The lost City of Tinnos 2 -

Search for the Hand of Rathmore.

Part 2.


Level 4: The Temple Compound.

Follow the passage to a cage, push the block to the R of it once in and go in to the R, runjump/grab over the pit and shimmy L to pull up at the floor, go straight to a switch E and the cage lowers, go L and pull the switch that was behind the cage. Now pull the block away from the corner you pushed it into before and there’s your last switch the gate in the passage behind you opens. Go down to a pit with a ladder, standjump/grab the ladder and go down to the lava level, hang on the R hand side and Save. Backflip/roll and immediately jump with a L curve to land on the next sloped floor, jump again and then one more time with a grab to the ladder, go down and backflip into a lower passage. Go on E to a lava-pit and hop to the passage L, that will bring you to a very large complex, the Big Room.

The Big Room.

But before you jump over the Lava to the central floor, go R and find the Jumpswitch on the pillar in the SE corner, a cage lowers (for later), now you can jump over the lava to the central floor and head E over the lava and into the adjoining rooms, past the lamps and look R to find that lowered cage at the S wall, throw the switch to lower yet another cage. Go back to the Big Room and into the NW corner (over the lava) and find a similar Jumpswitch in the corner there, the switch will lower a cage in a passage.

Go back to the central floor of the Big Room and head into the opening to your R, NW of the pool, down to the lower W hall and turn R inside and come to a lava pool with a burner ledge, time the burner and hop across (2 standjumps). Go and find the lowered cage behind the pillar N of the lava pit and go on to the switch, look up and see a trapdoor, jump/grab up to open it and climb up the ladder from facing the switch, backflip/roll into a passage above and step on the yellow trigger Tile to raise the floor at the switch below. So go down and use the switch to open up another passage on a walkway in the Big Room. Go out of this short passage and go R at the pillar outside, in the W end of that passage is the gate you opened before.

Mirror Room.

Here’s a Puzzle involving a Mirror as the Flyby shows. You have to look in the Mirror to see all the yellow Tiles and step on each of them. Start by standing on the Face Tile on the higher floor, hop to the face tile on the lower deadly floor stand back and hop to the first yellow tile SW, turn SE and hop to the next, then straight to the pool and next is straight S one more in the far SW corner and a gate opens up. The pool here is deadly too, so make your way back over the yellow Tiles and into the entrance. Go N to the lava pit and notice the burner is gone now (bit late). Go back L and up to the Big Room.

Head into the N room and find a sloped block over the lava pit, hop to the ledge on one of the sides and stand against the wall, sidejump L or R over the sloped block to trigger a Boulder that will come crashing down. Hop back over the lava and now jump/grab the sloped block. Pull up, jump/grab the ladder and go all the way up into the passage the Boulder came from to get Secret#5, Flares and Ammo. Climb back down the ladder to the lowest point and backflip into the passage behind, standjump/grab the ladder L at the pit and go up to the walkways in the Big Room.

Go straight S and into a passage you opened before, crawl through to a pit and pole, grab the pole, turn around and go up till you cab backflip into a passage S, go on to a pit and turn around to spot the Jumpswitch that will open that blue gate below, get back on the pole and go down to backflip into the passage where the gate opened. Go up to a room with Burners and lava.

Lava room.

Grab the overhead MS ceiling and go almost to the S end, you’re right over a sloped pillar and you have to time the Burner on the ledge in front and below. So hang on the R hand side drop/slide and jump curved R to that ledge, run into the R hand alcove where you’ll be safe for now. Stand on the SE corner of the Burner and face NW, do a runjump with a R curve to grab the pillar you see in the middle of the Lava room. Save there and time the pull up, you have to start pulling up before the burner is really off, or you will already be too late, Slide to the end and jump to grab the ledge at the last moment, don’t go up. but shimmy L past the Spike-traps and pull up in the L corner, go in to the switch and see and UW gate opening up. Turn to the Lava room and do a standjump down to the ledge on N wall below. Runjump to the W and go down the blocks to a lava pool in the first cave, runjump N and follow back to the Big Room, go into the E hall and follow back to the room where you pulled the switch before, go L at the pool and find the block in the N wall, pull it out and aside, go in and find Secret#6, the Uzis and a ½ MP.

UW challenge.

Go out and to the pool E in the hall, dive in and swim into the open gate E and find an UW lever just around the corner at the red pillar, pull it and the gate closes, so follow the tunnel to another gate and it will open, allowing you to return to the pool.

Go back to the Big Room and down to the W hall through the NW opening, go R and find an opened gate to the R of you, inside is the first of two switches, pull it and go out, to the S and see the gate you’ve opened earlier to the S (for later), to the L of you is the second open gate with switch #2 to open up a passage on the walkways of the Big Room. Go back up to the Big Room and up the ladder in the N hall, follow up to the walkways and go SW and S into the newly opened passage.


