The Quest of Gold Series. (Original version)

3 - Indian Sanctuary.

by Thibault Chatelus [TC 14]

Walkthrough Dutchy

Story :

Lara heard about a powerful artefact made of gold by ancient Indians in Canada, and would like to retrieve it...

After an investigation, she finds that it might be hidden in a Temple underneath a Gold Mine in the Canadian Forest. So she takes the plane and no sooner is she in Canada than she jumps into a jeep... After exploring the mining camp, she finally gets into the Mine.

She finds a way to the Sanctuary hidden deep into the Mine. 


This level is part of a series, use your own savegame from the Mines level or use the one provided in the Level download, because you need the Crowbar and Revolver/Lasersight in this level.


Won’t mention enemies, only relevant ones and be sure to keep some Revolver Ammo separate.

Into the Indian Caves.

Coming from the Mines you’ll find yourself in a dark passage, follow to a Vase and shoot it to get the Flares from it. When you proceed you’ll find a Cave with a bridge over a pit, cross the bridge and go L (W) to get a ½ MP from the vase there, then go to the other (E) side and enter the passage hidden in the dark and follow into the Totem Room.

Go into the L (N) passage and gates will open for you, they will drop shut behind you and you will find yourself in a sandy cave. Head into that passage W and stand back to the slope in the end, backflip/jump/grab up to the upper floor and use the Crowbar lever there, the cave rocks and as you return to the lower cave a new opening will be visible in the N, enter and follow to the Swamp room.

1st Jar of Elements.

Drop into the swamp and wade SW, in the corner are wall-paintings, on the square in front of them lies the Moving Sands Key (in the mud) take it to the NE corner and use it on the N wall, to get a bridge out in the swamp room, go up to the room N with the Jar of Elements, take it and go back down the bridge to the place where you used the Key and find the open gate S. In the end of the passage is a grey pushblock and to the L a pushblock with a face, push the face block in once and then push the grey block all the way to the end, come to another block L, push it once and find a small room with Spikes and a closed door S. Run through the Spikes to the Face Tile in the SE corner. push the last block to the N once and enter the new room. Get Secret#1, Ammo and a ½ MP and go back out, pull the last block back and push it into the passage to the Secret room.

Then go into the new passage N and find the first block you pushed, pull/push it all the way onto the Face Tile near the Spikes and the door will open up. Hop over the Spikes and go through the door, follow to a green cave, pick up some Ammo in the SE corner of that cave and proceed down the S passage to the next area with a campfire.

The Skeleton Key and the Torch

In the SW corner is a door, head out S and go up the Spike-trap passage by running up when the Spikes are down and in the end you can drop down in the pit you crossed in the beginning of the level. On a somewhat elevated ledge is the Skeleton Key to be found. Return to the Spike-trap passage and follow back down to the cave with the campfire, in a bush between the feeding through and the pillar is the Torch, light it carefully at the campfire and go to the hides hanging out to dry NW, light them from a safe distance and that SW door will open up, on your way to that door you’ll find a ½ MP, take it and climb into the higher passage, go up the ladder to where you can open a door with the Skeleton Key. That passage will end up back in the Totem Room.

2nd Jar of Elements.

Go into the passage E and place the Jar of Elements in the niche L, the gate opens. Follow to the Scissor-traps and run through one by one when they open, another closed gate in the corner of the passage and a Lava Pit to the L with a bridge across, go down the first part and turn R where the rope touches the bridge floor, look down SW and spot the opening in the W wall below, standjump down onto the ledge in front of that opening and hop into the wall, follow the winding passage up to collect Secret#2, Ammo and a MP, the gate on top you saw earlier will open up and when you go R you’ll end up at the bridge again. Cross over to the E side, but mind the breakable last part, follow the next passage down to a Crossing room.

Crossing room.

Go R and up into the steep W passage, hop over the fence on the L side and use the Crowbar lever to open a door in the room below. Go back down and to the E side of the room where a passage leads to the receptacle for the next Jar of Elements, turn around there and look for the swinging ball up at the ceiling, when you shoot that, a block will lower in the Crossing room you came from giving access to a bridge N.

Runjump over the broken part of the bridge and the rest will give way too, so run up into the next room fast and time a burner to jump over to the other side, follow to a Burner passage and use the MS ceiling to get past the burners, drop onto another floor in the end and follow the passage down to a lower room, a closed gate in the corner, head into the passage W and at the lava room a jump to the brown block with the fence.

