The Quest of Gold Series. (Original version)


4-7 - Great Spirit Levels.

Levels by Thibault Chatelus [TC 14]

Authorized Walkthrough Dutchy


Lara heard about a powerful artifact made of gold by ancient Indians in

Canada and would like to retrieve it...

After an investigation, she finds that it might be hidden in a Temple

underneath a Gold Mine in the Canadian Forest.

So she takes the plane and no sooner is she in Canada than she jumps into a


After exploring the mining camp, she finally gets into the Mine.

She finds a way to the Sanctuary hidden deep into the Mine.

After going through it she will find the golden passage leading to the

underground temple...


This level is part of a series, use your own savegame from the Indian Sanctuary level or use the one provided in the Level download, because you need the Crowbar and Revolver/Lasersight in this level, be careful with the Revolver Ammo as you need a lot to shoot Ball switches.


Wonít mention enemies, only relevant ones

QoG 4 - Portal of the Great Spirit.

In and around the Shaft.

From the Indian sanctuary youíll slide into a new area, in this hall is a closed door up L and a Face tile up in the R hand wall, climb up through that Face Tile and get Secret#1, Ammo and a Golden Rose, head back out and proceed to the N and just before you get onto the bridge a flyby will show the Shaft and surroundings. Cross the bridge, into the next room and find the blue button in the far R corner, it will open that door you saw opposite the Secret room. Standing W of the pillar in this room is a blue box, shoot it to get the Flares and head back over the Bridge, go down into the hall and up into the W opening. Follow to a room with a Golden Pond, quite deadly I must add.

Do a L curved standjump around the hides to shoot the blue box SW and get the Ammo, jump back and stand besides the Spike ledge, do a runjump/grab past the Spike ledge (never touching the Spike ledge) to the Golden Blade ledge and shimmy around to the N side, pull up on a corner (the Blades will never get activated this way) and turn facing the next Spike ledge a standjump when the Spikes are just coming up and immediately another standjump to the safe ledge.

Head down the E side and go around the deadly yellow pit to come to a bridge over the Shaft, one level down. Cross over to the N side and drop into the hole in the floor at the gates, go past the burner-traps and come into the Shaft one more level down. Grab the MS ceiling under the bridge and go to the other side, hanging against the wall, drop and grab the CS there, crawl through and come to a pushblock. Pull it W once and crawl out, push it W once more so it sits on the dark blue Tile, now the spikes are gone and the block can be moved to the E side dark blue Tile, the door opens NE. Go through and come to a Spike-trap. Stand a step back and run over the trap as the Spikes go up, two more nasty Spike-traps and you can climb down to the Zip-line, grab it and go all the way down to the opposite wall, grab the crack and shimmy R to the crevice with the Flares.

Shoot the grating and climb in backwards, go climb R around 2 corners, down to the bottom but stay on the ladder, backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind and go L around the corner, go up a bit and backflip/roll/grab the next ladder (you probably noticed the Swinging ball), climb R around corners to the end where you can backflip to a ledge with some Ammo in case youíre out, take the Revolver and look NE for that swinging ball. Shoot it to open the gate between the ladders N, jump/grab the ladder again, go L around one corner and backflip/roll/grab the one N, go L around the corners to get to the long ladder down into a yellow pool room. Hang one block from the bottom and backflip/roll/grab the ledge behind, donít pull up, but shimmy R a few squares and pull up there as a Hammer-trap will activate, look for a ledge with a switch in the corner and jump there as the burner is off, quickly hop back and grab the edge, wait till the Burner is off again, pull up and backflip to the Hammer ledge. Run through the open Hammers or shimmy past to the Totem. Behind the pillar E is an opened door, you can get there by jumping to that Spike-ledge and immediately another jump to the door (or just run over the corners to the door)

The Torch.

Now you are at the Shaft again, to the L are burning Skins you need later, cross the bridge and go down in the next room, take care of all enemies and look for the Golden skull, in my case in the SW corner, take it to the pedestal in the room and from facing the gate you can place it on the pedestal, the gate opens. Grab the ladder next to the gate and go R into the shaft, climb up the ladder in the shaft and come to a room with a button in the other end, this button will open that door in the hammer room. Get back down to the Skull cave and look in the E corner of the room for the Torch hidden between some plants and take it to the exit of the room W, stand against the wall under the opening and jump. At the highest point hit "1", as if you pull out the guns and Lara will drop the torch in the opening.

Climb up, take it across the bridge, standjump to the hides, landing not too close and light the Torch, jump back and head into the Hammer room W, standjump over the spike-ledge and go past the Hammers to the open door. Down into a room with Spike-traps, stay well clear of them and light two statues in the other side of the room to get rid of the spikes on the ladder. Go back through the room and drop the Torch against the wooden fence (it can be picked up from the other side then), go back and get onto that ladder, go up till Laraís hands are at the height of the ceiling, backflip/roll/grab a break-ledge and quickly pull up, jump/grab up to get onto the MS ceiling. Swing to the pillar with the Zip-line L and drop/grab the edge of it, use the Zip-line to go over the fence to the other side of the room.

Pick up a Ĺ MP left by the Native and get the Torch, drop into the hole in the floor and come to a pushblock, push it once and turn L to push the next block in twice and then move it onto the Tile NE. Turn R and go through the passage behind the hides and come to the 1st block, push it back once and go around again to push it into the S alcove onto the blue Tile and a door opens N, donít go there yet but pick up the Torch, in the room are 2 statues, light them and the W door opens, go in and get Secret#2, a Ĺ MP and a Golden Rose from the box.

Now go out and enter the open door N. carefully go around the corner as Burner-traps block the passage, time the run through and come to a death pool, grab the grated floor above and go over the pool, in the end R is a closed door. Hop onto the grated floor and get past the furniture and a Burner to the button, to open that door, get back safe and find a pole in a corner of the Shaft. Go down the pole, backflip onto the yellow central floor and hop/grab into the opening E, follow to a room with a blue structure in the middle. Runjump/grab to it and shoot the box to the L for some Ammo, remember this place as you will come back to this Portal Pillar much later.

Must be another swinging ball close by, look behind the central pillar and shoot the ball to open the N door, hop over the fence and go into the passage, follow in to a dark blue room and find a hole in the ceiling behind the vase, use the Jumpswitch there and head back, jump back to the blue structure and then runjump/grab back into the orange passage W, jump to the floor in the Shaft and jump into an opening N where a door now opened. Follow up to some big closed doors and head into the SE passage and follow down to a window looking into a pool. Further down the passage is a Rolling Knife-trap, face the R hand lower side of the passage, then sprint down and quickly run sharp around the R hand corner, stop at once before you run off that ledge.

