BtB2005-4  Dwellers of the Abyss.

Level by Debbie Overstreet.

Walkthrough Dutchy & Gerty.

MS=Monkeyswing, CS=Crawlspace, MP=med-pack.

Some names are in Red for later reference.

The Slides.

Slide the long slopes past several windows and where you finally end up youíll get a flyby of the next slope and where it will end up. But first go L and get the Ammo in front of the water-hole, then dive in and follow the path to a ladder leading down to Secret#1, Ammo behind one of those windows you saw on the slide (I had to duck to get it). Head back and to the room at the end of the slide and go down the next slide.

1st Hall.

Drop into a hall with closed doors, in the earlier flyby a button was shown and thatís located behind the pillar with the torch NW, the camera is fixed so go forward and R, run behind the pillar and hit Ctrl, roll and run jump over the broken pillar to the door that opened SW and follow, chased by the Spirit, to a room with a pool, dive in and swim L into the tunnel, follow to where you can go L and go up in a small room with a Bird-statue, where the Spirit will stay behind.

5 Pillar Puzzle.

5 pillars and a glass floor with opal circles in 4 corners and one in the centre, a screenshot of a door. The pillars go one in each corner and one in the centre of the floor (there's also a hint on the ceiling), go into the passage that opened up behind the centre pillar and L for some Ammo, then go to the other side and get the Revolver, look up to see the ladder leading to Secret#2, a room full of Goodies. From the block you can standjump/grab back and go to the pillars, into the water again and follow to the pool.

The Crowbar.

The door opened in the W, go in and throw the lever behind the fence to open the big door in 1st Hall. Head back and through the passage to 1st Hall, get some Flares next to the face SE and go enter that newly opened door next to the Star receptacle, L near the wall torch is the Crowbar, go on and drop into a lower room.

5 Pillar Puzzle/ Golden star.

4 pillars to push under the face tiles above them, the room changes go to the E side and climb the central structure to get the Golden Star. Go to the SW corner of the room to climb the new ladder to go back to the 1st Hall, place the Star at the one remaining closed door. Enter and follow to the next room.

The Face room/ Lasersight.

In the SE corner is an alcove you can jump/grab to and then turn to runjump up to the alcove with the button in E wall, the button will open a door in the NE corner of the room. Standjump back to the ledge below and go to the other side of the ledge, jump to the Tile under the ladder and notice the flame on the pillar L is gone, turn and jump up to that pillar (this will also kill the burner on the pillar W of you), climb the N wall and in the CS is Secret#3, Ammo. Out and up the ladder E wall, push the button to see a door in N wall opening up (inside is the Lasersight).

Go L from the button and follow to a door that opens up, look down to the R and run out to the R to the extinguished burner Tile and enter the door. Get the Lasersight and the Goodies, go out to the Burner tile and stand on the SW tip. Look down to the SW, spot the bright blue vase under those closed doors in W wall. Shoot only the blue vase and the W doors open, runjump with a curve and a grab in the end to land into that W opening.


In this room are some big closed doors (1) W and a whole bunch of vases, shoot the lot (pistols to safe Ammo), look in the SE corner for another one up in the wall behind a pillar, then go NW and up into a CS, shoot the next vase and go down the end to get Secret#4, Ammo and Ĺ MP.

The Mud-pool.

Go back out and to the opening in S wall, look L for the CS and jump/grab to it, shoot the vase, doors  (1)  open up. Turn around, look opposite and L in the opening there to see the next vase, go further into the CS and climb up R, follow to a glass floor over the mud pool, drop from the hole to a block you raised in the pool, look into that E passage for the submerged vase and shoot it to raise a second block in the pool. Runjump to that block and look in the SE corner CS for the next vase, a block raises under that CS, runjump over and then runjump SW up the ledge with the vase. Go get the Golden Star and then shoot the green vase. A Spirit is released, so quickly drop onto the block that now rose under the Ammo below the ledge and grab it.

Runjumps back to the N side and go L to the doors that opened there and into a 3 story room with glass floors.

Top floor.

Stand at the L hand pool as you come in and wait for the Spirit to go away. Do NOT shoot the vases (Skellies). Look NE and spot the door (2), go to the W and see the 2 pillars next to the picture in the alcove they go on the circle Tiles, do the one NW first and the room turns green, Beetles come out to play and the exit to the E closes. A door opened in the corner where you got the pillar from, run in and just go follow jumping over the Mummies to a crossing, go R and follow to a next crossing, R again and to the end, 2 more Skellies there.

