BtB2005-8  Mourning Palace.

Level by Horus.

Walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty.

MS=Monkeyswing, CS=Crawlspace, MP=med-pack, UW=underwater.

Some names are in Red for later reference.

Youíll drop into a nice Catacomb, head forward and at the R hand side of the next crossing are some vases and one of them holds Ammo.

Main Room-Top floor.

Go N and run past the Skellie, jump over the corner of that pool to avoid the burner and go R into the next room, follow the ledge along the W wall, over the arch and hop on the block in the S alcove, throw the lever to open a door in the room below. Donít go shooting the vases here or youíll get a nasty surprise (Beetles) Run straight N from the block and do a safety drop down from the end of the ledge to land on a lower floor. Go L (E) and into the passage S, where youíll find a pole.

Main Room-3rd floor.

Go into that R hand passage first (a Skellie wakes up near the pole), it leads to the ramp where you opened the door before go up and into the CS in S wall, throw the lever on the other side L and the door opens, go in to the room with the deadly pool.

Deadly Pool.

On the ledge in the pool is the Shotgun, get it and use it right away to shoot those Skellies into the pool. Head S over the ledges and use the lever to open a door on the NE ledge. Go back to where you entered the room and jump over the ledges to that now accessible ledge with the Ammo, go up the steps to the 1st floor and go to a timed trigger Tile at the W wall, turn and shoot the Skellie down.

Timed run for the Crowbar.

The door E opens when you go over that Tile, look for the easiest route for you and run over the Tile, so you already have speed when the door still has to open.

This is how I did it and I didnít even sprint. Stand on the S side of the Tile, face NE, back to the wall and runjump over the Tile to land on the ledge going E, run and jump to the ledge R and cut corners by jumping over them, in the end jump up into the open door. Get the Crowbar and head back out, shoot the 2 Skellies that appeared and go back to the steps E and down over the ledges to the CS in the NW corner. Go through and to the pole (thereís nothing in the vases) and climb down to backflip off as there are Spikes below.

Main Room/Golden Star.

Go out onto the steps to the Main room and turn R (SE) jump to the sand hill there and go up into the alcove with the vases in the S wall, in the corner with the rubble is a climb wall up to the next floor, go climb the ledges on the E wall to get to the top and find the MS that heads W and then with a few twist and turns to an alcove in the N wall where youíll find the Golden Star, the camera changes to show you the receptacle one floor down.

Look S and spot a sloped ledge on the SE structure, check your health and runjump (slight L curve) to that ledge, slide off backwards, grab and spot the crack below, drop/grab and go L to a CS, get through and hang from the other side. Again drop/grab and then let go to land on the floor below, go W on those steps youíre on and R around the corner, hop over that sloped ledge to the corner where you can stand, a runjump around the R hand corner and over that sloped block will get you onto a path that leads to the N ladder (some jumps involved).

Pharos Pillar.

In this next room is a pole in the N, climb up and backflip off to the upper floor, go S and outside are some Flares in an alcove, wait there for the Skellie to arrive and blast him off the edge. Go into the other room and hereís a pole with a burner, standjump/grab the pole and go up to place the Star in the receptacle S, a door opens E of here. Go down the pole and hang with your feet in the flames before back flipping, then go down the other pole and head to the back side of the NW pillar with the burner, go up the ladder and use the MS to cross over to drop onto the E pillar (itís one block past that ladder on S wall) jump/grab the ladder and go up to the room where the Pharos Pillar stands at that opened door.

Flooding Main Room.

Drop from the open door and go down the pole in the next room go out S and over the same rocky path you came from and once on the steps in the E structure you can spot a MP down SE at the steps, you can go get that and then return here. Go up and climb up to the walkway into that E building, go to the 1st steps and L into the lower floor for the Ĺ MP at the window, then go up to the hall on top of the steps and L into a room where the Pillar can be placed E and the Main room floods. Opposite the receptacle is the one for the Pharos Knot and when you head out again you can spot the stand for the Portal Guardian in the S room. Go out to the deeper water in Main room.

Swim W and R to the NW opening under the star receptacle and follow to the end, R and follow the tunnel past the hole up in the ceiling to a room on the R side, climb the ledges to a button that will open a door in the room at the hole you just passed. Swim back and up in the hole to a foggy room, a Ĺ MP is to be found near the ramp at the N wall and that open door is in the NW corner. Inside is a timed trigger Tile.