Go R at the crossing and all the way around L till you come to a pushblock L, pull it as far as possible, turn L and make your way around by going R everywhere and push it into the S corner. Roll and go into the N passage to pull another block once, turn L and follow back to the entrance by going R around. Push the R hand block at the now visible blue gate and all the way to the S. Then turn around again and go to the last remaining block N, pull it out twice. Turn L and make a last trip around to the entrance and find the switch in the passage L of the blue gate, the gate opens up.

The Rose of Zanreth.

Go up the ladder and follow to a MS ceiling over a pit, on the other side is a switch that will lower the cage with the pedestal on the walkways. Return over the pit, down the ladder and go out to the walkways. Straight over to the N side and take the Rose of Zanreth from the pedestal. Now you have to go down again to the ground floor of the Big Room, there’s a quick but tricky way and a safe way.

Tricky&fast: from the pedestal where you picked up the Rose a runjump and a grab in the end is possible to the waterfall under the W end of the walkway, from the waterfall jump N and go into the W opening.

Safe&slow: Go to the NE corner walkway and down the ladder, climb off L and go to the hole over the sloped block below, run off the edge in a NE or NW direction, holding grab and land on the ledge next to the sloped block, go to the central floor of the Big Room and head into the opening W.

Go S and finally to that gate you opened there in the beginning, standjump to the ledge and standjump to the ledge with the receptacle to the R, place the Rose of Zanreth and see a gate opening up. Make your way up to the walkways by using the N passage and on the walkways go to the opening E.

All for a Pole.

The gate you opened is up in the W side passage, but first you have to get a pole up there to reach the gate. In the E side passage is a pole in a pit, stand facing N and standjump/grab to the pole. Go almost up to the top to backflip into the S opening and jump/grab up to a ledge S, turn around and see the Jumpswitch, jump/grab and fall onto a sloped floor, slide and jump/grab over the pit into the passage, go down the end and crawl/climb back to where the pole is. Go up again and now backflip into the opening N, jump/grab up N and turn again, jump/grab the Jumpswitch and as soon as you land on the slope below, do a jump with roll, slide forward and jump/grab the ladder. Climb off at the top and slide down the passage to some pits, jump the corners or run over them to get back to the pole. Go out to the Big Room and head W where a pole appeared in the pit.

Opening up.

Carefully approach the opening going in along the L side and backflip as soon as you see the Blades popping up, do this two more times and then jump/grab the pole, go up to the face tile L and turn around till you can just see Lara in the opening you have to backflip to. Follow the passage to a small pit of water, jump/grab to the W side and run into the muddy water in the next passage, swim into a small room and go up at the sloped block to your L, climb out and over to the Jumpswitch N, drop back in the water and swim E, climb up at the water pit and standjump/grab to a CS up over the E side passage, go crawl to a Chain, pull the chain to open a gate. Climb back out and climb out of the water on the S side, jump to the R over that sloped floor and jump/grab the ladder, go almost to the top and backflip into a passage where that gate opened, go into the N alcove at the gate and jump/grab the Jumpswitch. Turn around after sliding down and jump over the water pit to the N side. Follow to where a cage lowered and there’s a Timed blue gate just around the corner, the switch is in the alcove opposite that lamp you just passed.

Timed Run.

Save in front of the switch and pull, roll and run turning L and then curve sharp R hitting sprint, bounce off the N wall and just get into the gate, go up the ladder and pick up another Revolver (save some Ammo) then go on to the Cage room.

The Cage Room.

On the walkways is a cage and up R is a Brass ball, now we need the Lasersight. Jump to the S walkway and enter the passage, past the blue gate and down into the hole in the en, drop backwards from the R hand (W) slope and grab the edge, drop/grab the CS below and go in to a switch that will stop the fire under the cage on the walkways, crawl back out and shimmy L, pull up in the N CS and follow up the ladder to the blue gate that will open for you. Go out to the walkways and jump to the E side, follow to a room with Spike-pillars, some have wooden side panelling, those are safe and you have to jump to all of them to lower a cage in the NE corner of the room, go jump there and throw the switch to open the door S on the walkways. Crawl into the CS NE and get the Lasersight.

The Infada Stone.

Jump back over the pillars to the Cage room and look up L (SE), shoot the Brass Ball and the cage lowers on the walkway jump into that opening between the sloped blocks where the cage was to open a blue gate in the N passage and hop over the N edge to enter there passage, go get the Infada Stone and throw the switch N, another gate opens nearby. Go out that E gate and out of this level.

Level 5: Return to the Meteorite Cavern.