Now take a runjump from the ledge into the blue structure youíve visited on top already, to the L is a pushblock. Pull it once then move it onto the white spot W, a block rises behind the Totems, climb it and runjump/grab to the Jumpswitch on W wall. The big doors open up, so head back to the opening up N by doing a runjump/grab over the fence to the ladder and hop to the L onto the Knife slope, go up to where you saw the big doors before and enter, shoot the Natives to get a Ĺ MP and hop up into an opening E overlooking the pool you saw through the window before. Dive in and swim down to the SE corner where an UW lever will flood the place (a passage opens up in the bottom, leading back to the Knife-trap).

Just swim up and into the now flooded room at the Big doors, go up in a shaft and swim into the N tunnel after you got some air at the surface. Follow to where you climb out at the Blade-traps room, stand with your back to the blade, backflip to the sloped block and jump/grab the MS ceiling, turn around and go along the L side past the 1st Blade, then cross over to the R hand side and go past the next till you hang against the ladder, drop/grab and go L around the 2 corners and drop at a room. go get the native out and shoot him to get his Golden Skull, if the 2 Snake Mutants donít come out, just leave them and get back on the ladder, go hang at the Blade, one square from the bottom and back flip/roll/grab when the Blade swings aside. Time the next blade and pull up to slide back to the entrance.

Go L and find a pedestal to place the Skull, the door beyond will open up. Go in and use the switch on N wall (will raise the water level in the pit), go back out and L at the Blades, swim back to the pit and go up, to swim into the W tunnel and follow to a room where you can climb out, find a grating on a CS W and shoot it to get in, follow through and drop into the pit room after shooting another grate. Thereís a pit with a Jumpswitch and a switch on a lower block, go to the opening in the fence SW and climb down the ladder into the pit, from about halfway down a backflip to a yellow block and jump to the switch to raise a block in the upper room, jump back to the ladder and go climb the block at the closed gate. Grab the MS ceiling and head over to the Jumpswitch on W wall, better save before you drop/grab the switch and hold grab to catch the edge of the sloped block, shimmy R a bit and drop, slide /jump/grab back to that block S, now be careful as a Burner started between block and ladder, time it. jump to the ladder and save, then reload (burner will be off when you start again) and quickly climb up, the gate is now open and the Jumpswitch inside will raise the level in the pit once more. So head back through the CS and dive in to swim back E to the pit, and go up a bit to swim into the E tunnel.

Pushblock Puzzle.

Thereís a pushblock a closed door and a switch with a Spike-trap, start by climbing over the low wall N, go into a room E and use the switch there to lower and raise blocks in the pool room, go back and get the Face block. Pull/push it onto the lowered block W and go into the E room again to use the switch go back and move the block E onto the grey Tile on the wall and use the switch in the E room again to raise it to the next level, now you can grab up to the grey block on which the pushblock sits and shimmy L around to the high wall, go pull/push the block to the Face Tile on the E wall and the Spikes at the switch SE will be gone (*There was another raising block S of the blue wall*, to be used to climb up to the higher blue wall, but my route was easier, if you want to use it anyway, do like this: From the lower N wall, runjump/grab to the Jumpswitch on N wall, the door opens SW over the pool, runjump with a R curve up into the opening and follow in to the MS ceiling, grab up and get past the Blades to the balcony. Use the button there and a block will rise in the pool room, you have to get back there the way you came).

Go use the switch in the SE corner to raise the level in the pit, go swim back there and go save at the surface, facing the tunnel NE.

Nasty Swim and a Secret.

Swim into the tunnel. Navigate over a couple of fences and come to a wider room with a wooden gate, in the back to the R is an UW lever you have to use to open a door (later). Thereís a Secret behind the wooden gate, but you will have to get back for air first cause you will not make it in one goÖ Getting back to the pit in one breath is hard enough already (maybe use a MP while swimming). Then save and swim in again, to the same room, but up at the ceiling at the wooden fence is a somewhat higher part of the ceiling, here you can go over the fence, (hard but possible if youíre lined up straight) Get Secret#3, a Golden Rose and quickly get back over the fence, swim back to the pit.

Burners, Hammers and Spikes too.

Climb out onto the ledge at the ladder and turn E to hop into the opening in the yellow wall, there are big closed doors here. Go to the R, follow the passage down to a deadly pit with a grated MS, jump/grab straight up and go L to the Burners. Use the save/reload trick if you have trouble getting past them in time, better go almost to the end of the MS and turn R, drop/grab the crevice and shimmy R to the flat part to pull up in there, follow to a drop off and save before you do that. Grab the end of the slope and climb L over the ladders, drop onto the blue ledge and look in the NE corner for a box with a MP inside, then have a go at the next obstacles. Best way was from the ledge where you got the MP, just runjump SW from the SW tip to the 2nd part of the Spike-trap when you expect them to go up so when you land they are just down, run into the passage and just slide down (did it without losing health).


In the passage below is a switch to open the door L and the big doors you saw up at the pit. Slide into the L tunnel and youíre back in a passage youíve visited before, I left the Torch here before and it was still there. Go L and over the MS again to come to the Shaft, down the pole to the yellow island, into the opening N and up to the other big doors, go R and down the SE passage of the Knife-trap. Into the water below and swim to the room with the UW lever, up and through the opening W and up in that high pit, climb out on the ledge at the ladder and jump E into the opening.

In the back of the room are the open doors. Use the switch behind them to open 3 doors, up where we go now. Go out, jump to the ledge in the pit and climb up to the top of the pit.

There are 3 doors, giving access to 3 different levels, you can choose which one to do first, I started with the first opened door.

Go into the E passage and follow toÖ

QoG 5 Ė Mineral City.

There will surely be a different order to collect all the objects in this level, but this is the order that worked for meÖ

To the City.

Go to a wider cave and find the ball on the ceiling, just in front as you enter, shoot it to open up a passage in the W wall, follow to a cave with 2 huts, one with a golden (closed) door. Go to the R (N) side of the hut and climb up to the roof. Go over to the S end and hop into the opening in the wall, follow to a cave with a deadly floor and runjump to the blue block, runjump/grab to the Ice ladder E when the Blade swings L, climb L around the corner, go down a bit and backflip/roll/grab the opening, go in to push the button and go back the way you came, save hanging about halfway on the ladder before you do the backflip past the Blade as itís a bit of a gamble at what point you have to jump. Grab the blue block and runjump back into the opening to the huts, jump to the roof, drop from the other side and head NW to where a gate opened.

The Upper City.

