TR Gold Lara at the Movies.


The Movie Theatre. (part two) (Walk-Dutchy.)


The Block Puzzle.

Enter a basement with push blocks, go left and pull the block past the left hand stairs out once, go to the SE corner of the basement and push the block there as far as possible, turn left and pull that block once, turn right and pull that one out again to where you found it and turn left, go into the right hand passage, pull the block in the passage there out all the way and go to the W side, (opposite the entrance) push the block there in once and go left, pull the block in the NW corner out 4 times and you are in a passage where you can pick up Movie Star 1. Notice the small triangular crawlspace left of the Star, turn around and go to the block in the end of this passage, push it in and enter the triangular hole left to place the Star. (which will open the door on top of the stairs) Go back to where you found the Star and follow the crawlspace, go into the NW passage and get the Secret small medipack just in front of the left block, push that block past the right hand stairs and go up to the room with the Compass, shoot the Dogs and go into 1st Hall, pick out another movie and enter. (Map of the basement.)

secret count 13


Cinema 2 – Temples and Pyramids.

Feature 1- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. (Walk-CC/edited Dutchy)

Lara slides onto a Tinnos/catacomb-style room. Find the bronze trapdoor beside the shotgun in the W. Drop down and push the block all the way in. The screen shakes, something has happened. Go back out and a landslide has covered the skeleton.
Back up onto the  landslide and run forward quickly as two boulders come down. Back up the landslide, turn around, climb the ladder and you are out on walkways. Shoot the skeleton with the shotgun, and find the switch. See a flyby of where to go. Go there.
Do run jumps over the breakable tiles so you leave the 2nd one intact on every pit. Shoot two vases and pick up the scroll and torch. We'll call this the Water Room. Bring it back to the first room and leave on the floor. Find the moveable block (near where you slide down at the start). Pull it out and to the spot where one of the boulders is, there’s a different textured floor tile, go into the alcove the block came out of and pull the switch to raise a pillar under the block, go up to the walkway at the boulder-trap and pull the block on the grated floor Tile. The other door NW opens, go there.

 The Fire Room.
As you run across the tile a skeleton appears. You come into what we'll call the Fire Room. Shoot the skeleton into the lava on the floor. See that white sun tile, remember this. There are three statues with fire on them. If you go near them fire wraiths will chase you, and you you'll have to go back to the Water Room to extinguish them.
Go back up on the walkway and pull that switch again up there (this is the first of the 'double-action' switches you come across). This opens a gate in the lava pit before the Fire Room. Grab the torch and go back over what's left of the breakable tiles to the Fire Room and leave the torch there, drop back into the pit from the entrance of the Fire room and grab the ladder, drop/grab down to an opening with a switch. Pull the switch and see that tile in the Fire Room burning (that's where you'll light the torch).

To get out again, jump and grab the breakable tile. Pull up, roll and do a running jump back to grab the ladder above the switch, and climb back up. Get the torch and light it on the burning tile. Go back to the first room and light a similar looking white sun tile in the SW. Go over to the switch that raised the block and a hole has opened up, get the Secret pickups.
Part of the floor drops near the central structure near the water room. Throw down the torch and follow it down. Throw the torch again in the crawlspace is it hasn't gone far enough. Bring the torch with you (pick it up while crawling and throw it again-D.) straight ahead into the green corridor, to the end, and into the left. Stand on the breakable tile facing the gate you just passed and fall down to a room with swinging spike bags and lava. Turn right and walk up to the pit, throw the torch into the passage beyond the pit, jump/grab over and use the torch again on that sun tile, jump back across to the other side into the passage with the switch. Leave the torch at the end of the corridor and use the switch. This lowers the block beside you, throw the torch onto the block and pull the switch again. This raises the block with the torch on it so you can retrieve above later on.

Before climbing back up the ladder find the movable green wall block behind the swinging spike bag near the sun tile. Use the pull down-switch, this raises a block for later.
Back to the ladder and climb up. Backflip/roll from the top of the ladder. Push the green block forward as far as it will go. No go into the right, see skeletons on the floor and in the alcove is your torch on the raised block. Go get it, jump back out and collect the pickups.
Go back out through the green corridor, back to where you came down through the crawlspace and continue on to the right. See the spiked skeleton on the ground, that's what remains of Indiana Jones, poor guy. Pick up his Shankara stone.
You could blast that skeleton in the corner if you like too while it's inactive. Go through the entrance beside India and continue straight on. Do not go into the left yet, or you'll be in big trouble. You are in a large room with two giant heads either side. This is where you place your stones.

