TR Gold Lara at the Movies.


The Movie Theatre. (part 7-Grand Finale.) (Walk-Dutchy.)

The Vase Puzzle.

Pry the Walk of Fame Star off the wall and enter the Vase Puzzle room, notice the vases are blocked by ledges and obviously have to go onto the marked Tiles. There’s a slope down the room, from which you can jump to ledges spanning the room. Slide and jump to the lower ledge, put the vase on the Tile and one of the exit gates opens, jump to the switch on S wall and use it to lower the ledge at the centre vase and runjump from the switch-ledge to the one where you pushed the Vase, runjump/grab to a ledge sticking out of the Slope and limb up to the top, first pull the N vase as far as possible to the now raised Tile, the move the centre Vase to the Tile, use the switch again and go to the N Vase, put it on the Tile and the exit opens. Now, you probably already noticed the Secret in the alcove of the Slope. Go stand with your back to the lower Vase and take one sidestep R from the L edge of the ledge, look L and see the sloped block, turn a bit so you’ll land on that block when you sidejump L, immediately jump with a L curve and grab that alcove, get the Secret ˝ MP and leave the room S. Go R and place the Star to open the gate, get Movie Star 6 and  go to the R in the 2nd Hall of the Theatre and through the curtain to the Exit Hall.

 The Star Puzzle and the Exit Hall.

Here is a nasty puzzle, see the Cinema numbers on the walls L and R, take a look at the Stars in your inventory and take notes of the codes written on the back. They will give you the clue to this puzzle. (Map)

The closed gates also count as floor tiles, they will open when you completed part of the puzzle, draw a grid of the floor and put in the numbers according to the Stars, the Skulls mean Death. You can grab the ceiling over the death floor with a jump/grab and drop onto all the numbered Tiles from 1-12 and the gate will open. Go through the CS and a beautiful flyby will take over, Lara gets on a horse and rides into the sunset…

My Compliments to all the Level builders for such a great game, Thanks.

Total Secret count 70.

                                                                                The End.