A flyby starts when you enter Mineral City, get the Ĺ MP to the L and head to the SW square, look up SE and shoot the ball there to open the hut under that ball. Go back to where you entered the City and go R into the hut, climb down the ladder, go jump to the yellow block in the pool cave and grab the MS on the ceiling go past the Blade and drop onto the block below, jump to the button in the corner, which will open the door on the other side of the pool, so go back as you came and enter the W passage. Follow past Burners and Knife-traps and come to the roof of the hut you just entered. Go to the front, close to the fence and runjump to the NW hut, then to the SW hut and collect 3x Ammo on itís roof. Jump back to the central hut and climb down the ladder on the N side to get into the next part of the City, nothing to do here now, so go to a deep pit NW and drop onto the ledge under the edge. Standjump N and then runjump/grab W, the opening in W wall is for later after you collected all Sacred Stones. Runjump/grab to the icy pillar S and climb down the ladder on the S side of it, head into the passage S and follow to the covered CS you saw in the flyby, shoot it and go through shoot the next panel and drop into a new area.

The Lower City, 1st Sacred Stone.

Go S and L at the hut, around the back of the E hut and when you come to the next crossing, go L and look up S near the wooden fence, shoot the ball in the ceiling and a gate opens up, go to the E and find a place with a Totem and a burning statue, shoot a box there to get some Flares and go to the opened gate E.

Jumping the Pits.

Runjump to one of the sloped sides and keep jumping to and fro to the other side, once there let Lara slide backwards to the lowest point of the slope, then jump and steer hard into the opening and hit grab in the last moment. Follow down to a couple of Snake statues besides a death pit. Jump to the N side of the pit, jump up straight W and keep jumping uphill till you reach the top (better light a flare halfway up the slope), once on top you have to grab the MS ceiling in the forward jump. Go to the opening W and you can jump to the roof of the hut, go to the S jumping the roofs and then cross over to the W, that hut has a hole in the roof, drop into the hut, use the switch there and go out, a block went up next to the S hut behind the wooden fence, climb the roof of that hut and go behind the chimney (?) to climb the ladder to an upper room (closed door), go L and head up the steps S and hop over the fence, push the button to open the S hut below, get back down to the roof of it and hop backwards to safety drop down in the alley, turn R and go to the open door, go in and push the button to open that door in the upper room. Now go out again, around the hut and climb the block N of the hut, go up the ladder again, turn R this time and into that open door SE.

Pushblock Puzzle.

The block under the NW pillar (the one closest to the entrance) is a pushable block. Move it to the S wall and onto a Tile behind the S pillar, head to the N side of the room and you can climb the NE pillar from the higher part of the floor, turn around and hop over the fence to the lower switch (there are 3 switches in the room) and use it to change the position of the raising blocks, the pushblock is now on the 1st level. Jump back and go pull/push (shimmy along the wooden floor to the other side of it) it to the NE corner. Leave it there for the moment and go to the S side of the room, runjump/grab to the ladder W and circle the room to jump/grab to the middle switch on E wall, use it to lower the NW raising block, go down and move the block on the raising block, go up to the middle switch again and use it to get the block to the second level, go over the trop bridge to get down on the SW ledge.

Go pull the block from the raising block and now put both the lower and middle switches in the "up" position, this will lower both blue blocks in the SW alcove. Now pull/push the block to the raising block on S wall and go for the top bridge over the middle switch ledge, do a runjump/grab to the high switch in the NW corner and use it to raise the block to the 3rd level. Runjump back to the bridge and move the block under the Hammers N, the block will be smashed revealing the 1st Sacred Stone. Make your way down the room and head back to the huts.

For the next Secret you have to backtrack a bit: From the NE corner of the S hut you can runjump/grab back to the roof of the N hut, then runjump E to the lowest point of that roof, go runjump/grab to the NE hut and hop back into the opening in the E wall, slide down the slope and jump sharp R when you come close to that pit in the end. Follow the passage back to the now lowered wall R and get Secret#4, a Golden Rose. Go back jump to the top of the blue slope again and grab the MS to get back to the huts, just drop down and make your way over to the SE hut which opened after taking the Sacred Stone.

The Animal Cages, 2nd Sacred Stone.

Follow the dark passage in the back of the hut and after the 2nd corner, turn around and spot the Jumpswitch in the hole in the ceiling, it will open a gate in a cage we go to now, follow the rest of the passage to the 1st Cage, wait up a bit and a so-called Ahmet (hate that name) will come in, take care of him and go out to the E into the 2nd Cage, in the E wall is a CS, go in and follow to a switch opening up the 3rd Cage (S), go back and drop into Cage #2, shoot the Ahmet coming in and go into Cage #3 to shoot the Ball in the ceiling opening up Cage #4 (N), in the plant SE is the Torch to be found, first take care of the next Ahmet and go get the Torch, head back through the #1 cage to the hut and find a Jumpswitch behind the S statue in the hut. It will raise a block outside near the burning statue at the Jump pits. Go out of the hut, turn L and climb the block L, stand close to the hut/statue and turn Lara a bit to find the right position in which she will light the Torch. Now go back to the Animal cages and into the N (#4) Cage to light the hides on the rack. Now the last Cage will open up in the SW corner, go shoot another Ahmet, go into the cage and shoot the covers from the block to get the 2nd Sacred Stone. Leave the Torch here.

Timed Runs and Blocks, 3rd Sacred Stone.

Head back to the hut and go to the W side of the City, to the NW hut and enter, drop into the hole (closed door there) and go over the balcony to the W, a dark blue trigger tile will open a timed door in the S of the cave, face E and runjump to the opening in the fence turning R a runjump to the yellow block in the deadly pool and a standjump (no grab) will get you through the Timed door in time.

The next room has a convenient Bug, there are timed raising blocks and Trigger tiles on the balconies.

The idea is to start in the S side of the room, face the blue trigger tile on W wall and sprint over the corner of it to raise a block next to the S balcony, now sprint onwards to the NE corner, jump on the blue block, triggering another raising block roll and runjump to the White block, landing a bit R so you can do another runjump/grab up to the raising block, from that one a long runjump/grab in the last moment to the block at the S balcony, quickly get onto the balcony to raise another block near the E balcony, get there fast and jump onto the E balcony, the trigger tile there will open a Timed door in the SE corner of the room. so run off the balcony, roll and sprint S, turning L you can runjump up into the opening.

You can avoid all this by standing on the blue NE block and runjump/grab with a curve to the E balcony, stand on the blue trigger tile and run off the balcony, roll and sprint S, hop into the open SE door, go down and stand on the next trigger tile there, youíll hear a door open up. Wait for the moment you expect the Spikes to just go up and sprint to the end of the passage into the open door, get the 3rd Sacred Stone there and exit through the N passage, the door will open and youíre back at the hut after climbing out of the hole. Go out and L, circle around the E side back to the N side of the city, where you entered before and get into the open NE hut.