Use the torch find the movable block in the wall, it's on the left as you ran into this room, but before you reach the big head on the left. Push it in as far as it will go. Bring the torch down below the block and light the two sconces. The gate rises. Go in and see a Pyramid key on fire, you can't get it. Use the pull-down switch. Go back out and up to the block. The floor has risen beside it. Use this new piece of floor to pull the block aside and push it all the way through the corridor onto a similar tile to the one it's standing on. Go back down again and the fire is out, get the pyramid key. Pull the block back out of the corridor and get out.

Go back to where you fell through the breakable tile and see the gate on the opposite side is open. Go through there and keep going until you come to a slope where you see lava below. Save before this. Slide down onto a breakable tile. All the tiles in here are breakable and I wasn't able to do a continuous run. The only way I could do it was to try and grab each tile. It won't break until Lara climbs up on it. This makes life easier, but takes a long time to do. The last part is a particularly awkward jump to a tile and immediately a running jump around the corner to the left.

This brings you to a room with a bridge. Go up and have a look. There's another stone on fire and to the right of this is an entrance you'll use later on. (I played this area a lot and it was only at the last minute I found the moveable block in the swinging spike bag room. Because you've done it now you can see the yellow floor raised in that entrance, if you hadn't the floor would be down). Go back down to the bridge and down to the ledge below. Use the ladder on the column and jumps to get to the switch on the far side. This turns off the first and raises the gate behind the stone. Get onto the bridge again and collect the Shankara Gem. (shortcut: Just run with a right or left turn from the big centre platform, near the bridge to the Stone to the lowest ledge in the lava, then jump to the switch. Up is the long way-D.)

From the pedestal where you got the Shankara Gem, turn right and and jump across into the passage, notice the grated Tile inside and go left, pull the block in, it has to go onto the Tile, so work your way around till you get a screenshot of an open gate. Use this now open corridor to get back to the dip in the floor. Turn left and stop when you reach the slope you slid down earlier. On the right is another green block in the wall, pull it all the way to the Shankara Gem pedestal. Jump across again and get into the corridor. Go to the top of the slope again and run in there, and push the right hand block as far as it will go. Come back out to the dip in the floor again and push the block as it will go onto the grated Tile near the crawlspace. You've seen the gates rise in the room I told you not to go into up to now.

Well you have to now. Bring the torch with you and leave it just outside before you run in. As you do run in two fire wraith appear. Save! The only way I could get rid of these was to go all the way back to the water room, crawl through the crawlspace and climb the ladder, into the water room and douse the wraiths. This, you can believe, took a lot of reloading. Funnily enough they didn't attack dangerously in the crawlspace, but when I got to the top of the ladder and back flipped, they did attack immediately. So if this happens to you, jump in any direction after back flipping to give yourself another second and escape. (Backflip from the ladder, side jump right and roll and you’re straight in front of the passage to the water room-D.) Running over the broken floor to the water room too was hard as sometimes you've got to stop and hop back before doing a running jump. (Or do diagonal jumps and runs over the ledges, jump from the left to the right, run diagonal to the left and jump to the right side of the next ledge, this way you can do running jumps-D.) When you've finally put them out go back to the room they appeared in first.

Pull the switch on the wall, this raised a block in front of the diamond receptacle opposite, place your pyramid key there. Now use the torch to light the sconces and the last gate should rise. Go in a get the next Shakara Gem.
Put these Shankara gems into the big heads. Before going through the newly opened gate, go back to where the movable block is (where you got the pyramid key) and that gate is now open to get the
Secret beside the block. Now go through the new gate.
There's a hole in the floor and if you look down you'll see lava, that ledge is breakable so we have to come up with a cunning plan. Torch in hand, face the gates you just come through, step back to the break tiles edge and hop back, fall back down onto the breakable tile and jump forward into the entrance there. This is a Secret room. Get all the pickups.

Go have a look outside again, there's another breakable tile below. You have to jump into an opening to the right, stand left facing the pit, at the edge of the floor, turn right, back to the wall, take 2 sidesteps right and side jump left onto the break tile, stand jump forward into the opening. At the entrance, drop the torch, you'll see a flyby of a door opening and a native coming out. Weapons ready to go in and tackle him. Go back and get the torch.
Run down to the ground level and behind the tall column and find the wall switch. Come back out and get the torch. You have to do a couple of those awkward running around those big heads on the side ledges, either side is the same, and get into the room underneath a high-pull down switch. Light the torches in here and see a block rising outside. Go back there with the torch, but drop it near the gate in the lower part of the room.(You’ll come back for it later through the gate-D).

