrance, down into the room and shoot the Second Set of Bones, then walk up to the lava pool and look past the chain and R of the ledge in the lava for a Devils Head in that Lava, shoot the Gem and the gate up N opens up.

Standjump/grab to the Chain and go up to about 2 steps from the top and turn around, backflip/roll onto the breakledge and runjump/grab into the open gate, go throw the Skellie lever and the Lava will turn to water, dive down and into the hole in the bottom to get Secret#6, the Crossbow and Ammo. swim back up and go out of the pool S to get back to the entrance, climb back down the ladder to the walkway. Now you can open the gate next to the ladder, go in and youíre in the upper part of the Pool room where you just came from before. Go into the passage E and follow around the corner through the grey passage and throw a flare into the dark blue corner, shoot the Third Set of Bones and go into the passage W, crawl past the Aquarium where you just got the Crossbow and through an opened gate to the Boulder slope.

The Burning Boulder Slope.

Looking up S youíll notice one of those red lines again, pointing out the Safe route over the Burning floor, once you go up the long straight line along the R hand side you have to be quick doing runjumps up as a Boulder will come down along that side and run L to the L wall, then hop back twice to let the next Boulder pass, now you can follow the line up to a ladder, and climb L over the ladder, hang over the opening in the wall and drop to the entrance of Fire Alley.

Use the Sacred Birds.

Jump/grab to the monkeyswing ceiling and time the Burners to get past them the last one is quite nasty where you have to get into the crawlspace. Go L and to an opening up in the ceiling in the corner (passage N is for later), climb up and come to an outside area. Get the MP E of the hole and go to the gate N, go out and go place the 4 Sacred Birds in the receptacles in the Pillar enclosure. A flyby starts and youíll see the trapdoor and SW gate close again, a Demigod appears and starts shooting you. Go take care of him when you get control back (up close, duck and shoot with Pistols) and pick up the Guardian Key he will drop, then go look for another Demigod and shoot him too. He will drop the Sanctuary Gem, go to the S side of the courtyard and place the Guardian key there to re-open that SW gate. Itís possible to go back down to the Pyramid, but if you have the Sanctuary Gem (and all Secrets :o)), you can now move on to the next level.)

Open the gate W with the Sanctuary Gem, go up to the Teleporter Obelisk and you will be taken to the next levelÖ


Level 2- The Hidden Tinnos Temple.

There are more ways than one to go through this level and I will mark every time you get back inside The Temple so you can choose your own way by looking where the walkthrough leads from the temple that time.

The Temple 1- The Labyrinths (for 2 Holy gems+2 Cogs).

Go straight through the passage ahead and dive into the Moat around the Huge Temple, swim straight over to the Main entrance and enter, in the SW corner and on the L wall is a switch, throw that and a block lowers on a ledge SE to reveal a ladder. Go up there and backflip off, go onto the E walkway (the switch will get the block back up, donít use it) and from an opening in the fence you can runjump NW onto the roof of the central structure, go to the W side and find the Jumpswitch in the opening in the roof, hop back and grab the edge, drop/grab to the switch and get a flyby of an UW gate opening up.

UW Labyrinth.

Go through the open gate S and onto the bridge, climb the R hand side and just run off to land in front of the opened gate, Save before going in and just follow by going R everywhere and youíll end up in (just past a hatch in the ceiling) a somewhat larger room, to the L is an UW lever to open that hatch a bit back, so swim back (keep L and look R for the opening) to that hatch and climb out, in the SW corner is a switch to open another UW gate, dive back in and swim straight E, then keep following the L and wall till you are back and the Temple moat, go up for air and Save facing the same gate again. Swim in and straight to the end, then L and into a tunnel with an UW lever in the end, throw it and go back for air by swimming straight S. Back in straight again and to the R in the end, L around the corner at a closed gate and then L to the W, thereís a gate/window in the end and a hatch in the ceiling, make a U-turn R to go E again and follow to the end where another UW lever will open that same hatch, so roll and swim back to get air in the open hatch, climb up N at a burning wall torch and get the MP there.

Torch gate Labyrinth.

The hatch closed up so go follow the passage to the crossing, straight is a crawlspace (later with a torch!!) and to the L you can see some closed golden gates. Go past those gates (1st with a Torch and the 2nd with Flares) and get the MP in the alcove ahead. Go N from there and L in the end to come to a dark room with a hole in the floor.

(UW) Pushblock Labyrinth.

Dive in and find a closed gate E and an opening to a big room S, swim in S and straight to a ladder on the wall and up in the ceiling is air through an open hatch, now you have to find 3 UW levers. Save and dive down, swim through the opening in the ladder wall S and go L through a grated opening, through the next opening E and L in that room, in the next small room is a hole up in the ceiling and the 1st UW lever is there, pull it and return to the ladder hole for air. Now face W and swim straight into an opening in the wall, turn R and just past the block on the floor is a hole up in the ceiling and the 2nd UW lever is there, pull it and return to the ladder hole for air. Now swim back N and into the L side of that opening you came from before, straight up in the hole up in the ceiling and the 3rd UW lever is there on the R side. Now swim back to the air pocket S and climb up S, a gate opened straight ahead. The passage W from the ladder is for later. Go through the open gate and R and to a Timed switch in the end of that passage.

Timed Run.

Light a Flare and pull the switch, turn R fast and sprint straight to the end of the passage turning L around the corner (do a Formula 1 curve, go wide then curve in) and bounce of the wall to sprint into the next passage, try to aim for the L side of the passage at the end as the Timed gate is a little to the L ahead and that way you could hit "Alt" to just roll through the hopefully open gate. Itís quite a tight run this one.

Block Puzzle.

Inside is a Skellie lever and throwing that lever will open the near by gate SW of this lever, go into that room to throw the "Drain" switch on the W wall and the water in the Block Puzzle labyrinth will be drained. Return through the passage going R everywhere to the ladder where you swam up first and climb down. Drop/grab to climb into the opening in the ladder and go down into the S part, go L everywhere and end up in the small room where you pulled that 1st UW lever, pull the #1 Pushblock to the marked tile once and turn L, climb the wall back into the entrance and hop behind the other side of the block so you can push it onto the tile (1st screenshot of the Torch gate). Climb back to the previous room and thereís Pushblock #2, move it onto the marked tile (2nd screenshot of the gate). Go out and to the last room W and there is Pushblock #3, you know the drill by now and youíll get another screenshot of the gate. Go to the previous room and climb a block S (with a wall torch!!) and runjump/grab to the opening N, go through and to the Main room (with 2 wall torches!!). The #4 Pushblock standing N goes onto the tile SE (4th screenshot of the gate). Now go into that opening SW and follow through to the end over holes and blocks and come to a room (with a wall torch!!) with the 5th and last Pushblock, pull it into the entrance and then push it back after you saw the Torch gate open up.

Torch Puzzle.

Go back to the Main room and up to the opening NE, get up to that ladder and climb to the dark room, head out E and R to go to the open Torch gate, grab one of the Torches and head W, then R and follow back to the closed entrance hatch with the burning wall torch. Light your Torch and go back, keep R everywhere and end up at the crawlspace to the R, standing against the crawlspace you can throw the Torch in and go after it, pick it up and turn to throw it even further, in the end is a wall torch and you can light it to give you a chance to take a Secret. Choose what you want to do now, take the same Torch back out or leave it there and go get the second Torch to light it and go back to the Torch gate, the gate next to it opened and inside is Secret#7, a Ĺ MP and Flares.