Burning Water and , 4th Sacred Stone.

Climb into the hole, climb L and go down that ladder to the water level, backflip to the bridge and go up the S walkway to shoot a box to the R, get a MP and head to the other side of the walkway to use the switch there to stop some flames under a switch in the other side of the place, go onto the bridge and time the Burner to jump across the gap, go up the other walkway and use the switch there, The water turns safe and you can now runjump from the tip of the bridge to a small platform at the pillar L of the bridge. Be sure to have full health and do a runjump up to the burning ledge with the switch and while catching fire use the switch to open a gate in an UW tunnel, backflip to safety (maybe while taking a small MP) and swim down in the hole in the bottom. Follow all the way to a dark room and climb the golden block S, garb up W and pull up over the top.

Slide and jump/grab the edge of the slope in front, shimmy R and pull up. backflip/roll and steer hard L to just land on a sloped ledge, grab the edge, shimmy R to a flatter part and go up to the ladder, climb up and backflip/roll/grab the ridge behind, shimmy to the R end and backflip/roll again, grab the edge and shimmy L, then just backflip and land on a balcony. Climb the next ladder to a grate overlooking the City and backflip/roll/grab the ledge behind, go push the button to flood the lower rooms. Drop from the ledge into the water and swim over the wooden fence to get the 4th Sacred Stone in the back. Go get some air if you want and swim back through that SE tunnel to get to the first pool, climb out on the S end of the bridge and jump/grab back to the ladder up to the hut, go N and past the grates you just saw from the other side to follow the passage through that CS around the wooden fence back to the pit near the Upper City. Climb the Icy ladder L and runjump/grabs over the pillars (some jumps are nasty as the little fences prevent a straight run) and finally pull up at the N square.

Upper City, Snow Balls and the 5th Sacred Stone.

The N hut has opened here, go in and shoot a box to the L to get the Ammo inside, then go up the ladder till just under the roof, backflip/roll and go to the front of the hut, drop backwards from the roof, grabbing the Jumpswitch on the front of the hut the Burner on the ladder will now stop and you can go in again all the way to the top and R to get into the passage. Follow into a room with Snow balls hanging in the SW corner, in the E side are 3 ledges with Spikes, a Burner and 3 Buttons, all 3 buttons have to be used to get the 3 Snowballs into pits and a door will open SW. Go to the blue pillar N and climb it, look S and spot a Jumpswitch on a pillar with a Burner on the side, runjump/grab that Jumpswitch and the burner will be off. Looking at the button-ledge youíll notice the middle button to be safe now, so go use that first and see the first Snow Ball going into the pit, go to the W side of the room and stand back to the Ball slope, close to the fence and backflip/jump hard R to land on the platform. Use the switch to kill Spikes on the button-ledge so the R hand button on the button-ledge can be used for the next Ball. Climb the N pillar again and use the MS ceiling to get to the switch on the pillar E and a raising block goes up in the NW corner, also the Burner on the button-ledge changes position. Go onto the SW platform again to use that switch a second time and the last (L) button can be used the raising block NW makes it going into the central slope (it takes a while) and after it fell into the pit, the door in the W wall opened up and you can claim the 5th Sacred Stone. Make your way back through that E passage to the hut, get out to the N square and climb the ladder to the roof of the hut S, drop onto the SW square.

Skeletons and the 6th Sacred Stone.

Go to the SW hut and enter, follow to the back and climb up R, get the 2x Ammo and go to the next room, Skellies roaming around, depending on what youíve got left in your backpack, you can either shoot off their heads or get them to the opening N and blast them into the pit (stand in the opening facing into the room, jump/roll over the Skellies as soon as they get close and immediately shoot). Jump over the ledges over the pit and enter a new Skellie room, go up into the opening n and push the block once, go in around the block. Push it back and get the Harpoon Gun (Crossbow) and Explosive Ammo, pull the block back and arm Lara with that gun, shoot the Skellie in the previous room and get the Skeleton Key. Open the door W to get the 6th Sacred Stone, the exit opens up again and you can jump back over the ledges to the S side Skellie room, shoot the sleeping Skellie there and get another Skeleton Key, use it in the lock NE and a door opens up in the S wall, go back to the higher passage SW and grab the Skull ceiling, swing over to the open door to get Secret#5, a Golden Skull. Make your way back to the Square in the City, go NE and enter the hut there.

Rotating Blade and Spikes, 7th Sacred Stone.

Drop into the hole onto a sloped floor and slide to the lower passage, follow to a Burner/Spike-trap around the next corner. Runjump through when you think itís safe and save in front of the next slope. A Boulder will come after you, slide long and jump over the deadly water. I donít know if I was just lucky or its meant to go like this, but jumping to and fro to the L youíll pass 3 Spike-traps and I didnít get hurt in the end a last jump to a walkway (just safe in the air after each lucky pass, as you CAN get hurt) Follow in to the Blade room.

Stand at the opening in the low fence and standjump to the break ledge, sidejump R and land in a safe corner of the central platform. Notice a few squares are without Spikes, standjump SW to the next safe corner, look over the edge and spot the ledge with the next Secret. Standjump over the fence to the lower hardly visible ledge and pick up Secret#6, a Golden Rose (didnít sound as a Secret?). Sidejump up to the next safe corner and then hop to the S side of the platform, from where you can jump/grab the ladder going up, climb till just under the burner and hang L, backflip when possible and spot another Burner at the Stone pedestal, stand on the E side of the pedestal and run when the Burner goes down and hold backflip while Lara picks up Sacred Stone #7. 2 Doors open up, the exit next to you and one in the 1st hut where this level started. Leave through the open door and follow to the back where a ladder is located between the pillars, go up to a passage with more Spikes, from standing in the plant you can wait till you expect the Spikes to go up and standjump to the ledge, immediately another standjump and run against the wall, hop back once so you can now time the Spikes and Burner to standjump up once more (itís a nasty one, I know, the timing has to be perfect) Sliding down youíll en up in one of the first huts you saw in this level. Go out and S to the S hut and enter there as thatís where the door opened after taking the 7th Stone.

Mirrors and Squishy Pillars, 8th and Last Sacred Stone.