This is a very difficult rope swing, it took me an awful lot of goes to get it. (You really have to swing about 3-4 times, before you jump when her legs are at the highest point-D.) Eventually, and it seemed like pure luck when it happened, she will grab the switch and pull it down.
You don't need your torch this time so leave it here. Go back out to the lava room and jump across to the now open gate. Straight ahead is where you'll come later, but this time turn right and drop down the ladder. Weapons ready for bat(s) and a native in a long cave type room. Go forward and find you come to a huge room. Kill the 2 Natives first before looking around. This room is full of stuff to do so have a good look.

Climb the ladder in the NW corner and go onto the bridge, the camera changes, towards the switch. It's possible to kill the skeleton on the far structure if you want from here with the crossbow or possibly the grenade gun. But as you've probably got more shotgun ammo wait a minute. Pull the switch and get to the ground again. Go to the SE corner and see a large green door (remember this) and climb the back of the structure here. At the top wait for the skellie to jump over to you and then shoot it with the shotgun.

 Continue around to the right and find the big cog wheel. This is a tight timed run. I don't know if it's possible to do this any other way than the way I did it. So here goes:
Pull it at least 67 times, backflip to the ground behind you, turn left quickly and do running jump around to the left corner to that green door you saw earlier. When you get to the green door turn right and drop backwards onto the slope and grab the edge. (Like I said it may be possible to do this running straight forward but I couldn't). Save here.
Pull up and jump twist to grab a breakable tile behind you. Wait and save here.
Watch 'til the fire go out, then pull up and jump to grab the next tile. (sometimes after you reload the fire is out, so pull up as soon as the game reloads, doesn’t work all the time, be patient-D.) Save.

Watch for the fires again, then pull and jump to the solid structure ahead. On the left is a key. Before picking it up make sure you have the shotgun ready. When you pick it up a skeleton appears very near you, and it takes a bit of maneuvering to shoot it into the lava.
Now go to the side opposite the pedestal and look towards the next lot of breakable tiles. I was not able to just slide and jump to the tile across the room. I had to position Lara in such a way that she did a single jump onto the tile below and jump to grab the side of the tile ahead. (Stand at the corner of the left pillar, at the edge of the slope and take two steps back, stand jump and stand jump/grab to the 2nd Tile, go Around right and pull up, run jump/grab to the opening-D.) Again, it may be possible to jump to this second tile and keep running but I wasn't able to do it. Once you've grabbed this tile, shimmy around so Lara is facing the entrance. Pull up, a running jump, and into the entrance. Climb the ladder and the gate before you rises. Jump over the sloped block and you’re back at the switch on the bridge, pull the switch there one more time to change the function of the cog wheel so you can open the other green door with it.

Get back to the cog wheel again. Pull it about 6 times again, and this time the gate straight ahead of you opens. (I've never seen this before, where a switchcog changed to do a different task). Jump over the wheel, run of the structure and run through this door.
Jump to the brown block thing ahead and climb onto the top. Use the blocks to go to the right side, mind the fires, and get into the alcoves and pull two switches. Get back to the ledge with the ladder and head for the next switch on the far left side (leave the switch on the ladder side until last). To add insult to injury there are some bat(s) flying around here too. When you've pull the last switch, turn to face the peculiar shaped block almost beside the ledge with the ladder. Save before doing this. Do an angled running jump to hit the side of that block, twist in the jump and grab a crawlspace. Pull up into the crawlspace and crawl to the left so Lara can stand up. It's easy this time to jump to the same block and jump to the ladder.

I've no idea the purpose of the first landing. See if you can do anything there. Backflip onto the second ladder, turn immediately and get the shotgun ready. Wait until the skeleton comes near you to shoot it off the ledge, otherwise you'll waste ammo. Change to pistols quickly and shoot a bat. Face the rope and swing across to the ledge with two vases. Have the shotgun ready again and go in a deal with another skeleton. Back to the vases and shoot them. Into the tunnel again and to the end. Jump to the blue ladder on the left and down to the ground. (I found nothing else to with this ladder).
Go to the structure where the cog wheel is and find the high ladder on the wall beside it. Opposite this ladder the gate has opened under the structure, but leave it for now. Climb this tall ladder to the top. At the top get the shotgun ready. A skeleton rises. Get behind him and shoot him off this floor over the edge.

Pull the switch and go through to the room you saw before and get your torch. Throw it down to the ground. Climb back down the tall ladder. Pick up the torch and thrown it into that hole opposite the ladder. Go down and light the sconce. That's about all you can do with the torch. Climb back up and get back up to the cog wheel again.
You do the same as last time and run through the door ahead, back into the lava room. This time just go straight ahead and backflip at the top where you encountered the skeleton before. This time the gate is open, so through and get the key on the pedestal.
Turn around and climb the ladder over the pedestal for a Secret. Jump to the ledge either side and shoot vases for pickups. You can shoot the vases on the other side of the room, but there's nothing else there. Go back down to the pedestal, use the ropeswing again, and the blue ladder and back down to the ground.