Now head to the ladder in the dark room NW and throw the Torch down, climb down too and take it into the Main room S and light the 2 wall torches on W wall there, go through the opening SW and follow the passage (nasty blocks) to where the last Pushblock was, light the 3rd wall torch, go back to the main room and onto a block close to the ladder S, jump into the opening in S wall and runjump straight S onto the ledge with the 4th wall torch, go through the opening E and immediately to the R is the 5th wall torch. That gate at the ladder N will open up. Leave your Torch here and go back through the Main room to that opening NE and R to the opened gate E.

Timed Swim to the Basements.

Follow through to a room with Gold scattered over the floor, dive into the hole and swim to a grating under the Main room, you can get air here in case you might need it, swim onwards into the next tunnel and up in the hole in the next corner, thereís an UW lever and itís a Timed one. Save at the lever and pull, go down and R into the S side tunnel sharp around the corner and down the sloped tunnel, swim up and R in the end and quickly climb out, just sprint to the end and drop down into a lower passage, run through the gate ahead into the partially flooded Basement.

Room with the Shackles.

Go all the way around following the corridors and come to an open gate to the R, go in a bit and hop back again, shooting that Poisonous Mutant (best way to do that (for me) was to run out to the water corridor and there you have room to backflip away while shooting him). Now go in past 2 closed gates and to the opening R, throw the 1st Skellie lever to open one of the other gates and go out, shoot another Poisonous Mutant and enter the open gate L, throw the 2nd Skellie lever to open the last (middle) gate and go in, better roll immediately as a Poisonous Mutant will sneak up from behind, then go back for the 3rd Skellie lever and a gate will open up in the corridors, go back to the NW corner and get in.

The Attic Labyrinth for the 1st Holy Gem.

Hop onto the sloped ledges and follow to a ladder, go all the way up and backflip/roll/grab a ladder behind you, go up to 3 steps from the top and backflip into a passage, crawl in to come to another labyrinth, go S and R and climb up R in the end, follow to a sloped floor in the end and backflip onto that sloped floor, jump/grab to get up into the passage above, and follow past wall torches till you find a crawlspace down in the R hand corner, go in and get the Flares, go out again and follow to the W and climb up L to get the 1st Holy Gem there.

The Basement and the 1st Cog.

A gate opens at the first Skellie lever in the basement, so follow all the way back and through the water corridor to the S side

And R to get back to the room with the Shackles. Go into that gate in the NE room and in the end is the 1st Cog wheel on a pedestal and when you take it youíll see another gate open up. Go back out and just step into the water corridor and as soon as you get a Flyby you have to be ready to run back inside the Shackles room, and into that small passage where you got the Cog wheel. Most of the 4 Poisonous Mutants will not be able to get in, one did in fact get in and that was quite a battle in that narrow passage, the rest can be put down from a safe distance as they will present themselves, then go out and follow the water corridor to the NW corner again, enter that gate the monsters came from and get a whole Ĺ MP for the trouble.

Back to the Main room for another Holy Gem and Cog wheel.

Go S and back through the re-opened Timed gate, climb up the ladder and swim all the way back to the room with the scattered Gold and go N to leave this room, go L down into the Main room and up the ladder S to the passage above, this time go into the passage W from that ladder and L to get the 2nd Holy Gem there, then roll and go to the W and to the R around the corner is the gate you saw opening up when you took the 1st Cog and inside is the 2nd Cog wheel (an UW gate opens up at the ladder).

Go back to the ladder and find the Main room flooded again, dive in and the gate you saw opening up is immediately under the passage you came out of, swim to the opposite gate and youíre back in the 1st UW labyrinth. Swim first L and L again and then straight S to the end to come back to the temple moat, swim L and to the E side to climb back up at the Temple entrance.

The Temple 2- West Building.

Go inside and head W over the bridge to the W building, there are 4 doors inside and those are the Gem rooms for later, climb up the ladder to the R and the "Hurry up" music starts when you get the flyby upstairs showing Timed switches and platforms, indicating this is another Timed sequence.

Tightly Timed Platforms #1.

Better check out the route firstÖGo into the NE corner and save in front of the switch, throw it (opens hatch up in the ceiling W), turn L and sprint into the SW corner to throw the second switch (raises platform E), turn R and sprint to the switch E (raises block W). backflip/roll and run with a wide curve to jump onto the block W, curving R a running jump/grab to the platform at the windowsill E and use the S switch there, standjump to the platform just rising to the SW and runjump/grab to the pillar with the open hatch W, turn R and hop onto the floor above.

The 3rd Holy Gem.

Use the Skellie level E and see a gate open up, go to the SW corner and hop over the block to a walkway and follow to the far SW building. Look for a Jumpswitch in the dark SW corner and use it to get the 3rd Holy Gem up on the grating in the middle of this floor. Picking it up will give you a screenshot of the 4th Gem, looking down through the grating you can see a Cog below. Return to the walkway

N and follow over the central building to the N and runjump to a ledge past the golden gate, get the Golden Key and the gate opens up behind you, first runjump/grab to an invisible ledge N (you can see it in the dark spot using Binocís) and one more runjump/grab to the next building, on the grating in the middle is Secret#8, Revolver Ammo. Return to the Golden gate and enter, (the passage over the hole with the ladder down is for later) climb down the ladder to the gate opening up for you and youíre back at the room with the Timed platforms. Go in and to the gate opened up before in the S side, line up straight before going out and youíll soon find out why as the camera pans away, go into the opening in the next building, up is closed for now so turn around and climb down.

Tightly Timed Platforms #2, the 3rd Cog wheel.

Go to a switch SE and pull it, roll and run to the block NW, approaching from the side of the ladder with a final L curve, jump on, roll and runjump(/grab) SE to the platform, run R around the corner onto a ledge with a switch on E wall. Pull the switch hop back with a R turn and runjump with a roll to that slanted block NW, landing close to the ladder, slide/jump and land on a slanted block near the switch you just pulled and jump again with a sharp L curve to grab as far as possible to the L on the long slanted ledge W, shimmy L to the platform and pull up (Save while Lara pulls up), backflip and then jump curved L to land on a the long platform against the S wall and do a roll, run to the E wall and jump with a bit of a L curve to a slanted block over the SE switch, jump/grab to that piece of ladder L (Save). Hang L and pull up, backflip and jump/grab a slanted block, hang R and pull up over the top.

Slide and jump R to the next one and a jump from that to that small balcony on W wall. Look for a crack on the blocks hanging from the ceiling and runjump/grab over the E railing to grab onto that crack, shimmy all the way around R till you can pull up at a ledge with another Timed switch. Pull and roll, run forward to the edge a bit and standjump over the block N (or grab and pull up) and jump to the corner ledge, then jump and immediately from the top of the next one through the open hatch in the ceiling (I even went through after it was already closing up and was standing on it when it did). Go get the 3rd Cog wheel and see a gate open up somewhere in a long passage.

The 4th Holy Gem.