Follow the passage down to a room with a Mirror, in the Mirror you can see a deadly floor with a few safe Tiles, the first one in front of the first Pillar where it stops L, a standjump will get you there. Stand on the SE corner, but not too close to the edge of the Tile and standjump SE when the pillar moves L (towards you). From that Tile to the SE one close to the Mirror and then to the statue at the wall, jump to the SW corner and climb up to get the invisible (only visible in the Mirror) 8th Sacred Stone. Get back the way you came and follow the passage back up to the hut, go out and to the NW corner so you can go back to the Upper City, go into the first hut L and down into the hole, follow the passage W and go through the passage with Burners and a Blade to get back to the rooftops, jump to the N hut, get down onto the n square and go to the pit NW, jump over the pillars to the opening W and go place all Sacred Stones in the receptacles, when you come close to that ramp, the Snow Ball is released and will drop into that frozen hole in the pit. Now climb up W into the hole the Snow Ball came down from and get Secret#7, a Golden Rose, go down and to the exit to the pit.

The Mineral Keystone.

Runjump R to the Icy pillar in the pit and use the ladder to get down to the pit floor, drop into the hole and find the Jumpswitch on W wall, just behind the Totems. It will open the gate E and you can runjump/grab to a block in the deadly pool. Turn L and runjump/grab to the central block. Take care, Spikes protect the Mineral Keystone and thereís a Burner Tile in one corner, go to the E side of the floor and to the opening at the Blade and use the ladder on the central block to go down and backflip/roll/grab (or just do a diagonal L curved runjump and grab) the ladder behind the Blade, go L around the corner and down to the water level, backflip/roll/grab a sloped block, pull up over the top and slide to a button. Now comes the tricky part, jump/grab the ledge with the burner Tiles and shimmy past the Burners (hang close and time them) all the way around to the golden block you raised before. Around the far corner Spikes will bother you, just keep a finger at one of the MP keys and shimmy R (over a sunken golden block) to a sloped block. Pull up on that block and just slide off to grab the edge again, the golden block will rise, so pull up/backflip and youíll land on it. Face NE standing close to the NW corner, then sidejump R over the lower part of the fence and the corner of the burner Tile to land back on the spot you just jumped from. Go to the pedestal and grab the Mineral Keystone.

Runjump/grab the E ladder at the Blade again and now go L and up to the N square in Upper City, climb over the hut S and down from the other side, go through the passage E to the first huts and out the passage E to go back to that cave with the Ball you shot, go L and head back to the previous level.

Portal of the Great Spirit.

In the pit room hop into the N passage to go to the ladders R. climb to the L and drop on the yellow block, here you have to runjump diagonally over the block (the ladder makes a straight run too short) curving to the next block and grab hop into the passage N and follow toÖ

QoG 6 Ė Depths of the Mine.

Follow that tunnel, crawling into a dark cavern after shooting the ice cover, climb L and up, then R over the CS before you backflip/roll/grab the pillar in the deadly cavern, runjump/grab to that dark pillar and turn to runjump/grab to the walkway. Go L (E) and open the small door, find some Ammo on a workbench in the back and spot the 3 Fuse boxes for which we will go find the Fuses now.

Go out and to the room on the other side of the walkway, open the door there and grab the MS ceiling to cross over to the railway track. E is closed. Go W and runjump over the electrified pool to go follow the tracks to the Main Cavern.

There are friendly Guys here, donít shoot them as they will take care of a Mutant coming in, get the Ammo if one of your friends perished and head up the W track. (Remember this Route as you have to go back here later) Just before you go into the tunnel, turn L and do a curved run over the track to jump/grab to the stack of crates in the electrified pool, go up the roof of the Garage and standjump onto the stack of crates in the middle of the Main Cavern, from there a runjump/grab to the L side of the opening over the drill in the N structure, follow to where a Mineworker attacks and shoot him for a Ĺ MP. Get past the drill and the next one is a bit trickier as a Burner and drill have to be timed to get past.

Electrified Water Room.

Go down on a ledge in the water room and line up for a runjump and grab in the last moment to the central platform. Runjump/grab to the rusty ledge W (over a closed UW door) and shimmy R to the end, there a backflip to a block behind and turn around to standjump/grab to the sloped pillar NE. go over the top and slide/jump/grab to the ledge with the switch, use it to stop the machine in the NW corner. Runjump/grab S and go over the top of the pillar to slide/jump over the fence back onto the central platform, go jump to the W again and use the same route to get back to the NW block, from there a runjump/grab to the ladder NW and go L over the walkway, use the switch on the pipes a bit further to the R and see a wooden fence open up.

Burners and Drills.

Go back to the ladder and runjump to the block below, go use the route over the switch ledge E to get back to the central platform and runjump to the SE ledge, go back through the Drill passage to the Main Cavern and head into the SE tunnel, follow to a crossing with L a death pit and R a steep slope, the open fence is straight ahead. Follow in to another death pool, runjump/grab to the block in the water and runjump to the ledge with the machine E, time the jump. Start running when the machine goes down and land when its just going up run curved R and jump to the block on S wall, turn W and grab the MS ceiling, time the Burners to get to the corner block with the switch. using the switch will open up a steel door in a Mine tunnel. Go back over the MS and from the E block a standjump/grab to the machine ledge, shimmy all the way L around corners and along a crack to come to the E wall, a Burner around the corner has to be timed to drop onto a sloped ledge, slide/jump/grab a sloped pillar and hang most L, Save and pull up over the top, youíll slide in two moves and youíll have to wait with jumping till Lara is at the end of the slope before you do a jump/grab to the last pillar, pull over and land on the N walkway. Jump over the Barrier and head back to the Main Cavern.

Area 52.

Head into the S tunnel, just follow to a crossing and head straight W, push the Mine Cart into the room and onto a broken part of the track, the Flames under the switch in the far corner will stop and the switch can be used to open a fence with a non smoking sign. Head out of this room (see the Mineworker filling the Cart, shoot him anyway as he will come after you) and go to the R (S) at the first possibility. Follow down to Area 52, go to the far end of the bridge and stand at the opening R, runjump/grab the chain over the deadly water and turn around, go climb up to about one square under the ceiling (mind the lower part) and backflip to a ledge on the yellow wall, grab the edge and shimmy R till you are over the #52 and pull up to backflip/roll/grab the ladder on the pillar, go R around 2 corners and up to backflip/roll/grab the block over the bridge, go R again and drop to the yellow ledge below, slide into the shaft.


Swim down, get a MP and then open the grated UW door. Now first go up for air and swim through the door. Sharp L into the Fan Room and immediately L into a narrow gap in the L wall, get Secret#7, a Golden Rose and swim back out. Stay close to the L wall and swim past the Fan into the next opening L, get the Garage Key there and roll. Swim out and sharp R, back to that yellow shaft. You probably need that MP you just got, pull up on the sloped side of the shaft and start jumping to get onto pone of the flat corners, without hitting that dangerous Tile. Jump over the fence back to the bridge and head out to the E, make your way back to the Main Cavern.