Grab the ceiling and go W a bit, then turn R and drop/grab the ladder on the pillar, go climb L around the corner and go down to the Lava level, backflip/roll and jump the sloped ledges till you end up on a block with a Crowbar lever. Throw the lever and get a cutscene of the open gate in the room you came from, stand on the NE corner of the block, take two steps back and Runjump onto a sloped ledge near the L wall, keep jumping the sloped ledges till you can grab that brown block near the MS, standjump/grab back into the passage E and follow up to the room with the open gate.

Follow the passage past a Burner-trap to the lava in the cave with the bridge where you got the Secret before (the entrance to that Secret room W is now closed) Just jump over the ledges to the S timing the Burner, then a long Runjump from the highest part of the sloped ledge to the SW and over to the open gate S. Coming into the next room the way back will close, find a walkthrough painting on the W wall and inside is a Crowbar lever to lower another block in the previous room, go back and Runjump/grab to the block with the campfire, shimmy R or L around the 2 corners and pull up in a corner. 

Turn around, jump/grab the ladder on the wall, go up and L to push a Face block in the NW corner once in, go back and pull out the NE block, move it aside so you can enter, go L into the passage and find the first block pull it once, go around again and push it all the way into the next room and there you have to move it onto the Face Tile. The S gate opens up and you can enter the room with the 2nd Jar of Elements, cross the Lava over the tightrope and get it from the pedestal. Go back over the now activated Lava pool and in the room with the pushblock the N gate will be open so you can go down into the Crossing room, Go R and into the passage with the receptacle for the 2nd Jar and the gate will open up when you place it. Follow the winding passage to some Teeth doors and time the run through them, then slide down into another Totem room.

3rd Jar of Elements.

In the N is a passage with another Jar receptacle, in the middle of the room a deep water filled pit, jump the fence and swim down to the bottom to get a ½ MP. Better swim up to the surface again to get air, face N and then swim down to the lower N opening in the wall, follow to the end and pull the UW lever to open up another passage in the pit, quickly swim back and up in the pit, Snakes will follow you, but it’s hard to shoot them from the ledge with the Totem (in my game they were all trying to get into a vase on the bottom).

Check your health, face S and dive in again swim into the upper S opening and follow to where you can wade up into a passage, follow to a passage with a closed gate, climb down into the pit beyond the gate and throw the Crowbar lever hidden in the bush S, climb back and go to the now open gate L to use the Crowbar lever and flood the pit you just came from, going back you’ll notice the floating block, climb it and grab up facing N, follow the passage and in the next room are 3 pushblocks with different colours.


Look in the first pit L for some Ammo, then hop into the next pit L and use the Crowbar lever to open a gate SE. Inside that room is another Crowbar lever to raise a block in one of the pits at the pushblocks, making life a bit easier as a Spike-trap is now covered and you will have more room to manoeuvre. Shoot the orange vase in the same room to get the Ammo and head to the pushblocks, move them around till you have the brownish block in the W alcove, the face block in the N alcove, the grey block in the S one and finally the greenish block in the middle of the room E and the gate S will open up.

The Big Cave and Cistern Key.

Go down into the grassy cave and find the hole in the floor, in the next room is a closed gate with a keyhole, drop down into the next hole in the floor, follow to a wide cave with a bridge, go up the steps NW and up there you can grab up to the W wall, shimmy L around the corners over a deadly pit and hoist yourself into the crawlspace, shoot the vase and get the Cistern Key. Get back out and be sure to shimmy back to the R to drop onto the safe ledge, go down the steps and before you go back to the opening SW, look up on the ceiling for a swinging ball, shoot it to open a gate in a steep shaft in the E wall.

Flood the Big Cave.

Now you can return into the passage SW and climb up in the end, use the Key E and go into the room to flood the Big Cave with the Crowbar lever. Go back, swim to the Big Cave and look up in the ceiling about where the fenced off pit is for an air pocket between the vegetation, this will be a refuge and also a closed gate is to be found there. Save and go down, swim to that steep sloped tunnel in the E wall. Throw the 1st UW lever there and a gate opens NE in the Cave, swim back down and go down into that deep pit between the wooden fences, a second UW lever will open a gate NW in the Cave (under the bridge), revealing a Crowbar lever in the end of the passage, so that one is for later. Swim N and go straight into the opening NW in N wall, follow to a ladder in a shaft and use the 3rd UW lever (S wall) there to open another gate in the Big Cave, get some air above and swim out again, to the S and go R (W) at the deep pit, in the W wall is the UW room you just opened.