Climb down the ladder N and go drop/grab back to get into the opening and head back over the bridge to the other room with the Timed platforms, go into the passage NW and climb back up the ladder in the opening just inside, from the top of the ladder a backflip/roll into that W passage you skipped before and follow all the way up to the Cog wheel ledges. On these ledges are the cogwheels where you have to place the 6 Cog wheels you will gather, but for now go to the N and into the opening L (W) at the block, climb down the ladder to a wall torch where you just saw the gate open up taking the last Cog wheel, another gate opens up E. First go down the passage N and follow to a balcony with the 4th Holy Gem.

The 4th Cog wheel.

Go back up the passage and L at the wall torch, climb down to another floor and look for an opening in the N side railing, hop/grab backwards and grab the edge, then drop/grab the Jumpswitch and get ready for a nice fall. Landing in the Moat and turning R youíll notice the UW hatch you just opened. Swim up through and climb out, head E ands get the Flares and the 4th Cog wheel from the room. A hatch opens up behind you, go into the SW corner and climb up the ladder to the Gem rooms, head back over the bridge into the Temple.


Go to the far SE corner and L of the ledge is the keyhole for the Golden Key, use it to lower a piece of the wall in the ladder wall upstairs, now climb the ladder on the ledge, backflip off and go to the R and climb the ladder to the spot where the block lowered, turn around and runjump/grab to a crack E and a bit L, shimmy L, pull up and go through the opening E to a walkway around the Temple, go L and follow to the end, runjump/grab to the Jumpswitch over the N bridge and see a block and a platform go up in the Temple. Go back in and up the ladder SE, climb the same ladder W again and L to drop onto the new block. Go in and pull the Pushblock once, a gate opens up around the corner behind the Pushblock. Runjump/grab to the E crack again and this time go all the way L to drop onto that raised platform.

Spike Pillar Jumps.

Climb the ladder N and hang L before you go over the top after saving, slide and jump hard L to land on a blue slanted pillar, slide and jump/ then slide off and grab the edge, shimmy R to the side and save, pull up and backflip/roll, jump back once again and then jump hard L to land on the pillar L, slide and backflip into the passage. Go to a switch W and Save there, light a Flare, pull the switch and a lengthy flyby shows platforms go up and gates opening, all leading to the spot you have to get to before the platforms go down again and itís tightÖ

Tightly Timed Platforms #3. With the Secret.

If you really want the next Secret, you have to be fast and clever (with Saving), when the flyby reaches Lara again hold the L key already and run to the end of the floor, jump at the very last moment and grab the platform a bit R of the middle, while Lara is pulling up you cab save (you wonít waste time when reloading) and run with a l curve to jump at the last moment again and grab edge of the passage, Save again while pulling up and run, light another Flare so you can spot the end of the floor and run one step from the L wall and jump to the blue sloped block at the last moment, then immediately jump again with a sharp R curve to just land on the edge of the platform, immediately standjump and grab to the opening. Go into the open gate L and get Secret#9, a MP, hop back to where a block lowered and look below to continue.

Tightly Timed Platforms #3. Without the Secret.

A bit complicated, thereís a closed gate near the switch. Just go down from the W side of the ledge onto the balcony below and hear that gate open up, so climb back up where you came from and step on the trigger tile inside the open gate (platform goes up, Timed too). Light a flare standing on the trigger tile, face W and Save, then run W and at the last moment a jump/grab to the platform, pull up and run curved L to jump/grab to the opening S, get in and find another one of the Mystery gates, go down S and walk S till you hear the gate open up, get back up there and stand on the trigger tile to raise the platform S. Save and run S, jump at the last moment to land as far as possible on the slanted blue pillar and facing E so you can jump with a hard R curve and just land on the tip of the platform. Immediately do a standjump/grab to the opening E and pull up, take a breath and Save, phew!

Continue here: Pushblock Puzzle for the 5th Cog wheel.

A block lowered in the floor ahead, go down there and first push the pushblock SE once and the gate with the Skellie lever to the L will open up (if you push the block to the end the first time, the gate remains closed). Then push the block once more and now you can use the Skellie lever to lower it to the ledge below, climb down the ladder wall and drop next to the block. Go to the switch on the ledge NE and raise the pillar in the ladder hole to ground floor, pull the block on it and use the NE switch again to get the pushblock on the ledge on ground floor. Climb down after it and drop R besides the block, go to the far NW corner and find a third switch on E wall to raise a block next to the ledge SE, go pull/push the block to the W and use the NW switch again to lower it to the ground floor. Now it has to be moved onto a Face tile in front of the N side gate and a block will lower in the SW corner of the floor, go there and get the 5th Cog wheel (cutscene of a platform going up outside).

To the Top for the 6th Cog wheel.

Climb the ladder SE and go up to the opening in the ladder wall and jump/grab to the E crack again, go shimmy l and head outside, this time go R and runjump/grab to the platform you raised there, go around the corner and climb to the top of the Temple, climb down the ladder into the hole and drop into the room below. Find a Pushblock SW and move it aside to get the Golden key from underneath, use that Key in the lock E and a Transporer Obelisk will be activated on the grated floor, step in and youíll be taken to a fare corner of the level to find the 6th Cog wheel there. A trapdoor will open on the W side of the floor.

Opening up some Doors.

Go down the ladder and head N to the central floor and into the opening in the W wall, NW on that floor, hop over the ladder hole and follow the passage all the way up to the Cog wheel ledges. Go R and place 3 Cogs in the machine there and a block lowers next to the passage you cam out of, pull the switch and enjoy the flyby with great music, 2 of the gem doors open up. then go to the N and do the same there to open the next 2 Gem doors. Go to the S and into the W passage, to follow back down to the ladder hole and climb down to the 1st Timed platform room, climb down the ladder in the central hole and go place all 4 Gems in the rooms and another Teleporter will be activated somewhere.

Go back E to the Temple and into the S passage, over the bridge and to the Teleporter room, step up into the Obelisk and youíll be taken to the next levelÖ


Level 3- Ye Obelisk Sequence.

There are too many gates to mention, so have a look around while following the route we describe:

Follow the passage to a water hole, swim through and climb out where the gate drops shut behind you, follow to an opening in the ceiling with a ladder up and climb up a bit to where you see an opening behind you, backflip in and come to a room with a Blue Pyramid.

In and around the Blue Pyramid Room.

Look L and spot the ledge in front of the grated window, runjump and grab that ledge doing a R curve at the end of the jump (a normal runjump will also work) and then runjump/grab to a ledge with a Skellie lever N, shimmy L before you pull up and throw the lever to hear a gate open up. Safety drop from the ledge and go up the N orange circle tile at the base of the pyramid, standjump/grab to the block N and go down into the room with the wooden Obelisk, look in an alcove E for a switch and get a cutscene of the gate at the Chain. In the back of the room on a NW ledge are some Flares, go to the block close to the entrance and standjump curved back into the entrance and now go into the W room, go into the room and get a Ĺ MP on the ledge SE and go to a switch NE. The switch is Timed and will open a gate somewhere, pull and hop back while hitting "look" to get out of the cutscene and run SE onto the ledge R of the switch, from there standjump with a L curve into the entrance E and run down into the room a bit L of the pyramid. Run to the E wall and hop over the block into the E passage in the NE corner, go straight E past the gratings you saw before and around the R hand corner in the back, around the next corner is the Timed (open) gate.

Now youíre back where you started and can go W to climb back up that ladder, all the way up this time and go through the gate you opened (with the Skellie lever) W, in the room are 3 Symbol buttons and Shotgun Ammo in front of the N gate.