The Snow Mobile.

Head to the door in the Garage and open it, inside is a nice Snow Mobile. Mount it and go up the W track. If you happen to run over one of your Buddies, get the Ammo he leaves behind. On top of the steep sloped track you can leave the Bike behind, go up the next track and just follow the track climbing straight up the next wall, come to a passage with a Mine cart, push the cart and shoot the mineworkers, go to the end of the track at the fake door and get the Ammo in the R hand alcove, go back one alcove to get into the room W.

The Forbidden Area Key. (Red Fuse)

runjump to the orange crate in the room with the deadly floor, turn around and look E for a fuse box with a red light on top. Shoot it to open a door at the other end of the ledge and go to a kind of machine standing on the ledge NW, pull it all the way to the S end of the ledge and move it W onto the Tile that was behind the door, then get it out again and move it under the Fire sign on the S end of the ledge and the flames on the second ledge will stop so the (NE) machine there can be moved to the other side Tile. The room rocks, turn around and run off the N end of the ledge to get Secret#8, a Golden Rose. Now head to the SW corner and runjump/grab the ladder, go down to the ledge and jump further down, climb down and slide down a chain to the lower part of the pit, look around for the Forbidden Area Key (Red Fuse) and make your way up the chain and ledges again, up the ladder and backflip (no roll) back to the green ledge from 4 steps from the top. Runjump back to the Entrance of the room E and go L to follow back to where you left the Bike, take it back down to the Main Cavern and ride it into the NE tunnel.

Shutting down the Power.

Follow the track up to some Mine carts at a closed fence, leave the Bike and go up the L sloped track to a switch seen from Area 52, it will open the fence, so back down and L into the opening and in the next cave is a small door to the R, go to the back of the central block and use the switch to turn some pools safe, as the Flyby will show. Make your way back to the Main Cavern.

2nd Forbidden Area Key. (Yellow Fuse)

Head to that formerly electrified pool W, park the Bike close by and climb down and get the 2nd Forbidden Area Key. (Yellow Fuse)

1st Blue Fuse.

Climb out again and a Giant Mutant will come for you, quickly get on the Bike and run him over. Ride the Bike into the S tunnel and straight W at the crossing again, through the room with the Mine Cart and up the sloped track in the back of the room, come to a cavern with a small Fuse on the workbench, go back and turn R at the crossing to Area 52.

Ventilation Room, 2nd Blue Fuse.

Just before you ride onto the bridge, turn the Bike around in the wider corner and back up onto the bridge, leave the bike there and go on foot to the now safe pool across the bridge, hop onto the higher floor L and open the small door. Jump around the corner past the first machine and stand about two steps back from the next one, stand close to the R hand wall and runjump when the Burner is off and the machine goes up, go into a room with Big Fans. Thereís a MP on the workbench and youíll surely need that here. You have to get to the back of the room, I just ran past the fan along the wall (hurts less if you do it fast), till I bumped into the wooden pillar. Then sidestepped to the opening and sidestepped to the wall again to get past the 2nd Fan. In the NW corner is some Ammo and in the NE corner a ledge behind the yellow tanks. Climb up and stand against the E wall facing W, jump up as you expect the Burner to go down and quickly get the 2nd Blue Fuse, holding backflip while Lara picks it up so you will be gone when the burner starts again. Go back past the Fans and backtrack to the Bike and ride it back to the Main Cavern.

3rd Blue Fuse.

Go into the SE tunnel and near the open wooden fence to the R and follow to a pool. stop there and go over the pool, open a small door to the R in the next passage and go in, to the L is a grey air conditioner, shoot it and find the red light on the fuse box up in the ceiling. Shoot it and a door opens in the other side of the room, go find some Ammo near the tables, then go into the newly opened room in the back and use the switch to bring out a bridge over the pool at the Bike. Go back there and check an alcove in the NW corner, somebody has been digging up Secret#9, a Golden Rose. Take the Bike over the bridge up the steep track and leave it just on top. Go to a closed wooden fence and down into the area with the shack. Shoot a red light on the fuse box hanging on the side of the shack, the fence opens up. go push the Mine cart all the way to the end and the Barbed Wire at the shackís entrance will be gone. Go into the shack and get the 3rd Blue Fuse. Head back to the Bike, pull it back down the slope. Turn it around and go back over the bridge to the main cavern.

4th Blue Fuse.

Go down the entrance tunnel E (the wide one you came from in the start) and find that pool dried up. so you can take the Bike up to the walkway. Go straight across and follow the next tracks to a crossing, go down the L side and follow to a wider end, leave the bike there and hop over the ledge S, get some Ammo in the end and then go down from the walkway into a room with a crate. Open the small door and come to the Crate Puzzle.

Crate Puzzles.

Push the crate W once and go R/R pull the crate there once and go back, go L everywhere till you come to another crate you canít move in front, go R around the passage to the side of that crate and pull it once. Turn back and go R/R through the opening where the crate was before and pull that same crate as far as you can into the passage to the puzzle room W, turn R and go to the next crate S (thatís first the crate you pushed) and L push it twice, go L and push the crate there twice, go L again and follow the passage L to the crate near the puzzle room, push it once into the room, now jump through the corner to get on the other side of it or circle back around the passages to pull it S once till itís in front of the closed door, now pull it once to that door and then push it N onto the Fire Tile and the flames under the machine S are off.

Go push that machine onto the S Tile and the door will open up, go through to the next room, shoot the Mineworkers that attack and get a Ĺ MP. The last Fuse you need is out of reach under the Deadly Machine, so climb the chain to backflip to the block and grab up E, follow the passage jumping past the burners and finally come to a Burner in front of a switch stand close, run to the switch and pull. Hold backflip while Lara uses the switch to backflip twice and go back through the nasty passage to the machine room with a now open door in the W. Go into the next Puzzle room and there seems to be a little Bug here or itís meant to be like thatÖ I pushed the L crate. Then pushed the R crate, moved the middle crate N. Now the SW crate to a circle Tile SE and the room rocks, then pull the NW crate S once and pull it towards the door once in my case the other crate moved with it and the room rocked, the machine stopped so I didnít try anymore, but the crates have to hit the circle tiles in order to stop the machine. Go get the 4th Blue Fuse from under the machine and head back to the Bike, follow the route back to the Main Cavern.

The 3rd Forbidden Area Key. (Blue Fuse)

Leave the Bike near the garage and go over the crates to the roof of the Garage as you have to get into the N building again, follow the nasty Drill passage to the Electrified Water Room.