The Beetles will at least have disappeared then, climb the L hand opening and get the Grenade-gun and MP. Push the button to open the E exit door back at the pillars. Go out and shoot all the Mummies and Skellies, at the crossing, go straight and into the lower part behind it to get some Ammo, roll and jump over the Skellie, go R/R and back to the big room, pull the 2nd pillar onto his Tile and go E and into that NE door  (2). In the vase is a Skellie, go past that to the NE corner and throw the lever to open a door E in this passage, go there and see the closed door N (exit later), go down the stairs to the S, shoot the L hand vase for the Ĺ MP and go to the R inside to open the S door with the Star.

One Floor down.

Go in and to the SE corner to get the MP and Shotgun and notice the door NE (3). Go W and into the glass room, the lever is timed and opens the NE door  (3) . First you will have to get rid of the Spirit, run to the 1st door L, up the steps and up the L passage, L into the top floor room and straight to the S pool. Then return to the timed lever, save and throw it, roll and sprint to the door, dodge the Mummies and run over the hole ( with a ladder down) in the end  onto the higher ledge. Follow to a room with a small pool, in the pool closed door (4), over the pool is a CS with vases, first look SW and see the ladder L of the closed door (5).

Go up and down the other end of the passage, throw the lever to open the door (4) in the pool, climb back up and go into that CS over the pool, donít shoot the green vases (Spirit), go along the R side, against the wall and you can pass. Secret#5 is yours. Shoot the Bones 1 and shoot the head off the Skellie before he moves. Then shoot the N and W vases (door (5) opens, shortcut.) in the room and get the Ammo. When you go out, stay L past the green vases and drop into the pool, get the Ĺ MP and swim into the open door and to Secret#6, Ammo on the W side. Hop back and swim to the pool, get out and leave through the SE door you came from before and go to that ladder at the end of the ledge, go down into Skellie-alley.

Run past all of them and L into the passage at the lowest point of the passage, wonder why all the Skellies stay back? Open the vase and find out, arm the Crossbow with explosive arrows and have fun, try to get em all at once. Go back and L, up to a room filled with vases.

Bottom Floor.

Donít shoot the vases, have a look E and see that deep dark pit with 2 closed doors (6) (7) in the walls go W and along the R side of the Tomb, push the pillar from its place and shoot the Bones 2. Go on W and a bunch of Skellies awake, take them out and hop on the ledge in the NW corner, run into the lower part and see the Bones 3 under your feet. Shoot those and go up in the CS of N wall, shoot the Bones 4 from halfway up the slope (pistols). Go out again and see an opening in the S wall.

The first R has a Bird-statue, 2 Skellies show up behind you, take em out and go up the S end of the passage, pull up and thereís a closed door (8) to the R, go S and get the MP, shoot the Bones 5 to the L (door (8) opens), the Spirit is getting nasty, run back N and down to the lower passage, shoot the Skellies and go L to the Statue. Pick up the Ĺ MP and return S to the upper passage. Pull up to the R side and go into the newly opened door.

Run in and immediately L into the passage so that you wake up every available Skellie and roll, blast them to pieces. In the E fork of that passage is a button that will open a door (6) in the deep dark pit. Go out and l into the bigger room to push the button there and get a flyby of the deep dark pit with new ledges and ropes, a bunch of Skellies and a Trident. Go back to the bottom floor room and be careful not to shoot the vases when you take out the Skellies, better lure them W first.

Rope Swings.

Stand 2 steps back from the edge of the deep pit and standjump/grab the first rope, turn R and swing/grab the wall under that open door, go up and in to get a MP and push the button to open door (7). Climb down the wall under the door and drop/slide/grab the edge of the sloped ridge, pull up and backflip to the ledge. Jump/grab the 1st rope again and line up for rope 2, swing far and grab the second rope, swing to the E opening with the Skellies and jump/grab in, go run to the trident pulling out the Bow or Grenade-gun and roll, take em out, get the Trident. Notice the door (9) S of it and go back to the pit, runjump to the lower ledge. A Spirit shows up, thatís what that last Bird-statue was for, climb the pillar and runjump/grab the rope, just line up carefully (watch the health) and swing/grab in there, go past the statue and duck. Push the button to open door (9). Go to the exit and look down. (Could be the spirit comes out sooner and you have to swing into the opening where the Bird statue is first.)

I just ran out to the L and from the sloped ledge a jump with a sharp L turn to land on the ledge, go up the pillar and runjump/grab to the opening E, go to the S door and slide the slopes to a small pool, swim through the tunnel to your final destinyÖ