The Symbol Buttons.

With the Buttons numbered from L to R, push 1>2>3 and the W gate opens. Go in and follow the blocks up to a room with a Crowbar on the floor, a gate opens up W, return E to the Button room for now.

The Lava Room, 1st Golden Star.

Use the code (from L to R), 1>3>2 and go into the Crowbar room W where you got the Crowbar, go L into the passage and shoot a Lizard in the passage, youíll come to the South Room with an open gate to the S, it will close behind you but the next gate will open up, be careful not to step onto the breakledge to soon, youíve come to the Lava room. Save and runjump from the breakledge to the slanted block S with a slight L curve so youíll slide off backwards, grab the edge (or backflip to the block in the room first and jump back to grab the edge the next time) and shimmy all the way to the R, pull up and backflip/roll and curve L to land just on the tip of the next slanted block, slide and jump, then slide/jump again to the block R and immediately jump from the top (the slanted surface will burn you) and grab the ledge at the gate (inside is a Star).

Look into the corner W and runjump to that block there, jump and then slide/jump sharp R, then backflip and land in the opening W, follow through and get some Shotgun Ammo in the back, then you will come to the other corner of the lava room, as you will find out one pillar is too far way and the other one to the L is burning, so return into the passage and where you got the Ammo and a part of the wall will go down, go in and Save, then throw the Timed switch to stop the Burner on the pillar for a moment, run out and L around corners, going wide at the end so you can do a jump to the closest pillar L and slide/jump and grab R to catch the next pillar. Hang R and pull up, immediately jump/grab R to a crack in the R hand protruding wall, then shimmy L around the corner to a ledge with a switch.

And a Timed switch it isÖ Pull, hop back and backflip/roll to land on the slanted ledge, jump L to land on the block and slide/jump R to the next. Another slide/jump and this time slide before you jump to the ledge at the gate so youíll land on the ledge running. Straight into that gate and get the 1st Golden Star (cutscene of gates at the Button Puzzle). Now for getting back to the exit, stand on the outmost side of the ledge and runjump (no grab) E with a curve L and just land in the closest corner of the exit, go into the South Room and back W to the Crowbar room, down E to the Symbol Buttons.

Monkeyswing/Pushblock for 2 Golden stars.

Use the code (from L to R) 2>3>1, and go into the Crowbar room, then N to the North Room, shoot another Lizard and find an open gate N, go in and the next gate will open for you and youíll come to a room with a transparent floor, go up into the alcove N and on the ceiling is a wooden monkeyswing, there are 3 grey Tiles on the ceiling, go onto each (in no particular order) by using the grated skylight too and the gate to the Star will open up. Go in to get the 2nd Golden Star (cutscene of gates at the Button Puzzle) and then go back into the N opening where a trapdoor opened up. Go down into the lower part of the room and there are 3 Pushblocks, SW,NW and NE, pull them all out of the wall first and go back up to look what colour they have on top. Make a note of the colours and move the blocks under the corresponding coloured floor Tiles. With the 3 blocks in place the trapdoor in the passage at the next Star will open up, go into the opening NW you got the block from and up through that trapdoor to get the 3rd Golden Star (cutscene of gates at the Button Puzzle). Go back down and climb up to the glass floor, the gate SE will open when you get there, first get the Shotgun Ammo in the NW opening and then you can return to the Symbol Buttons.

Next Blue Part is Optional: Thereís one code for the gate N if you are wondering whatís behind it push L to R 2>1>3 and the N gate opens up.

Fiery (Red Herring) Basements.

Go through and jump over the hole with the trapdoor, it will open up, turn around and run with a grab into the opening to grab the climbwall. The next part is more a matter of luck than experience I think (note from QRS: No need for luck here ;) You just have to carefully climb and stop in front of any burner. Just take your time and everything will be ok. If you do that you will do it 10/10 I promise you! ).

But hereís what I did, go with Laraís Behind into the lava (thatís as low as she can go before falling from the wall, climb R till the ceiling gets higher (if you happen to catch fire at the Burner, it will probably extinguish because you are hanging in the "water", otherwise time the Burner to get past). Hang R at the high ceiling and as low as possible and you should just be able to see the reflection of the Burner in the alcove behind you, backflip/roll when you think itís safe and quickly get into the corner next to the Burner, then sidestep to the switch when the Burner has itís long interval and use the switch, you can sidestep back into the corner and I didnít get burnt that way? Then turn around when the Burner is down and wait again to jump back to the climbwall, again climb as low as possible and to the R, in the end you can just backflip into a passage where one of the Burners went "Off" when you pulled the switch.

Get the Shotgun Ammo and go use the 1st switch to open the gate. Go in carefully and use the sidestep trick again to use the switch where the gate opened, go out and another switch has to be approached the same way and now all switches are done and nothing happened as this is a red herring, the only code you donít have to use at the Symbol buttons, except if you want to get that Ammo there. Get back out and to the Symbol buttons and on with the real job at hand.

The Mirror room, the 4th Star.

Use the code (from L to R) 3>1>2, and go into the Crowbar room, straight into the passage W and that gate is open now, follow through to the Mirror room. There are plenty of Stars here, but only one can be taken in a moment as the others will open up trapdoors below and youíll burn. Go to the ledge with the Mirror and have a look, thereís a Jumpswitch in a corner and you can also see a grey opening in the SW corner, thatís a hidden crawlspace, get in there and get Secret#10, a pile of Uzi Ammo and the Uzis themselves. Go back out and have one more look from the mirror to spot 3 grey floor, one very hard to see in the SE corner, step on all tiles and the Jumpswitch will magically appear NW, go use it and the Burner under the E side Star will be off. Go get the 4th Golden Star (cutscene of gates at the Button Puzzle) and a trapdoor will open up under Laraís feet.

Pushblock Labyrinth and the 5th Star. (Map)

Go straight against the E wall at the crossing and the block in front of you is a pushblock (A) and to the R is trigger tile #1, push the block once then hop back, turn L and at the ladder with the hatch you can push the L block (B) in the wall opposite the ladder all the way into an alcove W (to the L is a trigger tile #2) so you can enter the passage to the R (N) and follow around the R hand corners (past another trigger tile#4), to the end where youíll find the first block you pushed. Push block A onto Tile #3, a block lowers in the other part of the Labyrinth, then go back to block B and pull it once, go around the labyrinth to push block B onto Tile #2, then go back to block A and pull it out to move it onto Tile #1 by going around the Labyrinth a couple of times. Now itís time for the final move, go get block B and move it to the #4 Tile by going around the Labyrinth a couple of times, you can now push it onto the #4 Tile because a bypass (side passage) opened up in the N side of the Labyrinth. A block lowers at the ladder and reveals the Star, but not too hasty, go into the bypass N and L to find another lowered block revealing Secret11, Flares and 3x Uzi Ammo. Go back to that ladder and find the 5th Golden Star in the new alcove, get it and the hatch on top of the ladder opens up, climb back up and go to the Symbol buttons, shoot the Lizard showing up behind you.

Last available code is 3>2>1 and a gate will open up in the S room, so go through the Crowbar room to the L and in the S room into the gate N, now you will come to the room you saw all along when picking up the Stars, only one Star is needed and will flood the Blue Pyramid rooms below. Return to the Symbol buttons and head out E to find the ladder shaft filled with water.