Follow the passage to a slope, stand on the L hand side and slide to the very end of it before you jump/grab to a CS up in the wall in front. Go in for the Ammo and drop back out, jump/roll and grab the end of the slope to safety drop down at a closed gate. Turn around and jump over a pit in the passage to the L to get the Ammo. Walk to the end of this dead end and climb the Ice ladder to the R and go off to the R to throw a switch up there, a cage lowers. Drop back down and jump over the pit to go N, down the sloped end near a closed pink gate and R into a passage to a room with a MP, climb the block NE (where you lowered the cage) and up R, go on to a dark tunnel. Take out the Revolver and shoot the Brass Ball hanging in the dark. Go down to where you got the MP and into the CS in S wall, get a ½ MP and follow to the other side of the gate you saw at the beginning of the level, go L and light a flare to spot the MP. Then go into the S passage and throw the switch to open a gate.

Go back the way you came and when you come to the pink gate, go L (S) up the slopes and look R in the short passage for a switch to lower the cage at the pink gate. So back out and L down the slopes to the N and enter the new area. Well here’s your Meteorite Cavern..

Meteorite Cavern.

Shoot the Brass Ball (up N) shown in the flyby and safety drop down to the ground floor.

The 1st Oceanic Mask.

Go in S where you’re facing and at the receptacle for a mask to the R, on the corner of the W wall is a ladder up (for later) come into a room and hear a burping sound behind you turn and see a kind of Mutant Spider (mine was bumping his head into a wall in the passage and I could just shoot him without any problem.

Then pick up Crossbow and Ammo and shoot the Brass ball up SW, the cage NE lowers. Stand where the cage was and face the fire W, drop/grab backwards from the floor to use the Jumpswitch and immediately jump from the sloped ledge, jump once more to land in the opened gate in E wall. Use the switch and stand next to it before you runjump to the lower floor W, go to the SW and runjump/grab into the alcove S. use the switch and jump back. Go get your 1st Oceanic Mask. Go up the ladder NW, as high as possible and climb all the way to the R before you drop onto the corner of the burner Tile. Go out N and back to the receptacle in the entrance, place the Mask and go out to the Cavern.

The 2nd Oceanic Mask.

Into the E side entrance and at the receptacle to the R, find two pushblocks S next to the cage pull the R hand one out and go behind it, hop over the corner of the grated Tiles and use both switches to lower the cage outside. Go into that E passage and grab the ceiling, go to the end and turn R, drop and fall on a sloped block. Slide/jump/grab the ladder and go around the R hand corner, backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind you and go around 2 corners to the L, go up to backflip to a ledge with a Jumpswitch and drop/grab that switch, fall onto another sloped block and jump/grab the ladder on the short pillar, don’t go up, just climb L around the corner and into the alcove with the switch, pull it and the cage at the pedestal. Runjump/grab the pillar W and go up and L again to backflip onto the ledge, grab the 2nd Oceanic Mask and drop down the ledge at the Jumpswitch, so you’ll land on the sloped block again, jump/grab the short pillar and this time go down and R to a ledge with a Statue, jump to the S passage and follow up to where a cage lowers and walk up to the end, stand L and turn L a bit, standjump/grab the MS ceiling in the passage and go to the entrance, down to the receptacle and place the Mask. Notice the 2 ladders N and S on your way out to the Cavern.

The Meteorite Diamond.

Go back to the S entrance and go up that ladder W (you can also use the ladders E and W of the entrance in the cavern they will get you back up the first ledge too) and through the now open pink door and go N to the ledge overlooking the Cavern. Runjump to the NW ledge (which are actually the arms of the Statues in the Cavern) in the Cavern and go to the W side of the Cavern and runjump into the opening there, go stand on the R hand side and runjump to the NW Tile on the green platform (this Face is looking in a different direction), now a runjump to the W to grab the corner Tile close to the central structure and go on like this till you did all 4 colours. From the red platform you can do a standjump into one of the openings in the structure and get the Meteorite Diamond.

The 3rd Oceanic Mask.

Runjump back to the E and get back on the ledge outside, drop from this ledge to the walkway into the W entrance and go L at the receptacle to find a CS, go in and crawl around the pit to get into a short passage with a receptacle for the Diamond. Crawl back to the entrance and go up the N side through the now open gates. Follow in to a pit and go R (N) pick up all the flares and walk up to the next pit, a Boulder drops, now you can runjump and grab in the end to land at the switch, pull that switch and runjump/grab back, pull the 2nd switch at the crossing and standjump/grab into the S passage, go runjump over the pit and do switch 3, the cage lowered at the mask pedestal. Go back to the crossing and just to be safe, jump/grab back E to the crossing. Then runjump/grab over the pit to the W and go get the 3rd Oceanic Mask. Make your way back to the entrance and place the Mask.