Climb that tall ladder again and get back to the room where you just got the torch from and go right, jump back across the lava pit.
This time go straight ahead. Use your keys and go through the door.

Secret count 17


Feature 2– Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb. (notes CC/Walk- Dutchy)               


The Canyon.
Excellent opening flyby. Drop/grab the helicopters landing bars, shimmy right and drop from the end, take a Medipack to recover. (great Chopper pilot, couldn’t he have gone down a bit?)

Go into the W canyon and where the passage gets narrow, face E and hop back against the W pillar, jump forward on the sloped block in front and keep jumping left till you can jump/grab to a ridge from the highest W pillar, go find the spot (a bit left) where you can stand, look W to spot the crawlspace for later and turn S, stand jump to a ledge at the end of the ridge, stand jump over the slope far S end of the wall and slide to a flatter part, jump around the corner to the N and then down to a lower ledge NE, shimmy along the ridge to a crawlspace and get the Secret, a Shotgun. Drop to the canyon floor and go up to that ridge again and jump to the crawlspace (it’s possible to jump to a sloped ledge N and do a backflip/roll/grab to the opening you will reach through the crawlspace) and follow to an opening from where you can jump the Canyon. Watch out for that hanging left rock, stay right of it and follow the tunnel grabbing a Medipack to reach a wide Canyon.

 Run jump/grab the crack in the protruding rock E and go around left, drop to a sloped block below and find the hole in the wall E of where you just landed, pill the rock away from the crawlspace behind it and get in, follow the crooked passage up to where you slide behind the Lasers near the Jeep. Look for the crawlspace at the right side of the fence, follow through to an area with a big gate and a watch tower, go down a cave to a loading area, where you’ll find a big truck, inside the truck you have to pull out the left hand crate and go behind the other to get the Crowbar.

 Go further down the cave (notice the black steel construction left) and come to a work area, there’s a red Generator with a Crowbarlever next to it, start up the Generator with it. Go back in the direction of the truck and now climb the steel construction to the right of you, (just past a closed gate) push the button in the machine room and a trapdoor opens next to the machine. Drop down onto an elevator, look in N wall for the crawlspace and follow to an alcove with a Monkey swing. Don’t use it yet, first turn right and side jump onto the slope floor of the alcove, grab and shimmy all the way left as far as possible, have full health before you drop, climb up right and go right, get a Secret, some Ammo at the window, go back to the other side from where you can climb all the way back up to the Monkey swing, get the Medipack on the way. Climb into the crawlspace at the Medipack and drop into the passage at the Monkey swing. Turn right from the drop, grab the Monkey swing and go right into the passage, drop at the ridge and jump/grab the lower part of the Monkey swing, go on to where you get a screenshot of Lara from far below and left into a passage there, follow and up the ladder, save at the top and go over the edge. Immediately jump/roll and grab the edge at the end of the slope. Pull up and backflip/roll to land on a sloped block, jump/grab to the block in front from where you can get up to the roof of the Ctrl room.

 The Jeep Keys.

Push the button to open the trapdoor and drop in and go around to the cafeteria to get a Grenade-gun and the Jeep Keys from the Cola machine. Look through the window and see 3 elevators and some kind of path through the rocks connecting them, there are 3 Ctrl buttons on a walkway in the Ctrl room to get the elevators on the right level so the path is connected, the right most  elevator has to be in the upper position. The left one down and the middle one on the level of the path. Open the trapdoor, climb  down to the ground and go up to the truck, to the black gates, get the Medipack there and go through the crawlspace to where the Jeep is. Drive it through the Red fence at the crawlspace and to the big gate (there is one more Gate behind it, we’ll come to later).

 Exploring the Route/ Cat Eyes.

Now we go explore the route through the caves you will have to do to get the 4th Secret later and get the 3rd Secret on the way. Drive the Jeep down the cave ahead, breaking the fences and left, over a narrow path with a short jump in the end, go left and park the Jeep in the next wider corner, walk back a bit and you can dive in the water through a gap left, look for an under water opening where you can get the Cat Eyes. Back to the Jeep, you will have to swim around to get to it and take it up a narrow slope, over a path past a waterfall right, cross a higher path you’ll ride later and through an opening in the rock wall, up to a wider cave, go left and down the slope, follow that cave to the dead-end and go up right, jump the gaps in the path you crossed before and through another small tunnel, now be careful, you have to stay on the higher rock face steering right and make a U-turn around the deeper part to the left over a hill into a deeper part, here you’ll see a slope up on the left side and one down on the right side, park the Jeep and go stand with your back to the steep Up slope, back up as far as possible and backflip/jump/grab the crawlspace to get the Secret Ammo.