UW Levers. (you have to look at the air supply yourself and go for air whenever you need it, I wonít mention that. Places to get air are that ladder up in E wall to the Symbol buttons and up in the rooms with the wooden Obelisks, you can go for air under the gratings in these rooms, breaking the surface at an angle)

Swim down and into the W opening halfway down and R at the Blue Pyramid into the N room, just below the entrance is the #1 UW lever (cutscene of a gate), then swim out and into the W room to find the #2 UW lever in the lower S side (cutscene of gate). Swim to the Blue Pyramid again and into the S room, to the S side and get the Shotgun Ammo on the ledge R, then use the #3 UW lever (cutscene of the gate open up), swim out and go into the NE corner of the Blue Pyramid room through the open gate and climb out in a passage. Follow through to where you are close to the N room behind the window, to the R is the Flood switch (remember as youíll use it again) and that will flood the upper rooms of the place, swim back and in the Blue Pyramid room and with a L U turn down into the L (E) passage you went in before with the Timed run, take the first L passage and swim up into the first opening up to find an UW lever, a gate will open up at the Chain in the Blue Pyramid room and thatís for a Secret (later), swim down and N, then L and all the way to the end where youíll find a ladder shaft going up, swim up to use the UW lever there and the gate L of you opens up, swim in and a long flyby will take you through the Upper rooms. After the Flyby you can go up for air under the grating in the Wheel room (breaking the surface at an angle).

Timed Swim.

Look back E and spot the Timed UW lever on the wall L of the entrance, Save at the lever and pull, roll and swim into that NW narrow tunnel, follow to the place with the Jumpswitch and go R into the tunnel at the Jumpswitch, follow to a Wheel room and swim across to the opposite corner, into the tunnel there and to a crossing, straight into the small tunnel and into another Wheel room and into the Timed gate down E, up at the ladder on the L wall and climb out. Go through the passage to the Drain switch, draining all rooms again.

Turning the Obelisks for the Sun Disk.

Go back down the ladder to the passage and go back to the (S) Wheel room turn the central wheel N so the point of the Obelisk below will point N and go look for a crate in the NE corner, pull/push it onto the grey tile S and the W door will open. Then pull/push the crate to the NW corner (under the block) and go out the passage W, past the crawlspaces and down in the other end, where a gate now opened into the W Wheel room. Turn the wheel a half circle so the point of the Obelisk is pointing E, then go up the block NW and get into the crawlspace, follow through to the Jumpswitch passage and use the Jumpswitch to open the gate in front of you. Donít go there, you did that one already but turn around and look in the crawlspace N to find some Bones, shoot them (Pistols work fine) and turn R where the gate opened to the last (N) Wheel room. Turn the wheel so the Obelisk below points S and go down the ladder in the E wall, follow the passage back to the Blue Pyramid and go up to the Chain SE, first visit the room beyond that chain to get Secret#12, Flares and Revolver Ammo and go out again to pull the chain which will activate the Hammers and they will activate the Obelisks and electric rays will shoot out of the tips, opening up the Pyramid. Climb the central block and get the Sun Disk and a flyby will show the route to take next, itís back into the W side Obelisk room.

Fight the Giants.

Up on the ledge NE and use that Timed switch again to get to the Timed exit gate (run R onto the ledge and standjump into the exit, jump down into the Pyramid room, L of the Sun Disk block and jump up into that E passage, sprint around the cage through that Timed gate and go up to the top of the ladder in the end (QRS: You can simply jump up to the platform where the blue pyramid and the sun disc was and jump from there up to the pathway to the ladder. So no need for the timed run again here id you donít fancy it ;) ).

Save when you are in the room with the Symbol buttons. Hop up the blocks in the passage W and a Giant will be taking shots at you when you enter, run straight to that Golden gate ahead and grab the Shotgun, pick up some Shotgun Ammo too if you want and now comes a part of trial and error, but most of the times it works, run close to the Giant and shoot him twice with the Shotgun, then just run away as far as possible and look back from the other side of the room, if he drops it worked, if not try again. But I tried several times with both Giants and it worked every time. After the giant dropped you can get the rest of the Shotgun Ammo and pick up the Golden Key dropped by the Giant, use the Key in the lock and the second Giant appears, use the same trick and get the Silver Key, use that in the other lock and now you have both N and S gate open. (QRS: The giants are best to deal with when they start to move. Ignore them when they spit blue fire cause they are invincible then. If they move shot them are run up to them shoot them like 3-5 times and stop. Mostly that is enough. If you do it more it might take you 20 shells to kill them! Weird enemies they are. I like your solution too btw!)

Bulls Eye!

Go into the passage S and go L into that small room where you placed the star before, to the R is now a MP available and thatís Secret#13, go out and meet a Big Bull that will show up and maybe you already noticed, there are Bulls Eyes on the walls of the 3 rooms. Lure the Bull to break the #1 Tile on the N wall, run out W and get the Bull to follow you back to the Central (Crowbar) room, here the #2 Tile is on the W wall, then go to the N room and thereís the #3 Tile on the N wall too, now return to the S room where it all started and into the passage E where the gates now opened, go straight and go R around the corner to a room with a glass floor and a Bulls Eye on the wall, get the Bull in here and let him break the #4 Tile, but you have to jump to the safe floor before you go down with the Bull as the floor will shatter. From that ledge you can drop/grab to a crawlspace and go in to a Jumpswitch (a gate opens at the Torches), turn around and hop back up into the upper passage over the crawlspace, go R a bit and down into the S staircase, follow down to the Torches at the Teleporter room. Leave them there for now and go into the passage N, get the MP and follow to the lower room where the Bull is now. Go into the SE corner and wait for the Bull to come jump over him to the #5 Tile in the SW corner and stand facing the entrance while watching the Bull and as soon as he comes running, do a runjump (or standjump)/grab back into the passage.

The Torch.

Follow back to the Teleporter room and pick up one of the Torches, a gate opened up in the passage E and thereís a Campfire to light your Torch, go to the Teleporter and hop into the beamÖ


The Hidden Tinnos Temple (part 2)

Back in the previous level, go straight into the temple and leave your Torch somewhere where you can find it again, head into the W passage over the bridge to the Gem rooms, climb the ladder to the Platform room and go into the passage W, up the ladder in the ceiling just inside and out to that big terrace. Now go S and at the end of that walkway up the ladder on the W wall, climb off to the R and turn r to runjump/grab to the terrace there, there are 2 receptacles for the stars you have, place them and go back the way you came. Down the ladder and N over the walkway, into the opening NW and jump over the ladder hole. Follow that winding passage all the way up to the terrace with the Cog wheels and go N, then L into the passage there, down the ladder and into the opening E. look L and do a curved runjump around the corner to the terrace there, 2 more Star receptacles there, after placing your last Star a Teleporter will be activated.

Now you have a choice in going back to the Temple, runjump over the railing in to the water waaay below and swim E to enter the main entrance, or go runjump back to the terrace S, climb the ladder to the opening and go up the ladder at the wall torch, out to the Cog wheels and S to go down the winding passage to the ladder hole in the end. Down the ladder to the platform room and down to the Gems room, then over the bridge into the Temple.

Take your Torch again and go into the passage N, over the bridge into the N Teleporter room and hop into the Beam WITH the Torch. (Lost the Torch? No problem use the S Teleporter to get back to that pile of Torches in the Obelisk level and get a new one. You could also bring a couple of burning Torches to the Torch level, just to be sure ;o)

Level 4- The Torch Challenge.