The 4th Oceanic Mask.

Go out to the cavern and up the ladder in the S passage to the ledge on top of the Cavern and jump to the arm-ledges and go over to the N side, jump to the ledge in front of the CS and go in, to the R and pull the switch in the alcove after checking your health, Blades pop up, nothing to be done about that.., Crawl out and R into the next CS with a switch, crawl out and W, slowly to the pit and after the Boulder dropped, you can go around the pit to the N side, crawl to a waterfall room, run off the edge to the R and from the waterfall dive to the NE corner, the N side wall is a swim-through wall. Pull the UW lever in the tunnel and see the gates open in the N side entrance. Swim out, climb the ledge and jump/grab the ladder on the waterfall, jump up to the exit and crawl back to the ledge at the Cavern. Safety drop down and go into the n entrance, well here’s an easy pickup the 4th Oceanic Mask is there just for the picking, Save before you place it in the receptacle.

The Dragon Show.

4 Dragons came out of the Meteorite and you have to go past them to the E entrance (remember the ladders there?).

So immediately after you placed the Mask, hit “look” and roll, run like the wind and go past the Dragons to the L into the E entrance, curving L to R to dodge the Bolts of Fire possibly chasing you (if you’re fast you won’t see much of the Locust and Fire Bolts till here). Go sharp L into the passage to the N ladder and backflip into a passage from almost at the top. Follow the passage to another ladder and hop over the pit to the W, follow outside and runjump to a ledge NW, turn facing E and grab up to a ledge above, go stand in the NE corner and check the health.

(Tip: as soon as the Locust come out, save and reload and they’re gone for a while.)

Now face exactly SW and runjump through the hanging Meteorite to a ledge on the W side of the Cavern. Don’t go into the alcove, but grab up W to an Icy ledge above, near the box with the red light. Slide down the tunnel S and follow to an Arctic Base. Go L (S) between the last two buildings and in the next area is a fence to the W, you can just run through to the Chopper and leave this place….

Level 6: The Arctic Caverns.

Preparing to Push.

Go L (W) and down the slope to a pool, jump to the N side and find a button behind the box with the red light, jump to the W side of the pool and go into the door you opened R (N) push the button near the gate and a cage lowers, go out and R (W) and over a small frozen pool into an open W passage, follow to a Burner and time your run through. In the next corner you have to wait a bit, there’s a switch around the corner, but it has a Burner inside, so run to it as the Burner is down and pull, hold backflip while you see a cage lower at a switch and then go back through the other Burner to the pool area. Go into the opening S and come to a pit with an Icy ladder on the R hand wall, run in turning R and grab the ladder. Go down and turn around, there’s the cage you just lowered. Pull the block once onto the cage and go L, around to the other side of the block and push once, go around again and push it all the way onto an elevator block.

Push the button to the R and the block goes up into another room, go back up the ladder and climb off L, go into the top of the room with the pole. Grab the pole and go down, not all the way, but backflip off to a safe side, in the lower room are 2 bypasses (side passages), so you can push/pull the block around the E side of the pole. When you come through to the S bypass, push the button there to raise a block so you can push the block to the elevator block between the W passage and the pole. Grab the pole and go up to the upper pole room, backflip off and go back to the pool area through the N passage, go to the N side of the pool and onto the block, grab up E and push the button to raise the elevator block.

Go back to the Pole room and into the W passage, to the R is a button (for later) drop down the hole you will come to and go to the block that is on the same level as this passage now, pull it as far as possible and backflip into the higher passage behind you, hop E over the hole in front, go to the pole and down to the lower pole room, backflip of and go up the elevator block E and into the passage to push the block one more time, go back, up the pole and backflip off. Go into the W passage and push the button in the R hand alcove to get the block up here, roll at the button and go through the S passage around to the other side of the block, because you have to pull it once first (floor is too high). Then go round for the last time and push the block all the way W onto a grated Tile. A pole appears in a room we’ll go to now.

Go back to the upper pole room and out L to the pool area, go into the W side passage and R at the frozen pool. Go into a room with the pole you brought out. Go up the pole and turn sideways first before you backflip off, run through the Burners and runjump to the NE snowy ledges, go through the pointy tunnel and in the room on the other side is a pit. Stand R a bit and look for the sloped block facing you (not the one in the Spiketrap). Run off to land on that block to slide onto a frozen pit, with a switch.

Nasty Pit. (Map)

Save, throw the switch (opens door at pole) and backflip onto the ledge you can now stand on. Hop back into the corner and hop onto the next block, immediately runjump a bit R and with a roll in mid-air to the sloped block in the Spike-pit, jump/grab from the block to the Icy ladder and climb back up, go to the S and just safety drop from the end of the Icy ledge to the frozen pool below. Behind the pole W is the door that opened.