Electrified Water Room. (2)

Go over the central platform to hang on the W side ledge and go R to backflip to the block. Runjump/grab the ladder NW and go S over the walkway. Climb up in the end and follow the passage to get to a room with Fuse boxes (you saw the room from below already) There are 4 Fuses missing ( 2 on each side) and on a workbench in the back is some Ammo. Save a lot in this room as those cables will surprise you once in a while and after placing the Fuses, the Electrified Water becomes safe, return there and hop in, just to the L as you go down from the ladder is an UW door (grated one), open it, go in and use the UW lever to stop a Drill at the next UW lever under the central platform. The UW door W opens and you can swim to the 3rd Forbidden Area Key (Blue Fuse). Swim out and go SE to climb back up to that nasty Drill passage, go through it for the last time and drop into the Main Cavern, take the Bike and go through the wide entrance tunnel E to that walkway, park the Bike, grab the MS and head into the opening S and go through the small room to the walkway outside, get across into the E room and place the Forbidden Area Keys there. The door N opens up, go in and hop over one of the fences at the back of the building to get the Animal Keystone. Giant Mutant Bold Eagles attack, take care of them or just hop back over the fence and get out of there. Back to the walkway in the first cave and jump to the black pillar N. then to the white one S and finally to the climbwall at the CS, get through and follow back to theÖ

Portal of the Great Spirit.

Get back over the yellow pool by using that ladder and go L out to the pit, go W when you come back to the pit and up into the passage, get some Ammo to the L there and then use the MS over the deadly water to get to the Hidden Forest.

QoG 7 Ė The Hidden Forest.

Deep into the Forest.

Follow the passage to a pit, jump to the pillar and from the pillar a runjump/grab to a ladder E, go up and follow through a lower valley and past a fence overlooking a swamp to another pit. Jump to the sloped E side and shimmy L along the edge to the opposite side, follow the next tunnel to where it drops into a grassy valley with a pool.

The 1st Golden Idol.

Dive into the water and find an opening NE in the E wall behind that bush, swim in, up and R into a room with an UW lever up in the SE corner, to open a gate further in the other tunnel. Swim back for air, then go in and down L, follow the tunnel to a two way crossing and go R. into the room behind the wooden fence. Follow in going L around corners and come to the second UW lever, you can go back for air as thereís no rush, the E side of the two way crossing leads to the Golden Idol on a pedestal. Swim back. surface in the pool and go climb out in the N, because we need one more Golden Idol before going up the ladder S.

The 2nd Golden Idol.

Following through the passage N youíll come to another forest area, head to the N and pull up on the back of the tree trunk there. Hang R and pull up to the top. Immediately jump from the top and curve R to grab the next tree, jump L to the branch and climb up the tree, go down about 5 steps from the top and backflip/roll/grab the Jumpswitch on the tree behind you (opens a gate up at the tree tops, get back up the ladder and turn R to runjump/grab to a transparent ledge with Secret#10, a Golden Rose. Jump back and go into the opened gate. 2 Runjump/grabs along the R side of the openings when the Spike-bags swing L will get you to a sloped tunnel down and thereís a nasty Knife-trap in there. Stand R and start slide when the Knife blocks the passage, it will likely be open when you pass, just around the corner on the next slope is another Knife-trap, jump to get over that one and when you end up on the last lower slope to the L, jump to get onto the ledge in a small cave, go out S to come to a river. The 2nd Golden Idol is located on a pedestal W, then wade E and dive down the waterfall. Climb out of the pool S and head up the ladder S, follow in to place the Golden Idols to open the gate and enter.

Forest Temple.

There are huge trees standing on a square in the Forest Temple. Go to the trunk S and from standing against it, backflip to the roots of the tree behind, jump/grab to grab up to the trunk and runjump/grab to the branch of the huge tree, fight off a Vulture from there and then stand in the NE corner, runjump to a sloped branch E of the n tree and slide/jump curved L and grab the edge of the ledge on E wall, hop over the L fence and go into the room there, closed gates are inside, approach the one NE and then walk back to the entrance, the gate opens, go in and follow through a lower room to a grassy area overlooking the Temple Square, find the ladder N and runjump/grab to it, the hole under the ladder brings you back to the cave where the second Idol was, so go up and off L, follow W to a slide/jump/grab over a waterfall into the lower room and grab the opposite ledge, follow the river into the next cave and find the pushblock SW.

Push it all the way in and then move it into the room so you can pull it E once, it has to go onto the light grey Tile just next to the entrance so the Flames under the switch will extinguish. Use the switch to open a gate back in the cave you came from and head back to the E, drop down at the waterfall. Climb the ladder N again and backflip to the upper room, head E now and up to the open gate to come to the next level of the Temple. Go to the S end of the balcony. Runjump over the fence to the branch SW and go runjump/grab to the W, then to the roof on the W wall (notice the Idols door below) and from the corner a backflip to the next branch, grab the MS above and head to the S tree, drop/grab the crack below and go shimmy R, follow the path up ladders to end up one level up. Go up the next tree till about the level of the golden block L and backflip/roll/grab the broken bridge behind, walk up to the NE corner, face NW and sidejump R to land on a green ledge there. Slide/grab and shimmy to the switch ledge R, use the switch to open big gates S, now you have to get to those Golden blocks S, face SE a bit and a runjump with a L curve will get you on a ledge behind that tree. Itís sloped to that Golden block, slide and jump/grab to the Golden ledge. (itís a hard jump, you can also choose to jump to the sloped block on the R side of the tree down S and slide back to the branch from which you can reach the S ladder again, backflip to the bridge and from the N end an runjump to the same sloped chunk on the NE tree and slide jump/grab to the Golden ledge).

DONíT pull up but shimmy R around the block to the S end, pull up there and run off to the brick ledge S of the tree. Hop to the ledge E and runjump with a grab into the alcove E, get Secret#11, a Golden Rose, never mind the closed gate, that one is for later. Runjump/grab back to the ledge on the tree and hop to the S ledge. Jump to the open gates S and enter a new area, thereís a pit with a ladder and a passage SW leading to a big swamp area.

Into The Pit for the 3rd Golden Idol.