Step out of the beam and get the Torch Scroll in the passage after putting the torch down (just hit the #1 key) and on the Scroll it reads:

"The Wise traveler throws his light to the right

Fail and the exit will never be in sight

Keep your torch at all cost

Or you shall be for ever lostÖ"

Go into the passage and throw the Torch down into the ladder shaft to the R (E), for later as there has to be a gate opened first) and go to the deep shaft N, turn around and drop from the edge into the water below, get the Revolver Ammo in front of you and swim N climb the long ladder (past some gates) up to the Lava Room.

The Lava Room.

Shoot the Wasp coming for you and runjump past the R hand side of the block S to the walkway beyond, in the ladder on the wall is a switch, throw that to open a gate in the long ladder shaft in the central pillar. Jump back and go down the ladder, drop/grab to get into the new opening and stand at the edge overlooking the hot zone. (Wonít mention all the Burners you have to time, you can find that out yourself I think)

Runjump/grab to the pillar in front and turn R to runjump/grab to the R hand side of the slanted pillar S, pull up and slide far, then jump R and slide to the end of the next pillar before jumping R to grab the ladder on the slanted wall, go up and hang most R, go over the top and jump R, keep jumping till you are on the flat ledge at the central structure. Jump/grab up to activate the Jumpswitch on that structure and see a gate open up. Now do a runjump to the wall SW and jump R immediately, then jump/roll back from the other slanted block and go jump L till you can grab the ladder on the pillar L, go up to 3 steps from the top and backflip/roll to grab the ladder behind, go up and when you see a ledge appear in the top of your screen you can backflip/roll and run up to the ladder, quickly grab up but donít pull up. Just backflip onto a balcony in the corner of the room, look up on the S wall for the next Jumpswitch and the second gate will open up. Now you van jump N and get the Uzi Ammo from the former Spike ledge, turn around and hop back grabbing the edge, climb down the ladder to the top of the wall L and backflip/roll/grab a pointy block, pull up from hanging L and jump sharp L till you are in the opening in the L wall.

Go N and shoot a fat Spider, then follow to another opening to the lava room, aim for the middle of the slanted block a bit L of the opening and jump/grab the next block, go hang L and pull up over the top, slide/jump L and slide/jump/grab again to get into the opening in the S wall. Go for the Flares and another fat Spider shows up. Shoot it and then look up in that alcove where the Flares were

To use the next Jumpswitch for a 3rd gate. Go E and get the Ĺ MP to the R, in the E end is a passage going all the way around the lava room and you have to get through several Rotating Knife-traps to get to a Skellie lever. Throw the lever, see 2 gates open up and get the MP, then go back through the last Rotating Knife and in the S corner is another Skellie lever and youíll see the last gate open up at the shaft where you threw the Torch in. A Spider will come down from a hole in the wall, deal with him after running E a bit (more room to move).

The Sun Goddess.

Go back through the Traps and after getting through the one in the E side passage youíll come to one of the opened gates to the L. Now runjump/grab to the closest slanted block, catching on to the L hand side, quickly pull up over the top and slide/jump/grab to the L to grab the next one, hang one step from the L and pull up, then immediately jump L (no grab) and land back inside the central structure. Pick up the Sun Goddess and a Flyby will start showing the receptacle on top of the structure. Now jump/grab the ladder on the E wall inside the shaft (can be a bit tricky) and go all the way back up. Save before you place the (combined Sun Disk+ Goddess) Sun Talisman and a Wasp will come for you, shoot it quickly and notice the rays coming out of the Obelisks have opened a gate up S.

Back to the Torch.

Runjump to that S walkway again and climb up next to the switch, follow the passage to a trapdoor, get the Ĺ MP in the end of the passage first and then open the trapdoor to get back to the Teleporter room. Now you can follow E down the ladder to the Torch and take it to the lava room (donít drop the Torch till we say so), take one step back from standing R in the opening and hop back, then runjump to the break ledge and a running jump to the next, another running jump with a bit of a R curve will get you onto that small balcony, go inside and carefully light the Bowl in the room, go back out and look straight to the central structure to spot the wall torch, face N and runjump to the slanted block on the N wall, aiming for the middle of it, slide and jump hard L, slide far and again a hard L jump with a last moments R turn to get to the middle of the breakledge ahead so you cab sidejump up to the breakledge L and another sidejump to a pillar with the wall torch. Light the wall torch and save, then hit the #1 key to draw pistols and Lara will drop the Torch where she stands, go down the W side of the pillar to use the Jumpswitch and a gate opens in the W wall.

Climb back up and get the Torch, then runjump to the slanted block NW and jump hard L to the next, then slide/jump onto the breakledge, facing the wall and turn L so you can sidejump to the next breakledge and do a L curved running jump to get to that small balcony, go inside and carefully light the Bowl in the room, go back out and look SE, do a runjump onto the most L side of a slanted ridge and immediately jump L onto the small balcony on the corner of the structure. Look L around the corner and see another balcony, do a sharp L curved run and jump around the corner to that balcony, now a Burner on a slanted pillar S went off, stand back in the NE corner and face W run with a sharp L curve and jump to the R hand side of that slanted pillar, jump hard R into the opening in S wall.

Go inside and carefully light the Bowl, then get into the back of the room with a wide circle around the burning Bowl and throw the switch to get one of the Burners on the breakledges on the central structure to extinguish.

Back to the Top.

Go back to the opening and stand L, runjump L a bit onto the tip of that land slanted block. Then jump to get to the block right in front of the opening you left an jump L to get back on that small balcony. Then do the banana jump again to get to the SE balcony, now you will see that there is still one Burner on the first breaklege around the L corner and that will extinguish the moment you jump onto that ledge. So stand back on the S edge of the balcony and aim for the L hand side of the breakledge, standjump to it and wait a bit while the Burner goes off, then runjump onto the next ledge N, landing on the middle and a running jump curved L to the next ledge and relax as this one is safe, go onto the walkway and light the last wall torch for now, watch the flyby and see the bridges roll out and the W side bridge will give access to an obvious wooden floor, so take the Torch with you and runjump R around the Obelisk to the central structure, go over the W bridge into the building and throw the Torch on the wooden floor.

Flood the Lava Room.

This is the last you will see of your Torch, drop down the opening and find the Flares NE, then go to a Pushblock SW and move it onto the trigger tile SE to rock the room and make it possible to climb back up. First look for the Golden Key in the opening where you got the pushblock and then climb up from the fallen debris N by only using "Ctrl" and go back out to the lava room. to the E side bridge and open the gate there with the Key. Go in and throw the Skellie lever to flood the lower part of the lava Room, go out and dive into the water below. Swim to the W side of the central structure and throw the #1 UW lever on the wall of it, then swim into the NE corner and close to the surface on the block sticking out of the wall is the #2 UW lever, now swim to the open gate in the E wall and Save before you swim into that passage, swim L and to the window L to find the #3 UW lever (gate opens) and roll immediately as a Sea Hag sneaks up from behind, swim out R to the Lava room and all the way to the SW corner where you can climb out on 2 low ledges and shoot the Hag.

Optional for a Secret.