The Yeti Sanctuary Key.

Come to a room with a deep pit, go along the side and hop over the Spike-traps to an opening W, jump/grab the ladder and go down to a small room with 2 switches. Throw them both and get a screenshot of the Pit room, go back up the ladder to about the dark blue spot R and backflip into the passage, go back on the ledge around the pit and into the safe NE and SW CS’es at the now safe Spike-traps to throw the switches and 2 ropes drop from the ceiling of the pit room (inside the other 2 holes are traps). Go back to the ladder W and almost up to the top, backflip into the passage overlooking the Pit room, runjump/grab the L hand rope and swing once to jump/grab to the 2nd rope, swing to the opening E and jump onto an icy ledge in the top of the room with the frozen pool, go R (S) and find the Yeti Sanctuary Key in a CS (flyby of the pool area with a new opening). Go to the N side of the Icy ledge and safety drop from the NW corner, run off the ledge and go out SE. Go back to the pool at the level start and to the N side, follow into the new area.

Yeti Sanctuary.

The gates open up and a couple of Yeti’s are roaming around, others still locked up. Go N and dive into the water, swim N and into a small tunnel in the end, up into a room with a Closed and Timed door and opposite the door is a ½ MP.

Timed Run!!! (Map)

Looking through the gate E you can see the button to open the door, but you have to go through the W passage, over several pits to get to that button, light a flare and Save in front of the button. Push, turn R and runjump to the corner, run sharp L and jump/grab curved L over the first pit, landing at the L side, run turning L and immediately jump over the next pit. do a runjump to the next and standjump over that one, run L around the corner and jump the last pit curving L so you can now hit sprint and bounce off the R hand wall to go diagonally through the last passage, release sprint for a short moment to turn L a bit and sprint again into the door. Using sprint only after the last pit to be jumped did the trick for me (Save available if needed)

The Roof top Key.

Inside the door is the Keyhole for the Yeti Sanctuary Key. Use it to open gates in the water at the Sanctuary and push the button (possibly twice) on the W wall to re-open the Timed door. Dive into the water and swim back S straight down into the newly opened gates, look in the R hand (W) wall for a swim-through Tile and pull the UW lever there, swim back out of this room through the gates and go climb up the ledge N. Head E and to an open gate, at the next closed gate is a button to the R in a short passage, now enter the E rooms and go R (S) and a Yeti will come out of a wall, it’s a pushblock, push it twice into the room and it will end up on a grated Tile, the lights go on. Go out of the room and N to the side where a cage lowered, go into that Yeti cage and get the Roof top Key.

The Ora Dagger.

Go out and back up the stairs W and L over the ledge to the Sanctuary, swim R to the SW corner and climb out of the water. Go to the SW cage and push the button on the wall, head out and go to the E side of the Sanctuary and into a cage there, pick up some Ammo and push the button where the cage lowered (opens a door to the top of the room). Go out and to the NW corner cage, up the ladder on the W wall and backflip to the passage, go out to the roof and runjump to the ledge NE. From there a hop to a small waterfall on the roof and use the Key there to lower a cage in the SW corner of this place. Jump back to the ledge and over to the ledge at the open door and head S, jump to the SW corner and get the Ora Dagger. You can’t shimmy along the roof, so go around the ledges to the E side where a door opened. Slide down the sloped passage to end the level.


Level 7: The Darkest Caverns of Rathmore.

Head over the bridge to the Hand of Rathmore, take the Flares next to it and enter the next room, S of the water is a ½ MP. Dive into the water and swim along till you can climb up straight ahead, go into the passage ahead and to the next level, you’ll be back here later.

Level 8: The Falls of Obeacon.

Go over the bridge and come to a wall with 4 electrified blue alcoves, go into each one and place one of the Artefacts you’ve collected, a flyby will show a new area and the cage in the middle of this wall will open up. Enter the passage to come to a closed door, to the R and L are 2 pushblocks in the wall. do the R hand one first and push it all the way in, in an ongoing motion, don’t stop in between. Now turn and hop over the corner of the burner Tile into the alcove with the button. Push the button and hop over the corner of the Tile to go do the next block. Push it twice. So the open alcove is revealed, go in and push the button to open that door in the main passage.

Go through that door and dive into the water at the bottom of that deep shaft, climb out and notice the receptacle W, head E and you can go get some Ammo from the Burners if you dare, stand close and run in a bit later than the Burner stopped (or you’ll burn immediately), get the Ammo and hold backflip while Lara picks it up, I couldn’t get the second pickup without burning to crisps, so I lefty it there. Continue to the E and come to the big pit in the next room, runjump/grab over to the E side and go down the pole to the watery ground level. (Tip: If Lara walks slow here, jump up once and she will run again.)