Sidejump to the ledge over the ladder E and go down, slide grab the edge to safety drop down at a closed gate, hop back once and look up NE, jump/grab to the opening and follow to a sloped end, backflip to the slope, jump/grab and thus activate the Jumpswitch which will open a gate further down the pit. Go back to the opening, run out grabbing and land on a lower opposite alcove, turn around and standjump/grab to a lower opposite opening again and go in R, to the R is a door blocking a ladder (to open the exit later). Go L and over a block into a room with a Knife-trap (the exit gate you saw opens up), follow around the L to the far S and in the SW corner is a Jumpswitch you can reach from the low block there (it will raise a raising block E of you), then get onto a block on S wall, runjump up to the raising block E and from there a runjump/grab over the wooden fence to the pillar N, runjump grab to the Knife pillar and shimmy L around the corner, pull up on the next corner (safe) and standjump to the N pillar. Grab the MS and head W, drop onto a dark pillar there and face the swinging Spike-bag, I did a curved L runjump so you go around the bag a bit and time the jump to get to the next pillar with little harm. Now a runjump with a last moments grab to the yellow SE pillar with the Golden Idol (screenshot of the exit passage).

From the pillar you have to stand against the E wall, face E and sidejump down R over the fence to the S side of the room. Head back to the N and leave, now go straight W and come to a ladder over a pit, jump/grab the ladder. Go up to 3 steps from the top, backflip/roll/grab the Jumpswitch there (gate opens) and immediately jump/roll/grab as you hit the slope under the switch to get back on the ladder, go down and R into the passage, head L and come back to the pit, standjump/grab over to the other side and then jump/grab up S curved R. Pull up in the alcove where the gate opened and from there standjump/grab the sloped W ledge, pull up, backflip and jump/grab up in front. Shimmy R and from that alcove you can standjump/grab back to the ladder E, go up to the top and from the sloped ledge a backflip/roll/grab, shimmy R around the corner and pull up, backflip and jump hard L to land on a flat corner ledge.

The Swamp for the 4th Golden Idol.

Head W and come to the swamp, runjump and grab the broken bridge on the tree, look around the SW corner and jump to the next bridge with the Burner. Run up to that ladder, go R around the corner and backflip to the roots of a tree, climb the bridge, then the ladder, go L around to the other side of the tree and backflip to the bridge, runjump into the opening W, follow to the block with the pedestal in the back. to the L in the S wall is a pushblock, visible with the Binocs. Pull it out 4 times and then pull it to the E twice and it should end up on a square that will activate blue rays. On the pedestal another Golden Idol will be visible, go get it and the gate SE will open up.

Get in and follow the passage to where you have to backflip/jump/grab to get onto a ladder, go up and off R and hop over the pit, shoot the gratings and jump over the next pit after you saved standing most L, slide and in the last moment a jump to the L to get to the bridge in the Swamp. Runjump/grab to the ladder E and go L around, drop to the bridge and head to the other end, a standjump around the r to the small platform and runjump/grab back to the opening NE, follow back to the Temple square. You have to get down to that Idols door (Iím not really sure if I got the right route, but it worked for me). Hop to the brick ledge on the tree and jump onto that yellow ledge L now a standjump down to the branch NW and from there run off onto that lower roof on W wall, grab the edge and shimmy R till you are over the mushroom on ground floor, just pull up and let Lara slide off backwards, she will land on a branch from which you can jump up to the Idols door.

The Idols Door.

Place the idols to open it and climb up in the CS. Follow through to a drop off at a nasty trap. A Blade circles the passage below and if you hang it will cut you up real bad. So time the Blade and when itís in the opposite side of the passage, turn around, climb out and drop, sidejump R and go on to the next challenge. A room with a death floor and you have to get to the button clearly visible to the L, runjump to the bridge stand on the tip close to the Swing-blade and time the moment the Burner goes down and the blade is moving R, runjump to the Burner bridge and a running jump up to the button ledge, push the button to get a flyby of the Forest Temple and see the brick ledge near the yellow blocks raised. Stand On the E side of the ledge, runjump to the Burner bridge and a running jump R to the other bridge, then into the passage, time the Blade and sidejump to the CS, quickly grab up and go through to the Idols door.

Back Up to the Vegetation Keystone.

Standjump to the branch, then to the N one and from there a runjump to that E sloped branch to get back to the E ledge with a jump/grab curved R a bit. Hop over the fence L and go into the room, a gate opened to the S, go through to a pit with trees, runjump to the branch and then to the one E, go up the ladder on the tree, start to backflip and jump from the top and go L till you are on a flat corner. Go up in and opening S and pull the switch to the R to flood the pit you came from. Go back, dive in and swim down to the central tree with an UW lever that will raise a door on the MS in the room with the switch, swim up E, go up the ladder again and to the room with the MS and Blades. Grab the MS and go past the Blades to the other side and drop onto the corner ledge, follow the passage in and runjump over the pit past the swinging Spike-bag, come to a ladder with a closed gate, go up till you hang on the gate and backflip/roll/grab the Jumpswitch, now you can go up into the open gate and find yourself on the ledge where the Secret was before, that Tile is now deadly, so good thing you got it already! Runjump grab to the ledge on the tree, hang R and pull up, standjump/grab to the yellow block R and shimmy all the way around to the highest end near the brick raising block, pull up and standjump/grab up the block, grab up to the ledge above N and head to the pedestal with the Vegetation Keystone. Go back to the S side and from the R hand side of the green ledge (low ceiling L) you can runjump/grab to an opening in the S wall. pull up in and immediately jump/roll, grab the edge on sliding of and shimmy L to get Secret#12, a Golden Rose, now shimmy to the other side and on the fore last square (no moving texture) you can pull up and backflip/roll/grab a ladder, go L around the corners and drop on a break ledge, quickly sidejump L and go over the bridge to the Golden passages.

Knife-trap Alley.

Follow to a slide down past a Burner into the Knife-trap alley, jump to get over the first two Knives, hop over the Burner-pit and then crawl under the next Knife, now comes a hard one, a jump over a pit past a Knife, face W, sidestep as close as possible to the pit and sidejump R over the pit, you have to be lucky but itís possible without harm. Then sidestep carefully around the corner, hugging the wall and come to a slide, jump/grab the Jumpswitch over the slide to kill the burner and slide down the slopes to where you have to jump to the pillar ion the first cave. Jump to the opening in the red wall and follow back toÖ

Portal of the Great Spirit.

Use the MS to get back through the yellow room and go down to the Pit. Dive in and swim all the way down, to the E and down in the next room, through the hole in the bottom and follow to where you can climb up at the end of the Knife slope, go up the slope and to the L at the big doors. Youíll end up in the bottom of the Shaft, jump to the yellow ledge and hop into the E opening and follow to the top of that blue structure, place the 3 Keystones on the 3 pointy receptacles and the central pillar opens up, revealing the Portal of the Great Spirit, save and keep that save separate as you will need it in the next levels. Pull up into the Portal and be taken toÖ

To be continued, TC said the next level is ready and will be released shortlyÖ

02-01-2006.                                                                                          To:  QoG level 8 The Mystic Experiment.