Swim back to the passage E and this time go R, time the swim through the traps (2x) and come to that SW corner where you shot the Spider before, the hole it came from is right over that Skellie lever in that corner passage, swim up and get into the crawlspace to get Secret#14, a MP and Explosive Crossbow Ammo and walk back to the water to find a Sea Hag trying to get up there, shoot it (with anything equipped with the Lasersight) and Save before diving back in. Swim back to the E through the Traps and out L to the Lava room.

The UW lever Labyrinth. (Map)

Now we go find that open gate, swim to the N side of the central structure and Save before you swim down into the opening where the Sun Goddess was, down the shaft and follow to an air pocket up in the ceiling. Save there as youíre in for some serious swimming, there are pickup in the labyrinth but itís up to you if you want to collect them all. First one is a Ĺ MP just in front of you, but the gate drops shut behind you, so go on to the end and L at the crossing, follow through the 2 Rotating Knives and all the way to the end, L around the corner and L again where youíll find an air pocket at the end.

Save and swim back, L at the crossing and use the #1 UW lever there, go back for air first and then swim back, R at the crossing, through the 1st Rotating Knife and R, then L and look R and L for Flares and a MP, then go back to the tunnel with the Knives and swim

L again to get back to the previous air pocket. Save and return through the Knives once more, but keep on going into the other end of the labyrinth, so you have to navigate 5 Rotating Knives (I just took my chances and swam right though all with a little health loss, but maybe I was just lucky?) and then go R/R and L to the next air pocket at a trapdoor and an UW lever. Do NOT use that one yet (or you will get a Boulder in your head), but swim into the other end of this short tunnel and use the #2 UW lever.

Get some air and swim R/L/R and through 2 Rotating Knives to the back of the Labyrinth, go R around the corner, pick up the Flares and swim to get to the next air pocket. Just S of that is the #3 UW lever and youíll see the trapdoor close at the one you skipped. Now itís safe to go back, swim L and Just L around the corner through the Rotating Knife, one more and L into the tunnel, then R and L again to throw the #4 UW lever under the closed trapdoor, only problem is you cannot get air there anymore, so quickly swim to that UW lever in the other side of this tunnel and throw it again and the trapdoor will open up, swim up and climb out.

The Kingdom Key.

Climb up the 2 long ladders and come to some water, dive in and the current will take you to an open trapdoor that will close as soon as you climb out, follow the passage down to where a fat Spider comes around the corner, shoot it and look R for the Kingdom Key and hear a gate behind you open up. Go down to the walkway in the lava room and 2 Wasps will come for you, Shoot those and head S over the central structure to the S walkway and climb the ladder to get to that trapdoor you opened before, go down the ladder and head to the Teleporter S, hop in the Beam and end up back in the Temple.


The Hidden Tinnos Temple (part 3)

Go to the Temple and R into the W passage, over the bridge to the Gem Rooms, use the Kingdom Key there and the gate L of you will open up. Follow the passage to another Teleporter, hop in and be taken to the next level.


Level 5 Ė Gauntlet.

The Room with the Spikes.

Go straight past a key hole to the Room with the Spikes. In front of you is a vase with Flares inside, the grey block in front has a Spike-trap. Turn around and look up over the entrance to spot the Jumpswitch, go use it to stop the Spikes on the SW corner of the S walkway, go there, the vase is empty and find a tightrope leading to the ledge with the Spikes, walk the rope and the spikes will de-activate before you get there. Throw the switch to stop the spikes on the other side of this ledge, but the only way there id by going back over the rope, circle around to the NW corner of the walkways and just go onto the Spikes when theyíre down, they will de-activate the same moment.

Walk the rope to the next ledge with switch and throw it to de-activate the Spikes on that grey block on the entrance ledge, so head back over the rope and go to that entrance ledge, climb the grey block and walk the rope to the central part of that switch ledge and youíll hear a trapdoor open up. Go back and that trapdoor is just L of the entrance, jump/grab the ladder and go down to drop L onto the ledge with the pillar, turn N and standjump to the next, then runjumps over the rest of the ledges to grab the last one NW and throw the switch. Notice the near by gate in the W wall you have to reach in a Timed Run later. Go back to the trapdoor ladder and up to the entrance ledge, thereís a Skellie lever now, throw it and a Key appears on the switch ledge.

The Golden Key.

Walk the rope again and keep an eye on that gate L in your screen, as soon as you see it open up you can (have to) return as you canít take that Key yet. While Lara is walking in balance, release the *forward* key and hit the *backward* key and she will turn around on the rope, go back and to the ladder again. Climb down and L onto the ledge with the pillar, runjump/grab S and follow the ledges to the far SW corner and standjump with a L curve (no grab) into the open gate, throw the Skellie lever to retract the Spikes at the Key and make your way back to the ladder, go up and walk the rope yet again to get the Golden Key.

The 1st Eye Piece.

A Wasp attacks while you are still on the rope, just run to the wall as soon as possible and roll, then duck and shoot it. Well you already noticed that Key hole didnít you. go back and down the ladder and climb R into the opening this time, open the gate and go in to take the 1st Eye Piece. A gate opened in the S wall, so go to the edge and standjump L to the pillar ledge, jump the ledges to the S and standjump with a L curve into the open gate, turn around and climb the ladder in the hole in the ceiling, backflip off to a ledge in front of a cage with a Fire Dragon.

Timed Run.

On the wall is a Timed switch, Save there and pull, that gate opens up in the NW corner of the Room with the Spikes and you have to do a run over all the pillar ledges to get there, thereís a bit of time to spare, so just be accurate in your jumping and youíll reach the NW ledge in time to do a R curved runjump from standing next to the switch facing S and land into the open gate (what worked best for me was after the first standjump R out of the passage a runjump to the inner corner of the corner ledge so you can just run into the corner behind the pillar, turn L and keep going between the wall and the pillars so lining up on the next corner ledge is easy too)


Inside the passage is a switch that will bring out a rope in the room, runjump back out with a L curve and follow the pillar ledges to the ladder, runjump to the W and standjump/grab to the rope, swing to the Horus door W and throw the Skellie lever to get water into room so you can dive in and swim to the SE corner and look on the L pillar ledge for the UW lever opening up an UW gate to the N, so swim N past the ladder and turn R into the tunnel with another UW lever, throw that to get blocks up in the room.

The 2nd Eye Piece.

Swim back to the ladder and climb the new block, go up the ladder to the entrance ledge and go to the N to climb the block, grab up to the opening up in the N wall. Go in and get the 2nd Eye Piece, get back out on the block and take a nice swan dive through the burning lamp and land in the water like a torch, swim up to the Horus door and climb up to combine the 2 parts and place the Eye of Horus.

Spike Slope Jumps. (Map)

(Thereís a nice shortcut here, must be missed in the Beta test. But QRS asked me kindly not to mention it as he cannot change it anymore after losing all the PRJ files)

Go in to come to a Spike slope, shown in the flyby, a Key is placed on the first spike ledge R of the middle but itís obvious you canít take it. Look down on the slope and see dark grey trigger tiles you have to activate, stand on the brick path in the middle of the room, a bit R from the middle and on the edge of the slope. Hop back once and standjump over the edge, slide and jump hard R to land on the first trigger tile, then immediately jump hard L to slide onto the second trigger tile and as soon as you hit that, jump hard L again and grab in the end to end up in that passage in the middle of the lower wall, go in and find 2 Skellie levers, activated by the trigger tiles.