Timed Button Frenzy.

Head all the way to the W and go up the steps to a Timed switch, turn around and look up to see where you’re going, to that ledge with the Chain that’s on fire. Save and pull, backflip and turn L, runjump up into the SW corner, turn L and standjump E, then a runjump and run curved L to jump/grab to the ledge with the Chain, pull it once and hop aside or backwards off the ledge. Go to the crossing E and turn R to the closed gate. Just to the R and on the W ledge there, is a cage you just lowered, pull the switch and go back to the crossing along the L side of the passage and you’ll run straight into a hidden tunnel in the bottom there. Swim through the lowered cage and up in the next rooms. Go N and come to a closed door, turn L (W) there and slowly into the 1st passage R where the Soldier comes from.

After the Boulder dropped, you can jump over to the next Timed button. Save in front and push, roll and turning R a bit (or you can’t perform a runjump) runjump/grab over the pit, run R into the passage, do a L curved runjump and go into the 1st passage L, R around the pillar through the door you opened (possible with just running).

Go R at the cage and push the button there, go to the now lowered cage and crawl under the Burner to the button, stand up when the Burner is off and push, hold sidejump while Lara pushes that button, so you’ll be gone before the Burner starts again. Go back into the last passage (N) and push that button again to re-open the Timed door and head back E and L to that door N which opened now, stand in the entrance, about one Tile back from the yellow Trigger Tile and save, sprint over the Trigger to the button and stop sprint on the right moment, so you can quickly push and sidejump R. (Tip: By stating to sprint already before the yellow Tile, you will gain the extra time needed, because you will be halfway down the path before the fire goes out.)

The Internal Rathmore Key

Go into the opened door there and push the next button, see cages lower somewhere. Go out of this passage and back into the water S, to swim back to the watery ground floor, go to the E and to the pole, past the pole is another room. Swim around the corner and climb the ledges, runjump/grab to the N and climb the pedestal ledge to get the Internal Rathmore Key, a cutscene shows a passage at the top of the pole, so swim back and climb up to the upper room. No way to get to that keyhole as the MP starts to burn, you will have to visit the previous level first. So head back W and runjump/grab over the pit to get back past the Ammo burners and up the pole that appeared in the shaft. Backflip into the passage to the bridge where you placed the Artefacts and head over the bridge into the passage.

The Darkest Caverns of Rathmore. (part 2)

Swim and climb up L, go into the passage and watch Lara from behind a gate, use the Key in the lock and go into the passage L of the lock, follow to a hot pit. Jump to the L ledge and get the Ammo, then go into the corner with the switch you saw before and throw the switch, then turn around and, just L of the Tile is a, pull out the pushblock L of the grated Tile and put it on the Tile (screen of a chain). Go back to the pit and jump to the brown floor W. Drop down into a hole and find that chain E, pull it and roll, a cage lowered in the passage W, time the burner and jump/grab into the passage, go down the other end and go R, to a room with a waterfall pillar, then into a passage E and come to another hot room. Go get some Flares and stand on the green Tile between the burning Chains. A Timed Burner stops at the door when you stand on this Tile and you have to activate 2 Jumpswitches next to the closed door.

This is how I did it, stand in the middle of the green Tile and walk up to the pit, hop back once and save, now runjump/grab when the burner in the lava is down and run L against the middle of the sloped block, standjump/roll onto that slope and jump/grab the switch, when you land back on the Fire tile, you have to run forward into the corner at the Lava pit, then turn R and standjump to the safe Circle Tile when possible, the repeat the same trick, but run R against the R hand slope, jump/roll and jump/grab the switch the door opens. So when you land, turn R fast and run in. Don’t forget to save here!

Carefully walk through the passage as there are nasty hidden pits, so jump over those pits and go into the passage R, a pushblock has to be pushed twice and then turn and go into the alcove with the switch, a cage lowers in the room with the Chains, go back by hopping over the corner of the Burning Tile in front of the alcove and watch out at those deadly pits, back at the chain room, a standjump to the Circle Tile and onto the green Tile, Head around the trap in the middle of the room and into the passage with the switch S. Go back to the Chains and you can now use them both, a screenshot of another switch when you pulled them.

Go W out of this room and through the water to the next room W, use the new switch W and see a gate open up at the top of the hot pit. Go back E and turn R at the waterfall pillar to that SW opening you first came from, climb back up and walk up to the L side of the opening to the burner, standjump/grab to the lower room and turn around, jump/grab the wooden wall R of the burner and go up, backflip off and head E, jump to the N floor and time the burning statues to get to the open gate, go in to the Cage Puzzle.