In the top of that room is UW lever#4, it will open the gate in the air pocket of the Big Cave, so swim out And go up into the air pocket, climb out and carefully follow the newly opened passage through the Teeth doors into a cave with a Golden Skull, protected by Spikes. Use the Crowbar lever L to kill the flames at another Crowbar lever and head back to the Big cave, swim S and R to climb out on the E side of the broken bridge, go into the structure towards the closed gate (behind it is the next Jar of Elements) and to the L is that Crowbar lever, use it to raise a block in the big cave, close to the deep pit. Well that’s all for this run, go back to the S, swim into the SW passage and back up to the room E where you flooded the Big Cave before. Use the Crowbar lever again to drain the Big Cave and return there.

Another Dry Run, with the Torch.

Get onto that block W of the deep pit and Runjump up into the opening in W wall, where you used the UW lever, in the W wall is a pushblock, pull it out and aside, then go get the Torch hidden there. Go out and slide down the sloped wall to the steps leading up N, follow to the open gate under the bridge, leave your Torch somewhere safe and follow the passage in to use the Crowbar lever in the end (screenshot of a burning wall-torch), go back out and pick up the Torch, head over to the E side of the Cave and jump up into the opening under the Bridge, follow in L through the now lowered wall and jump up the blocks to get to the wall/torch, light yours and leave it somewhere safe so you can use the Crowbar lever to open another gate (at the top of the ladder in the N tunnel).

The 1st Golden Skull.

Go back out to the Big Cave taking the Torch and head S, past the deep pit are some hides hanging from the rack. Light them carefully to stop the Spikes at the Golden Skull and now you have to put the Torch in a safe and dry place, go up those W steps to the N end and jump up to the upper W ledge from near that grating, leave the Torch at the start of the Bridge. Safety drop down from the ledges and get into the NW passage in N wall, go up that ladder in the end and almost from the top you can backflip/roll into a passage behind you, where that gate opened before, follow in to a room with the 1st Golden Skull. Time to flood the Big Cave again, so go back down into the Big Cave, to the SW passage and up to the Flood lever in the E room.

The 2nd Golden Skull.

Then back to the Big Cave again and find the last UW lever on the ceiling block NE of the deep pit (those Spikes protecting it are gone now) and the Spikes at the next Skull will be gone, so swim up into the air pocket, climb out and pass through the Teeth doors. Go get the 2nd Golden Skull and go back to the Big Cave, swim to the N and get out onto the W end of the broken bridge, get the Torch and carefully walk of the end of the bridge to swim along the surface to the E end of the bridge, walk up to the closed gate and carefully light the Skins R of the gate.

The Jar.

The gate opens and you can go in to place the 2 Skulls on the pedestals (face the Jar to place the Skulls) and now you can take the 3rd Jar of Elements (screenshot of the room where you got the 1st Skull, where a door opened). To get there you’ll have to drain the Big Cave once more, so go SW up through the tunnel to use the flood lever in the E room again and head back into the Big cave, go into that tunnel in N wall and up the ladder, backflip into the passage and go past the receptacle to find the opening NW, leading into a room with a water hole. Take a deep breath, dive in and follow the long winding tunnel to where a block lowers in front, swim up in the deep pit and climb out on the ledge with the Totem, runjump over the fence to the N and open the gate there by placing the Jar in it’s receptacle. Follow the passage in and just run into the wall of water, swim up and climb out at the opening in the fence and follow the passages over a frozen pool into another Totem room, stay close to the R hand wall and make a full circle around the and you will come past a Timed door, some Ammo in the corner and finally end up behind a wooden fence where a Skull Tile will trigger the Timed door to open up.

Timed Run.

Stand back against the S wall, Save facing N and run over the Tile jump and turn sharp R at the first pillar, hop over the corner of the fences to land at the S side of the pit, run L a bit facing the open door, run and jump up into the opening (time to spare taking this route).

Follow the passage down to some Teeth doors and proceed into a snowy cavern under the frozen pool. Shoot the vase W to get some Ammo and in the next sloped passage you have to hop back to wait out some Ice Cubes coming down, after they stopped moving you can go on to a water hole, dive in and find the UW lever on E wall, a screenshot of the pit at the timed run. Head back over the Ice Cube slope, into the E opening, through the Teeth doors and up to the Totem room, jump over the fence onto the totem ledge and drop down into the pit, an opening appeared S, go in and slide to the end of the level….

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