Throw them (screenshots of the Spikes) and hop onto the Teleporter to get back up the slope as you have to do two more tiles, walk straight to the slope and look over the edge to spot the next one below, along the L hand wall. Save and hop back to runjump over the edge, slide onto the third trigger tile and slide onto the tile under that one before you jump hard R, then another hard R jump with a grab in the end to land inside the opening, go in and throw the next Skellie lever. Hop in the Teleporter to get back up and go to the 3rd Tile from the L wall.

Look down and see a Spike-trap below with a ledge behind it, stand a bit L from the middle of the tile and hop back twice, then runjump on the moment the Spikes are up and immediately jump hard R when you land then jump back R and land on the fourth trigger tile, immediately jump to go over the Spikes and land in the opening, go in and use the last Skellie lever, now you will see the Spikes on that ledge in front of the opening go down. Jump onto that ledge and look for the opening NE runjump there with a roll so youíll slide of backwards and grab the edge, climb down as far as and Save before you drop/grab to the ledge with Secret#15, Flares.

Up the Slope for the Silver Key. (Map)

Now jump/grab into the opening across the pit and go up the ladder to get back to the Teleporter room. Donít go into the beam but jump to the Spike ledge again, go stand on the lowest part facing N and runjump to the Spikes when you expect them to be down on landing there, immediately sidejump R up the slope, now check where you have to go as every time another Spike ledge will become safe, finally you will end up at the Spike ledge with the Silver Key, **** just jump to it when the Spikes are down and get the Key as the spikes de-activate.

Go back to the Horus door, swim over the pool and go up the ladder, then into the dark passage E and that key hole to the L there. Use the key and see a new Teleporter beam near the Spike slope, go back there and in the NE corner is the beam , step in and land right on the Golden key. A gate opens up somewhere, shoot some vases to get a Ĺ MP and go out E to come back into the Teleporter room, open the gate S and get the Revolver Ammo, step on the grey tile.

Timed Target Shoot!

This is a very hard sequence if you donít have at least 5 explosive arrows left, because you can do this the easy way or the hard way. (QRS: You just have to use the revolver and be very quick! It is easier if you aim and shoot from very far away. You donít have to see the vases before you shoot them actually. That saves some time. If you are a true raider, you save the explosives though).


Easy: Take out the Crossbow+Lasersight with Explosive Ammo, turn around and look up N, spot a vase in an opened gate, shoot the vase and roll as the floor goes up and now you have to look up in the S wall for another opening with a Devils Head with Gem, shoot the Gem as soon as possible and turn R, shoot one more Devils Head/Gem and the next part is for a Secret further up are 3 vases to open a gate with another Devils Head/Gem (which possibly already broke with the last arrow) and then come to an upper passage where a gate opened.

Very Hard: Take out the Revolver+Lasersight, turn around and look up N, spot a vase in an opened gate, shoot the vase and roll as the floor goes up and now you have to look up in the S wall for another opening with a Devils Head with Gem, shoot the Gem as soon as possible and turn R, shoot one more Devils Head/Gem and the next part is for a Secret, because you have to shoot 3 vases and this is only possible with an Explosive Arrow IMHO and then you have to shoot the last Devils Head/Gem behind the opened gate and youíll come to an upper passage where a gate opened.

The open gate revealed a Skellie lever and throwing it youíll get a cutscene of a gate opening up at a MP. Go into the passage behind the lever and swim through to come to that ledge at the Spike slope. A trapdoor opens behind you. just go on and hop over the next gap to get to Secret#16, a MP. Go back the same way, thereís nothing down the trapdoor, maybe itís only to get back up if you missed the jump to the Secret, swim back to the Skellie lever and go down the sloped passage to end up in a nice passage with a glass floor, just follow and see the ground shake as a Giant comes for you, just shoot him twice with the Shotgun and run away as fast as possible, look back if he dropped and if now give it one more try. Then follow the passage to the end where a flyby will show you the next challenge, pick up the 2x Shotgun Ammo just before the entrance and Save.

Sliding Floors.

In this room are ledges in a lava pool and on top are sliding surfaces, stand L in the opening and time the Dragon Burner.

Slide #1. (Map)

Slide and jump L in the last moment, then slide a bit and jump R, jump again and before you get onto the second part of this double ledge, jump hard L to go around the fence to the slide L, jump hard L again to get to the long slide W, Save there and just enjoy the ride till you come to the end again, jump L and now jump on the last moment R, last moment L, last moment R, last moment L, and you should be on a ledge along the wall, sliding to a downward slope slide, jump hard L there to end up about one step from the L (W) wall and from the end a hard l curved jump (no grab) into the opening in the wall. Just relax in the next part, going past several side passages and try to stay on the R hand side of the passage by jumping R every now and then. In the end youíll slide out to a breakledge in the Lava room and you have to quickly turn R and standjump/grab to the next breakledge, pull up and runjump to the now safe floor at the switch. Throw the switch to open a gate and change the slide direction in the W side passage.

Slide #2. (Map)

From the switch face Wand stand L, then jump, jump again and then hard L to get to the long slide W, follow the same route as before to get into the W passage again, now just follow and youíll go L into an opened gate, jump/grab over the pit and pull up, one more jump/grab over a pit and then just slide. Turn around in the safe passage and throw the switch to open another gate. Do not forget to use the first switch (outside) again to change the slide direction in the W passage again before you go on.

Slide #3. Same route to W passage, see above.

Do the last slide sequence again to get to the W passage and now youíll go straight again, following the first route but in the end youíll go straight in stead of R to the Lava room. And down slopes into a lower passage, just relax and enjoy, youíll be take all the way up to the 1st floor if the room with the slides, just around the R hand corner is a Key hole.

The Large Waterskin.

Go to the N side of the room and get the Large Waterskin (gate opens in Spike room), a Teleporter will be activated on the block N, hop in and end up in the lower rooms. Go out to the automatic gate and R to the room with the Skellie levers, take the Teleporter back up to the Spike slide and go to the Spike room E, swim across, go up the ladder and head S to the gate opened upon taking the Waterskin.

Inside is a Small Waterskin on a pedestal and a Scale behind it.

The Scale for the Silver Key.

If you do the puzzle wrong the Fire Dragon will be released and you have to shoot it to reset the Scale, but the solution is 4 litres (there wasnít a clue given here).

Go to the Fountain E and fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, combine again to get that 2 litres into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin. Now put that in the bowl on the scale after you Saved and the gate at the Fountain should open up and you can go get the Silver Key. Needed on the 1st floor of the Sliding Floors room.

Back to the Tinnos Temple.

Go out to the spikes room, dive down and go up to the Horus door, to the Spike slide and R into the NE corner where a new Teleporter appeared. Hop in and come to the rooms below, go S hop into the Teleporter there and end up on the 1st floor of the Sliding Floors room, go S and use the key there to get yet another Teleporter activated to the L of you, hop into the beam and end up back in the Tinnos Temple.

The Hidden Tinnos Temple "The End".

Just run out and get the scare of your life as you will fall about 10 stories down into the Moat, swim up E and climb to the ledge where it all started, go up the long ladder to the second floor and climb off L, go N and down a ladder to use a switch there, go back up and over to the S side down more long ladders and finally end up at the second switch for the Final Teleporter up over the Temple. Go back over all the ladders and up to the top ledge and go over to the Teleporter to return homeÖ