The Cage Puzzle, for the Cube of Obeacon and External Rathmore Key.

There are 6 buttons and 7 cages, 5 on coloured Tiles and one over the pedestal with the Cube and the last in a passage W, lower all the cages on the colour Tiles, step on each of the coloured Tiles and the cage at the Cube lowers.

Here’s how I did it: *In these kind of puzzles the outcome may be different for each player*

On E wall I pushed all 3 buttons starting from the R hand side (close to entrance) some fires started, but you can just jump over those squares, go around to step on the first 3 Coloured Tiles and go back to push the same buttons again, starting from the L side now, then go over to the W side and do the same, all 3 at once, starting L at the entrance and now you can step on the last 2 Coloured Tiles. The Cage lowers at the pedestal, so push the button R of it and get the Cube of Obeacon, a flyby shows the passage to the Obeacon Falls again, so you have to get back there again, but first go into the W passage at the pedestal and get the External Rathmore Key from a dark pedestal. Make your way back S and out to the burners at the hot pit, time the run through and jump the corners of the pit to get to the exit SE. Follow back to the water passage and swim W, up and follow to where the level changes again.

The Falls of Obeacon. (part 2)

Follow the passages to the pole, go down till you are just in the water and backflip off, go into the alcove W to place the Cube of Obeacon and see the Fire at the MP is off now. Go E again and pass the Ammo fires, runjump/grab over the vide to the E side of the upper level and go past the pole to that MP, get it and open the door with the External Key and go in, follow to the next level.

Level 8: The Escape from Tinnos.

Lava Pits.

Walk up to the pit with a fixed camera and standjump/grab over the pit, follow around the corner to the next pit and stand in the middle of the passage, turn L a bit and runjump into the passage to the L. A closed door and a Timed switch, pull the switch turn L fast and run into that open door, go down the ladder and pull the switch on the wall to the R. Back up the ladder and backflip off into the passage where it all started, jump into the L passage again and go on to the N end where the way to proceed is now open. Just through that hazy wall is the Staircase. Look R and L and notice the 2 passages there, go into the E side passage first.

Burning Switches.

Jump/grab the pole in the room with the 3 burning switches and go up to an upper room. Turn before you backflip off and go in E, to the R and L are 2 Timed buttons opening 2 doors around the corner of that passage. The R hand one from coming in was no problem for me, but the L hand  door was the only one I couldn’t manage so had to use a save. Inside both doors are 2 switches, use them both and the one at the door twice to re-open that door. After you did both sides, the fire under the switch in the room at the pole is off, so you can use the switch there to kill the fire under the 3 switches one level down the pole. So go one level down the pole and backflip off to use the 3 switches (a cage lowers where we go now).

The Cave Stream Key.

Face S and grab the pole, go down dangerously low and backflip off into a passage. Climb the L hand side of the burner block and wait till it’s down, standjump up to the next block and go L at the closed Timed door into a short passage with 2 switches. (Map) Save in front of the Timed switch on N wall and pull, turn L and run with a curve to the switch where the fire just went off, you have line up with the switch in one go or you’ll be too late (no time to sidestep). Pull the Timed switch for the door and sidejump L, then roll and  run turning R, straight into the L corner of the door. Go over the bridge to the pedestal with the Cave Stream Key and go to the SE corner of the bridge, hop over the fence to the ledge with the switch and pull it twice to re-open the Timed door.

The Torch.

Walk up to the L side of the Burner and run off as it’s down, just run past it and into the passage to the pole. Stand a bit back before you jump/grab back to the pole and go up to the first level, backflip off and go out W and straight into the passage at the other side of the Staircase. Run into the water L and shoot the Spiders from there, then go up to the NW corner and find a Jumpswitch E behind the statue. This will stop the Burners in the passage N, so go through that passage and straight to the N wall, pull out the L hand block and go in to get Secret#7, Grenade-gun and Ammo. Go out and into the E side cage to pick up the Torch near the Skeleton. Go back to the S hall and light the Torch on the wall lamp R, then go into the S side rooms. Go L (E) and in this hall you have to light a wall-torch on the S side to kill a Fire under a Key-hole in the W hall. Go out and W and drop the Torch, get the Ammo on the ledge and open the gates with your Stream Key and enter.

Blue Pyramid Room.

Look for the Brass Ball in the Skylight over the Pyramid and shoot it to open the S gates. Stay in the water as you have to do a little Puzzle now to open another gate in that S passage.