Go back to the Jeep, back it up as far as possible and make speed to get up to the higher slope and you’ll jump over the 1st Black Gate. Now this is what you have to do in the timed run for the next Secret. (Notice the Watchtower behind the 2nd Black Gate.)

 There are 3 possible solutions for the Double gate puzzle but the only following will gave access to the 4th secret.

 1- Push the switch next to the first gate and quickly ride the jeep along the path you explored, as fast as possible up that last steep slope and you’ll make the jump over the first Gate, so you land between the 2 of them. If you have run fast enough through the canyons the 2nd gate will be still opened and the Watchtower door with the Secret, Ammo will open when crossing the 2nd Gate.

 2- If not stop the Jeep close to the 2nd gate and push the button in here, the gate you jumped opens, go out fast and just around the right hand corner is the button to open the gate at the jeep, run back in and hop in the Jeep to take it through the Timed gate.

 3- Another solution to the Double Gate puzzle is push the 1st switch, use the crawlspace at the right side of the Red fence you opened before with the Jeep, cross the second gate and press the switch that open the first gate, ride the Jeep and cross both open gates.

 After this you can drive down to the work area with the elevators, the door just right of the steel ladder you climbed should be open. Drive the Jeep in and bump it against the yellow button, the elevator goes up, drive through the tunnel, through the centre elevator and into the 3rd after the slope, bump into the yellow button and it goes down, drive out and into a wider room, right and to a closed gate. Leave the Jeep and walk back a bit, look for the crawlspace up in right hand wall, go through and follow the next passage to a sloped one with a Boulder up left, shoot the Boulder with the Grenade-gun and head back to the Jeep and just tip the gate, it will break, back up and get out of the Jeep, go through the gate and onto a break floor (only with the Jeep, that is.) Get the Secret, some Ammo in the right hand alcove and go get the Jeep, break through the floor leave it here. Go to the alcove SW and get the 2nd Pair of Cat Eyes.

Drop out and get up in the NW passage.

 The Pyramid and the Cat Temple.

Push the button and a block lowers in the Pyramid. Great action, the folding ladder. Go up and over, slide and jump over the Spikes popping up out of a folding ledge, get some Flares behind the big obelisk and look E, on the roof of the veranda is some Ammo, stand on the veranda in the NE corner of this square and backflip onto the pyramid, to land just next to the roof, jump back with a sharp left curve to land on the roof, get the  Secret, Ammo and go N. drop into the next square with a Cat temple. Go into the SE passage besides the temple first to get the Grenade-gun. There are 2 Statues in front of the Temple, which you have to unwrap first, shoot the cover to reveal the Gold cats and place the Cat Eyes. The temple opens up. Go in and it looks like a big stone is shielding the entrance down. Go left of it and push in a block left, the Stone lifts and reveals the stairs. Go down and push the Golden doors left open. Enter the Mirror room.

 The Mirror room.

The Statue left has the Timeless sands, shoot it to open a door on the opposite side, go in and go past the Mirrors with some jumps, light a flare to find a lever in the passage back there, throw it to flip over some Tiles in the Mirror room and lower the floor so the mirrors can be moved there, now go place the Mirrors on the tile sin a way that they will reflect the laser from the other statue to the red button on the pillar. You can’t do much wrong here, if the Tile rises, the Mirror is in the right place when 4 are placed there is another one you need in the back passage, go pull it out and the Laser will open the doors, get Queen Tara’s Image and hear the Pilot talk to you.

 The Escape. (timed run.)

You have to hurry now, run out of the Temple and into the opposite building a bit right, left and hop into the crawlspace, sharp right around the corner and up left where the Boulder was, several cut scenes of Guards coming in to take care of you will make the escape hard, slide into a cave with a Guard, just run past, keep an eye on the health and run down to where the Jeep is, left and to the steel pillars of the Ctrl room. Go left into the ladder to the Ctrl room, up ignoring the Guard below and go hang right on top, backflip/roll and turn right, up to the roof and backflip off, run to the corner at the Chopper on the square under the rope-winch. When you arrived in time, the Chopper will drop a rope, if not the Sam site will take it out. Climb the rope and backflip into the Chopper, Josep himself seems to be the Pilot. Uh-Oh!

Secret count 23.

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