Timed run 2/Pharos Knot.

Save with your back to the wall behind the trigger Tile and sprint up the ramp, jump to the ledge on the pillar to the R and runjump through to the pillar E, then with a sharp L turn to the pillar on E wall, closets to the NW corner and jump/grab to the corner ledge, up and turn, grab the MS and drop/grab from the S end to climb the ledge there, runjump to the pillar on S wall (land on the side closest to you) and runjump to the next one, then standjump and take a step or 2 back so you can runjump to the ledge in front of the door, standjump up to the opening and go get the Pharos Knot inside.

From the ledge outside you can standjump into the pool below and swim S, follow back to the main room and head into the E building, to the L room where you can place the Knot to lower a block somewhere. Back out to main room and swim SW, in the corner near the entrance steps is a hole in the floor, swim down and follow to an UW room with a structure in the centre, look in the top of the S wall for the crack to swim through and to a room with a Push pillar.

A Mummy appears, lure it away and go pull/push the pillar into the passage in the NE corner of the room, so itís next to the light coloured wall R and the Tile between the pillars up on the L ledge. Go back to the SW corner and hop on the ledge with the face timed trigger Tile to open the door in the E wall. Run quickly into that timed door and jump/grab up the pole. In the upper room you can grab a MS going to the other side of the room, run over the ledges to the lever and that will raise the Push pillar when you get back down to it. get behind the pillar to push it onto the ledge with the Tile and the N door opens.

The Hathor Effigy and Ornate Handle.

Go L in the next room and runjump/grab the rope after the flyby while a Spirit circles you, swing to the opposite side of the pool and go in, in the lower W side is the Hathor Effigy, turn and go E, between the closed entrance doors is a button that will open the door in N wall, go out to a room with a Bird-statue to get rid of the Spirit, Beetles come out, so watch the health here, shoot only the vase at the pole and go to the SE corner for a lever that will

Stop the burner over the pole in the W. Go up that pole fast and get the Ornate Handle out of the upper room. Down the pole again and to the N side of the room, where a big block R of that big door will trigger that door to open.

But itís a timed door, so better save while standing on the SW corner of the block, facing SW, run off and run sharp R and into that door fast and throw the lever inside to open another door in the NE of the previous room, next to that trigger block, so run back, L around the block and in, dive into the pool.

UW Maze.

Follow the tunnel straight till you swim into a block in front, go along the L side of it and straight again to get to some Ammo, roll and swim back, this time go R of the block youíll swim into and straight to the end where you go R and get the Ĺ MP. Then go on and L past the block and keep the wall on the R hand till you reach a door (near a Bird-statue) that will open for you and youíre back in Main room. Pick up the Ĺ MP on the double receptacle and swim to the SE and all the way down to the bottom for another Ĺ MP. Go up to the surface and into that E building again, go R this time to place the Portal Guardian on the stand. A door opens in the hall on top of the steps behind you, so go there and throw the lever to open a door in the far NW corner of Main room. Swim over and go onto the ledge over that door to the maze.

Boulder traps.

The open door is to the R, inside is an elevator that will get you up to a sloped passage, look next to the elevator for that wide CS and then go up the slope to the closed door on top, run to it, roll and quickly sprint back and duck into the CS to get out of the way of those Boulders that came down. Go up the slope again and to another Boulder trap, save and runjump down and a bit to the R, onto the slope and jump again after sliding a bit so you can already turn R around the corner of the room below, Beetles and Skellies come out to welcome you, run to the E side of the room to use the 1st button, then to the N side for the 2nd button and the door in the W opens.


Run over to it and save once inside, you have to standjump onto that sloped block, slidejump and turn R so youíll slide backwards off the next sloped block, grab the edge and go L to the wall, pull up and backflip. Jump/grab from the block behind you to grab the MS on the ceiling, turn around and go up to the burner. Hang in the centre, close as you can get and save, time the burner and go forward as you expect the burner to go off, drop to the sloped ledge under the burner, slide a bit and jump sharp R or L to one of the ledges in the next room. The

Water in front is deadly. Jump to the centre ledge with the Gem and the final flyby takes over to end the levelÖ