Tile Puzzle. (Map)

Around the pool are Symbol Tiles, climb on the W side 2nd Tile (from the N), turn S and standjump over the 3rd to the 4th Tile, walk onto the 5th and go down into the water from that one, go E and climb up the 2nd Tile from the N, turn S and walk onto the 3rd, now standjump over the 4th to the 5th Tile and walk onto the 6th in the corner, then standjump onto the Tile with the Fire Symbol on the L side of the gates entrance and the small gate to the switch will open up. This is another Timed run.

Timed Run.

Save in front of the switch and a Timed door will open somewhere when you pull the switch.

Here’s the route (better check out the route first): Backflip/roll and runjump from the Fire Tile in front of the gates with a curve around the Pyramid, so you’ll land past the Pyramid then sprint cutting the corners back to the hall where the Spiders were shot, R (E) there and hop back up to the passage to the staircase, go L and runjump with a L curve down the stairs, runjump again with a L curve and a grab in the end to land in a small passage under the L side waterfall and follow R around the corners to where the door opened.

Lava Pit Slopes.

Slide down the slope and come to the choice of 3 slopes leading into Lava pits. You could slide down the N slope and stand on the lava without burning, but there’s no way to proceed from there, the E side slope is a trap too and the W side slope has a safe Tile on the S side below, so stand L of the slope and turn around, slide backwards down to land on the grey Tile go in S and come to a room with coloured Tiles, have a look into the L side fenced off area and see some coloured Tiles on fire, those are the deadly ones, so just go along the L side over the blue Tile and along the S wall to step on the Tiles there, the W doors open up and Tiles start burning.

The Stone of Khepta.

Turn back to the blue Tile E and turn W towards the open part in the fence, hop over the corner of the light coloured Tile to the dark one R and then into the NW corner with the statue, face E and walk up to the deadly Tile, standjump/grab straight up (maybe more than once) till you grab the CS above, crawl in to get the Stone of Khepta from the pedestal (more doors open in the W passage), crawl back out and turn around to jump over the corner of the deadly Tile into the W passage and follow to the dark crossing of passages. Go into the R hand passage and follow to a pool with a big set of stairs, climb the base of the S Obelisk and drop into the space behind that Obelisk, throw the switch to open the gates on top of the big stairs, climb back up and get onto the stairs. Go up the L hand side to where you see the dark windows in the walls, turn around and Save, hop backwards till you are between the windows and a sinister sound will warn you. Quickly sprint down the stairs a bit and runjump onto the R hand red side ledge. Then proceed up the stairs again and go into the next rooms.

The Skellie has left a ½ MP, then go into the W passage, L and into the SW passage, follow through the low passage into another room with coloured Tiles, look on the walls to spot which of the Tiles are safe (the Blue and light pink ones) Step on those Tiles by jumping to and fro and from the last one next to the Cage (which will lower now) you can jump to the receptacle for the Stone of Khepta. Go back out of this room and straight E, till you come to the fence L where you see the Skellie, on the fence is a button, push it and now turn and grab up to the ledge S, above the water. Go over to the W side of the ledge and see an alcove with 2 buttons, the L hand one has a safe floor now, push the button and roll to go for the 2nd button, Drop down from the ledge and go into the passage W to the gates which now opened up.

Going Up!

Go in and push the button on the R hand wall (a cage lowers in a wall) and go back E, to the R and pull up to the same ledge as before, look for the opening in the wall over the button on the fence you used before and jump/grab to pull up in that opening, runjump with a L curve and grab into the alcove L (W) and then into the one N and the doors E will open up, this is a bit of a tricky jump. Curve sharp L while doing a runjump/grab to that opening and you’ll grab the edge. Jump/grab over the lava to the ladder and go up to 2 steps above the hazy layer. Backflip/roll and you’re one floor up again. Look on the N wall for the Jumpswitch and standjump/grab around the corner to activate it, fall into the water below (a strange sound is heard). Make your way back up to the Jumpswitch level, you can now just jump from where the cage was to the E opening with the ladder. A rope appeared next to the pink Pyramid on the ceiling and you can runjump/grab the rope to swing into the opening W.

Follow to a slope and just slide down, find the button in the dark SW corner and push, turn R and run to the open door with a L curve so you’ll run off the ledge and land inside the door. In the next room at the pink gate are 2 alcoves L and R, step on the 2 grey Tiles to open that door and pick op the 2 Piles of Goodies near the Skellies

The Final Battle.

In the big room is a receptacle for a Scroll on the W block, step on the floor next to it and doors open up both N and S, releasing a bunch of Mutant Spiders. Try to make use of the Grenade-gun (and other heavy weaponry) as much as possible and when they are all gone (some of them will stay behind the lava walls) the Scroll of the Scorpion will be left in the S side room behind the walk-through Lava wall.

Place the Scroll and the door to the L opens up, Go in and to the Chopper that will carry you back home…